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Personal Item Crush

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by Her_worm, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Her_worm

    Her_worm New Member

    Anyone want to chat about having sentimental, personal, electronic..basically your personal stuff, being crushed under foot by a dominant woman?
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  3. shoepete

    shoepete Member

    What have you had crushed?

    I've had 2 laptops, my iphone, my car walked over, clothes with dirty soles, photographs, certificates / papers.

    Something extra dominant about that I think and extra turn on too
  4. Her_worm

    Her_worm New Member

    Well I am relatively new to exploring this fetish, but it definitely puts me in a mental sub space/turns me on for sure! I have been playing with trampling and ballbusting forever, and this new fetish play of having my personal belongings stepped on and/or crushed is turning into a nice adjunct and variety that really hits the humiliation and submission buttons well.

    I am experimenting with it slowly ramping up with my Fiancee/Mistress. As far as complete smashing we started off with this really stylish black Peter Grimm hat that I got for Christmas two years ago. There are multiple pic's of me wearing it at various life moments as my Facebook attests. It's something that I really liked. The scene we did was more like a sacrifice to a goddess than anything. I had the hat on the floor in front of me, my Mistress was wearing her cute and sexy ballet shoe looking ballet flats - black - toe cleavage and all with a nice wrap up the ankle. She started slowly stepping on it and asking me in a mocking tone, "Are you sure you want me to do this"? She crushed the brim pretty flat and was like "If I stop now, you might be able to salvage it into a normal hat. But I'm really starting to have fun and you can't have it back yet". She then started on the crown, slowly sinking all of her weight into it - then both feet on the crown...then marching. And then stomping left-right-left-right...until it looked like a black wicker pancake. Then she started FOLDING it by pushing one edge with her foot until it was in half, and then standing on it until it was a crease, and then in quarters, then eighths. When she was done, it was about the size of her hand and she says "I guess your pretty hat is no good now. I guess me walking all over it really ruined it. But that's ok because it was fun for me, and that's all that matters. You and all your things come after my pleasure. Speaking of which, I thought we could use a new doorstop for our bedroom so the cat can get in and out without having the door all the way open, how about you put it in there for us". In shock, I started somewhat gingerly shoving my once cool hat..that I used to get compliments on...under our bedroom door as a door stop. Then she says "hey, you got to do it firmly, like this" and stepped on it hard with all her weight shoving it under the door.

    And we have been slowly progressing from there. Anyone want to share similar stories? I have more to share myself as this thread develops.
  5. Her_worm

    Her_worm New Member

    Here are some session pics:
    IMG_0155 (1).jpg IMG_0161 (1).jpg IMG_0162 (1).jpg IMG_0167 (1).jpg IMG_0169 (1).jpg IMG_0164 (1).jpg
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  6. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

  7. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Back in high school, there was this wanna-be 'tough guy' jock/dweeb who was so unbelievably disrespectful to Women. As an ardent Female supremacist, I abhorred him (naturally). He had these stupid sunglasses (one of the brands that guido-types like) that he would wear in class, in the hallways, everywhere. They were his pride and joy (and probably a means to compensate for his lacking of a particular something in the size department, ha!)

    Senior year, it came to me through the grapevine that the guy had a secret thing for feet and was totally embarrassed about it. One of my girlfriends told me about it - apparently he tried to tell his girlfriend while completely inebriated. He later pretended the conversation never happened. After hearing this, I paid attention and caught him staring at my feet quite a few times over that year (I loved wearing heels in my younger days).

    I always had a propensity for being a bit mean and bossing others around, and I was absolutely disgusted by this guy's behavior. So, I decided to have a little fun. Maybe two (or three?) weeks prior to graduation, the guy dropped his aforementioned guido-glasses as I was walking toward the parking lot after school. The sole of my high heel crunched them clean in two pieces. I kept walking like nothing happened. He was so stunned he didn't do anything about it.

    I'll never forget the incredulous look on his face as I drove out the parking lot. He just sat there, cradling the two pieces that were his coveted sunglasses with this hilarious expression. I swear he was a little hunched over, too...guess he secretly liked it.

    One of these days he'll probably stumble across one of my online accounts and beg for me to do it again. Wouldn't be the first time.

    All that said, I would love to crush something sentimental that belongs to a disrespectful male. Maybe the wedding band of a bad husband or something. Tsk tsk.
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  8. Her_worm

    Her_worm New Member

    Hot story - thank You Ms. Cordelia!
    If I may ask...have you ever stepped on/stomped/danced on any of Steeds belongings - headphones, games, pics,laptop...whatever...for fun or as a punishment (or both)?
    Also...did you choose that name after Cordeila in Buffy? Thank You for Your time.
  9. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Not from Buffy, no - actually haven't watched the show before.

    It's not an often occurrence, but earlier in his training, I had to - I've stepped on his toothbrush with my leather riding boots once (he didn't clean the bathroom like I had told him to). He did not get a new one - he used it for the rest of the month to learn. Second, I stepped on his bluetooth headphones because he kept leaving them on the counter where I specifically told him not to. He learns his lesson very quickly with these methods. The bathroom is always immaculate and he doesn't leave his junk all over my counters.

    I suppose Steed's face would count, but his face was kind of made for me to step on, so...

    Last, he has actually asked me (OK, more like begged) if I would step on pictures of his ex-girlfriends while he kisses my feet. That, he will have to earn (and he'd have to print the pictures out, because he certainly does not have pictures of his exes lying around!) Hm, this sounds like it'd be a good video...
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  10. sagh38

    sagh38 Member

    Cordelia, If I were your husband, would you be able to dance on my body using high heels, in the company of a friend of yours that is to your liking? I think that would be very humiliating for me, do you think you could do it ?, without mercy, both dancing on my body, while I am lying on the floor, like any other object
  11. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Haha, yes, easily. Though I'd probably have the friend on her knees, in line to be trampled, too...

    It always seems to work out that way.

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