My true experiences of being a full toilet.

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    It was November 13 and the night before I was so horny and I emailed a scat dominatrix that night to have a session in the morning. I was pleased to get a reply and I called her and set up and appointment.

    I am a small in stature sissy that needs to be put in my rightful place by strong superior women. I got dressed in my satin teddy and put on my regular clothes over and jumped in the car and was on my way to the city. Once I got into the city I called Mistress Jussara to tell her I was getting close and would be able to get to her in about a half hour. After driving around a bit I found a parking space and got my things together.

    I stopped at a store to get a little snack as I had not eaten for a bit and needed something to take the edge off. After having a snack I decided to stop at a bar I saw and have two shots of vodka to help me relax. After that, I called Mistress Jussara and asked if it was ok that I come to her now. She said to come up and so I made my way to her place.

    Once inside I was told to crawl and sit on the floor in front of her, as she wanted to talk about what we were going to do. Mistress asked if I served as a toilet before and I said yes, but I have only eaten a small amount of Mistress's shit. Mistress asked how fat the turds were of the previous times I ate and I explained that they were as fat as a quarter or half dollar. Mistress Jussara said that my goal is to eat her whole turd today, not just part of it but the whole thing. I said that I was a bit scared but really turned on, and she said to trust her and focus on making her happy.

    Mistress Jussara did not waste any time and I was instructed to crawl into the bathroom and get into the tub. She was in a strict mood and told me to strip. She saw that I had a sissy outfit on and she said ohh look at the little faggot. This comment sent me into total submissive mode. I was to keep the outfit on and put my clothes on the toilet. Mistress instructed me to lay in the tub for the training to begin. I asked what she was going to do to me and she said that I was going to be a toilet today. She said I will be drinking her piss and eating her turds.

    As I was on my back in the tub, Mistress told me to open my mouth. I opened it up for her but she slapped me across the face and said wider. Mistress then took off her panties and stood over me and pissed right into my mouth. She filled it up and stopped. Mistress Jussara said to keep it in my mouth and to enjoy the taste. After about two minutes she said swallow and I did as I was told. This went on over and over about five times until she said I hope you are hungry. I asked why, and she stated that she was going to poop into my mouth and that is all I am to women. She states loudly, "you are a looser toilet and you will let me poop into your mouth and you will eat my beautiful turds from my gorgeous ass." Now open up faggot!

    I opened my mouth nice and wide for her as she squatted over it. I watched her beautiful asshole open up and her turd started to show. I got scared and asked her if she really had to do this in my mouth and I was grabbed by the balls, while she said it is to go directly into my mouth or I will be sorry. Now OPEN! I watched her light brown turd come out past her asshole and inch toward my open mouth. As it came out I could smell it. Now I realize that I am a looser and this woman is pooping in my mouth. This is going to happen!

    Mistress Jussara's turd now came in contact with my lips first and I opened wider. Her turd slid past my lips and right into my mouth. This turd continued to fill my mouth till full and then draped over my cheek as Mistress pinched off her turd. I was told to hold it right there and be a good boy and take in what has happened. After a minute or so, I was instructed to start chewing it, and to get the flavor of her. As, I chewed it up for her, she told me to now eat it. Mistress grabbed my balls and told me to swallow. I was quite scared and my heart was racing, I gathered up the courage and swallowed some of the turd that I had in my mouth. Mistress said, "good, now open so I can see that you swallowed." I opened and she saw that I had more and urged me to finish the rest, which took me a couple of minutes to complete. Mistress let go of my balls and stood up and turned around and sat on the edge of the tub with her ass over my face. She said to look at her beautiful ass, because she had another turd for me to eat. OPEN she yelled. I opened and she pissed into my mouth again and I then moved because I saw that her asshole was opening up. I caught the next turd and started chewing. She said not to swallow though. Mistress went to get her phone and she started taking pictures of me with her shit in my mouth and dressed in my sissy outfit.

    Mistress then started taking a movie with her phone and I was told to explain what I am doing. As Mistress Jussara filmed I stated that I am a toilet and I drank Mistress's piss and now I am eating her shit. She had me open to show it was full of her poop and she asked what I am going to do with it. I stated that I am going to eat it. She said to swallow her poop and she filmed me doing it.

    This is a true story. When I see most women I realize that I am not tall, dark, or handsome. I am small, small penis, and submissive. I am happy with degrading attention that most women give.
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    Full toilet for a regular housewife femdom
    As a small submissive toilet I am never looked as a potential mate for women. I am always in the friend zone and I am left with just masturbating at home dressed in lingerie. It took me some time but I finally realized that I should just be happy in the friend zone and just serve women and be thankful. It is that realization that I started hiring Femdoms that were in my local area. I finally found someone that really was mean and hardcore in her training. She had a ad on CL when they allowed it. There was no pic on her ad but for I still called and she sounded very strict. What really got me on her ad was she stated that she uses loser toilets. So, of course I starred at the ad and played with myself for a while thinking and watching toilet porn to get the nerve to call. After talking with her she said that I sounded like a fairy and when she gets to me toileting will be a requirement.

    I made the appointment and she came to my house. It was in the evening and I answered the door in my sissy nightgown. This Mistress was stunning and pushed me out of the way and walked into my house. I closed the door and walked into the living room where she was. I was instructed to kneel and not to look at her. On my knees in my sissy outfit I looked to the side as she was doing something on her phone. Mistress said to stare at the floor and then slowly look up to her knees, as I moved my head to comply with her instructions I heard her phone click several pictures of me. I started begging her not to because I did not want anyone to know about being a sissy. She quickly stood up and got in my face and told me to shut the fuck up while she slapped me across the face multiple times. Mind you I am small only 5'2" and 115lbs Mistress was a beautiful burnet with long hair a great figure and a thick bottom. Mistress had me worship her high heels while she did more things on her phone. She even called her house to check on stuff!

    Mistress told her friend that I was cleaning her heels and I heard her say to her friend if she got everything. I was worried that what I heard was true and Mistress said to her friend to hold on a sec. Mistress put her phone on speaker and she asked her friend to describe what was sent to her. She explained that she received pictures of me dressed in lingerie and she could see my whole face. Mistress took off speaker and finished with her call. I was really nervous about this and was just about to say something when she told me to look at her and as I did she spit right in my face. Mistress said remember I told you about the requirement....Well it will be here in a couple of minutes.

    Instructed by Mistress I was told to get on the bathroom floor and wait there. I did not want to anger her so I went to the bathroom and lay on the floor face up as told. Mistress yelled to me that I had a few minutes to masturbate and when she comes in I am to stop and keep my hands to my sides. Nervously I started to stroke while I was thinking of what was going to happen. My feelings of nervousness heightened when I heard her getting up from the living room and walking toward the bathroom where I was masturbating my small member. Upon seeing her get to the bathroom I quickly stopped jerking and placed my hands to my sides. With her phone again she said not to move and snapped a few more pics, this time with my small erection sticking up. I thought to myself, did I pick someone that is too much for me, but there is no way out now as she has plenty of evidence to use against me.

    There I was looking up and Mistress was now only in her bra and heels hands on her hips. I was looking at a beautiful woman with her bare pussy above me. Mistress told me not to say anything and be quiet as she had to prepare me for what is going to happen. I felt her hands on me penis and balls, I realize that she tied a string around my balls. The feeling of her touching me was wonderful, then the string started getting tight and she pulled them up by the string and I couldn't help but whine a bit. She immediately slapped my balls and said shut it. Mistress said that when she pulled the string I am to shut my mouth and swallow. Mistress now started to squat down with string in hand and said open your mouth. Nervous thoughts go through my head but I quickly open my mouth. I can see Mistress's pussy and all of a sudden she started peeing into my mouth. The flavor was strong but not morning strong. Mistress stopped and started pulling on that string. I knew to close and swallow and I did realizing that I took a part of this beautiful dominant woman inside me. Swallowing her was not the easiest but I got it down. I opened again and was refilled and made to swallow again. This happened till Mistress was empty and I felt like I had just drank a huge glass full feeling.

    Mistress said to me that now it starts to get interesting and stay still. Open! She commanded and I did. Mistress moved a bit and hovered so her pretty brown hole with it's cute wrinkles was directly over my open mouth. This is when I get really frightened as you don't know what is going to come out as in type. I tried to just focus on her ass and think about how I am lucky to have this woman over here letting me be in her presents. Just then Mistress farted into my mouth and it is this second I realize that she is really going to poop into my mouth. She said keep it open and don't move. I witnessed her butthole wink and let out another fart and wink again where I saw the head of her poop. It looked dark brown and smelled thick and earthy. I started to second guess the whole situation then all of a sudden I heard the poop slide out and touch my lip. Mistress said catch it in your mouth! I wiggled my lips and guided it into my mouth and I took her into my mouth. I realized that we were physically connected for maybe a couple of seconds. The poop was firm and dark then turned lighter and softer at the midpoint of her movement. Mistress stood up and turned around to see me and the deposit she made. Mistress laughed and grabbed her phone again, calling her friend. Putting the phone on speaker she placed it down and told her friend what she did all the while Mistress used my lingerie to wipe herself.

    On the floor with a mouthful of her poop starting to melt in my mouth as it touches my saliva and breathing in the steamy scent I get the second guessing if I want to continue. Mistress knocked that thought right out of me as she pulled on the string and said chew it! I bit down through it and started chewing her waste. The flavor of her poop was bitter and was thick in texture. It was hard to do this being humiliated over the phone with her girlfriend. She was explaining with detail what was happening and she said to her friend to hold on a sec and she will call back. Mistress hung up and took a pic of me in this filthy act and sent it off. She called her back and I heard her friend say EWWWWWW. Mistress said to her that I was told that it will be my requirement when she sees me and if he does not eat it all she will expose me. Mistress said for me to hurry up and swallow that mouthful. I tried and tried to get it down quickly but with it being so dense and trying to not gag was making the process take longer. She said open I want to see and I complied and she got up and got a butter knife after going through the kitchen. Me still laying down as I was not told to move with my mouth open she used the knife to get the rest of her poop and put it into my mouth. Not only is she telling her friend all about it but they are talking about other nonsexual things they had going on. I felt humiliated as I lay there eating her poop and she not really caring. She said swallow again and this time she pulled that string hard and I yelled causing her and her friend to laugh at my discomfort and pain. Open she said and I finished her whole load of poop as my mouth was covered in a thick coating of her brown and here came another picture. Mistress said to stay there and think about what I did, while she got dressed. She came back to the bathroom fully dressed with all her stuff ready to leave. Mistress looked at me and said I know who you are and I know where you live as I am here loser! She said you have a small dick and it is hard, I used you just like that toilet next to you, you are a toilet. You swallowed my pee and ate my shit and you still have a erection! This will continue and I will be bringing others to see and she left my house. I laid there and started masturbating realizing I still had her flavor I could cherish even though she was gone.

    Mistress kept me on a short leash and controlled me for two years until she decided to start a family but I do get to see her via Facebook and there is many more stories that happened during that time.
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    Interesting, I'm intrigued about your other experiences now... lol
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    Like to hear from you next....
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    Those are both great short stories.

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