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Preferred type of body you like being under?

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by mark4, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. mark4

    mark4 New Member

    Would you rather a thin, curvy, chubby, or bbw woman to sit on your face? Where do you draw the line on weight?
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  3. Zonyt

    Zonyt Member

    I think all types of women have their charmes, but if I have to choose I'd go for chubby or bbw, my gf is bbw as well.

    And weight, the more the merrier, why draw a line :pbbbbblt:
  4. sitonme12

    sitonme12 lemme sniff ur butt...

    all but thin
  5. Tramplez

    Tramplez Member

    All is good but I go with chubby too. It is funny to notice that here people, including me seem to love chubbyness even women themselves are generally aiming towards slimness. lol. Personally I love it as my wife complains she has been getting some extra kilos. On my face those feel just good. :)
  6. mark4

    mark4 New Member

    I agree. I like extra weight on me when being facesat.
  7. al-uk

    al-uk Active Member

    Curvy and chubby is great, thin is visually unimpressive and feels uncomfortable!
  8. Smothered

    Smothered Member

    Curvy, chubby with chunky thighs. A bit of extra weight as well. Not a lot to ask for?
  9. ighfireman

    ighfireman My face is her cushion...

    Athletic/fit. Not among your choices, but my preference.
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  10. terrell2483

    terrell2483 Member

    Basically all they need for me is to have a big booty
  11. Weight doesn't matter to me, it's really the shape of the ass: it's gotta be round and toned, not saggy.
  12. James

    James Active Member

    Athletic & fit for me, not so keen on chubby
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