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Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by moglijohnson, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    Wow ever find out what caused her to blow her wad
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  3. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    Wow...just, wow. That situation with Gloria's husband / ex-husband was crazy! And then Lynne becoming a drama queen on top of it? That's a lot to take in. Hope things settled down for a while after all of the insanity.
  4. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Jay woke me the next morning with a hot coffee and breakfast cooking on the stove. "Big Tony called...said not to worry." Jay said, putting my plate in front of me. "Okay". I said, not sure what I was not worrying about. The phone rang and Jay said, "Uh huh. Nope. I don't know. Maybe. I'll ask him. Hold on." He held the phone to his chest and asked, "Would you be willing to talk to Lynn?" I held out my hand, and took the receiver. "Mogli, please let me come back. I can explain everything." she said, along with a hundred other things. "To talk." I said, and Lynn asked what I meant. "You can come to the house and we'll talk about it." Jay hung up the phone. We ate in silence.

    Lynn arrived thirty minutes later, dressed in jeans and sneakers, and carrying a box of doughnuts. "Jay, let her in but don't go far. You may be assisting her out the door, again." I said, and Jay smiled. Lynn and I talked for almost an hour, in which time she explained feeling stressed about interviews and trying to do right by me, and the whole missing her family sob story. "I'll give you one more chance, understand? One more chance. If you fuck up again..." she nodded her head. "Thank you. Thank you, Mogli." she said, swooning. When she went out to get her bags I turned to Jay, and said, "Keep your phone on, brother. She fucks up this time I want you to take her out of here." Jay smirked, and said, "You got it, brother. I hear ya."

    For the next few days Lynn was as sweet as honey, treating me like a king, but I was being extremely cautious. My injuries were pretty much healed up, by then, with the exception of the pelvis and ribs. Lynn would rub lotion on my body, and hover over me like I was a child. She'd massage my shoulders and hands. I thought we were getting somewhere until...

    Lynn received a phone call from a potential employer that put her in a foul mood. She was stomping around the house, cursing and swearing, and slamming doors. I sat quietly watching television letting her vent through out the house. After she'd quieted down a bit, I asked, "Want to talk about it?" Well, my friends, let me tell you...I should've kept my mouth shut. That woman exploded on me as if it were my fault she didn't get the job. I held up my hands, in a surrender, and she flipped out on me more. "Pathetic. Loser. Scumbag. Asshole." were just a few of the words she called me. As I got up off the couch she lunged at me, knocking me backwards, and I staggered and fell to the floor with an 'oomph'. She kicked the coffee table over and stood with her sneaker covered feet inches from my head...screaming at me. Pain ripped through my body as I struggled to get up, but she put a sneakered foot on my neck and pressed me down. "I'll fucking kill you!" she screamed. I moved my hand under the couch and felt for my knife. I carefully unsnapped the sheath and shook the blade free. She lifted her foot and stomped down on my shoulder as I cried out in pain. "You think that hurt, asshole? How about this?" she screamed, and as she raised up her foot I lashed out with my knife, cutting her across the shin. She let out a blood curdling scream, and I drove my knife through the top of her sneaker into my hardwood floor. Lynn cried out...and then passed out onto the over-turned table. I slowly got to my feet and made my way to the phone. I called Jay and then I called Detective Dickhead.

    I was barely conscious when Jay blasted through the door, followed closely by paramedics, Detective Dickhead and three uniforms. "Get that bitch out of my house!" I groaned. The paramedics rushed to Lynn's side. Jay and Dickhead helped me to my feet. "Jesus, Mogli..." Jay exclaimed. Dickhead helped me into a kitchen chair while Jay poured me a coffee. As the paramedics put Lynn on the stretcher, Dickhead had a uniform cuff her to it. "You two go with her to the E.R., and when she's cleared for release I want her arrested for assault with intent." Dickhead said. The third uniform was ordered to drive me to the hospital. "Jay, lock up the house and call Big Tony." I said, as Dickhead and the uniform helped me out to the cruiser. "Johnson," Dickhead said, "I'll see you at the hospital."

    Thankfully, according to the doctor, nothing had re-broken during the melee, but I had severe bruising and deep tissue lacerations. Dickhead came into the room, and said, "Doc's think the chick has some kind of bipolar disorder." and he chuckled. Big Tony walked in, just then, and asked how I was. "Why is everyone trying to kill you, man?" Dickhead asked. I shrugged my good shoulder, and said, "No idea, Detective. I'm such a nice guy..."

    Back home...Jay brewed a fresh pot of coffee and put an ice pack on my shoulder. "You want anything for the pain, bro?" he asked. "No, but can you clean up the blood in there?" I asked. Jay grabbed the cleaning spray and a rag and went to work. I sat contemplating my life.

    More to Come...Soon.
  5. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    Dam it man like Dr jeckle and Mr. Hyde
  6. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    She was definitely messed up in the head. Glad you didn't have anything worse happen when she went psycho.
  7. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    I barely slept that night. Every time I closed my eyes images flashed through my mind of throwing punches, getting shot at, and being attacked out of the shadows. In the wee hours of the morning I crept out onto the deck and lit a cigarette. A deer stood near the garage eating, ignoring me completely, and a raccoon investigated the trash cans. I heard sirens in the distance. Overall, it was peaceful at this hour. No traffic. No neighbors. I felt a chill but refused to move from my place on the deck that I may never experience this peacefulness again. The sun was just coming up in the east when Jay walked out the door. "You okay, brother?" he asked, softly. I slowly nodded my head. "Want me to start the coffee?" he asked. And again, I nodded my head. He came out carrying two mugs of coffee and a blanket, wrapping the blanket around my shoulders. "What're you doing out here, bro?" Jay asked. I turned to look at him, and said, "Enjoying the day, my brother. Just enjoying the peacefulness." He chuckled, softly, and said, "Yea, you ain't had much peace, lately, have you?"

    A few hours later - I shaved and showered. Jay spoke to me through the bathroom door informing me I had to go before the detective to fill out a deposition. Jay drove me to the police station and the detective greeted us at the counter. The deposition was a series of questions pertaining to the case (which I can not divulge any details) followed by my signature. The whole ordeal took less than an hour. When we returned home Jay swung by the shop. "Big Tony wants to see you." he said, as he parked the van.

    "Hey brother!" Big Tony said, smiling. He had found me a temporary care giver that he'd personally vetted for my safety. "Tony, I really don't need anyone..." I began, but he cut me off mid-sentence, and said, "Just to do your shopping, and cook your meals. Maybe clean the house." I was ready to argue with him when a dark haired young woman walked in. I clammed up. "Ah, perfect timing!" Big Tony exclaimed, "Mogli, this is my wife's cousin, Marissa." She was tiny, about 5'2", weighing around a hundred pounds. Her face was freckled and her long hair hung down passed her shoulders. Marissa sheepishly waved and said a hello in a barely audible voice. "Marissa will be moving here for school and could use a place to stay. I already spoke with her about your situation and she assured me, and my wife, that she's up for the job." I turned and looked at her - mousy and small - and asked, "This is my new body guard? Seriously?" Jay burst out laughing. Big Tony made a face but didn't laugh. "Can you cook?" I asked her. She nodded her head. "Can you drive a standard?" I asked. Again, she nodded her head. "You plan on bringing boys to my house?" I asked. She immediately shook her head no. "Okay kid, I'll give you a trial run...one week. If you fuck up you fuck off. Got it?" I said. Marissa stared at her shoes. Big Tony placed a huge mitt on my forearm, and said softly, "Go easy on her, bro. She's a good kid." I nodded my head okay.

    Back at my house...Marissa carried in two bags. "Your room is through there." I said, pointing. Marissa carried her stuff in and then ran back out to her car for another bag. This one full of shoes...sneakers mostly. I gave her the ten cent tour of the house, reminding her not to touch my weapons, or mess with my books. Finally, I said, "I need to relax a bit. You mind if I watch some television?" Marissa smiled, and said, "Do what ever you want. I'll start lunch." I sat on the couch listening to cupboard doors opening and closing. I heard the fridge door open and close half a dozen times. Pots and pans clanged. Forty minutes later...Marissa brought me my lunch, and placed it on the coffee table. "Mind if I join you?" she asked. "Please do, I could use the company." I replied. Marissa carried her plate in and sat it on the coffee table. She used the toe of her one foot to pop the sneaker off the other, and then her socked toe to pop the remaining sneaker. She was wearing little ankle socks, mismatched colors, and her feet were fairly flat. I inhaled deeply, and said, "It smells delicious. What is it?" Marissa chuckled a little, and said, "It's a stew that my mom used to make." I took a taste and said, "Hey, this is pretty good." Marissa smiled.

    After lunch Marissa cleared the plates and did the dishes. I flopped onto my side and drifted off to sleep. When I woke I could hear her in the kitchen. "Marissa." I yelled. She came right in. "Can I bother you for a cup of coffee?" I asked. She smiled, and said, "No bother. I brewed you a pot while you were napping." As I sat up my shoulder screamed in pain, and I grimaced. "Oh, Mogli," she said, concerned, "are you okay?" She disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a mug of coffee and my afternoon dose of pain meds. "My body's in rough shape, kid." I said, laughing. Marissa asked if I wanted her to massage my shoulder and neck. "Yea sure, if it's not a bother." I said. She dutifully moved to my right and climbed in behind me, sitting on the back of the sofa, and began massaging my shoulder. Her hands were small. "Is this helping?" she asked. "Have you ever walked on anyone?" I asked. "Ashiatsu massage. You use your feet and weight." I said, smiling. She shook her head no, and said, "I've never heard of it." I said, "I'll walk you through it, if you're willing to learn." After I popped my pills I had her move the coffee table out and I slid to the floor face down. "You step up on my back and start walking around. You'll hear me moan and groan, probably, but that means it's working." She stood to my left for several minutes, in silence, and scrunched up her toes. "Go ahead," I said, "it's fine." Cautiously, I felt her right foot touch my lower back and then she was up on both feet on my back. "Am I hurting you?" she asked, and I burst out laughing. "You're so damn tiny I barely feel you on my back." I said, still laughing. Then she moved towards my head, her flat feet hitting the sore spot, and I moaned. "Oh!" she exclaimed, and I laughed again. "it's okay!" I said, "That feels good." I felt the pain leaving my neck. Marissa walked on my back for nearly thirty minutes...and stepped off. "Where are you going" I asked, rolling over onto my back. "You have to do the front now." Marissa stared down at me, nervously, and asked, "Are you sure this doesn't hurt?" I patted my chest. She stepped up on me and I directed her where to walk, when to stand, and I threw in "now bounce up and down a little...right there". My back popped and clicked. "Ahh." I moaned. After fifteen minutes, or so, I said, "Gimme your right foot." and directed her foot to my cheek, "Now put some pressure right there." And my neck cracked loudly. Marissa jumped, thinking she'd broken something. "You're fine. Now the left foot." and I directed her again....and crack, my neck made a loud noise. "That's it. That feels good." Marissa stepped off of me and helped me to my feet. "If you keep this up I'll feel like a new man before you know it." I said, smiling.

    More to Come...Soon.
  8. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    It seems like you had a much nicer caregiver in Marissa. I hope that continued to go well.
  9. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    Sounds like a lil sweetheart
  10. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    That night we ordered pizza and I chose a funny movie to watch. Marissa sat at the far end of the couch with her foot tucked under her leg. There was such an innocence about her, when she laughed, when she gasped. She was very attentive, too. Kept my pills in order and on time, and my coffee was always good. After the movie Marissa cleaned up and got me another coffee. "If you don't mind, Mogli, I'm going to be in my room reading." she said, setting my coffee down. "No, not at all. Enjoy." I said. I awaited the click of her bedroom door...my eye on her sneakers under the coffee table...and I leaned over, grabbed a sneaker and cupped it over my nose and inhaled...perfume. I grabbed the other sneaker and it was the same way, perfume. I was disappointed. I sat watching another movie. Halfway through the second movie Marissa came out to check on me. "I'll leave my door ajar in case you need anything." she said, as I turned to look at her in gym shorts, tank top, and bare feet. "Thank you, Marissa." I said, smiling. She turned and walked away, saying "Goodnight" over her shoulder...and I thought to myself, 'who the hell sprays perfume in their sneakers?'

    I slowly made my way around the inside of the house, checking locks, turning off lights, and pulling down shades. The ceiling light, in the hall, cast a glow into Marissa's room lighting up her right foot sticking off the side of the bed. I fought the urge to creep in and sniff her bare sole. I thought, 'she probably sprays her feet with perfume, too'. I went in to my room, undressed, and crawled into bed. I awoke around 3:00 a.m. to the sound of a click. My eyes scanned the darkness expecting to see movement, or hear breathing, as my hand moved slowly to the pistol under my pillow. A creak in the floor outside my door. My hackles were up. My thumb flicked off the safety on the pistol and quietly cocked the hammer muffled by the pillow. Then I heard the door of my bedroom creak and my hand started sliding out from under the pillow. It seemed so dark in my room. No moon light. No street light. Just then, I heard a soft voice, "Mogli?" I quickly reset the hammer and flicked the safety. "Yes?" I asked. "I'm sorry to bother you but..." Marissa whispered from the door. I sat up, and said, "What's wrong?" She paused as she pushed the door open, and said, "I had a really bad dream. Can I come in?" I patted the side of the bed, and Marissa sat beside me as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. "Hey," I said, softly, "you're shaking." I held her for several minutes when she said, "I dreamed my best friend got killed and I didn't know what to do." and her chest heaved as she fought back the tears. "Come on, now." I said, "It was just a dream." We sat like that for awhile. Finally, she said, "I'll be okay, I guess." and she stood up, and said, "I'm sorry I woke you." I stood up and hugged her, realizing how tiny she was, like hugging a child. "You're welcome to sleep in bed with me, if you want." I offered, but she laughed, and said, "Thank you, but no." and she walked back to her room.

    I was sitting on the deck, wearing a jacket and boots, drinking my coffee, when Marissa came out. "It's chilly," she exclaimed, with a shudder, "and you're out here smoking and drinking coffee." I laughed. "Would you like some breakfast?" she asked, putting two pills on the table by my coffee mug. "Yes, that sounds good to me." I said, popping the pills. The sun felt good on my face although it was pretty chilly. Marissa called me inside when breakfast was ready, and we chatted a little about her home and family. As Marissa cleared the dishes I asked, "Would you mind walking on me, again? I have a knot in my shoulder." She looked down at herself, dressed in her shorts and tank top, covered by a fleece robe and fuzzy slippers. "I haven't showered, yet." she said. "I don't care." I replied. She followed me to the parlor. I lay on the floor on my back, and patted my chest. Marissa kicked off her slippers and stepped up on my chest. She moved slowly, bouncing slightly, and a pop came from my shoulder. She cautiously placed her bare foot on my cheek and pressed down, but nothing happened. "Harder." I whispered. Her toes were inches from my nose, and as I'd expected, her foot smelled like perfume. She was almost full weight on my cheek when pop, my neck popped loudly, and I groaned. She switched feet and pressed down on my other cheek...pop. She stood with her feet side by side looking down at me when we were both startled by laughter. Big Tony stood in the doorway laughing heartily. Marissa just stood there, on my chest, staring at the big man. "Mogli, is this young lady kicking your ass?" Big Tony asked, slapping his thigh as he laughed hysterically. "It's therapeutic." Marissa said, hands on her hips. "Yea, I'm sure it is." Big Tony said, still laughing. Marissa stepped off of me and I thanked her. "Would you like a coffee, Tony?" she asked. "Yes, please, honey." he said, taking a seat in the arm chair.

    More to Come...Soon.
  11. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    Marissa seemed like a very sweet and innocent young woman. Much better for helping you to recover than the previous crazy bitch,
  12. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    That sounds like she’s going to be a winner so far
  13. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Big Tony and I talked for about an hour before he clapped his hands together and said, "Goodnight." Over the next few days Marissa walked on me two or three times per day. After returning home from a doctor's appointment I asked Marissa if she'd walk on me. She seemed comfortable with it, barely checking on me, and had extended her time on my chest to up to thirty minutes. When I asked her to crack my neck she was staring at the television, almost ignoring me, and moved her bare sole to my face, which I'd kept upright instead of turning. When her bare skin hit my lips I kissed her sole and Marissa yanked her foot away from my face. Glaring down at me, anger in her eyes, she said, "Did you just...kiss my foot?" I smiled, playfully, and said, "I'm just kidding around." Marissa stepped off of me and started to walk away, but stopped by the door to the kitchen, and said, "I'm not here to be your play thing, nor am I interested in anything kinky or perverted. Do you understand? I did not give you permission to kiss my foot or any other part of me." and she walked into her room. Fifteen minutes later, I had moved onto the couch, Marissa walked back into the parlor, arms folded across her chest, and said, "I don't have a problem walking on you, especially if it'll help you get better, but I'm telling you, right here and now, if you touch my feet again, ever, I will be out of here faster than you can say fuck." I apologized to her. She helped me around the house for the next week, but we barely talked. The straw that broke the camels back, as it were, came the following week...

    I was horny. First time in a long time. Marissa was sitting at the kitchen table dangling a sandal off her toes and I happened to stare at her foot. I doubt she caught me staring, but what she did see was the bulge in my boxers. She looked at me with a sneer, and asked, "Want coffee?" I quickly sat at the table, and said, "I'll get it myself...but I think your time here is about done." She looked at me as if I'd spit in her face. "Look...Marissa, I'm doing much better and I'm really hoping to...you know...move on with my life." She quietly finished her coffee, closed the magazine she'd been reading, and walked into her room. She returned thirty minutes later carrying two bags, and walked out to her car. It was starting to snow. She came back in, stomped her feet on the mat, and went back in her room for her shoes. She stopped at the backdoor, and said, "Sorry I've disappointed you. I'll stay with my cousin and find a job. See you when, huh?" and she walked out.

    I felt horrible. I felt very lonely. I felt...extremely horny. About an hour passed when I grabbed my little phone book...and scanned through the numbers. I didn't want to call any of them. I called Jay, instead, and talked with him for a while. Just before hanging up, I asked, "If you can will you swing by and jump my truck for me? I need to go to the store and my truck's been sitting for quite awhile." Jay was at the house before I finished tying my boots. The air outside was cold, and the sky was gray with that eerie look like it was going to snow hard. Jay sprayed some crap in the air cleaner, and wiggled the jumper cables, and said, "Hit it!" The truck started up, blowing a cloud of dark smoke into the air. "There ya go, brother. If you're going out now drive safely, and call me if the old girl gives you any trouble." he said, hugging me. I drove to the gas station and filled the tank with fresh gas. I drove around for an hour charging up the battery. Then I pulled into a little hole in the wall eatery and walked inside.

    The waitress's name was Lisa. She had shoulder length burgundy hair and cute little butt. Her work shoes were black, stained with lots of spills, and probably less than a few months old. "I've never seen you in here before." she said, smiling. I ordered lunch and we flirted the whole time I was there. But sadly, I wasn't feeling a connection. I left the eatery and swung by a convenient store for cigarettes. Luck was on my side. A pretty young lady was looking under her hood. I offered to help. "I hit a fucking huge puddle a few miles back and I must've shorted something out. I stopped here for a soda and now the damn thing won't start." I looked around beneath the hood, and said, "My buddy owns a shop. I can call him and get you towed in." Her eyes lit up. "Would you? Please?" she said, almost squealing. I phoned the shop, and Big Tony said, "I'll send Jay out now but tell the girl we won't be able to work on it til tomorrow." I relayed the information, and she said, "Okay." Jay arrived as we sat in my truck with the heat running. After Jay hooked up the car, he asked, "You need a lift somewhere?" I offered to drive her home.

    Her name was Barb. She lived about eleven miles from the store. "Do you mind?" she asked me. "Not at all." I said. Barb was small. She only stood about 5' tall, and probably weighed in around 115 lbs. Her knee-high boots looked to be a size 6 or 6.5. She was a few years younger than me...like ten or twelve years younger. The drive to her place she talked about her ex-boyfriend, and her job, and her cat, and the weather...and I just nodded my head every now and then. It was flurrying by the time we pulled into her parking lot. "Come on in. I'll make you a cup of tea." she said, smiling. I followed her in.

    The apartment was small. She kept it neat and you wouldn't know she owned a cat because you couldn't smell a litter box. Barb peeled off her boots revealing striped socks, and deep insteps. "Oh my God my feet are freezing." she said, peeling off her damp socks. I spied her painted nails and I felt the urge come over me, again. "Let me get the water started for tea. Sit down and relax." she said, stepping into the little galley kitchen. I scanned the parlor. A few pairs of heels sat by the door. Photos of - I'm guessing - family and friends were hung neatly, or placed nicely around the room. Decent furniture. The place was definitely clean. Barb was talking in the kitchen, and I asked, "Are you talking to me?" She laughed, and said, "No, I'm talking to my cat." She bounced passed me and disappeared into a room and came back in sweats and fuzzy slippers. "I hope I'm not getting sick." she said, sitting on the far end of the couch. Every time she moved her feet I caught a glimpse of skin. My cock ached for release. Then the kettle whistled in the kitchen and Barb asked what I'd like in my tea.

    More to Come...Soon.
  14. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    Dang well I can see I miss judged sweetly pie. But now sweety pie 2
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  15. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    By the time we'd finished drinking our tea I felt as if I'd known Barb for years. She was open about her life and spoke about everything openly. When I suggested that I should leave she looked disappointed. I gave her my number and said, "If you need a ride to the shop to pick up your car..." and she thanked me graciously. As I stood up to leave her cat appeared by the door, burying his head in a sneaker, and throwing himself on it, rubbing his cheeks on the laces. I cracked up laughing. "He loves those things. I think he has a fetish for my feet." Barb said, laughing. I wanted to bury my face in the sneaker and inhale whatever was driving the cat crazy, but instead, I said, "Maybe he's smelling the pheromones that are released when you sweat?" Barb turned her head, slightly, and asked, "Do we really release pheromones through our soles?" I shrugged, and said, "As far as I know." and smiled at her. The urge to sniff Barb's sneakers was strong...but I fought it. She thanked me, again, and I walked out to my truck.

    The roads were coated with little more than a dusting of snow but I took my time driving home. On the way home I stopped and bought some groceries and when I got home I cooked a nice hot meal of chicken breast and wild rice with a side of greens and smothered it all in chicken gravy. As I sat, stuffed and gassy, in front of the television I couldn't stop thinking about Barb's feet and shoes. My horny-ness escalated. I hoped she'd call me the next day for a ride.

    Morning came and along with it came three or four inches of snow. It was light and fluffy and easy to clear. Jay swung by with a plow truck and blasted out the driveway, beeping and waving when he saw me in the window, and I shoveled the deck a second time. Around eleven in the morning my phone rang and I grabbed it hoping it was Barb, but it was some promotional bullshit. I was drifting off watching an old movie when the phone rang again. "Hey there, buddy." Barb said, "I'm calling for that ride you promised me." I told her I'd be over to get her, and I went out to clear off my truck.

    Barb was waiting outside for me when I pulled in. She was wearing skin-tight jeans, a fashionable parka and knee-high leather boots. "Some guy called and said my car was ready. I expected a huge bill for this, but he said I only owed like $80.00." she said. I shrugged and drove and the truck fish-tailed a couple of times. As we walked inside the shop's office, Big Tony greeted me with a hug. "I didn't know Barbra was a friend of yours." he said, smiling, and pulled another invoice from the shelf. "Let's cancel the towing bill, and cost for the cap...you owe me... $21.79" Big Tony said, smiling. Barb was ecstatic. "Seriously?" she exclaimed, "That's it?" Big Tony smiled, and said, "You're a friend of my brother's...and I take care of my brothers." She paid him in cash and thanked him. Outside the shop, Barb offered to buy me lunch if I'd follow her home. "I hate driving in this crap." she said, looking around at the snow.

    I followed her back almost to her apartment when she slid sideways into a parking lot of a restaurant. She parked her car and I parked beside her. "This place has awesome food." she said, slamming her door. We walked inside. Over lunch the conversation turned to Big Tony and his comment about being my 'brother'. I explained, vaguely, about the brotherhood, and Club life. Vague...very vague. "That's awesome." she said, nodding her head. After the waitress cleared our plates I ordered a coffee and Barb asked for tea. "Those big hands of yours any good at massage?" Barb asked, taking my right hand in both of her hands. I said, "Yes." and she smiled. "These damned boots are killing my pinky toes and..." her voice trailed off, briefly, "...I thought maybe you could, um...check my soles for those pesky pheromones." I laughed nervously, and said, "I'm up for a challenge, I guess." In the mean time...my cock started getting hard.

    More to Come...Soon.
  16. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    Seems like Marissa was too innocent for what you had in mind, but Barb seemed like she would be pretty cool.
  17. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    Very interesting
  18. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Back at Barb's apartment she peeled off her boots and told me to take a seat. She went into the bedroom and returned in sleep pants and slippers. "Want a cup of tea?" she asked, pausing by the kitchen. "No, I'm fine, thanks." I said. She clicked on the stereo and sat at the far end of the couch, feet tucked beneath her ass, and talked about buying a new, or newer, car. I sat sideways on the couch, facing her, and listened contently. "That was really nice of your brother to waive the towing fees, and stuff. I can't thank you enough." she said. We talked for another twenty minutes, or so, when her eyes lit up, and she said, "Oh, I almost forgot," sliding her feet out from under her, "the foot massage." I playfully removed one slipper and held it to my nose, inhaling loudly, and said, "Nope. No pheromones in here." and Barb giggled. I removed the second slipper, and did the same, and Barb giggled even more, and said, "You're crazy." I clutched her left foot in my hands, and said, "Ouch, look at that poor little piggy." Her pinky toe was bright red. I began massaging her sole, and gently rubbing the bright red toe. "MMm...that feels so good." she purred. "Want me to kiss it and make it feel better?" I asked, chuckling. Her eyes studied my face for a minute, and she said softly, "Okay."

    I leaned forward and raised her foot to my lips, kissing the edge of her foot, and inhaling the pungent vinegary scent as I did so. Barb giggled, and said, "Nobody's touched my feet in a few years." I looked at her, her foot still inches from my face, and asked, "What?" Barb started telling me about her cousin, Tommy. Apparently, Tommy had a foot fetish and he loved kissing Barb's feet when they were alone. "We'd get done playing outside and I'd take him to our finished basement and let him kiss my feet, and stuff. When we were older," she said, and paused, "I remember him sucking my toes after I'd worked at the library all day, and he...um...came in his pants." she said, laughing. "He was so embarrassed." I acted surprised, and Barb continued. "My aunt and uncle would bring him to our house when they came to visit and I always knew Tommy would end up at my feet. But he moved away to college and I only saw him at holidays and stuff." she said, pouting a little. "I went to college locally." she said, playing with her hair, "And then Tommy got himself a girlfriend and he stopped coming home." I leaned back, listening, and then asked, "Did you enjoy him kissing your feet?" Barb thought about it for a minute or two, and said, "Yes, I guess so. It always made me feel like a princess, I guess, that a guy would be willing to kiss my feet whether they were clean or not." I laughed, but she scowled at my laughter. "Sorry." I said, and leaned forward and kissed her toes. Barb giggled, and I held her foot to my face and inhaled deeply, and said, "Hey! I think I found a pheromone!" Barb pushed her foot against my face, laughing, and said, "You're a fuckin' riot!"

    "Want to feel like a princess?" I asked, sliding towards her on the couch. Her eyes lit up, briefly, and she said, "You'd do that for me?" I nodded my head up and down. "I didn't shower this morning, you know." she said, nervously. "So?" I asked, smiling, "If I find another pheromone I might be doing it for me." Her foot was still in my hands as Barb stared at me over her bare foot. "This is weird." she said, finally, "But okay...do it." I moved a couple throw pillows behind me and drew her other foot along side the first...and began kissing and licking her tender soles. My cock was pressing firmly against my jeans, and as I kissed her feet I massaged them, too. Barb touched a hand to the bulge in my jeans, and said, "I think you found some pheromones." and we both laughed. Twenty minutes later...Barb was dragging me to her bedroom, and we undressed by her bed. I mounted her and pulled her feet to my face as I gently pumped my cock in and out - in sync with the music - kissing and licking her soles. There were callouses by the bunion part of both feet, and slight callouses on both heels, but I didn't care. I inhaled the vinegary scent and I felt the cum roiling inside my balls. Barb moaned as I started pounding her harder and faster. Suddenly, she tensed up, grabbing my forearms, and her back arched up off the mattress...and she came hard, almost violently. I buried my nose at the base of her toes, pressing my face hard against her sole...and emptied my load in her.

    Afterward, I stepped out onto the balcony for a cigarette. Barb's cat stood watching the snow from inside the sliding glass door. When I went back inside, Barb had made us tea. "Do you feel like a princess?" I asked, smiling. "I feel like a fucking queen." she said, smiling. I finished my tea and said, "I'd better get going. It's snowing harder than before." Barb hugged me, and said, "Here's my number," handing me a scribbled note, "if you want to, you know...call me." I tucked it in my pocket and walked out. I felt great. I felt like a new man.

    More to Come...Soon.
  19. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    Good deal hope she don’t flake out on you
  20. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    A week passed without incident as I managed to get stronger and feel like myself again. It was a Friday night, around mid-night, when my phone rang. "I'm sorry to be calling so late," Barb said into the phone, "but I'm at a club with some friends and a guy is bothering us bad. He's being rude. I'd leave but I'm too drunk to drive." I pulled on my jeans as she spoke. I was out the door three minutes after hanging up. I skidded into the parking lot and stormed towards the door. The bouncer recognized me, and stepped aside as I walked in. Barb was standing by a table, two other women were sitting down, and a big drunk guy was leaning on the rail near the table. I was shocked at the volume of the music and flashing lights flashing every which way. Barb's face lit up when she saw me. I grabbed her elbow, and shouted, "Which guy is...?" and she pointed at the big guy behind her. As our eyes met the guy straightened up and pumped up his chest trying, or hoping, to intimidate me. "What're you looking at?" he growled over the music. I took two steps towards him and he swung at me. I threw a right hook and he hit the ground with a heavy thud. I turned to Barb, and shouted, "Grab your shit and let's go." Her girlfriends were getting up from the table, too. The big guy lunged at me from behind, and I wrapped my hands around his head, flipping him over me to the floor, and dropped a knee into his solar plexus. Another guy came at me from the crowd and I throat punched him and swung my left into his ear - WHAP! - and he dropped to his knees. I swung an upper cut and laid him out flat along side his buddy. I escorted the women out the door as the bouncer quickly stepped out of our way. I slipped him $20.00, and said, "You never saw me here tonight. Got it?" He nodded his head briskly, and said, "Never seen ya before in my life."

    I loaded the three women into my truck and squeezed in to drive. "Mogli, this is..." Barb started saying, but I held up a hand, and said, "I don't want to know." We drove to Barb's apartment and I helped the women out of my truck. Barb whispered in my ear, "I've been dancing all night." and I looked at her funny. "My feet could use a massage, and I'll bet my friends would like a massage, too." That's when the redhead asked, "Is this the guy you were talkin' about?" Barb said 'Yes', and the redhead smiled. "Look, it's late. You're all drunk, and I'm tired." I said, in half-assed protest. Then I looked down at the redhead's feet, adorned in sexy platformed heels and an ankle bracelet. I turned and looked at the brunette's feet, and she was in high-heeled boots. I helped the women inside and up the stairs. "Barb, I have a bad feeling about this. I've had bad luck with this shit." I whispered to Barb. She scoffed at me, and said, "They're shit-faced drunk! They won't remember anything come morning."

    I unlocked the door because Barb couldn't even work the key in the lock. The three women stumbled in ahead of me. I closed and locked the door. They staggered to the bedroom, and fell entangled to the bed, laughing hysterically. "Did you see the look on that guy's face when your friend punched him?" the redhead asked, and they all burst out laughing, again. "Come on, baby." Barb begged, "Massage our aching feet." I grabbed the desk chair, with wheels, and sat by the side of the bed. I helped each of them remove their footwear, and the smell was intoxicating. My cock got hard immediately. I started with the brunette's feet, and the redhead kept rubbing her sweaty stocking covered feet up and down my arm. The brunette's name was Steph, and her size 8's were sweaty. The redhead's name was Trisha, and her feet were soaked and pungent. Before long the three women were wrestling with me to have their feet massaged. I played along. I'm not a complete jerk. Then Barb unhooked my belt, and Steph was tugging on my shirt, and Trisha was yanking off my boots. "What the...?" I began, but Barb silenced me with her right foot over my mouth. The smell was incredible, I tell you, and my cock was standing at attention as the women ooh'd and ah'd over my body. Suddenly, I was pinned to the bed, with the three women holding me down. "He loves feet, ladies. Give him your feet." Barb squealed. Six feet...sexy and sweaty and ripe...were rubbing my face and then six hands were molesting my manhood. "This is better than dancing!" Steph said, laughing. Two right feet forced toes into my mouth, and a left foot covered my nostrils, and hands squeezed my nuts and stroked my cock...and then a hot mouth swallowed my cock as the women giggled and fought. I fought, too, to keep from cumming because I didn't want this to end...and then, I came...right in someone's mouth, and it was hot and steamy under all those feet. The women rolled off, laughing, and Trisha asked, "How long before you're ready to go again?" I jumped up and slipped on my boxers, and said, "I need a smoke."

    More to Come...Soon.
  21. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    Wow what a night
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