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Newbie gets trampled - under HIKING BOOTS

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish - Pics/Clips' started by MadameMarissa, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. MadameMarissa

    MadameMarissa Active Member

    This loser told me he has no experience with trampling yet - so I told him I'd have mercy and only use flat shoes ... little did he know that my hiking boots may have a flat sole but hurt like hell anyway! I start trampling him harder and harder and soon the boot soles leave nice imprints on his skin. But this is far from over! I won't stop until his whole chest is covered in imprints and bruises!



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  3. Crush Slave

    Crush Slave Member

    Id love to take his place Mistress.
  4. PolarBear

    PolarBear Member

    :eek: I love those boots. o_O

    Similar to what I am used to on whole body, and arms/hands. :)
    I guess he's glad that it wasn't Salomon SpeedCross shoes or SnowCross boots that was used on him. I love those, but they are brutal with the agressively patterned sole that it has, so on top of what your flatsoled boots do, he would have to deal with far less contactarea because of the sole.
    He would be brused and sore, but it would also tingle. :p
  5. vorleger

    vorleger Well-Known Member

    Ohja, prima! Sie sind toll!!
  6. MadameMarissa

    MadameMarissa Active Member

    Haha, yes, the pattern of these soles is brutal ... leaves really nice marks :D
  7. PolarBear

    PolarBear Member

    I can imagine they are very comfortable for you too, they sure look like it and the brief momens showing the soles... makes me really envious of that man. For sure.
    Would love a treatment like that, with those boots. o_O Properly by the wonderful you.

    I am normally walked and stood on in The North Face winterboots and Baffin, allthough the sole on those are quite forgiving they are great for lengthy tramples. She does have some short hikingboots where the sole looks a bit like yours. And boy are they wonderful, and love the lightly burning sensation they leave after a good trampling. It was the absolute perfect choice in my opinion.

    :eek: and I will always treasure the time when she came home with the SpeedCross shoes :confused: and surprised me with a great long trampling in her new "sneakers" :p I think I let out a small yelp when she hopped on and began walking gently around, but looking up on her in those was amazing.
    They ripped and clawed in the skin, even when she just stood still, that agressive sole felt sharp. And she stepped on everything but the neck and only lightly on the face. It felt so good on the hands, arms, chest, even when she was walking in place on the pelvic area.
    Speedcross could be a great 'next step' ;) for him, and I bet you will love how he will squirm under your beautiful body and lovely feet.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018

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