Public facesitting on stangers

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by Nilla26, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Nilla26

    Nilla26 New Member

    First off, I love clothed facesitting. My girlfriend has a plump ass that looks great in little jean shorts and once in a while if we see a dude sitting alone on a bench, we ask them to lay down on the bench and see how long they can hold their breath under my girl’s ass. We have only done this twice, we have asked 3 dudes but one said he was married.

    Just wanted to make this post because I wanted to share something my girl and I think is hot and fun (she loves the idea of other girls smothering my face as well). Who knows, maybe one of you will be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and get the opportunity :d
  2. maestrond

    maestrond New Member

    Well, now THAT is what I'd call a good day! Hope to run into you two sometime!! :)
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  3. Nilla26

    Nilla26 New Member

    Right? lol. Follow my profile vanillabolt on Fetlife if you wanna keep updated on pics and vids I will take of her sitting on strangers in the future
  4. maestrond

    maestrond New Member

    Sounds good! Thanks!
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  5. fpm29

    fpm29 Member

    I saw your pictures on fet. One word comes to mind. Magnificent!!! You are a very lucky man, as are the two dudes she sat on. As far as seeing how long they could hold their breath under her ass, If it was me, I think I would be trying for a world record so she wouldn't have to get up. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Nilla26

    Nilla26 New Member

    My girlfriend thanks you! We only give them one shot to hold their breath so you definitely have the right strategy! :D
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  7. dolphin20pl1

    dolphin20pl1 Member

    Sounds awesome. Are you able to post pictures here at all?
  8. Nilla26

    Nilla26 New Member

    Definitely going to be taking a video or pics next time and posting. Been out with her a couple times lately looking for a potential seat for her but the opportunity hasn’t been there. Hopefully tomorrow we will find someone!
  9. RavenStrike

    RavenStrike Member

    A public pass-out clip would be legend material.

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