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Panty Facesitting

Discussion in 'Facesitting - Pics/Clips' started by gussetlover, May 10, 2018.

  1. gussetlover

    gussetlover Member

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  3. gussetlover

    gussetlover Member

    and more ...

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  4. James

    James Active Member

    I love panty facesitting, especially Asian. I've had lots of facesitting sessions including many with Asian girls, not sure what it is about them, combination of sweetness and lack of inhibition..., or something!
  5. Erik


    I heart this thread....omg...
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  6. gussetlover

    gussetlover Member

    then James, your'e a man after my own heart !! I've loved it all my life ... i think it must stem from looking up girls skirts when I was a kid !! do you have any photos from your sessions ?
  7. James

    James Active Member

    As it happens, I do have pics from some of my sessions, I will load them up when I have time...
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  8. gussetlover

    gussetlover Member

    looking forward to it mate !! Do the girls mind you taking photos at sessions ? .. I may have to indulge myself ....

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