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Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by moglijohnson, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    She was just returning from her daily 3 mile jog when I followed her into the driveway. She smiled at me as she ran a towel over her sweaty face, and down her sweaty arms.

    "What brings you here?" she asked as I climbed out of my car.

    "Just checking in on you making sure you're ok." I replied. "And I figured I'd get a sniff of the sneakers you say smell so horribly." I added nervously.

    "Well, you're in luck! I just got done stinking them up for you!" she responded, laughing. "Take a seat while I dry off a little. Want some water?" I shook my head no, and locked my eyes on her sweat-stained cross-trainers. Her ankles showed above the blue micro-fiber edge of the shoes. Her tanned legs glistened with sweat up to her pale blue shorts. She retrieved a bottle of water from the fridge, and sat in a lawn chair at the edge of the garage. "Sit down, you're making me nervous!" she said after taking a gulp of water. I sat opposite her in another lawn chair. Her pretty hands reached down to untie the sneakers, and I felt a tingle, like an electrical current, run through my body.

    "Are you sure you're up for this?" she asked laughing. "I wouldn't want you to pass out from the stink!" I assured her I'd be fine. Slowly, as if teasing me, knowing my eyes were locked on her every move...she slid the left sneaker from her foot. Suddenly, as if slapped by an unseen hand, she jerked her head back, and waved her free hand at the smell that wafted from the shoe. Drool formed at the edge of my lip. "Ok, you're sure you want to do this?" she asked.

    I grabbed the hot, moist sneaker from her hand, and raised it to my face. Loosening the laces, I peeled the sweat-stained damp tongue of the sneaker out as far as it would go, and buried my face in the sneaker. It felt as if steam were drifting up from the insole. The warm wet heat assualted my skin as I inhaled the pungent, almost intoxicating stink that arose from the terry cloth material. The sweat soaked micro-fiber edge of the ankle area spread wider as I forced my face in deeper...and I inhaled, as hard as I could, the sweet sweaty smell of her foot. My sinuses burned from the smell, but I inhaled again, and again. Then, without even thinking about it...I felt my tongue snake out from between my lips, and flatten out like a spatula...and I licked the sweat soaked insole with the passion of a starving man, as a moan escaped my lips. The taste of her foot sweat was acidic, yet it attracted me. Suddenly, very self-conscious of the moan...I opened my eyes, and saw, around the edges of the sneaker that was mashed upon my face...my friend's smiling face.

    "Judging by your actions you're not put off by the stink at all." she said softly, but chuckling. "But what about this?" she asked, wiggling her ankle-sock clad foot at me. I quickly lowered the sneaker from my face and reached for her damp foot. She pushed it into my face, without reservation, and applied pressure to assure I'd get the full effect. My nose landed beneath her toes, at the spot between the big toe and the second toe. The sweat soaked sock formed a seal over my face as I inhaled violently. She pulled her foot away, removed the sock and planted her bare foot back on my face. As I inhaled deeply the sweet smell of her sweaty foot...I heard a soft moan from her lips, followed by a giggle. Slightly embarassed by my behavior, I pulled away from her foot and looked at her. Her eyes had been closed until I removed her foot from my face. Now, she stared at me questioningly.

    "Why'd you stop? Is there something wrong?" she asked. Now she sounded nervous.

    "No," I replied, "but you giggled, and I thought I might be tickling you." She shook her head no, and then pointed at the floor.

    "Lay at my feet! I want to enjoy this." she said, almost in a commanding tone. I eased out of the lawn chair, and got on my back beneath her feet. She lowered the naked foot to my face while removing the other sneaker and sock...and covered my face with her pungent feet. I lay there kissing and smelling those beautiful feet as she leaned back in her chair. And again, without thinking, I extended my tongue and began licking every inch of her sweet sweaty feet. She forced her toes into my mouth and I sucked each one, working my tongue all around each little digit. Another soft moan escaped her lips. I ran my tongue across the underside of her toes and she mashed her tender feet down hard on my upturned face...and shuddered. Her head lulled backwards, and another moan, followed by another shudder, and the pressure on my face increased again. She leaned forward in her chair, lifting her feet from my face, and smiled at me.

    "Oh my God! That was awesome!!" she said. "Where did you learn to do that?"

    "Umm...do what?" I asked from my place on the floor.

    "You just gave me an awesome orgasm just from licking my feet!" she said, turning a little red with embarassment. "What can I do for you?" I just smiled as I got up off the floor.

    "Promise me," I said calmly, "when you decide to replace those sneakers with new ones, that I get these."

    "What would you do with these nasty old things?" she asked before realizing the obvious answer. "Agreed," she said, "but what about now? What can I do for you now?"

    I lit a cigarette and smiled at her. "Absolutely nothing. I'm just going to go home...and enjoy the memory." Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and she said, "Shame you can't take my sneakers with you...but, umm...here, take my socks!" and she winked at me before going inside to take a shower.
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  3. bunku2

    bunku2 New Member

    I like the story. Giving that its real makes it even better. thanks
  4. Definatly one of the better part of writing I seen with feet I read in a while. Thank you for posting this. Your description are fantastic.
  5. londonraptor

    londonraptor Member

    Fabulous Mogli, can't wait for the next part! Thank you!
  6. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Thanks guys. Here's another memory that popped into my head recently.

    Vickie was 21 yrs old, married and the mother of a 2 yr old child. She was thin, very pretty, and her size 7 feet were absolutely stunning. The 1st time I met her I knew I wanted to kiss her feet. We became friends...

    and I stopped by, one night, after her husband had left for work, with a 12 pack of beer. The two of sat talking. Vickie was sitting on the sofa, I was at her feet in a beanbag chair. Every time she crossed her legs one of her sock covered feet would be less than eight inches from my face. As Vickie relaxed, thanks to the beer, I took advantage of the situation and offered a foot massage.

    "Oh, you don't want to touch these," she said embarassed, "they've been in my boots all day, and I haven't showered, yet."

    I handed her another beer and told her she worried too much. She cautiously put her sock-clad feet in my lap. I began massaging her feet, and she lit a marijauna cigarette...and leaned back against the sofa closing her eyes.

    "You want some?" she asked, holding the joint out to me.

    "No, thanks...not what I had in mind." I replied. She took another hit and chased it with a gulp of beer. "Mind if I take off your socks? I do better with bare feet." I said, knowing she was feeling extremely relaxed.

    "Sure, whatever works for ya." she said, giggling.

    Slowly, almost sensually, I slid the knee socks off her china white feet, and my heart pounded hard in my chest at the sight of her bright red toe nails. I looked up to see her head back against the sofa cushion, eyes closed, and a slight smile on her face. I leaned in a sniffed her soft delicate instep. Her foot smelled like a mix of cheese and leather. I rubbed the ball of her foot as I stared at the wrinkled instep and soft round heel. As I leaned in for another sniff...Vickie shifted to reach her beer. I felt my face turning red figuring I'd been busted, but she hadn't opened her eyes. The massage switched to her other foot, and I had to get a sniff, so I leaned in and drew a breath. Just then...I heard a gasp!

    "Did you just smell my foot?!?" she yelled, pulling her foot away from my hands. "You did, didn't you!" My face burned bright red and I feared she'd flip out on me.

    "No Vick, I was trying to itch my nose!" I said nervously.

    "You're lying! I was watching you!" she said.

    I started to get up, but she put her bare foot against my chest and pushed me back down. My face was burning with embarassment. She sat glaring at me, with a look of great disdain on her otherwise pretty face.

    "Are you one of those...foot freaks?" she asked, while wiggling her foot just inches from my face. I stuttered. I stammered. I felt like crawling into the floor and disappearing. Suddenly...I felt her foot slide between my legs and land on my erect penis. "You are! You get off on feet!" she said, almost chuckling. She pressed down on my cock. Her bare foot looked so white against my blue jeans. "You're hard as a rock!" she said smiling. Vickie raised the other foot to my face and said, "Go ahead...kiss it!"

    Well, let me tell you, my foot loving friends...I started kissing, and licking her beautiful lily-white foot while her other foot busied itself on my erection. After twenty minutes, or so, Vickie switched feet and I started all over again. I was lost in the sweet smell of her feet and the salty taste of her foot sweat when I heard her say..."C'mon Mogli...pull it out!" My heart stopped. My mind froze. I lowered her saliva soaked foot from my face and said, "What?"

    "Pull your cock out! I want you to come for me while you suck my filthy feet!" I felt confused. My cock ached for release, yet my mind swirled around the fact she was married, and had a kid. We were friends. She was so beautiful. I was so horny. "What's the matter, Mogli? C'mon...we're friends!" My shaking hand reached for the zipper...and I yanked out my hard on. "Cum in my sock! I want you to." Before I could reach her sock...Vickie rubbed her soft sexy feet on my cock. I slid the sock over my erection and she slid forward on the sofa to mash my face with her feet. I jerked my cock like I'd never jacked off before. "Tell me when you're going to cum." Vickie purred. My face buried in the soles of her feet, my tongue taking in the flavors...I said, "Vick...I'm going to..." and she grabbed my sock-wrapped cock as I filled the sweat-crusted toe area with hot jizz. My head lulled back against the beanbag as a "aaahhhh" escaped my lips.

    Next thing I knew...she had her nightgown up around her waist and she lowered herself onto my upturned face. "Oh God, Mogli...I'm so freakin' horny!! C'mon, lick me!!" she said in a deep raspy voice. I licked and sucked her pussy for what seemed like an hour...and she came all over my face. I lay there, in the beanbag chair, staring into her eyes as she slid down my chest and leaned in to lick my face clean of her juice. "Open your mouth, baby..." she cooed. I did as I was told, and she leaned in close...and spit in my mouth. I was appalled! I was angry.

    "What the hell?!?" I said angrily. "You just spit in my fucking mouth!!" She smiled at me and said, "Get used to it...if you want to keep kissing these feet, you're going to learn to love my sweaty ass and my spit!" I swear, my fetish friends, I saw her eyes flicker red. And I felt my cock twitch with excitement. "I haven't showered, yet, but you loved my sweaty smelly feet! You didn't hesitate to eat my sweaty pussy...did you? Now I think you can get me off, again." She stood up, turned around, and lowered her pungent ass on my face as she wrapped her porcelain white hand around my hardening cock. "Lick it!! Lick it clean!"

    Here's where I hesitated, my friends, because her ass stunk like ass. I could smell her ass sweat. I could smell her dirty asshole. I could...

    Vickie stroked my cock as she leaned forward and swallowed my meat. My tongue flicked out and touched her un-clean asshole. The taste was acidic! Like licking a penny, yet I was driven to do this. I stuck my tongue against her hole, and pushed my way in, licking and swallowing. She began sucking my cock harder as she grabbed a fistful of my scrotum and squeezed! Suddenly, Vickie's ass began pumping up and down on my tongue. She was getting herself off on my tongue! Suddenly...she let go of my balls, sat up straight, enveloping my face in her ass...and came all over me, again. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't stop. As she fell forward, exhausted, she stuck my cock back in her mouth and I came like a fountain in her mouth.

    As we said our good-byes, that night, she said, "When ya stopping by, again? This was fun!" We had an on-going thing for three years as a result of that night. Ahh...the memories.
  7. tramplefootluver

    tramplefootluver New Member

    very nice thanks, great story and writing, thanks for doing it:bananavic :bananavic
  8. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Thanks TFL. Vickie was some chick. She was the first woman that ever had me lick her ass. She was the first woman that ever stood on my face. And she was the first woman that ever wiped her footsweat on my food. She was one kinky woman. Sadly though...when she opted to divorce her husband she moved away and I never saw her again. But we had three glorious years of insane sex and lots of kink.

    I showed up at Vickie's house, after she called to say her husband was away at hunting camp. Her kid was spending the night with grandma, and I was going to be her "slave" for the evening. The evening started off with me stripping naked and lying at Vickie's feet. She was wearing platformed leather clogs with the hard wood soles...and no socks.

    "Are you hungry, slave?" she asked smiling. I nodded yes, and asked if she would make my favorite dish. She laughed at me. She popped a TV dinner in the oven and said she had dishes to do while her dinner cooked. I thought to myself, what about my dinner?

    "Ok slave, first thing I want you to do is cushion my feet while I wash these dishes." Vickie said in a sexy voice. Well, I figured, she's trampled me plenty of times. This will be an easy one. She threw a small cushion on the floor and said, "Get your head on that pillow!" pointing at in front of the sink. "Angle your body over this way, and don't move!!" I quickly got down on the cold floor. Vickie walked over to me, slid off a clog and stepped onto my bare chest. Her feet were damp with sweat. I could smell the leather in the air. She leaned over, turned on the water, and held her foot out to my lips.

    "Kiss it while you sniff my sweaty toes!" she growled. I gladly took a deep sniff while kissing the ball of her sweat-sticky foot. She shifted her weight and extended the other foot. "Same thing! Kiss it!" she said. Next thing I knew... she was standing full weight on my upturned face. My nose was squished up between her insteps but I could breathe shallowly. My face felt like it was going to cave in, and I thought my head was going to pop. Vickie started singing along with the radio while washing dishes. Ten minutes, or so, had passed and I grabbed her ankles in a panicked "OH MY GOD! THIS HURTS!" moment. Vickie wouldn't budge. Just then...I heard the water shut off and Vickie stepped backwards onto my chest, walked down my stomach, and stood bare foot on my cock while she dried her hands on a towel. My cock twitched beneath her sexy foot.

    "Ahh," Vickie purred, "the slave likes me standing on his little cock?" No sooner had the words left her mouth my cock twitched again and grew harder beneath her weight. "yup, tonight's going to be fun!" she said. Suddenly, the timer on her stove alerted her dinner was ready. She stepped off my groin, kicked my thigh and told me to position myself under the table to be her footrest. I slid my naked body under the table. Vickie leaned down and slid one of her clogs over my hard cock, and warned me "it better stay there the whole time I'm eating!" My cock felt the warmth that was left behind from her sweet foot. The leather felt so good against my skin. Vickie sat down and placed her bare feet on my face. With a quick slap from her foot, she commanded, "Start kissing them!" I dutifully did my job...maintaining the erection and holding that clog in an upright position.

    While Vickie ate and mashed my face beneath her aromatic feet, she watched the stove. I didn't realize she'd put a plate in the oven for me. Halfway thru her meal...Vickie got up, pulled my dinner from the oven and slid back into her clogs. "Put your nose in between my heel and the clog." I re-positioned myself and did as I was told. Vickie would randomly apply weight, or lift her weight on and off my nose while she finished her meal. Then she placed my plate on the floor next to her chair, and I saw two slices of toast, all flattened out and stained. "I walked around the neighborhood three times with those inside my sneakers...just for you! Now eat it!" I gobbled up the toast while she walked on my back in those hard-soled clogs. "Get your ass out to the sofa! I need to watch TV." she said stepping off my back.

    "Put your face here!" she said pointing, "And I want your cock hard!" I lay on the sofa, and she sat on my face, extending her legs out so the hard-soled clogs rested on my genitals. Her jeans covered ass crushed my face, and every breath I breathed had to pass down her ass crack thru the jeans into my lungs. It was hard to breathe...but my cock was rock hard. Then she farted. I heard her laughing. It wasn't a long fart, nor was it loud, but it was quite smelly. I tried desperately to hold my breath, but I eventually had to give in and gasp in air. My lungs burned. I felt completely humiliated. Vickie laughed as she slid off my face and jogged to the bathroom. I stayed in my spot on the sofa, but the humiliation was killing me.

    Vickie returned twenty minutes later in her nightgown and the hard-soled clogs. "Get off my sofa, get your ass on the floor and put your head here!" she commanded, pointing at the edge of the sofa cushion. Again, I did as I was told. Vickie stepped between my thighs and instructed me to place my little cock between her bare heel and the insole of the clog. I did. Vickie stepped full weight on my cock, and I winced in pain. She pulled up her nightgown, and informed me I was going to lick her asshole to make sure she wiped it clean. My face burned with humiliation, and the taste almost gagged me, but I pushed my tongue in and started licking her anyway. My poor cock felt flattened beneath her weight, as my tongue was assaulted by the bitter taste of her dirty ass. Just then, Vickie stood up, full weight on my cock again, and said, "I want you to cum in my shoe, just like you are now, with me standing on your cock!" My mind raced. How could I cum if my cock was flat? How could I cum after being farted on, degraded, and my poor face still sore from being stood on for fifteen minutes? I stared up at Vickie's beautiful ass...and as Vickie lifted some weight off my cock, I pumped my hot load against her sole. Vickie was pleased. When we went to bed, soon afterwards, Vickie used a belt to tie my face to her feet and made me smell her feet while she slept.

    Yea, three years of crazy nights and days filled with kink.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2011
  9. jbug

    jbug Goddess Jana's property

    WOW! Those are some awesome experiences! Thank you for sharing!
  10. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Thanks Jbug. Here's another Vickie experience...

    One night I stopped at Vickie's house, after her husband had left, and her kid was in bed. Vickie answered the door in her flannel nightgown, and terry cloth bedroom slippers. "Did I call you to stop by?" she asked. I could hear the anger in her voice, and the look on her face was obvious.

    "No...umm, sorry Vick, do you want me to leave?" I asked nervously. She glared at me as if I were a piece of shit.

    "No, I don't want you to leave. There's nothing good on TV tonight, so I guess you'll be my entertainment for awhile." she said, pushing the screen door open. I slinked into the house, feeling skittish, but horny. She pointed to the recliner and told me to lay on the floor. I quickly lay down, and stared up at her as she stepped up onto my chest.

    "What can I do to you tonight? Something really nasty...I'm thinking." she said. "I think I want to be extra mean to you tonight because my husband pissed me off at dinner, and I feel like being mean!"

    She stood on my chest, pondering her next move, for almost five minutes, and then she asked, "Are you horny?" A slight smirk appeared on her face, and disappeared in a wink. "Of course you are, or you wouldn't be here." she snapped. "Pull your pants down so I can see that dirty little pecker of yours!" she commanded. I reached down and unbuckled my belt, popped the button on my jeans and tried to slide out of my jeans, but her weight held my chest down on the floor. Without warning...Vickie jumped off me, spun around to face my feet and ordered me to bury my face in her flannel covered ass while I lowered my jeans to my knees. I sat up briskly, forcing my face into her ass and jerked my jeans down as fast as I could. The flannel of her nightgown felt warm and soft on my face. The smell of her ass was faint, but delicious.

    "Lie down, again, and slide that way!" she said, pointing so I'd have to slide my head away from the chair. She sat down on the edge of the recliner and planted her slippered feet on my groin. I didn't know what to do, so I just lay there staring at the ceiling. Vickie stomped her foot down on my flacid penis, and asked, "What's wrong with your dick? Is it broken?" I didn't know what to say, or if I should just lie there quietly. "Am I talking to myself, asshole?" she barked at me. With that, Vickie swung her foot hard against my shaft, and I sat bolt-upright...pain shooting thru my gut. I thought I was going to puke. Just then...my cock started to get hard. "Ahh, there we go! See Mogli, it's not broken, just needed a kick-start!" she said, laughing. I tried reaching for my sore groin, but Vickie pushed my hands away with her feet. She turned towards me so fast our faces almost collided...and she spit in my face. Once again, my face reddened with humiliation. "Like that, turd? You like me spitting in your face?" I just sat there dumbfounded. "Well, according to your cock you liked it!" and she spit again, hitting my eyebrow. I felt her spit running down my ever reddening face...yet, my cock was getting harder.

    Vickie slid my cock between her slipper and barefoot and pressed it hard against my thigh, rubbing her heel side-to-side. "Open your mouth, sweetheart. Oh, you know you want this..." she cooed in a seductive voice. Obediently I open my mouth and she leaned forward. She slowly opened her lips and saliva oozed out in a long string...touching my tongue, and running towards my throat. As the last of it fell from her pouty lips, she crushed my cock beneath her foot, and said, "Don't you dare swallow, yet!" I sat there with her spit on my tongue. Her cheeks were working up more saliva for me. She smiled, almost a loving smile, and told me to "open wide". Another mouthful of saliva fell inside my open mouth. "Ok, swallow my spit!" she commanded, as I took it all down. "That was good. I'm glad you're willing to drink my spit." she said, seductively taunting my cock with her tender skin. "What else would you be willing to drink?" she asked, smiling at me. Suddenly, Vickie was up and walking away, telling me from over her shoulder to "keep that dick hard!"

    Minutes ticked by as I lay on the floor wondering what I'd be tested with next. Filthy fantasies raced through my mind, and my cock bobbed around screaming for attention. Just then...Vickie returned wearing a sexy pair of wedge sandals, with a four and a half inch wedge. She stepped between my legs, turning her foot sideways and ordered me to insert my cock between her foot and shoe. Naturally, I did as I was told. She slowly lowered her weight onto my erection until she was full weight on one foot. Her other foot rested on my thigh as she handed me a glass. "If you truly worship me," she said grinding on my aching cock, "you'll prove it by drinking this!" I raised the glass to my lips...and my nose was immediately assaulted by the smell of urine. I looked up at her. My eyes pleading. "Should we stop now?" she asked. "If you refuse this request... I think our time together is done...forever." The amber liquid was still warm from her body, and I hesitantly raised the glass to my face, again...and drank her pee with fervor! It was warm. It was salty. I felt completely disgusted with myself. As i emptied the last of her urine from the glass...she smiled down at me and sweetly rubbed my cheek. "That's a good boy." she said, patting my head. "Do you want to cum?" she asked. Humiliated, disgusted, and extremely embarassed...I nodded yes.

    Vickie took the glass from me, and released my flattened cock from its confines beneath her weight. She walked away, again, and I felt like a scumbag. What had become of me? What had driven me to drink some womans piss? My emotions flashed to the surface, and I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to crawl under a rock and await a lonely death. Then Vickie returned...

    hiking her nightgown up, Vickie turned her ass to me and bent over at the waist. She'd changed back into her terry cloth slippers, and her voice was warm and loving...as she instructed me to stick my tongue in her asshole. Already broken, and feeling like a real-life piece of shit...I inserted my tongue and tasted her most intimate area. I had done this for her so many times it just seemed natural now. As she had told me the very first night...I had learned to love her sweaty ass. I longed for the sweet pungent smell of her feet. I was becoming her slave. "Are you ready to cum for me, my love?" she said in such a loving way. I felt my balls filling with cum, and my cock bobbed at her words.

    "Lie down for me...I want this to be special." she cooed. I lay back on the floor and she slipped a very warm terry cloth slipper over my cock. "I'm going to stand on you, and you're going to fill my slipper with your spunk. Ok?" she said, climbing onto my chest. Next thing I know, my fetish loving friends, Vickie was standing with one foot on my face, the other on my throat...and I could barely breathe. "C'mon babe...cum for me!" she prompted. With that she brought both feet onto my face, full weight, and I came and came into the toe of that well-worn slipper. She cooed at my orgasm, and stepped off as I felt hot cum running down my balls. Vickie grabbed the cum-filled slipper and stuffed her foot inside it, and stepped into the other slipper as I sat up. "That was fun, wasn't it?" she asked as I pulled my pants up, and got off the floor. "Vick, that was amazing!" I replied. "Good," she said, kissing my cheek, "now get the fuck out of here, and don't stop by until I call you!!"

    That night...I had given myself to her completely. She knew just what to say, and how to say it, and I fell for her...hook, line and sinker! Sadly, in Vickie's eyes, heart & mind, I was just there to fulfill her fantasies.
  11. bunku2

    bunku2 New Member

    Awesome experiences Mogli. Thanks for sharing. That Vickie seems like one very cool chick.
  12. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Thanks Bunku2. These events took place almost 30 yrs ago. Vickie was a cool chick, in a crazy kind of way. Our 3 year relationship was turbulent, troubling and extremely humiliating, but I truly thought she loved me...at the time. I was prepared to spend the rest of my life at her feet, but as I said in an earlier post, she moved on, and moved away. I moved on, too, and stepped away from the hard-core humiliation because it just seemed too much for my psyche.

    The next woman I had experiences with was a nutty waitress named Peggy. She worked at a diner that I frequented, and she was taking classes in modeling. She fell for me fast because most of the men she dated only wanted her for her breasts...and I told her I was infatuated with her ass. Our first 'date' ended in her closet, where I confessed my adoration of shoes and feet. We made love halfway in the closet while she held various shoes up to my face for me to smell.

    Peggy was small in height, but her body was fantastic. Her pretty little size 6 feet were new to being lavished with attention, but she welcomed the attention, all the same. She'd never met anyone that could get aroused by smelling her feet and shoes, but she made a point of getting her feet stinky for me. Our love making was passionate, and she knew just how to get me going. LOL

    About a month into our relationship, Peggy introduced me to her sister, Kelly. Kelly had beautiful feet, and a stunning personality...not to mention, her shoe collection was extensive. Peggy and Kelly wore the same size shoes, and often borrowed shoes from one another to wear with particular outfits, etc. Peggy quickly learned to borrow older, well-worn shoes and she'd wear them to refresh their aroma before smothering me with her sisters shoes.

    "Do you like the way Kelly's feet smell?" she tease as I inhaled deeply. "Lick the insole, baby," she'd taunt, "while you fuck my brains out!" Candies heels, and Bergon clogs...and all different types of sneakers were worn home for my sexual pleasures. Peggy even started taking her sisters nylons from the hamper and wearing them for hours to offer me the sweat-crusted toes to sniff and suck on. Then she called me one morning...trying hard to hide the excitement in her voice.

    "Mogli, get over to Kelly's house...I'm house-sitting for the weekend, and we're going to have some fun!" Well, my brothers, I raced across town envisioning the Holy Grail of shoe closets, and a hamper full of wretched socks and stockings. I parked my car and jogged to the door. Peggy answered the door in a sexy pair of Candies and 'nude' pantyhose over sheer panties...and nothing else. "I have a real treat for you, babe!" Peggy cooed. My eyes were glued to that hot body. My cock pushed against my jeans. Peggy grabbed my hand and pulled me in the door. "C'mon, let's go to the bedroom!" she said, almost squeeling with excitement. I followed her like a zombie, mezmerized by her voluptuous ass in those panties and hose.

    "Get undressed, baby. C'mon, I can't wait to do this for you!" Peggy said. I was naked in a New York minute and she pushed me down onto the bed. She rubbed her pantyhosed leg up and down my groin while dragging a pillow under my head. My cock jumped to attention as she nibbled my neck and whispered breathily how excited she was about this. I ran my hand over her nylon encased ass and inhaled the sweet smell of her skin as she grabbed my rigid cock and asked me if I liked Kelly's smell. Almost dreamily, I replied "yes, her shoes and stockings always smell delicious."

    Peggy purred into my ear..."Kelly spent the day in New York City, yesterday and she wore these shoes and stockings all day! I'm talking 18 hours in this heat! And guess what else...?" she teased. I shrugged, not knowing what else. "Kelly wore these panties the whole time, too!" My mind went into hyper-drive. Fantasies were crashing into each other in my head. And then Peggy said, "Would like to smell my sisters ass?" She repositioned herself over me and lowered that gorgeous ass of hers onto my face. "Smell it, baby! Smell Kelly's sweaty ass and tell me if you like it!" I buried my face so deep in her ass I couldn't hear the stereo. Peggy fondled my balls and slowly took my cock into her mouth while I inhaled as hard as I could. The smell was strong, yet erotic. I envisioned Kelly's pretty little ass while I drew in breath after breath of pungent ass.

    Peggy rolled off of me, and planted the heels in my face. I licked the heels, and the edges...and Peggy slapped and teased my erection with her tiny hands. She removed the heels and slid one over my cock rubbing the warm insole up and down my shaft, while smothering me beneath her nyloned toes. Oh my God, the smell was intoxicating! "Lick the stocking!" Peggy whispered. The taste was salty and sweet. Every time I was just about to cum...Peggy would switch it up a bit. She slid out of the nylons and tied my hands at the wrists, while I worshipped her bare feet. "I worked hard last night, baby! Can you taste my sweat?" she teased. Suddenly, she was re-positioning herself, again. Her round ass was coming down on my face again, and she taunted me to inhale Kelly's stink! "Do you think she farted in them?" she teased, slapping my cock with the sole of the Candies. She rolled the pantyhose so the toe was exposed and slid the shiny, sweat-soaked nylon over my cock stroking it hard. "Suck the spot where her asshole was! Tell me if Kelly's ass tastes as good as mine!" she commanded. I sucked the sheer material into my mouth, suckling on it like a calf on a teet. My mouth filled with the bitter taste of fecal matter and sweat. Just as I was about to cum, again...

    Peggy pulled the panties off and ordered me to "service" her asshole. "Lick it good, baby. I want you to taste my asshole!" I buried my tongue deep into her bowels, and licked and sucked on her asshole for what seemed like an hour. Peggy moaned. Her body writhed and bucked against my face. She sat up, and squeezed my chest with her thighs...and she came in spasms all over my face. Before I knew what was happening...Peggy was off my face and sliding her hot wet pussy onto my cock. She turned Kelly's panties inside out and stuck the stained crotch area into my mouth and then covered my face with Kelly's smelliest sneakers. She rode me like a bull, and taunted me about tasting Kelly's asshole, and smelling Kelly's feet. I came so hard my head spun...and I thought I was going to pass out. Peggy, feeling my jizz fill her, came again, and again. She fell forward onto my chest, tossing the sneakers to the side and gently removing the panties from my mouth. "Mogli, you're the hottest fuck I ever had!" she cooed in my ear. "Wait 'til later, baby...I have another surprize for you!" she said as we both fell asleep on the bed.
  13. tramplefootluver

    tramplefootluver New Member

    :bananavic :bananavic awsome thanks for writing it for us
  14. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Thanks TFL, glad you liked it. Here's the next segment to the Peggy story...


    I awoke a few hours later alone on the bed. The taste of Kelly's ass still on my tongue, and sweet smell of her feet in my nose. Peggy had left a note on the kitchen counter informing me she'd be back soon...so, I made my way to Kelly's closet and sniffed my way through some sexy shoes. Soon afterward, I climbed into the shower and cleaned up, brushed my teeth and ran a comb through my mane of hair. Peggy still hadn't returned, so I lay on the couch, turned on the TV and fell asleep. Peggy came through the door about two hours later with groceries and I got up to help her put things away.

    After we were finished with groceries, Peggy asked if I was still tired. I replied I wouldn't say no to more sleep, and she smiled an evil smile. "You'll have to earn it, babe." Well, I've always been good at challenges, so I said ok. Peggy walked into the bedroom and stripped out of her clothes. I was already naked from the morning, so I figured we were heading to bed. Peggy climbed up on the bed wearing nothing but a sexy pair of leather and wood clogs. "Lay down for me, babe." she instructed. I lay on the bed feeling my cock already twitching, and Peggy started telling me about her day...

    "I headed over to the diner to see Debbie, and asked if I could swap shoes with her. Yea, these are Debbie's clogs!" she said smiling. Debbie was a beautiful blonde with the same size shoes as Peggy, and they, too, often swapped footwear. "I walked out to my car, pulled my socks off and slid back into Debbie's clogs, then I headed over to the mall to get them warmed up for you. But my feet didn't feel sweaty enough, so I walked back out to my car, pulled a clog off to smell it, and decided I'd spice it up a bit...so, I went grocery shopping, too. You're going to love the way these smell!" Again that evil smile. "Is this the other surprize?" I asked as my cock bobbed up and down. "No, this is an added bonus because you satisfied me so good this morning."

    Peggy stepped up on to my chest, and the wooden heels dug into my flesh. She teasingly ran the sole of the clog over my cheek and asked if I ever wondered what Debbie's feet would smell like at the end of a shift. I made the mistake of smiling, and Peggy stepped hard on my lips. "Kiss the rubber bottom of the clog, Mogli!" she said sternly. I tried to pucker my lips but they were crushed flat beneath the clog. Peggy turned her weight, slightly, and then stepped up, full weight, on my face. The heels of the clogs, being worn and tattered, broke the skin of my cheek. The pressure on my nose had me seeing stars, and the pain I felt beneath her 140 lbs was almost unbearable. She quickly stepped off when she saw the blood trickling down into my hair. She butt-dropped onto my chest and leaned in to lick my blood away. "MMMmmmm..." she purred, "that tastes good!" She rolled off me and lay on her back. "C'mon lover, mount up!"

    I climbed on and slid my hard cock into her slippery hole. Peggy raised her feet in the air and told me to lick around her heels. I slithered my tongue out and tasted the sweat and leather as I humped her hard. She reached up, removed a clog, and placed it over my nose. "Smell it, babe! Smell Debbie's foot stink! She wears these to work everyday and only occassionally wears socks!" Ahh, the smell was strong...like it burned my nostrils, a little, but I inhaled deeply. Peggy removed the other clog, and placed it on the bed by her head. "Here baby, smell this one, too!" she prompted. I leaned forward and buried my face in the other clog, sniffing as hard as I could. "Fuck me, baby! C'mon, smell Debbie's feet and fuck my brains out!" Well, my brothers of the fetish, I fucked her hard as I filled my sinuses with the sweet pungent smell of the beautiful blonde waitress. "Bet you wish I could get Debbie to rub her bare feet on your face, huh?" she asked, and I increased the humping. Peggy pushed me back up, and lifted her pretty bare feet to my face. "Now, my talented lover, I want you to smell my feet mixed with Debbie's smell...and I want you to fill my pussy with hot steamy jizz!" I humped, and pumped, and slammed it home...and Peggy crushed my face with her delicious feet. "C'mon Mogli...lick 'em! Taste Debbie's sweat on my soles!" That was all it took...my tongue touched her sweaty foot sole and I came a bucketful! As I pumped the last of my load into Peggy...she arched her back and moaned deep in her throat. I fell forward onto her chest, my face fell into a clog, and we fell asleep intwined in each others arms.

    The "big" surprize was yet to come.
  15. bunku2

    bunku2 New Member

    your experiences rock. On edge waiting for the "big" surprise.
  16. What great, and amazing experiances you had monjiJohnso.

    You lucky bastard,you
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2011
  17. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Thanks guys...here's the next segment of the Peggy stories.


    I was climbing out of the shower when I heard the doorbell. Then I heard Peggy and another woman talking softly in the kitchen. I slid into a pair of jeans and a tank top, slid on my boots and Peggy came bouncing into the room. "Your surprize just arrived!" she said, almost squeeling with excitement. I looked at her questioningly, and replied, "What? We're having a threesome?" Peggy smacked my arm, and said, "No silly! But I invited an old friend from school to stay the night, and we'll spend tomorrow shopping, just me and Julie." I didn't know what to say. How was this a 'BIG' surprize for me? I get to listen to two old friends talk about their jobs, life, catch up on gossip?? Big deal. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I need a beer." We walked out together and standing in the kitchen was this adorable little brown haired girl, with Daisy Duke short-shorts on, a skin-tight tank top and some old tattered crepe-soled canvas sneakers.

    "Mogli, I'd like you to meet my old friend...Julie." Julie flashed a smile and her whole face lit up. She extended a dainty little hand and we shook. Awkward, I know, but I was taken back by this adorable woman. Oh, and for you "breast fans"...Julie was 5'2", 135 lbs soaking wet, and had a 38 DD chest. We popped a bottle of wine, and I grabbed a beer, and we took the party outside to the patio. Julie droned on about how late she'd been out the night before, just made it home in time to change and get to work, and after work she had a party to go to, and she changed into the clothes she was wearing without even showering. My ears perked up...a little. The girls talked about the usual girl talk, and I lit a small fire in the fancy little brick fireplace at the corner of the patio. The girls were just pouring their 4th glasses of wine when Julie leaned over and un-tied the tattered old sneakers. I could see right down her top, and trust me my breast loving brothers, she wasn't wearing a bra. Slipping out of her sneakers, Julie re-positioned herself on the chair so she was sitting on one foot, while the other foot dangled in mid-air. I stole a glance at her size 5's, and the toe nails were painted a bright shade of blue. Very slender foot, with delicate nicely shaped toes and well manicured, to boot.

    Just about this time...I tossed another log on the fire and I caught a whiff of feet. Suddenly, Peggy lets out a "EWW!! What's that smell??" Julie giggled an embarassed little giggle, and said, "Oh sorry, probably from my sneakers. I've had them forever, but they're sooo comfortable when my feet hurt I put them on." Peggy shot me the evil little smile, and said, "Girl, you need new sneakers! Those are gross!" The two of them chuckled, and Peggy added, "Tomorrow we're going sneaker shopping! I'll even pay for the new ones if I can throw out the old ones!"

    Halfway through their 5th glass of wine...Julie starts massaging her one foot, grimacing as she rubbed at it. Peggy said, "Let Mogli do that. He has phenominal hands." Julie took another sip of wine and said, "Oh no, he wouldn't want to touch these rancid feet! I told you, I haven't showered since yesterday!" Peggy wouldn't take no for an answer, so Julie finally caved in and said, "Well...ok, but only if you're sure you won't throw up, or anything." I laughed as I sat on the cold stone of the patio, and grabbed her nearest foot.

    Julie's foot was sticky with sweat. The stink had my cock twitching, but I stayed calm and administered a nice massage. Julie's eyes closed, and a soft moan escaped her lips. "Oh, that feels sooo nice!" she purred. "C'mon, gimme the other one." I said, casually running my stink-stained hand over my face. Julie put her foot on my leg and extended the other foot for a massage. Peggy poured more wine. Ten minutes later...Julie was sound asleep. Peggy nodded towards Julie's sneakers, "Go ahead, Mogli, you know you want to." Well, my foot fetish friends, I buried my face in a world of foot stink. My eyes watered. My lungs burned. My head swam...and my cock got hard. "Carry her into the guest room, and lay her on the bed." Peggy said. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. "Lay her on her stomach." Peggy added.

    "Kneel down behind her and have at those feet!" Peggy said, pointing. I asked, "Are you sure? What if she wakes up?" Peggy pshawed me, and assured me Julie wouldn't wake up 'til morning. It was quite common for Julie to crash hard after too much wine. I got busy sniffing and kissing those pretty little feet while Peggy un-zipped my jeans and got busy stroking my cock. Then Peggy said, "Hold on, loverboy, you might want to sniff her ass now...she gets gassy drinking wine, and you wouldn't want her farting in your face...would you?" I slid around the edge of the bed, and stared at the nice round ass, covered in Daisy Duke jeans shorts. "Go on, giver her sweet ass a sniff." Peggy taunted. I leaned in, and sniffed a little. Her ass smelled like ass, but Peggy wanted me to really sniff it good. She pushed my face in and whispered, "Smell it!" I started kissing the seam along her ass crack, and sniffing as I went. Peggy was rubbing the top of her foot against my cock...when suddenly, Julie let loose a long loud smelly fart. Peggy tried holding my head there, but I pulled away. "Bet you're glad you weren't licking her ass when she did that." and she laughed a snorting laugh. "Get back to her feet for a few minutes then let's get in our room so you can fuck me raw while sniffing her sneakers!"

    Thirty minutes later...I came like a 2" firehose! Peggy felt it coming, and arched her back up, crushing my face inside the sneaker with her bare feet pressed against the sole. She snuck back into Julie's room, tossed the sneakers on the floor and covered Julie with a sheet.

    The next morning...the girls left to go shoe shopping. After they got back, Peggy made Julie give me the old sneakers for 'proper disposal'. We kept those nasty old things in our bedroom for three months using them from time to time. Wow!! Talk about a great surprize.
  18. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Another "Peggy" segment...


    Peggy moved in with me, back in the early '80's, and she brought along her 127 pairs of shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals. Our sex life was good, but she soon caught on to my obsession with being dominated. She'd found my stash of "Corporal" and a few other rags regarding female supremecy...and decided to try it out.

    One night, as I was lying in bed, Peggy jumped on me, in her highest stiletto heels, and punctured my skin quite deep. As she tied my hands to the headboard she whispered in my ear that I was going to have a great night. I argued that it wasn't starting out so great, due to my bleeding, but she argued back I hadn't seen anything, yet. I started getting nervous. She began the 'fun' by tying her feet to my face using a leather belt, and she sat grinding her beautiful ass all over my groin. Unable to breathe, and still bleeding, I put up a fight, but she quickly un-tied my face from her feet, and switched it up...she wrapped the belt around her hips and tied my face into her bare ass. Suddenly... I felt her rough soled heels rubbing my cock, and stabbing at my nuts. The combination of pain and pleasure was confusing, yet...erotic. As my cock got hard Peggy would stab my balls with a sharp heel, and laugh as I cringed beneath her ass. "C'mon Mogli...get your tongue busy and lick your mistress's ass!" Having flashbacks of Vickie, I stuck my tongue in her ass and tongue-fucked her dirty sphincter. She moaned with pleasure. "Ahhh, that's a good ass slave! Lick it clean!" she commanded. Another sharp pain dug into my nut sack as she tried to re-position herself on my face. Then she cinched the belt tighter and cut off my air completely...and she came in torrents.

    Climbing off my face...Peggy said, "Wow, that was great! I love when you lick my dirty asshole." No sooner had the words left her mouth, my cock throbbed to full erection. Peggy stepped up on my chest, digging those 5" heels into my flesh. "Would you like to be my foot slave, too?" she purred, digging those heels in deep. Our eyes met, and I saw a dark-side of Peggy I'd never seen before. She stepped on my face and raked a tattered heel across my cheek. It stung like hell, and she giggled as blood ran down my face. She slapped my face with the hard sole of the shoe, and leaned back on the heel on my chest. I groaned in pain, and Peggy chuckled as she turned around and toe-kicked my erection. "OWW!" I blurted. She rubbed the worn sole of the shoe up and down my shaft before kicking my cock harder. "OUCH!!" I yelled. "You love this! You want to bleed at my feet, don't you?!" she growled. Suddenly...and without warning, she snapped a switch-blade open, and ran the sharp point across my cheek. "I can cut your little cock off and choke you with it!" she said. I felt fear and anger coursing through my veins. I wanted to scream. I wanted to bash her head in. I wanted to cum like I'd never cum before. Peggy stabbed at my cock with her heel, and climbed off the bed. She placed the insole of a stiletto over my face. "Sniff this! I'll be right back!" she growled before leaving the room.

    She returned several minutes later...and mounted my face. "Eat me, slave! Make me cum on your worthless face!" My mind spun back in time to Vickie and her harsh words. My cock bobbed in the open air as Peggy humped my face, grinding her sopping wet pussy up and down my nose. I licked for dear life, hoping to end this scary assault, and get an orgasm in before my demise. Just then...Peggy came, shuddering and shaking, all over my face. She stood up, stepped passed my shoulders and sat her hot sweaty ass on my face/chest. "Start licking my ass, again! Don't stop 'til I tell you to!" I extended my aching tongue and slathered her crack with saliva as cum dribbled from her swollen pussy. Without warning, Peggy shifted forward, grabbed fistfuls of my hair, and moaned out another face soaking orgasm. Then, she smashed her pussy against my open mouth...and started peeing. I gulped! I gagged! I almost drown on her hot salty cum-filled urine...and Peggy purred, "Oooh Mogli, this is really fun!" I saw the glint of the knife blade, and anticipated excessive pain... and Peggy cut the ropes that tied me to the bed. She flopped off my body, and lay with her feet by my face, and commanded I kiss her ass. I started at her toes, and kissed and licked my way to her ankles. She cooed and purred in a deep seductive voice. I kissed and licked up her calves, and nuzzled the backs of her knees before moving up her thighs...and I made my way to the soft curve at the base of her ass. Her crack glistened with my saliva. The dark ring around her anus puckered as I slid my tongue around the edges, tasting every little wrinkle of flesh around the tight little hole. "Straddle my legs, Mogli." she purred. I threw my leg over hers and fell face first into her inviting ass. My tongue pressed against the puckered skin, and penetrated the ring...and I pushed further in to taste her bowels. Peggy reached back, spreading her cheeks as wide as she could, and said, "Back up a bit and fuck my feet!" She raised her delicate deep insteps to my throbbing cock, and I inserted it between her feet. As I tongue fucked her asshole, again, she stroked my cock with the soft fleshy soles of her feet. I was on the verge of cumming, my fetish friends, when Peggy kick-slapped my balls and pushed backwards.

    I fell into a fetal position on the edge of the bed...gripping my tormented nuts. My head spun, and my stomach churned as if I were going to puke. Peggy placed both feet against my ribs and pushed...and I hit the floor in a heap. "Get on your knees!" she growled. "You'll cum when I tell you to cum!" I dragged myself into a kneeling position, still holding my balls. Peggy forced me to sit on the floor, and lean my head and back against the cold bed-frame. She grabbed a pair of slingback spikes from the dresser and slipped them on. "Do you want to cum?" she asked. "Yes Peggy, please?" I pleaded. "Put your cock inside my shoe so I can crush it!" she said, with hatred in her voice. I slid my half-erect cock in-between her bare feel and the insole of the shoe. Peggy slammed her foot down hard. then she backed into my face, lowering her ass so I could lick it, again. Burying my tongue in her ass, Peggy ground and crushed my cock like she was killing a bug. Suddenly, Peggy shuddered deep inside herself, and moaned aloud, "Now Mogli! Cum now!!" and she lifted just a little weight of my engorged cock...as the hot semen pumped against her instep and oozed down to the ball of her foot. Her hips began pumping the air as she backward humped my face...and she came, again.

    After we were done...Peggy looked at my wounds and laughed. I had heel scratches on my nuts, and the head of my cock was bloodied from being mashed, and my cheek had a scratch about 5" long. She asked me if I enjoyed it, and replied, "Yea, everything except almost drowning on your piss! Oh, and the knife play...not so much! You're lucky I didn't flip out and kick your head in!" Peggy recognized the tone in my voice, and apologized for taking things a little too far. We fell asleep in each others arms...still covered in my blood and her cum.
  19. jbug

    jbug Goddess Jana's property

    Like I said before: You are one helluva salesman! damn mogli!
  20. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Hahahaha Thanks JBug. I'll add more adventures tomorrow.
  21. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    A One-Night Stand...??


    Many years ago, when I was young and good-looking, I got roped into a blind-date...which, by the way, I always hated. I roared up in front of the bar we had agreed to meet at, and I walked in looking for Danny and his wife, Jill. Jill thought playing match-maker for this girl was fun. Well, I see Danny and Jill sitting near the pool table, and I stroll over and grabbed a beer before making my presence known. Danny spotted me in the mirror and waved me over to their table. I didn't see any chick, so I figured she'd stiffed. Maybe she wasn't into bikers, I didn't know. Well, let me tell you, she walked out of the ladies room, in skin-tight jeans, and low-cut blouse...and knee-high spike heeled boots. She had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, and the most beautiful eyes.

    "Mogli, this is Shannon." Jill said, smiling ear to ear. Shannon extended a delicate hand with bright red laquered nail polish, and porcelain white skin. "Rack 'em, Mogli..." Danny said, "we'll play against the ladies." Well, my concentration was shot. Every time Shannon bent over to make a shot, my eyes were glued to either her ass or her boots, depending on the lighting. Someone put some money in the jukebox and I asked Shannon to dance with me. OMG, she smelled so good. I pulled her close and danced her around that floor for 4 or 5 songs. "C'mon now, Mogli...I need a drink after all this dancing." she said in a lovely soft voice. I bought her a beer and we walked outside to talk. I leaned against the railing of the wooden porch, and Shannon sat in one of the deck chairs...placing her spike heeled boots up on the railing by my hand.

    When we'd finished our beers...Shannon asked if I'd take her for a ride. I hemmed and hawed I didn't have a spare helmet. Shannon replied, "Don't worry gorgeous. Mine's in Danny's car!" and she ran inside to get the keys. We got on my Hawg, and roared off into the cool foggy night...Shannon's arms wrapped around my chest. 30 - 40 miles passed behind us when I pulled into my buddy's camp by a quiet lake. I rumbled the bike to a stop, and we dismounted. Next thing I know...

    Shannon's got her tongue down my throat, and her porcelain white hand grinding my hard-on. I dragged her to the picnic table and we were making out like a couple of animals. Shannon un-buttoned her jeans and slid my hand to her hot-spot as she yanked and pulled at my belt buckle. Suddenly, my jeans were down around my ankles and hers were rolled down over her boots... and we were going hot and heavy. Shannon layed on her belly at the edge of the table and I took her from behind. I reached down and grabbed her ankles, then shifted my fists to her heels and rode her like a rodeo man. When that wasn't working, I had her spin on her back and put her heels to my shoulders. I could smell the leather of her fairly new boots, but I couldn't see, nor smell, her feet. I pumped her hard as I un-zipped the boots, slid them off her steamy hot feet, and dragged her jeans and panties off...accidently pulling her socks off, too. LOL In the soft glow from the dock light I could see her toes were painted meticulously to match her fingers. I pounded her harder. She moaned, and I grabbed her bare foot and buried my face in the sole, inhaling the sweet leathery smell, before popping her toes in my mouth. As my tongue worked over her toes...Shannon let out a deep, almost gutteral moan. She grabbed my hips and spasmed against me, her eyes rolling back in her head. Her other foot found my mouth, and I went to work on that one, too. All of a sudden... Shannon was twisting her own nipples, and writhing on the top of the picnic table...and she came so hard she almost passed out. I pressed her bare soles to my face, and gasped in the wonderful aroma...and came like I'd never cum before.

    We sat in silence as we dressed and smoked cigarettes. Shannon pulled her boots on over her socks and buckled her belt, as I cinched my belt tight and tossed the cigarette butt off the deck. "Mogli..." Shannon began, but hesitated. "Mogli, I'm umm...I'm sorry if I came on a little strong. Between the dancing and drinks, and the ride on your bike...well, I...I'm sorry, that's all." I grabbed her chin and forced eye contact. We stared into each others eyes for almost a minute before I said, "Don't be sorry, Shan...that was good." She stared into my eyes as a single teardrop ran down her cheek. "I'm not a whore, ya know?" she shook on the verge of crying. "I don't want you to think I sleep around with just anyone!" We walked back to my bike, not a word was spoken. I fired up the old Hawg, and kicked it into gear and we rode back to the bar in the chilly early morning hours. The place was dark. Nobody around. I told her to give me directions, and I took her home.

    In the parking lot, outside her apartment, she put her hand on my dew-dampened forearm...i took her hand, and kissed it gently. A smile touched the edges of her mouth, but she still seemed embarassed. "I'll call you." Shannon said as she ran for the door. I revved the engine and pulled out on the road...and headed for home.
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