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Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by Nilla26, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Nilla26

    Nilla26 New Member

    First off, I love clothed facesitting. My girlfriend has a plump ass that looks great in little jean shorts and once in a while if we see a dude sitting alone on a bench, we ask them to lay down on the bench and see how long they can hold their breath under my girl’s ass. We have only done this twice, we have asked 3 dudes but one said he was married.

    Just wanted to make this post because I wanted to share something my girl and I think is hot and fun (she loves the idea of other girls smothering my face as well). Who knows, maybe one of you will be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and get the opportunity :d
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  2. Markfive

    Markfive New Member

    Where are you based? So that we know where to hang out on park benches!
  3. Nilla26

    Nilla26 New Member

    Lol. We are located in southern California. If you are ever offered to have your face sat on by a stranger out there you can bet it’s probably us! xD
  4. rudeworld

    rudeworld Member

    hehe, seen this on fetlife too.
  5. Nilla26

    Nilla26 New Member

    That’s me! vanillabolt is my profile on there
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  6. komat

    komat Member

    hope you grab some snaps sometime, sounds awesome!
  7. Nilla26

    Nilla26 New Member

    I absolutely will next time, thanks!
  8. al-uk

    al-uk Active Member

    Sounds a nice idea... from the other perspective a few years ago there was a guy in Times Square, New York offering his face as a seat to passing girls in a 'Facesitting for Peace' Campaign . Not sure how many he approached, but at least 20 passing girls took up his offer..

    There have been several posts on this in MDFF see ---

    ....not sure about the effect on world peace, but who knows.... in a few decades requesting a girl to facesit you in public might become a socially acceptable way of starting up a relationship!

    Just thought I'd upload some of the photos..apologies to those who have already seen them many times...

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