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Penis flattened under Dana - thinking back to good old times…

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish - Pics/Clips' started by cbtfan, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. cbtfan

    cbtfan Active Member

    This is some years ago, to be precise ten years.
    Iffelmaus and IffelDana together vs. my cock. :rolleyes:
    Sadly, Dana has moved away and is no longer ready for such nice sessions...
    Thinking back to good old times, let's keep the spirit alive!

    This was their first session together, on the good old cocktrampling platform (which is still existing but no longer used).

    It was so fantastic to stand there under these two goddesses, especially Dana not taking care for my cock, stepping on my tiny glans with that merciless heels!
    omg, how I loved these patent leather boots!!! :eek:

    im-da01a.jpg im-da01b.jpg im-da01c.jpg im-da01d.jpg im-da01e.jpg
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  3. heelcushion

    heelcushion Member

    OMG dude, those girls, those boots, that is fantastic you lucky guy. All the best, and thanks for sharing.
  4. Lucien

    Lucien Well-Known Member

    This must be a great pain this heel on sex
    Superb my friend
  5. noviarbat

    noviarbat Member

  6. noviarbat

    noviarbat Member

    Very sexy girls lucky you.
  7. cbtfan

    cbtfan Active Member

    At that time, the boots were new, not worn, and the edges of the heels were extremely sharp.
    Of course, a girl doesn't care for such details, so Dana was ignorant and squeezed my cock quite painful with these heels. :eek:
    And she left some nice impressions on my cock... :)
    Some weeks later, she wore them when we went clubbing and I thought back to this wonderful session!

    im-da01f.jpg im-da01g.jpg im-da01h.jpg
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  8. cbtfan

    cbtfan Active Member

    Dana really is adorable! Here are two pics from a party and another nice shots of her and her fantastic Buffalo steeltoed boots.
    Also wonderful good old Buffalo "Wolkensohle Clogs"... :rolleyes:

    24400dana6.jpg 24400dana7.jpg dana1.jpg dana2.jpg dana3.jpg dana4.jpg
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  9. Lucien

    Lucien Well-Known Member

    I am a big fan of buffalos thank you for sharing with us
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  10. cbtfan

    cbtfan Active Member

    Some more from these incredible awesome patent boots...
    So fantastic to place my tiny cock beneath this tall goddess and her knee high boots! :rolleyes:

    P_24432sw2 4.jpg P_24432sw2 13.jpg P_24432sw2 17.jpg P_24432sw2 20.jpg
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  11. cbtfan

    cbtfan Active Member

    Another great session: Two girls in sexy leather boots vs. my cock.
    Dana and Iffelmaus played with my little friend under their heels and soles, they squeezed and teased it with their boots - everybody had much fun that day... :D

    im-da02a.jpg im-da02b.jpg im-da02c.jpg im-da02d.jpg im-da02e.jpg im-da02f.jpg im-da02g.jpg im-da02h.jpg im-da02i.jpg
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  12. cbtfan

    cbtfan Active Member

    A little more with the boots, screenshots from the videos.
    very small, pre-HD :D

    I think these sessions were the first for Dana to have a cock under her shoes.
    Fantastic, a woman not knowing how far she can go, how much pressure she can apply.
    Testing her own limits and knowing nothing about my limits. :rolleyes:
    For her, it was a nice game and my cock was only a toy - awesome feeling!

    bustbestbr1 7.jpg bustbestbr1 9.jpg bustbestbr1 39.jpg bustbestbr1 20.jpg
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  13. cbtfan

    cbtfan Active Member

    Wow, that was one of my fovourite sessions:
    Iffelmaus and IffelDana in fantastic, heavy boots. NewRock boots and Buffalo boots, both with extreme soles and heels.
    The kind of boot where you are the clear loser when you put your cock on their floor... :eek:

    The girls dance to the music and step around randomly, without caring for what is under their boots.
    I put some gummy candy on their dancefloor, so they always step on something and when they hit my cock, they're not careful but just continue full weight. :rolleyes:
    omg, these goddesses in those boots - HEAVEN!!! ;)

    It was a quite painful session for me. :D

    im-da03a.jpg im-da03b.jpg im-da03c.jpg im-da03d.jpg im-da03e.jpg im-da03f.jpg im-da03g.jpg
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  14. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Love to be their dancefloor - NewRocks are awesome to be under.
  15. cbtfan

    cbtfan Active Member

    ...and they danced! :rolleyes:
    With earphones on. :eek:

    RoDa_BuffNewRock_01.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_02.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_03.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_04.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_05.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_06.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_07.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_08.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_09.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_10.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_11.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_12.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_13.jpg RoDa_BuffNewRock_14.jpg RoDa_Stsw_Newrock_tanzen1_04.jpg RoDa_Stsw_Newrock_tanzen1_13.jpg

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