Randy Moore's next victim

Discussion in 'Tales from the Dark Side' started by ldavalon, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. ldavalon

    ldavalon Member


    How should lovely female assassin Randy Moore finish off her next pathetic male victim?

    She's open to ideas... likes to be creative...


  2. SiCiAiT

    SiCiAiT My Mouth Your Ass

    Lots of shit until his stomach bust
  3. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    stand on his throat full weight...then her spike heels driven thru both of his eyes.
  4. subfootstool

    subfootstool Active Member

    Kick him in the balls relentlessly till he's wasted, then roll him onto his back with her foot, sit on his chest and have Mistress Randy choke him while ordering him to look into her eyes
  5. ldavalon

    ldavalon Member

    i've only seen the old shoe-spike a couple times in Hollywood pics -- not a bad m.o.
  6. ldavalon

    ldavalon Member

  7. shulyis

    shulyis Member

    Thats my dream probebly will come thrue when I will be captured by the assassin mistress Randy Moore.
    I would love to her prisoner and whilling slave for her amusement. Her pleasure should be my pain, and as much as she would like.
    After a while when my assassin mistress would decide to execute me, she might choose the gun or knife or the noose!!!
    I would love to dance for her on the noose as she will hang me, all the way to my death.
    Hang me Mistress Randy Moore, hang me to death please!!!
    Your next whilling victim.

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