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one just nice story

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by caspius77, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. caspius77

    caspius77 New Member

    “Everything is sorted just fine”

    Alan was sitting in his office and thinking about his sexy wife. This morning he simply couldn’t stop thinking about his Melina. He couldn’t also explain why, but this is just happened.

    Alan was 40 years, middle stature, and quite nice guy. Employed in Bank as vice president of the Branch Office, he was earning enough for decent life. Melina was 34 years, nice looking, long brown hair, hazel eyes, nice breasts, but what was her great asset was ass. Very sexy ass, not so big, not so small, but just simply sexy. Very often she was attracting man’s views and sometimes even comments, but Alan was not giving to much attention on these. She was well aware about her sexy appearance and was enjoying inside.

    They have two children, Fia and John, presently attending elementary school. Resuming everything one good and nice life.

    But this is story about sex, isn’t? Their sex was also good, perhaps more average, but apparently not so good for Melina. They had classic and oral sex. Nothing kinky.

    In Melina’s eyes Alan was reading that she was seeking for more, but Alan with all efforts was not able to give more. He was applying his tongue more and more, including analingus too. Anyhow she was becoming more and more dominant and Alan had accepted this role in their sexual life.

    Just this morning Alan was thinking how to satisfy his wife and make happy both of them. He couldn’t stop thinking about her gorgeous ass. How to burry his face in wife’s crotch and enjoy all this smell and juices. He started to be really horny.

    Finally he decided to return home. His position allowed this excuse. He said to his secretary something about important meeting somewhere in the city and left office.

    Once he opened house door, found everything surprisingly quite. Usually at this time (it was 11 o’clock) Melina was around doing something, but she was nowhere. Following some inner intuition, Alan gone toward bedroom. As he approached bedroom, he heard some noises, rather moaning. When he opened door, it was really surprise. Young man was fucking his wife. “Oh my God” both of them said almost instantly. Man around thirty years old, jumped from his wife and raised his hand upward telling: “Please Mister, I can explain everything”

    “I am sorry, but your wife seduced me, and so, I couldn’t resist. She invited me”

    Melina remained on the bed with widespread legs. Hairy pussy with glistening juices and dark opening where just second before was another cock. In this short moment Alan’s mind crossed one strange feeling or sensation, what changed him.

    He was sure now that Melina remained so opened intentionally. On her face was awkward smile, which Alan couldn’t describe, but definitely sexy and mysterious. Perhaps extremely sexy and inviting. Second later, she covered her naked body.

    “Please darling, don’t do nothing hasty. It is all one big misunderstanding. We will sort out everything. You will see”.

    In meantime young man was already dressed repeating all the time: “I am sorry. I am sorry…..”. Not wanting loose dignity, at least not in presence of this young fellow Alan said:

    “ I have no intention to harm you or nobody, but you will do following”

    “Tell me young man which is fee for screwing whore? Tell me some price”.

    “I don’t know replied young man”.

    “OK let say 200 Euro” said Alan. “Is this OK with you”?

    “Yes, yes that is fine. But why?” replied young man almost stammering, trying to escape from this situation as soon as possible.

    “Just put 200 Euros on the table, and you can leave”

    Man fast withdrawn his valet, extracted 200 Euros, put on the table and left in hurry without saying a word.

    “You see, I am going put these Euros in the frame and on the wall, just to remind, that you are a whore” said Alan to his wife. She was just smiling and said:

    “Common darling, come in the bed, you will see that everything can be settled.”

    Surprising also himself, Alan took off his clothes and went to the bed. Melina kissed him on the cheek and patted his head.

    “You know darling, there is one problem. As you came so suddenly, I didn’t have orgasm. Please be so kind and go dawn on me. Make me cum with your tongue. I know how you are talented in this. Later we will talk about this situation.”

    Looking in she’s eyes, Alan without hesitation went with his head in wife’s crotch, feeling and smelling pure sex. She grab his head pushing close to her pussy. He started licking and lapping her pussy full of juices. He took clitoris in his mouth and started sucking.

    “Yes, see honey how my pussy is ready for your tongue. I have prepared for you. Mmmmmm…..”

    Not long after Melina’s cum started flooding in his mouth. Once she stop trembling, Alan continued to lick his wife pussy so eagerly.

    With both hands he raised his wife’s ass cheeks approaching with his tongue Melina anus. Immediately he felt something different. He was licking his wife ass before, but this time was different. Strange odor and smell.

    “You know, honey. Just as Tom rang door bell, I was in the bathroom taking poo, so I didn’t wipe my ass properly. Would you be so kind and clean my ass with your tongue. I know that you will like that. But first take good smell””

    “So, his name is Tom” came in Alan’s head, but he didn’t say nothing. With that she turned herself around, laying now on her tits and forearms, head on the pillow, lifting up her voluptuous ass and exposing completely to Alan mouth.

    Alan started sniffed. No doubt was slight shit smell mixed with anal aroma and sex coming from pussy.

    “Is smelling nice?” I know is” said Melina laughing and feeling Alan breathing with nose close to ass hole.

    Alan couldn’t resist. Driven by something, yet unknown to him, he started licking Melina’s ass approaching gradually ass hole. Taste was somehow sweet indeed, but in same time stinking. How? As shit. But he was so aroused that despite, he continued lapping and circling around shit hole even penetrating his tongue inside.

    Then suddenly, Prrrrrr……. she farted on his nose. Stench was now much worse and Alan tried withdraw his head, but Melina extended hand and pushed his head back to she’s ass crack.

    “Common honey, take a good whiff. You know that everything coming from my body is so sweet.”

    Alan nostrils filled with pungent odor, but he continued sniffing and licking anus afterwards.

    “Darling one more thing. As I said, Tom interrupted taking my shitting, so there is yet one turd remained for you. So please be so kind and open your mouth for me. Don’t worry, is not very big. I want also to hear you chewing my turd before swallowing.”

    Without hesitation Alan put his open mouth on her ass hole. Following small fart, turd expelled from Melina ass and entered almost all in his mouth. Taste was sweet and bitter in same time but very bad. He almost gagged, but continued


    “Go ahead honey, you will manage. First time is probably difficult, but you will be accustomed on that, don’t worry. Now swallow please and clean my ass properly afterwards.”

    Swallowing was not so difficult, after all and he continued licking and lapping his wife ass until was completely clean. She was enjoying in this new role and after small time she cum again. Alan cleaned wife’s pussy again and finally put his head on the pillow, mouth full of wife’s juices, expecting some words from Melina.

    But she didn’t say nothing, so he put following question:

    “For how long are you cheating on me Melina?”

    “Common dear. There is no big deal. From time to time I am taking some young cock. I don’t see big issue in that. I told you before, Everything will be sorted out just fine. Isn’t true?


    As English is not my maternal language, reader will find plenty grammar mistakes. You can revert with corrections. It is welcomed.

    But essence of the story is obtained, I guess.
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  3. kopekkole

    kopekkole New Member

    Great story.
    Thank you.
  4. caspius77

    caspius77 New Member

    If you like, I have another one.
  5. toilet4u

    toilet4u Member

    Would sure like another one . Great can hardly wait!
  6. juergen

    juergen occupied

    Very good Story, i like the cuckolding part...
  7. Xmiragex

    Xmiragex New Member

    Great story.
  8. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    Awesome story! Keep going.
  9. caspius77

    caspius77 New Member


    Their marriage was more or less good. Frank was merchant marine officer, sailing on different types of merchant vessels around the world. He was on four months contracts allowing afterward being two months on holidays. So called four months on, two months off. He was 42 years, strong guy, nice looking. His wife was Tatiana origin from Russian emigrants, 36 years, blonde hair, strong stature, very well arranged on her body. Her great asset is big, nice ass and she knew that. They have single child, ten years old. So, life was going on. Frank had sporadic intercourses in ports, when and if time during port staying allowed that. It was not very often and not remained in his minds. It was just emptying balls as he called that in his minds and among his colleagues. Tatiana had also from time to time lovers, but generally nothing serious and without any effect on their marriage. They never asked each other about that, never some questioning, although both of them have been suspicious, but that was pure guessing. She is working as clerk in the Post Office. Everything was going well until one day.

    Tatiana received mail and later phone call from her husband company where was written that Frank suffered heart attack and was hospitalized in Singapore. He will survive but after intensive cure will remain in the hospital and upon will be repatriated. Tatiana was shocked on the beginning, but gradually accepted this fact. So, two weeks later she was on the airport waiting for his husband. He was in wheelchair and escorted by nurse. He looks much worst what she remembered. His body somehow becomes smaller and obviously weak. They embraced each other and gone home. Frank needed medical care and recovering in near spa center trying to put body back in function. It was clear that he will never be like before and constant assistance will be required. He also will never work again. Tatiana accepted this situation.

    Not talking too much about this details, let see what will be with sexual life. For some period there was nothing except fondling in the bed. Frank lost his authority and become so meek and obedient. He simply was not in health condition to satisfy his wife in sexual way and it was not even recommended by doctors.

    So one night Tatiana asked him: “Would you be happy to at least taste some sex? So why don’t try to lick my pussy and enjoy my scent and fragrance?” He agreed immediately. She straddled his face whilst Frank was lying on his back. He was so eager to lick his wife pussy and sucking her clitoris that he was doing that so ravenously, so after short period she had orgasm. What he didn’t know was that Tatiana spent one hour this afternoon with her lover and been fucked in all means. Frank found her wife’s pussy more wet than usually, but was so eager to taste his wife that didn’t give to much on this. Deep inside, he suspected that Tatiana has lover. How young and nice women live without sex? No way? Tatiana was enjoying his husband tongue on her pussy and in same time something new crossed her mind. But this will come step by step. But definitely it was triggered in that very moment. His almost disabled husband licking her pussy with nose in her ass! What thrill? She was on verge to fart in his face, but in last moment changed mind. To satisfy also him, she took Frank’s cock in her hand and stroked him. He finished in less than minute, without even full erection.

    “Are you happy now honey” asked Tatiana with mocking smile.

    “Oh, yes, thank you”

    “We will talk tomorrow. Now get some rest”

    So day later Tatiana said:

    “Look Frank, we have to face a true. You depend on me. I am taking care about you, doing home chores and driving you to Medical Recovering Facility. You need permanent assistance. We have still battle with Insurance, with compensation from your company not mentioning other engagements. But I have also demands in sexual way. As you are probably suspecting, I have lover, sometimes perhaps more than one and you have to accept that. Furthermore I want in return that you lick my pussy and ass whenever I ask from you and you should be grateful for that, because there is not other way that you get near sex and have any kind of intercourse. So you will have at least some nice fragrance and taste. Sometime that will be after my sex with my lover, like yesterday and can be mixed with another man cum. I am sure that you will accept this because otherwise I can start thinking about other options regarding our marriage.”

    Frank was taken aback although he was expecting something like that. He was much better than on beginning, but he will never be recovered completely and probably never walking without cane.

    He didn’t reply anything.

    Tatiana continued:

    “I am going now on the Post Office. After work or tonight you will give me your answer.”

    Later when she returned everything was like usual. After watching some TV Frank gone to the bed. Tatiana help him to undress. About hour later she joined him and asked:

    “So honey, I am going to straddle your face for nice licking. You must make me cum. Are you ready?”

    “OK honey, I have no other choice, I guess”

    Tatiana straddled his face facing his legs and put her pussy on his mouth. Frank started using his tongue and licking his wife’s pussy. He tasted salty flavor mixed with sweet and of course pure feminine sex fragrance. Once Tatiana was satisfied she push little forward and put her ass on his mouth.

    “Go on honey. Use your tongue talent on my ass. See how is sweet. My ass will become your lone lover. So French kiss my ass.”

    Without reluctance, he started lapping around her wrinkled hole, tasting slippery musky fragrance. No doubt that Tatiana didn’t wiped her ass very carefully after taking dump, probably intentionally. Then suddenly she farted in his mouth.

    “See how my ass is thanking to you. Don’t stop, push your tongue in my ass”. Tatiana widespread her huge ass cheeks and quite completely covered his face. Frank started suffocating but continued pushing tongue inside her ass hole, until she get another orgasm. Afterward as usually stroked his cock briefly and Frank finished almost instantly.

    Before get asleep, Frank questioned his self and found that he actually enjoyed this submissive position. “This will help me pass through”, thought once strong and macho man.

    Their daily routine continued as usually. Very often Tatiana just approach him, turn around, pushed down her pants and ordered Frank to lick her. They never talk about her sex life outside house, but it was obvious. One whilst Frank was watching TV and Tatiana was talking on the mobile phone in other room. He heard giggling and smiling. Later she came and said:

    “I will be out for one hour or hour and half”.

    When Tatiana returned, she escorted Frank in bed room and said:

    “Lay on your back. I preserved this time some cum from my lover. Don’t worry, is tasty.”

    Indeed, when she put her pussy on his moth, he sensed one different taste. He knew that there is no choice, so he performed his usual licking job, but this time with man’s cum taste.

    Tatiana was aware that she is mastering situation and that become some kind of mistress and she started enjoying this role. Enjoying too much indeed. To be aware that she can do with Frank whatever she want, started arousing her. She decided to go one step forward and one day she said:

    “Frank, you probably noted that I enjoying myself as your Mistress in sexual way and I have one more demand and I am sure you will accept that. Look I don’t want to humiliate you. I just enjoy your tongue in my ass. From today you will clean my ass after I take a dump. Right now I feel that I have to go. So you wait here till I am coming back from bathroom. Any how you are already accustomed to my ass smell and flavor, so hope you don’t mind.”

    Frank remains immobilized and said nothing. He heard his wife going to bathroom, he heard also splashing water and after that his wife coming and straddling his head.

    “Go on, lick me clean”

    Frank started licking, first around and on the cheeks and slowly approaching area around ass hole, which was brown and smelly, rather pungent smell. Taste was awful and bitter but he licked and licked again.

    “Is clean dear? I hope it is. From onward, it will be your daily routine”

    Tatiana left bed and gone to work.

    Apparently Tatiana enjoyed immensely in worshiping her ass. Cleaning her pussy was also his routine job, but she was putting more and more point on ass. It was going like that for few months till one morning Tatiana said:

    “Darling, you know my morning ritual, but today we are going to play something different. I just don’t go poo in bathroom. You know my taste, so I am going to shit straight in your mouth. I will put plastic sheet on the bathroom floor and you join me there and lay on it. It is not big difference from licking my shit from my ass or take turd in your mouth. Let’s go! I will help you. ”

    So Frank found his self stretched on the floor with Tatiana ass above his face.

    “Just open your moth. I will make for you easy and try to cut a turd in several pieces, but you have to swallow fast.”

    After several farts on his nose during which Tatiana was laughing, he heard grunting and ass hole opened. Big brown turd started coming in his moth. He started immediately chewing trying to avoid be covered in shit mass. Tatiana pitched few times, but nevertheless one piece dropped on the plastic sheet. Tatiana was prepared for this situation because in her hand he saw wooden spoon with which she collected fallen piece and push in his mouth.

    “You see, the worst is first time, but gradually we will develop very nice practicing and all will go smoothly. Now finish your breakfast.”

    Once he swallowed all, she started pissing in his mouth.

    “Just to wash everything down. I know you also enjoyed”.

    “Now be good boy and lick me clean”

    This was not problem for Frank.

    “See Frank, this we are not going to practice every day. Only when I am in right mood for that. Don’t worry I am healthy woman and there is no concern for your health.

    Whilst I am on the job, I have this dirty panties, full of my juices from yesterday fucking with my lover and you can smell and suck them. You can stroke your little dick in same time. See how generous I am.”

    With that she left apartment. Frank accepted this new kinky domination from his wife and started enjoying in this, what surprised also him. He started to be addicted to her aroma coming from ass hole or pussy full of sex odor and cum, whatever. But, what a heck. Everything could end much worse.

    From other side Tatiana was aware of this deviation in his husband mind and started using his mouth as toilet more and more.

    One night for dinner she prepared for her nice steak with salad and to Frank she given salad only.

    “Don’t be angry dear. Your stomach is already full. You know how abundant my shit was this morning. So salad is enough for you. Any how you will get this steak tomorrow, just processed. Ha, ha, ha…See how I am good with you. Don’t agree? Of course you do. You wouldn’t believe which rush I have during shitting in your mouth. It is unbelievable. It is also good for you knowing that your nice wife enjoys emptying her bowels in your stomach. Ah, I almost forget. Perhaps you will find my shit little bit creamy. It is my lover cum. Don’t worry it is tasty. Anyhow you have eaten already. He sometime fucks me in the ass. I guess he will also today afternoon. It is just to spicy my shit, which you adore so much and I like you for that. Don’t worry everything will be fine. We will go along just fine”

    For Frank remains nothing but to reconcile with his fate.

    Note: Again you will find errors in my English, but you get a meaning I hope.
  10. Rmartin82

    Rmartin82 New Member

    Amazing Story!!!! One of my new favourites. Would love if you continued with Tatiana's lover, friends and family using him as well if that's the direction you're thinking of going.
  11. caspius77

    caspius77 New Member

    Thank you. I will write more.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2017 at 2:03 PM

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