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New facesitting smother story. Please read and comment on it.

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by Isaacnathan, May 10, 2018.


Did you like the excerpt of my book?

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  1. Isaacnathan

    Isaacnathan New Member

    I posted a new facesitting smother story in the facesitting/smother stories forum almost a week ago. I could use some feedback and comments. Please read and comment. Posted in the stories forum is a long excerpt from my book. Chapters 27 through 38 I think. You can read the full book for free on booksie.com. No sign up. No downloads. It's free. Check it out please. I really need some feedback. Thanks

    Book is called "faceless" by Isaac Nathan


    Or just go to booksie.com and search Isaac Nathan "faceless"

    Please read the excerpt in the facesitting stories forum on this site too. Please comment
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  3. James

    James Active Member

    Well to be honest, I found it very depressing, 'face' seems to have an awful life...
  4. Isaacnathan

    Isaacnathan New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the honesty. I can't disagree. Good thing it's fiction. Lol
  5. crapgolem123

    crapgolem123 New Member

    You should really get some better paragraphing in your story. Now It's all long blocks of text, and that's real hard to read regardless of how you like the story.
  6. Isaacnathan

    Isaacnathan New Member

    That's good advice. Thanks.

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