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Princess Nikki Cruel

Discussion in 'Facesitting - Pics/Clips' started by bak, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. bak

    bak New Member

    We are proud to announce the opening of the store of the most beautifull Mistress on net-Princess Nikki Cruel. She looks very innocent, but she can be really cruel. She loves to spit and piss on slaves, let them worship her feet and ass.Just visit her store and it will be the beginning of beautifull addiction!





    Last edited: Oct 29, 2009
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  3. azzajack

    azzajack Member

    shes very beautiful
  4. Erik


    Hot DAMN.....She would look awesom in a school girl uniform with cotton panties, doing a reverse facesit....
  5. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    OMG!! She's gorgeous!! Love her smile, and her butt, and her attitude... and her body, and her...oh, hell, I love everything about her!! Please post more pics with her!!
  6. bak

    bak New Member

    schoolgirl uniform would be fine!
  7. mistressweronika

    mistressweronika Many slaves owner

  8. bak

    bak New Member

    you mean cruel must be ugly?
  9. borisbik

    borisbik French fit slave

    Very nice young model !!!
    It would be nice to know that she wont make any porn and will only work in femdom to enjoy her terrific erotic power.
  10. claulei

    claulei Member

    Nice girl, exciting ass, but for me ,I love them more mature.
  11. claulei

    claulei Member

    more mature women

    par exempel like the pics i addet down ( my wife and me) .
  12. macrina

    macrina Active Member

    A hot beatifull girl, lucky man.
  13. DD Man

    DD Man senior member

    Very mmmmm looking gal:bananajum:bananajum
  14. bak

    bak New Member

  15. flatface

    flatface Banned

    If this is Nikki being cruel, I want her to get down right evil on me.
    She can be cruel to me anytime.:carrotdan
  16. borisbik

    borisbik French fit slave

    Nice, Nice !!!
    There is also some good golden shower scene with her.
    Wonderful young mistress.
  17. mistressweronika

    mistressweronika Many slaves owner

    No, cruel do not need to be ugly.
    You named "cruel" in topic and on your page address.
    I just do not see any cruel scenes in your pictures.
    I see sugar face girl in erotic scenes, only.
    If you do not like my proposition of new title, try to put something cruel, here and you will be more true in description that you already have.
  18. undrneath1

    undrneath1 Moderator


    First of all, whatever description a producer wants to put in their title regarding their product is no concern of yours. In the future mind your own business and just worry about your own product.

    Bak...feel free to post whatever description you deem appropriate for future threads. She doesn't make the rules around here.

    Last edited: Nov 3, 2009
  19. macrina

    macrina Active Member

    UN1, please you talking to a Lady, be nice. Shes a great Lady and Mistress. Doggy.
  20. Moonboy

    Moonboy New Member

  21. bak

    bak New Member

    thanks UN 1,

    .....and she may not look cruel but she can be....
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