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officially my wifes toilet paper now!

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by submale, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. submale

    submale New Member

    after a long time of talking about it and worshiping her ass for years my wife and I have finally agreed that I will use my tongue as her toilet paper on a regular basis.We have discussed it in the past,she loves it and I always wanted to do it and we recently began.It is hard to describe the overpowering feeling involved with such an act but we both enjoy it immensely.I thought I would add this to the wonderful forum here for anyone who fantasizes such things or also does it.
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  3. underurass

    underurass New Member

    this is great, i had this dream for years and wish to be used as toilet papers in ladies toilet
  4. SmoochTheCooch

    SmoochTheCooch New Member

    do you eat it, rinse it down with anything? just curious.
  5. underurass

    underurass New Member

    i actually spend sometime first sniffing it then lick it dry and clean
  6. submale

    submale New Member

    it is something we talked about for a long time after my wife realized how much i loved worshiping her ass and smelling it and licking it .I used to say i am wiping your asshole clean as i did it and one day she just asked me if i would really like to use my tongue to wipe her ass instead of her using toilet paper.I have fantasized it for years and was so turned on to learn she was into it as much as i was.I lick her asshole whenever she finishes on the toilet when we get the chance,obviously there are times when it cant be done but it has become almost routine and part of our existence.
  7. underurass

    underurass New Member

    i had a similar experience with my wife, usually i go with her when she needs to go to the toilet and set on my knees infront of her kissing her feet and legs while she's there. one day she was in the toilet and i was there with her, she noticed that i was trying to peek at her asshole, she asked me if i like seeing it as it goes out from her ass i said i love it and wish to be able to clean it for her, she laughed and said i can do anything with her asshole as long as i obey her, since then, it was 4 years ago, she does not use paper toilet in our house. and we go outside and she needs to go to the toilet, she keeps for me and waits till we reach home and enjoy it together. and now my tongue is her paper toilet and she calls it her asshole trademark. she even told couple of her girlfriends and her sister about it, and when they visit her, they intend to go to the toilet so they can use my tongue services. one time one of her girlfriend did it in her panties and asked me to use my tongue to clean ger panties while 4 women, including my wife, was watching it. i love this experience, and love to serve women, in a way that keeps me under their asses. now i planning to ask my wife, and subsequently her sexy friends and sister to be used as full toilet. i forgot to tell u that i am officially my wife's toilet for pee.
  8. submale

    submale New Member

    i have not yet gotten into being used as a full toilet,i too have had my wife pee in my mouth and we both enjoy that immensely...i must admit i have fantasized for years being a full toilet for my wife but have never done so,i dont know what she would think of it and i dont know if i could do it..i know i am getting close when i wipe her asshole with my tongue but it is not close to being the same...we are private about it and dont share this with others....hard to know who is into stuff like this anyway
  9. underurass

    underurass New Member

    if u want to talk about it and exchange ideas we can chat on ym; my ym is ulaman77 i am online now.
  10. Jmann27711

    Jmann27711 Independent Filmer/Editor

    I take alot of urine down the throat on a regular basis making clips, but I have not gone the full toilet route. The asshole has such a distinct smell that instantly arouses me but I'm not sure I'd take a log in the mouth just yet lol. I applaud all who do though! Enjoy your time as toilets guys and great to hear its with your wives, I hope to one day marry someone who will be as open about fetishes as I am.
  11. graveuk

    graveuk Member

    I have also drank my girlfriends pee but not tried to eat her shit yet. I think it will only stay as a fantasy as i dont know if I could stomach chewing it and swallowing it without heaving or vomiting it back up.
  12. submale

    submale New Member

    that is why so far I have only licked my wife's asshole clean using my tongue as her toilet paper,but not gotten into full toilet use...i do also fantasize it but using my tongue as toilet paper is incredibly exciting as well
  13. borisbik

    borisbik French fit slave

    Great talks. The most delicious thing is when you discover that ladies really enjoy this.I took me sometimes months to try this with a girlfriend, and finally they said that I should have done this before.
  14. submale

    submale New Member

    they definitely do once they get started,my wife sometimes comments that she cant believe she used regular toilet paper for so long lol...she said,if she knew she would have stopped years ago lol
  15. lovestobefacesat

    lovestobefacesat New Member

    I've fantasized about this, but in reality, don't think I could ever do it. Honestly, the smell would just make me sick and the thought of licking it, eh, I couldn't handle it. Good luck to you!
  16. scooby557

    scooby557 New Member

    you both need a disposable toilet? use me up? ill leave everything to you and yours... just dont want you getting ill. let me get ill and go away!! respects, dave
  17. humiliated loser

    humiliated loser Lisa's little tinkerbell

    how you feel when the turd drops down into your mouth? what you just chew the poop to pieces then try and swallow them? where else you been pooped on? she pooped on any other part a your body?
  18. humiliated loser

    humiliated loser Lisa's little tinkerbell

    i got my twinkie dumped on while i was holdin' it.
  19. yourbumhole

    yourbumhole New Member

    I doubt if any of the above tales hold any water .... ={
  20. submale

    submale New Member

    i can tell you for sure that everything i have written about is 100% the truth!
  21. JJS

    JJS Member

    I think it would be kinda cool if she face sat you and you had to clean her up. Either reverse face sit where you can look up at her butt or forward when she can stare down at you.

    Maybe some day she'll sit on you and you'll notice she does not need cleaning and she say "I'm taking this to the next level"
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