No more travel forum?

Discussion in 'Mistress Destiny Femdom Community' started by DantePosh, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. DantePosh

    DantePosh Imperious Social Maven

    just logged on to see that there's no forum to post travel listings. What a shame..

    This site was one of my favorites to post this Intel on. I can understand why, but, regardless, it's a loss..

  2. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

  3. DantePosh

    DantePosh Imperious Social Maven

    if you were here from day one, then you know that there was a forum section here where Mistresses were posting their travel dates.. I know that I did, and I gotta believe that my 78 messages under my posting count could indicate that was the case.

    It looks to me that the link you posted might've been what it was. Of course, I don't have permission to see it, but, it is, what it is... Bottom line, it's not around anymore..



  4. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    I don't understand why you cannot view/post in that section.
    Maybe admin' can help but in the meantime I could post the information if you send it to me direct ;

  5. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    2 of the forums are changing and will be available again soon

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