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Discussion in 'Giantess Justice' started by AstroDomina, Jan 13, 2018.

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    Hi tiny, just a little note to let you know I posted a brand new Giantess/Vore video on my clips store. It's called "Shrinking Client Success Story".

    Here is the description:
    It's true what they say. Sydney is the best vore Giantess in the business. That's why you came to see Dr Sydney Max Lee in the first place right? You've already been shrunk to a miniature size. Dr Lee is about to check you out up close and personal. You're probably starting to realize that shit just got real aren't you? Especially when Dr Lee comments about how tasty you look. A tasty little human snack. Tasty enough to satisfy her craving. Don't act all surprised now. You knew exactly what was going to happen didn't you??? Sydney warned you that the process is irreversible. And face it, you won't be around much longer anyway the way she's looking at you with her hungry eyes.

    I'll also attach a few screen shots.

    As always, let me know what you think!

    Dr Lee

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