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My Favorite Ass Worship/Facesitting Stories

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by ChezK, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. ChezK

    ChezK New Member

    I wanted to make a thread compiling all my favorite stories into one place:

    Reply and tell me which of these stories you like most. Also, comment with your favorite story that I don't know about.

    Truth or Dare

    The Teacher pt. 1
    The Teacher pt. 2
    The Teacher pt. 3
    The Teacher pt.4

    The Art Teacher
    Cactus Juggler

    Second Date Rimjob
    Eating Jessica's Ass

    Telling a Domme Too Many Secrets

    The Dungeon of Scent and Taste
    More Than I Expected: A Night with Nasty Jackie
    Friday Night Facesitting: A "Real Story"

    Appreciating Lili
    Worshipping Lili's Sweaty Ass
    Lili's Slave Training

    Sitting Pretty (Experiment)
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  3. jholmes

    jholmes New Member

    This is such a good round-up! Thank you! I'm not organized enough, so I've read a couple of these and had lost them. I read all of the stories in this thread when you first posted it, over the course of a week or two, and I'm surprised no one else has responded.

    SilasRaine's The Teacher, parts 1 and 2, might be my favorite. The desk and gravel road scenes, I love those fantasies and how the progression provides variety through a journey. I'd love a diagram or sketch on how some of those positions worked, logistically (the car and sleeping). I filled in the pieces myself as best I could. If I remember right, part 3 is still enjoyable, but it and part 4 don't have the same engagement and felt more forced to keep the story going.

    Lili is either tied or a close second: all 3 parts are solid. I'm a big fan of the sensory detail during the scenes and the tension/discovery in the beginning. I especially liked Brooke's role and the potential for confused emotions, which I related to at the time. There was an unsaid potential that his friendship with Brooke might have eventually developed into romantic feelings, and he could have a traditional relationship; instead, he likely lost that option, having made his lust-fueled choice to be Lili's slave, before realizing the potential with Brooke. When she participates, it is a moment of confusion, not just of wondering who is on top of him, but when he figures it out, it's a question of: what if he could have had it all with Brooke? If she was capable of being dominant and might be into him, for him...

    The Art Teacher, Sitting Pretty, and JackTheRimmer's story are all excellent too.

    Nasty Jackie and A "Real Story", I also enjoyed, but the back and forth perspective made the story confusing and feel drawn out and I grew impatient. It might've just been my attention span at the time.
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  4. ChezK

    ChezK New Member

    @jholmes thank you for your thorough response! I'm really happy you enjoyed the stories I shared. To your point, I was also surprised when no one initially responded to this post. I thought it was a great way to share some forgotten/unknown stories.

    Additionally, I actually wrote the Lili stories, so it's great to hear that you liked them. It's a situation that I thought was really hot and wanted to read about so I decided to do write it myself.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

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