Muscle Girl Testicle Flattening 175 lbs

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    Courtney absolutely destroys the slaves testicles in this full length clip of non stop ball flattening! This is the full length clip and will be released in 3 parts asap. This clip starts out with Courtney warming his balls up by squishing his balls with her toes and massaging them with her feet into the cbt box. Her feet are so wide that when she plants them down to step on his nuts there is no where for them to escape! You can see when she places her foot directly over how cock and balls and steps down that his balls are struggling to find a way to escape out the side of her foot. Because of this you can really see his balls being deformed to there limits as you can hear the slave struggle to deal with the pain. She changes feet back and forth changing angles and applying pressure in different ways to see what the slave can handle. You can see his balls changing color as Courtney holds her poses on his nuts, cutting of the because there is 175 lbs pressing down on his nuts. She doesn't hesitate to stand on one foot to make sure that all of her weight is being applied to his nuts. This is non stop crushing as there are almost no breaks. She also uses her bare heels to crush his testicles. She faces the mirror and from standing on her toes she lets her left heel come down on his dick and her right heel comes down directly on his nuts! She uses her heels multiple times throughout the clip to crush his nuts. Courtney also stands on her toes right in between his dick and balls only to let her foot down directly on his nuts from the tip toe position, extremely painful. She also does this from the opposite direction where with her foot below his nuts, standing on her toes as his balls are pushed back towards the slave she lets her foot down with most of her weight landing on his right testicle. The slave is really in a lot of pain as you can see his foot shaking in the background under her heavy trampling. She then sits on his balls, pushing them flat onto the board using her ass then does s sideways plank and uses her hip to absolutely flatten his nuts. She then gets back up on the box. She uses her feet to stand on his nuts even more, with her toes and arches. Then for the finally Courtney places each bare heel directly on a testicle and presses down. Her feet are big and her heel covers his nuts easily. The right nut begins to get pulled in between her feet only because there is so much pressure being applied by her left foot to his left testicle that the skin has pulled it away. However the left nut is not so lucky. It stays firmly under her left heel bulging and deforming under her weight! Courtney makes one last adjustment of her left foot and lifts up up slightly and lets his left testicle center just slight more under the heel of her foot and presses back down even harder than before! There is no room for his balls to bulge out because it is farther under her foot that it just gets flatter, literally. This instantly makes the slaves explode with cum as he orgasms from the immense pressure!

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