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Regular massage place??

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by JoePublicUSA, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. JoePublicUSA

    JoePublicUSA Member

    Hey guys, just curious if anyone has ever gone into a "regular" massage place and asked if you could pay to have someone just "walk on you".

    No - I'm not talking about Ashiatsu...I just mean, asking a regular massage place to walk on you. Tell them whatever story you'd like - "Oh, it's the only way I truly can relax"..."It's the only kind of massage I've ever liked"...etc...

    Just curious if anyone has ever tried this, and what the results were?

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  3. goletiout

    goletiout Member

    Yep I've contacted a few places and they've all been very suspicious of it and said no.
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  4. JoePublicUSA

    JoePublicUSA Member

    Damn! That's what I figured would happen.
  5. soleman

    soleman Member

    Don't give up. I have been getting regular trampling, back and front, for about 6 years now. It took about 4 regular message-only sessions before I got her to use shoes. First back then back and front, then moved from flats to heels and now I think she looks forward to seeing me come in for a message, and yes, I get a regular message up on the table when she is through with me on the floor. The way she goes right for the heels, she keeps several pairs in her cabinet in the message room, I am beginning to think I have created a monster! Lucky me!!!
  6. soleman

    soleman Member

    Sorry folks - I really do know better! It should be massage instead of message. When you get to be my age there are some days when not all of the cylinders are firing.
  7. goletiout

    goletiout Member

    Lucky fella soleman!
  8. superkick

    superkick Member

    all the time. I go to a massage place in Manhattan and after 10 minutes of a real light massage I suck on the chick's ass and toes. She uses the ceiling bar and step on my face and grinds her foot into my face. I typically go 3 times a month and for $120.00 bucks($60 to the house & $60 as a tip), it is a much better deal than going to a domme. I always ask for the same woman, Lisa who is very pretty, 5'3 and 105 pounds with red painted toes and is always clean as a whistle!!
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  9. madman1_rug

    madman1_rug Active Member

    That $60 is for how long is the session not counting the tip?
  10. soleman

    soleman Member

    My regular charges $110/hr. she gets 60% and the house gets 40% I always give her an extra $20 bill that doesn't go through the house cash register.
    Out of an hour she usually starts out with me on the floor with flats on the lower back then flip over for a pair of black mules with 3 inch heels that are about the diameter of a quarter that she then uses on my chest. After a few minutes she changes to a pair of Charles David sling back spike heels. The heels are about 1.5" higher than those you see in my avitar (about 4.5" total) and are about the same diameter as in the avitar. After a few minutes of balancing on her heels I am done for the moment. This takes up about 15 min. Then I go onto the table for a regular massage for 30 min. Then back on the floor for 15 min on the front only (no flats on the back) with the black mules and then the spikes to finish me off. The flats are shoes she wears to work and the heels are items I got for her that she keeps in the cabinet in the room where she does the massage. I think I mentioned it before, but the is very pretty (better than not being so!) about 5" 7" 160 lbs, 38 YO size 9 shoe, and an athletic build.

    And yes Goletiout, I do consider myself to be a lucky fellow!
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  11. NS1985

    NS1985 New Member

    I'm from the uk and it's So easy for me. I have a thing for Asian girls trampling me barefoot. Have been trampled and jumped on by Asian massage therapists for years :) I have a choice of 3 of which I use every month or so. The 1st is a chinese massage therapist come escort, who willingly endulges in my trampling and foot fetish. I only pay £30 for a full on foot fetish session which includes foot worship, trampling and a footjob. My 2nd one is Japanese and extremely Pettit ( 42kg) but is strictly professional therapist. She's still happy to walk on my chest and jump on me. She obviously doesn't know it's a Fetish but thoroughly enjoys it. My 3rd lady is a thai therapist who once again is strictly professional and jumps on me to. Thai girls walk on clients anyway, so it's a bit more normal to them as such. You just need to put graft in and eventually you will find the right women. Once lady's know you can take it, they tend to enjoy it :)
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