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New all GIRL/GIRL Facesitting store - All About the Booty!

Discussion in 'Facesitting - Pics/Clips' started by ausguy25, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. AATBxxx

    AATBxxx Active Member

    "She's Just A Seat For The Ass Of Anatasia Rose" ft. Lizzy Lamb was just released on ALLABOUTTHEBOOTY.COM


    Anastasia Rose pays her seat made of flesh and bones no mind as she types away on her phone, responding to text messages and emails. Her chair seems to be a but uncomfortable however, as it keeps squirming underneath her from the weight of Anastasia's round ass pressing into it's face directly. Anastasia sighs to herself as it seems she's missed a sale last week from what she is reading on her screen, flattening her seats face in like a pancake as she stretches across her like a bench, even pinning it down with her pressing pussy in a forward position. The seat struggles for air, moans of displeasure and straining to brace the weight of Anastasia filling in quite room however Anastasia shows no signs of letting up from her seat. Instead, she continues ignoring the distress from down below and turns her attention to her text messages that seem to be flooding in as she sits down onto the reddened face of her flesh chair.​
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  3. AATBxxx

    AATBxxx Active Member

    "Sativa Mist Crushes Helpless Male With Ass & Ignores" is now available on ALLABOUTTHEBOOTY.COM.

    Amazon Sativa Mist has had a long day in the ring, and as decided to lounge and unwind at home. However for a powerful woman like Sativa, a regular seat or bench simply won't do. She needs something warm, inviting to keep underneath her ass as she looks through her emails and responds to the messages she's received throughout the day. What better surface to sink her perfectly toned, round cheeks into than of a power helpless male who's found his way of being of use to Sativa in the form of a flesh seat. Sativa pays no mind to his moans and groans of displeasure from down below as she positions herself on top of him, her cheeks smashing down into his eye sockets and flattening his facial features like a pancake. You see his face for only moments in the beginning, but after she's taken her seat; it completely vanishes out of sight from view! And Sativa could care less.​
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  4. ruckstr

    ruckstr Member

    Any plans of her smothering a female seat in the near future?
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  5. AATBxxx

    AATBxxx Active Member

    I would love to shoot Sativa again with a female model but she's located in the UK and Im not sure when her plans our to make it back to the states.
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  6. AATBxxx

    AATBxxx Active Member

    "No Chance Of Victory Against Naomi Swann PART ONE" was just released on ALLABOUTTHEBOOTY.COM - featuring: Naomi Swann & Jason Ninja.

    Naomi is in the gym of her apartment building minding her own business as she desires to get a quick set in before heading to the pool to relax. However while pumping iron, she is interrupted by a challenging male who begins to mock and taunt her strength; claiming all women to be weak. Naomi may look quite petite and skinny, but little does this idiot know the power she has as well as her natural skill in domination. With a smirk on her lips she grabs the idiot by the shoulders and pulls him to the ground, slamming her crotch down into his face and smothering him without hesitation. The idiot struggles underneath her in an attempt to escape as his skin turns red underneath from the slow lack of oxygen creeping through him. Naomi only laughs and insults him for his loud mouth, driving home that this is a lesson that appears long over due for a male so arrogant. Using the force of her ass she submits him further down into the gym room floor which is probably dirty and covered in sweat! Naomi has no plans of removing her ass or pinning pussy from his nose and mouth until she teaches him a lesson or decides to wants to switch over to using another part of her body to restrict him... her legs perhaps? You'll have to see for yourself in PART TWO!
  7. More Naomi...hooray!

    Going to give another model suggestion and say please get ChiChi Medina on AATB :)
  8. jalan

    jalan Member

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