"Office foot slave" Inspired by Coxbones art

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Aug 28, 2002
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It is 10am on a quiet Thursday morning in September. Julia Simpson is sitting at her desk in her private office on the Fourth floor of Cox and Bones Research Ltd. Julia is 37, slender, with straight black hair and slightly angular features. She is in the middle of checking and replying to her emails.
She is wearing a red, long sleeved jumper and white cotton pants. She is cross legged.
Beneath her desk she has one ankle boot on her left foot and one discarded leaving her elevated right foot bare. The pale leather boot lies on its side, short zip pulled down, sole showing lots of wear. The boots make Julia's feet perspire, especially on clammy mornings like this where she has worn them, without socks, on the Underground. Old sweat is ingrained in the innersole and main body of the boot.
Her bare right foot, alabaster white with long toes and short, unpainted nails is joggling slightly up and down as well as forward and back. The front part of that foot is buried in the gaping mouth of a man who is serving her as an under desk foot slave. The slave is 30 years old. He is bald. His entire body shows marks of caning, trampling and whipping inflicted over many years by cruel women.
He is sitting in a box that extends below the floor. He is held in place by shackles at the wrists and ankles. A pair of hinged doors with a cut out section around his neck, are padlocked shut. He has a cock shocker fastened around his penis. This allows Julia to motivate him to keep suckling her foot and toes if his efforts slacken.
He is overwhelmed by the smell of her boot and the taste of her foot. His world is dim. Julia periodically pulls her foot backward before ramming it hard into his toothless mouth. At these moments he has to keep his head still, not letting it bend backward.
He can hear Julia's radio, along with the tip tap of her long fingers on the computer keyboard. She treats him as nothing more than an extension of her office furniture. She thrusts her foot forward, stretching his mouth painfully and momentarily choking him. Her toenails touch the back of his mouth, and scratch him there.
There is a tap on the door. She looks up. It is her colleague Anita Singh. The beautiful Asian girl is wearing a white blouse and a navy blue pinafore dress. She is wearing white tights and soft white leather lace ups.
“Hi Julia,” says Anita.
“Hi,” she replies. “I was wondering if you could do me a favour” Anita said smiling. “ I broke my desk slave's jaw yesterday,” she said pausing, “Me and my big feet.” She laughed and shook her head while lifting up her right foot and dancing it about a little.
“Anyway,” she continued, “I can't get a replacement until Friday, so I was wondering if I could borrow yours?”
Julia's foot jerked downward suddenly, yanking her slave's head downward at the same time. His tongue was pinned under the ball of that foot and the toes.
“Yes,” she replied, waggling her foot side to side a little, keeping the toes in her slave's mouth, “Why not?” She bent her foot down and up absent mindedly. “I'll release him in three hours and send him down to you.” Anita smiled.
“Please don't break his jaw, he's quite good at soothing my feet and toes.”
“I'll be good,” said Anita, smiling.
“I'm out of the office all day tomorrow,” Julia said, “so you may as well keep him all day.”
Anita clapped her hands together delightedly and lifted up on tip toes. She was working late tonight and having her feet and toes suckled helped her stay relaxed and focused.
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Aug 28, 2002
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Thanks guys, it's great to hear people like what I've written.

Here is part 2

Julia's foot slave's entire body was trembling. Sweat broke out from his brow. The strain on his muscles from staying sitting up, and holding his neck still was incredible. A small vibrating alert came from Julia's smart watch. This was a requirement of the agency that meant slaves would be more likely to survive their time serving women. Julia, whose toes were wiggling gaily up and down in the wet cave of her slave's mouth, glanced at the display on her watch. Curling her toes downward so as to press on his tongue she read that it was time for a 15 minute release. In that time her slave was let out from the box under the desk to take on board food and water.
As her toes were arched downward, her foot slid a little deeper into the slave's wide stretched mouth. He fought to keep position, but found himself gagging on her intrusive foot. He could barely breathe. Incredibly, her foot continued to edge forward, spreading his jaw wider and wider. The slave was getting dizzy. He was seeing stars. His whole body began to go numb. His head fell backward. As Julia's foot slipped from his mouth he gasped in a breath. His neck jerked, waking him. He was dazed, disoriented and lost. Then he saw her foot floating overhead, it was seeking him out. The toes were questing for his mouth. He remembered where he was. He lifted his head and opened his lips to receive his dominator's foot.
Julia felt his nose with the ball of her foot. She used this to guide her movements as she slid her toes down his face and then back into his mouth. She smiled, picturing his ugly face receiving her perfect foot. She bobbed her foot up and down 3 times.
She arched her long toes upward, touching the roof of his mouth with her nails, held them that way for several seconds then let them angle back down. She moved her foot forward and back slowly, 6 times before slipping it free from the slaves mouth.
She rolled her chair backward and then looked under the desk. An electronic padlock was holding the doors over the slave box closed. She extended her bare foot toward this and pressed the pad of her big toe to a sensor. The lock clicked open. At the same time, the shackles on the slave's wrists and ankles came unlocked.
She gathered her ankle boot and put it back on. Slowly the slave managed to move and get out of his hole. Julia selected an app on her smart watch. It controlled the cock shocker. She set it to escalate his level of pain until it would become unbearable in 15 minutes, ensuring he would return to his servitude.
The slave extricated himself and bowed deeply before Julia. She ignored him, even when he kissed the scuffed toe of her boot. He went to a small alcove set up for his “maintenance”. She knew the slave would be back before 15 minutes, having hurriedly ingested food and water, as the pain from the cock shocker rapidly overwhelmed all other considerations.
Barely 8 minutes later he was back. He knelt, forehead touching the carpet, waiting for her to let him back into his hole, to deactivate the cock shocker and press her toes between his lips again. A desire for the pleasure of having her foot and toes suckled overcame the pleasure she derived from observing the tell-tale signs of his mounting discomfort.
She moved aside and allowed him to click his wrists and ankles back into his shackles. She closed the doors over him, leaving his head once again as the only part of him exposed. She closed the padlock with a click, unzipped and took off her left boot; then used the pad of that big toe to turn off the cock shocker and electronically lock his wrist and ankle restraints.
In the gloom below her desk he watched her foot moving toward the padlock. He stared longingly at her big toe. Time slowed and stretched as that toe angled down and the pad came in contact with the electronic reader on the lock. He was insanely grateful to her, to her foot and specifically her big toe for stopping the pain.
As the pain ebbed away Julia rolled her chair forwards then rotated her foot in front of his face. He yearned to kiss the slightly dirty sole, to lick it, to taste it, to worship and adore it and her. His time as a foot slave had broken his will and twisted his desires in many ways. Partly he wanted to please and appease his dominator, to win favour if you will and thus avoid punishment. Partly also he gained a sexual pleasure from serving a woman's feet, it was after all the only contact with a woman's flesh he now could have.
She traced the pad of her big toe over his slightly parted lips. He knew he had to keep still. He wanted to open his lips wide, to suck her toes in and bob his head forward. He wanted to hasten the process but knew he must not. He was trembling again, smelling her foot, seeing it move, seeing her skin in the dim light beneath her desk. He locked his neck.
She slipped the tips of her toes under his top lip, sweeping them from his left to his right. The nails skittered under the flesh of his upper lip while the pads of her lollipop toes caressed his upper gums. The slave's stomach fluttered and whirled. Love and loathing combined to unman him. He was weeping silently.
Julia splayed her toes in his mouth. As she opened a spreadsheet on the computer she felt the man's tongue sliding round each toe of her left foot in turn. As it swept between her little toe and its neighbour she smiled.

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Aug 28, 2002
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Again, thanks for the feedback guys.

Here is part 3

At 2.00pm Julia popped her toes free from the slave's mouth. She had agreed to lend him to her friend Anita and she would not let her down. The slave felt a deep, aching sadness as her foot withdrew. He was addicted to feet now, addicted to abuse and servitude at the hands and feet of uncaring women. She unlocked his shackles and the lock on the trapdoors that sealed him in. She set his cock shocker to 5 second intervals. This would motivate him to hurry to Anita's office.
He managed to get up from his hole, and close it behind him. In spite of the shocks in his cock he stood silently awaiting Julia's dismissal.
She kept him waiting as she typed on the computer then finally said “Anita Singh's office, East 13. Go!”. He moved away as quickly as he could, while making sure not to trouble any of the women he met as he moved.
Anita, who shared an office with three other women, was eagerly awaiting him. She had turned her swivel chair aside. Unlike Julia's chair this one would not slide forward and back as it was bolted down to the floor. The slave hole he got into was different also. Beneath Anita's desk he found himself lying almost totally flat. He obediently put his ankles into restraints, and then his wrists. His head rested on a leather pad. His face then became the centre section of Anita's footrest. Anita looked under the desk at him and smiled evilly. She closed a panel over him and padlocked it. The shocks to his cock stopped.
As he watched, her dexterous fingers untied the tight laces of her left shoe. There was an eagerness to her movements as she opened the neck of her shoe and slid her hot, moist, nylon clad foot free. His nose was immediately assaulted by the vinegar aroma that was let free as her foot pulled free. He was not surprised to see that the sole of her tights was darkened by damp and dirt. She positioned her left shoe to the left of the footrest from her perspective. The smell was pungent and eye watering. She raised her big foot, moved it up and over his face then put the sole of her left foot on the slave's face. Her sole was warm, wet and slightly scratchy because of the nylon tights she wore.
The heel of her left foot was near his mouth, the ball of her foot pressed into his eye socket. She rocked her foot back on the heel and seemed to be settling it into just the right position for her comfort. The smell from her foot was nauseating. It was strong and damp and acidic.
She moved above him and he guessed she was removing her right shoe. He was proved right. The smell intensified as her right foot came free.
Anita put her right shoe to the right of her footrest as she saw it, lifted her pungent foot up and sought out the free side of his face. With no compassion for this man she was using she pushed her dirty, wet, smelly sole into his face. His face had now disappeared behind and beneath a dominant woman's hot, nylon clad feet. He felt crushed and dehumanised.
A telephone rang on Anita's desk. As she answered it, she slid her two feet forward and back on his trapped features. She began to make conversation with the caller and as she did she moved her left foot into a position where the fragrant underside of her toes was over the slave's nose. She put her right foot crossing over the left, at the ankle. She curled the toes of her left foot downward. The slave inhaled the pungent scent of the sweat of her toes. Those toes danced a little, lifting up, then arching downward, over and over again. She continued to do that with her toes for over a minute, then simply pressed them down, keeping them still.
She withdrew her right foot, angled it like a ballet dancer, then arrowed it down to slide between the man's lips. He received her toes softly, opening his mouth without resistance. He had long ago learned that resistance led to punishment and pain. Her foot and toes slid down and in, as if his mouth was the opening to her shoe. She gagged him with her big foot, threatening to split his skin.
He dragged in desperate breaths through his nose, the nose that was held and cupped by the aromatic arched toes of her broad, strong, irresistible left foot.
He could dimly hear that she was flirting on the phone, giggling and being playful. At the same time she was abusing his face with her feet, near choking him with her right foot while inflicting her rancid smell on his nose with her left. Her right foot was jammed into his painfully stretched mouth and he could well believe she had dislocated a man's jaw.
She ended the call and went to work on her computer, humming contentedly. She settled her feet side by side on the slave's face, then began periodically lifting one or the other at random before pushing it between his lips. She slid her nylon clad toes of her left foot part way into his mouth. She jostled her foot impatiently between his toothless gums. He got the message and began suckling her nasty tasting toes. She sighed, wriggling those toes in a slow dance of pleasure.
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Really good. Especially liked the part where she was impatient for sucking after only a second or two and he "got the message".


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Aug 7, 2002
Very descriptive, i Like so much the in-the-caracter feelings...he's a footslave, his only purpose in life and he knows and almost oves it...great ste letto as always...and even more!

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Aug 28, 2002
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Thanks again folks. There's life in this story yet, so here is part 4.

A little over an hour later, with both of her nylon covered feet pressing firmly down onto the foot slave's face, Anita received a phone call asking her to come to her Manager's office. As she listened, she began scrunching her toes against the slave's forehead, and releasing them over and over. Feeling mildly annoyed, she lifted her right foot 6 inches above the slave's face, then stamped down, before raising her big left foot and doing the same. She then used her right heel to twist in the socket of the man's left eye, and her left heel to twist in the socket of his right.
She pushed with her toes onto his cheekbones to rotate her chair and headed out of the office. “I might be some time.” She announced as she exited.
Nicky Johnson and Sue Evalds who shared Anita's office looked at each other without speaking. Each had a wicked, playful grin on their faces. Nicky was 24. She had dyed blonde hair and a lovely, slightly chubby figure that gave her a rounded femininity. She wore a dark blouse, faded blue jeans and strappy, black leather, flat soled sandals. Sue, a slender 30 year old with tightly curled, dyed blonde hair, wore a cream blouse, a knee length grey skirt, opaque grey tights and black boots with low heels. Sue's booted feet were crossed at the ankles, swaying a little, making little creaking sounds as the leather rubbed against leather. Her left heel was on her slaves bruised and swollen cheek. Due to the angle of her leg and foot she had the edge of that heel biting into her slave's face. The pressure of that heel was added to by the weight of her right leg, as she had her right boot crossed over the left at the ankle. Sue knew that her slave hated his situation. This fact pleased her no end.
The soles of Sue's boots were black, with chunky treads. The slave could see bits of leaves, dirt, mud and small stones caught in those boot treads. When he was asleep he frequently dreamed that he was a beetle on the ground at Sue's feet, and she was stepping on him, talking to him, mocking him and laughing at him. In these dreams he saw himself being deliberately stepped on and ground under Sue's foot. He saw himself part crushed, mushed, but still alive and caught in the tread of her boot. He saw her happy, laughing and smiling as he suffered.
Nicky had her legs crossed. Her left foot was flat to the floor. Her right foot was embedded in her slave's wide stretched mouth. He felt as if the skin of his mouth would rip apart at the sides. He had always found women's feet disgusting and dirty, and to find himself in this state was intolerable. Time passed with incredible slowness. His life was dominated by the feet and shoes of women who had no compassion or respect or empathy for him. They had more care for the cars they drove and the shoes they wore than they had for him and his fellow slaves.
Nicky had her right foot and shoe inserted into the man's mouth a good 3 inches. His toothless mouth was forced open. His tongue was under the sole of her sandal. Just in front of her pretty, sandal covered left foot there was a wooden bar some 10 inches long. This was on two short poles, one at each end. These disappeared into the floor. The bar was effectively a pedal. If Nicky put her foot upon it it would sink toward the floor from an initial height of 5 inches to only 2 inches above floor level. Below the floor it connected to a mechanism that directly transferred pressure to the trapped testicles of the man at her feet. By accident, or deliberate intent it was the easiest thing in the world for her to torture her footslave by pressing her pretty foot, with shiny black nail varnish, onto the pedal and holding it down.
As Nicky watched, Sue slid her chair back a little ways and moved her booted feet off from her slave's paining face. Nicky put her left foot on the wooden pedal and let it depress firmly. Her gagging slave was now suffering sickening waves of pain as his testicles were crushed. Nicky's right foot wagged left and right, moving the slave's head in response. He felt like a nothing, a non-person, a plaything for women.
Sue looked under Anita's desk. She grimaced at the smell from her friend's discarded shoes. She gingerly picked the left shoe up and, holding it away from her body took it across to her own desk. She ordered the slave to tilt his head backward. She lay the opening of the shoe over his nose and mouth with orders not to let it fall. That done she moved across to Anita's desk.
She sat down, swivelled round in her friend's chair and brought both booted feet up, over and down onto the suffering man's face. The tread of her boots was hard and sharp. A wave of fresh despair swept over the man as Sue used his face as her footrest.