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Queen of The Poor

Discussion in 'Tales from the Dark Side' started by mike051690, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. alberto2005

    alberto2005 Member

    Thank you so much.
    You have a lot of talent, your story is wonderful, very exciting.
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  3. mike051690

    mike051690 New Member

    Thank you Alberto for your kind words . And thanks for reading , there is more to come .
    Saludos :)
  4. alberto2005

    alberto2005 Member

    Thank you vert much ! I look forward the next.
  5. menkulinan

    menkulinan Member

    Great story of absolut female domination and well written. What I miss are boots, boots (combined to leather and/or fur) are - IMHO a crucial element in female domination. Gia doesn't wear boots at all in your story. If she would your story would be perfect for me. Anyway thanks very much for your efforts.
  6. alberto2005

    alberto2005 Member

    Hello Mike,
    I hope you will not give up this cruel queen who humbles, tortures and starves all these poor people :) I love when she eats, shows off her comfort and happiness in front of those she abuses and who serve her.
    See you soon,
  7. shoe_licker

    shoe_licker Member

    Indeed, the content is offensive. But that is not the point. The point is that you bring it up in a site that is supposed to be sexy. There is nothing sexy about your story. It is not written very well, its contents are extremely offensive, and it is not sexy. Such stories contaminate the world of fantasy. It is not the case that I am trying to police tastes and fantasies. It is simply something plane and simple, and I know it when I see it. It is just poor content, poorly written, and has no place here.
  8. airoha

    airoha Member

    Yes ...and??????? Who the hell are you to decide? Just so you know, moron, your post is just as offensive and tasteless, also judgemental. Why don't you write something full of taste and show us how good and talented you are. Of course Mike is no Hemingway, but he tries to post things that he considers suitable. He makes an effort. You don't. If you don't like them, don't read them. Your opinion means SHIT for me and the way you express it shows that you are actually an asshole. Next time keep them for yourself.
  9. cigarashslave

    cigarashslave New Member

    Well recently I heard someone say, on another D/s site, that shoe licking was offensive and gross. So I say to each their own and part of being in a D/s environment is about acceptance and being willing to accept things for what they often times are, fantasy. The trouble though with such simple minds is that they cannot distinguish the difference between fiction and non-fiction or fantasy and reality. I'm guessing there just wasn't enough shoe licking in the story for you to fap off to. Nothing's stopping you from writing a fantasy of your own with all the shoe licking you want for your own fap material.
  10. shoe_licker

    shoe_licker Member

    No need to call me by your family name, mister infinitely many questions marks. I don't give a SHIT about what my opinion means to you or to any other hormone-stricken ape who may or may not bang their drums here. The story sucks, and so do you, mentally depraved freak.
  11. airoha

    airoha Member

    Oh God! You can't even read. That's completely sad. For you I mean. Now my dear "intellectual", crawl back under your rock and clean your shit-ass-mouth so the rest of us can live. In that regard, go finish high-school. It helps with your ass-mouth cleaning and also with your frustrations. In the future I shall ignore you as I usually do when I accidentally make contact with low forms of life such as yourself. PLEASE do NOT procreate, or if you did already, STOP. Humanity will thank you later.
    Au revoir Mon cher "singe" !
  12. shoe_licker

    shoe_licker Member

    Oh dear, the ape can write a sentence in French! Oh my, how deep doth wisdom lies! You sad excuse for a human being, you will NEVER ignore me until your last foul breath contaminates this earth! Your kind is like pest - they start off littering atmosphere with their bad language only to be astonished they are forced to swallow their own medicine. You call yourself a man? Go masturbate under you mommy's skirt, you good-for-nothing illetrate dark hole of a useless excrement generator.
  13. PrincessV

    PrincessV New Member

    If you think it's offensive, why don't you clearly state why you think so: provide reasons and evidence. Whether a story is offensive/sexy or not is entirely subjective. While you think the story isn't sexy, I think it is, and it seems many others are with me. Even if it is not, it is probably not your place to judge if there is place for a story like this here or not. Keep your negativity to yourself. If you don't find a story appealing to you, move the f* on instead of b*in' about it.

    Honestly, you have too big of an ego to get "offended" on a friggin' porn site. What a joke. Peace.

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