nosebleeding during trample when nose don't get trampled

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  1. just happened.i'm chinese and i go to bathhouse somethign like spa ,bathhouse usually offer massage service,and i talk the girls into trample me in highheels instead of was supposed to be 1 hour session,but only after about 10 minutes i began nosebleeding though she didint' step on my nose ,she mainly trampled my chest and stomach fullweight and stomped her heels in.she told me to washed up,and i blew my nose in front of tap and sink,more blood came out ,blood seemed to came from back of my nose where nose connect with throat. and when i cough and spit there is sick blood in my spit too.i was a little panicked .i don't know where is the damage that causes bleeding.after i washed up ,she trampled me for about another 10 minutes in her stilettoes and i cummed .and then she stopped trampling me and asked me to massage her feet for the left half hour.
    i have blood pressure ,rental failure ,and congestive heart failure,but none of those disease could cause such nosebleeding. my question is that ,anyone experienced nosebleeding like me without nose trampled?or do you have any medical opionion on what cause my nosebleeding?
    except for nosebleeding i feel good ,nothing feels like damaged.
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  2. Jack Zhang

    Jack Zhang New Member

    I think you were trying to manage your pain and might of popped one of your veins!
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  3. thank you fro reply,yes i was trying to endure hard,it could be the problem
  4. Gina

    Gina Member

    Be careful you might DIE under a heavy trampling with all of your problems. Her stiletto heels will really mess up your inner organs. Maybe stick to her kicking your balls in and trampling your worthless cock with her sexy heels. :)
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  5. thank you for your reply,it's an honor to get your reply ,you are famous and gorgeous,i love your stories which are violent and brutal.we chated on yahoo messenger before,but now with yahoo quit china i don't use yahoo messenger any more.thanks for your care and suggestion,glad to know you think kicking balls and trample cock is more healthy.i still love a thorough full body heels trample though i have problems and i think i can mange to suvive
  6. bdb844lg

    bdb844lg Member

    When a woman stands on you full weight, your blood pressure goes up. If you've already got problematic readings, that's not a good idea. That could be the cause of your nose bleed - from a broken blood vessel (as someone mentioned above). So I wouldn't recommend it.

    A very nice replacement is to have the woman stand with one foot on the ground and step on you with the other one. You get the feeling of being trampled without too much pressure. And she can easily vary the amount of weight she puts on you. Or have her sit on the edge of something (such as a desk, sofa or table) with both feet on you. This also considerably reduces the weight you receive.

    I've used both of these techniques when I've gone a while since my last trample and I'm out of practice. It's always worked great.
  7. thank you for your advice,i'll try
  8. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    bd is correct. The cardiovascular system is systemic - remember that. This is why nosebleeds are common due to ostensibly unrelated causes e.g. high altitude. This is probably the result of blood vessel diffusion or a misallocation of circulation i.e. circulation got 'cut off'. Always be careful when doing real, full-weight trampling and facesitting.

    The Woman trampling you need to make sure she is moving about consistently and never staying in the same region of the body for too long.
  9. there are so many medical vocabulary i don't know of that i have to look up in online dictionary to manage to get your meaning .thanks
  10. dasfeet

    dasfeet Member

    See your doctor, and get things checked out to be safe. It could have been your blood pressure was/is high. Many people do not know that there BP is high till it's to late.
  11. doctor dosen't know about trampling and i don't want to tell her i was being trmapled under highheels when nosebleeding ,
  12. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Well, you could always offer a practical demonstration with her LOL !
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  13. bottombob

    bottombob Active Member

    Pay attention to the tastes and odors coming into your nose and mouth blood has an odor and taste if she’s on top of you pay attention to her what part of your body she’s on when you first notice it, trampling isn’t for everyone just pay mind of what you taste and smell

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