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Musical Chairs

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by HardAnon, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. HardAnon

    HardAnon New Member

    Note: I enjoy writing and reading stories which focus on the plot more than the action and therefore it will take some time to get straight into the good stuff. If you are here just for the action, I suggest not reading this as it will bore you to death. Otherwise, I hope you all enjoy this as it is the first (and hopefully not last) story I have ever written.

    Part 1

    Jim loved singing and playing guitar, and started to make a career out of it. He would travel around the city on a daily basis, performing in pubs and open mics to drunk crowds. Being only 19 years old, he wasn’t established in the local music scene and often had to perform for free in order to play in front of a large audience. This didn’t mean he wasn’t any good. With the number of independent musicians within the city, paid gigs were limited to those who had made a name for themselves. Jim’s friends and family would always encourage him to audition for The X Factor and anyone who had heard his voice would agree that he could easily win the show.

    As he was unemployed and broke, he was constantly toying with the idea of giving up his music and start working night shifts at his dads firm. In fact, he was close to going along with it as he had just set up a meeting to discuss a permanent contract. Two days before the meeting, Jim bumped into an old classmate of his, Courtney, who also performed regularly. It was this encounter which would shape his future.

    Courtney was 5ft 9 with an extraordinary figure. She was an average size, not fat but not too skinny. Her thighs were quite thick compared to other girls, which complimented her massive butt. Her boobs were certainly bigger than average, boasting a size DD. Her face was beautiful with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

    It was Saturday morning when Jim received a text message from an unknown number. The text read ‘Hey is this Jim? It’s Courtney from school, we were in music class together. I have this crazy opportunity which would be perfect for you, if you could phone me that would be great x’

    Jim was surprised and confused for a number of reasons. At first, he was wondering how she got his number as they haven’t spoken in two years. After realising it was on his Facebook profile, he started thinking about this opportunity. What sort of opportunity was this and why would she be thinking of him when he had nearly forgotten about her? He decided to do as she asked and gave her a call to see what was going on.

    They arranged to meet up at a local coffee shop later that afternoon. Courtney explained that a video of Jim performing had popped up on her news feed and she decided to give it a watch. She was amazed at how much he had improved since she last saw him and wanted to catch up to see how he was getting on. She said she would explain this opportunity when they met up as it would be better in person.

    Later on that afternoon, they met at the coffee house and awkwardly hugged. They sat down and straight away, Jim asked about this opportunity.

    “I’m friends with a promoter who is hosting a small concert tonight which is filled with local talent. She is paying every musician £50 for a 15 minute slot on the show. After watching your video, I sent it to Hannah, the promoter, and she asked you to come along” she explained, with a smile on her face.

    “That’s amazing, i’d be honoured to!” replied Jim, thrilled that he was finally getting paid. “Why couldn’t you tell me this over the phone?” he had asked, out of curiosity.

    “Unfortunately there is only one slot left, with like ten musicians interested. She is hoping you can persuade her that you deserve it more.” Courtney nervously answered.

    Jim was about to turn down the offer, as he didn’t want to waste his time in the event that he wasn’t selected. After a lot of debating, Courtney managed to persuade him to come along, knowing that she could influence the decision in his favour. He also wanted to watch her perform and figured that he could at least have an evening filled with entertainment if the worst was to happen. They left the coffee house an hour later and arranged to meet at the venue for 7PM.

    Courtney was waiting outside the old building, with two minutes to spare. An uber had pulled up just outside the door, and Jim got out wearing a suit to show that he was serious about it. They both excitedly walked to the backstage area and found Hannah sitting in her dressing room, putting on her makeup. Courtney knocked on the door and introduced Jim. Hannah welcomed them both in and they shut the door behind them. As there was only one seat in the room, they ended up standing next to Hannah, looking down on her.

    “I have watched your video and I have to say, I am very impressed” Hannah assured. “I believe that attitude is more important than talent. I want to know that you really wanted it and would be willing to do anything to get it.”

    “I want this more than anything” Jim responded, determined to win her over.

    “Words mean nothing, I want you to prove it” stressed Hannah as she stood up from her chair. “Are you able to do that or are you just another one who likes to talk the talk but not walk the walk?”

    “I’ll do anything” Jim proclaimed.

    “Excellent and that you will. I hear you need this £50 more than anybody but I need to see it with my eyes” Hannah explained. “I want you to sit in front of the chair I was just sitting on and place your head on the seat” she ordered.

    Jim hesitated before approaching the chair. He didn’t know what would happen, or even the purpose, but he did know that she was right. He did need that £50 and would do anything for it. He sat himself down in front of the chair, which was very low down to the ground. He slowly lowered his head onto the seat, facing the ceiling with his head filling most of the cushion.

    Hannah walked over to Courtney, who stood there observing, with a shocked look on her face. “I want you to sit on the chair.” Hannah demanded.


    To be continued...
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  3. toilet4u

    toilet4u Member

    Keep going sounds interesting.
  4. mustang

    mustang Member

    I like the way this story is shaping up. Please continue.
  5. HardAnon

    HardAnon New Member

    Part 2

    Jim was horrified and lifted his head from the cushion. Although Courtney had the best looking butt Jim had ever seen, helped by the jersey leggings she was currently wearing, he didn't want to get crushed. He knew that this was just the beginning and it would only get worse.

    "You want me to do what?" Courtney questioned in disbelief. She was more shocked than Jim at this unusual request. She has never thought about facesitting before but the idea of potentially killing him with her backside scared her.

    "You heard me. Unless you want to lose your spot on the show as well" snapped Hannah, as she turned around to find Jim had removed his head. Jim saw her angry expression and quickly placed his head back on the cushion.

    Courtney needed to appear on that show as much as Jim did, mainly for the exposure. Other local promoters were going to be in attendance and if she impressed them, it would skyrocket her career in the local scene. She didn't want to waste a massive opportunity like this.

    After a moment of hesitation, Courtney slowly walked towards the chair. She looked down at Jim, who still looked terrified, and apologised. She turned around, facing Hannah who was watching intently. Courtney then lowered her butt, locking eyes with Hannah, and eventually dropped onto the face of Jim. At first, she was uncomfortable so had to wiggle her butt until Jim's nose was positioned between her cheeks, sliding into her clothed crack.

    The scent wasn't as bad as Jim expected, but it was still there. It was clear that her leggings had been washed as there was a smell of freshness lingering on them. She had also changed from her jeans, which she was wearing at the coffee shop, so she hasn't been wearing them for very long.

    Jim still tried shouting in disgust, but the noise was muffled and nobody could understand him. After a couple of minutes of silence, Courtney got up to allow Jim so breathing room.

    "What do you think you're doing? I didn't ask to you move" shouted Hannah, clearly not impressed.

    "I didn't want him to not breathe" Courtney replied, concerned for Jim's well-being.

    "Well that's not your choice to make. You have obeyed my orders and therefore have lost your place on the show. Jim has also lost has opportunity. Congratulations Courtney." announced Hannah.

    "Please, no, i'm sorry! I'll listen to you from now on, please give us another chance!" cried Courtney.

    "Seeing as you look like you mean it, i'll give you one more chance. But you are going to have to fix your mistake. I want you to sit back down on that chair." ordered Hannah. "But this time, no leggings."

    Courtney nodded, not even thinking about what was asked. She quickly grabbed her leggings and pulled them down to her knees, not wanting to annoy Hannah again. She then quickly dropped on Jim's face without a care for his safety. Jim felt the impact and screamed in pain, but nobody listened. Once again, Courtney wiggled her butt until Jim's nose was placed between her cheeks, which were only covered by her pink underwear. As there was one less layer, Jim's nose sunk deeper into the crack. Courtney leaned back, pushing his nose even further.

    The smell was so much stronger this time round. In the morning, Courtney went to the gym and worked up a sweat but clearly didn't change her underwear. They felt damp and stuck tightly to her butt. The further Jim's nose would go, the more he could feel a pull from the underwear, as if they were going to rip. He could also smell more of a butt scent, which was what he was originally expecting. Although it was clean, as he was pushed so far in, he could smell the faintest bit of shit.

    Every couple of minutes, Courtney was allowed to lift her butt off Jim's face so he could get some oxygen. It would only last for around 20 seconds, before her butt was back where it was originally positioned. This happened for ten minutes and on the last break, Jim made the mistake of speaking.

    "I feel like i'm suffocating with no air whatsoever! And it stinks!" complained Jim, hoping to convince them to stop. Instead, he only made things worse for himself as Hannah had an idea.

    "That's probably because of fabric being in the way" responded Hannah, smiling at her next idea. "But don't worry, that will soon be fixed!" she continued. "Courtney, I want you to remove your underwear!"

    To be continued.
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  6. mustang

    mustang Member

    Just keeps getting better.
  7. toilet4u

    toilet4u Member

  8. xerxes2017

    xerxes2017 New Member

    Oh yes MORE PLEAAAAASE !!!
  9. James

    James Active Member

    Nice one!
  10. llamaman2003

    llamaman2003 New Member

    Great Story! Keep it up!
  11. lycrafan

    lycrafan Member

    Nice story. And he's an idiot, it is almost impossible for a woman to stink after only one day even after using the gym in the morning without useless showering... But perhaps he's virgin and doesn't know the scent of a hot women. I would like to be facesat by her, especially in her leggings.
    Please go on, i'm looking forward for the next chapter...
  12. caspius77

    caspius77 New Member

    Great story, please continue
  13. fpm29

    fpm29 Member

    I agree, this is a great story so far and you make us feel like we are there (or least wish we were. ☺). You definitely have me hoping for more. Thank you for what you've written so far and I look forward to the next chapter.
  14. pitek

    pitek Member

    really good story, I like where it's going

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