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Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by moglijohnson, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    Hmm, yeah I wonder if this was the last we'll be hearing from Donald and Ruby.
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  3. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Certainly not the last with them.
  4. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    I pulled off the interstate around eleven o'clock to gas up. I phoned Big Tony to check in, and he demanded I head back to Ruby's to get her. "What the fuck, bro?" I asked, not wanting to turn back. "He slapped her in the face, this morning, and knocked her on her ass!" Big Tony exclaimed, "And if I go down there I'll kill him. Bring Ruby back to me." I followed the signs and headed south, again. My temper was getting the best of me. I was tired and not in the mood for crap like this. What happened to Donald kissing her feet? Why would he be such a dumb-ass?

    I pulled up in front of the house. No sign of life. I intentionally slammed the door on my truck to alert them I was there. Ruby came out the door onto the porch, her pretty face swollen on the left side, and stood barefoot staring at me. "Please," she begged, "don't kill him. He's not right in the head. Tony warned him you were coming back and he left, scared, and said he'd be back." I stormed up the steps, grabbed Ruby by the elbow, and escorted her back inside. "Pack your bags, lady. I have orders to bring you back to Tony." She started crying. "I don't have time for this shit, honey." I growled, "And if that asshole, Donald, comes back with a gun, or the cops...I don't have time for that, either." She rushed into the bedroom and was filling a suitcase when the phone rang. "Hello." Ruby said, "Yes Don, he's standing in the living room." and hung up. "He's on his way!" she yelled from the other room. I touched my hand to the butt of my handgun. "How long before he gets here?" I asked. She had no idea where he was. "You own a baseball bat, by any chance?" I asked. "Yes, my son's old bats are in the garage." she said. I went to the garage and found two that I liked, and returned to the living room. I placed one on the mantle and the other on the television. I stepped out onto the porch and lit a cigarette. I was psyching myself up for a fight when a cab pulled up in front of the house and Jay climbed out. "What the...?" I yelled, seeing his smiling face. "Big Tony had me on a plane before you got off the phone with him." he said, grinning ear to ear. I breathed a sigh of relief. We stood inside and I introduced Jay to Ruby. She made us sandwiches and coffee as we waited. An hour passed...then two....and Donald hadn't shown up, yet. Jay stood guard while I curled up on the couch and napped.

    I awoke to the smell of steaks cooking in the kitchen. I'd been asleep for awhile. "No sign of him, yet." Jay said, whispering, "Maybe he ain't coming." I shrugged my shoulders and absent-mindedly lit a cigarette. "Dinner smells good." I said, moving out onto the porch. "Why are we waiting for this clown, anyway?" I asked Jay, "Big Tony specifically told me to bring her back with me." Jay shrugged, and said, "Tune the guy up and we'll get on the road." Ruby called out to us that dinner was ready. Thick juicy steaks, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn on the cob adorned the table. "What's the plan?" Ruby asked, spooning potatoes onto my plate. "Don't really have one, other than..Big Tony said to bring you back to him." Ruby looked hurt but, she smiled through the heart-ache, and said, "I appreciate you boys being here. Donnie can be a real jerk." I was halfway through my meal when I heard a loud bang in front of the house. I jumped up, as did Jay, and saw Donald and two of his buddies standing by my truck. One of them had whacked my truck fender with a crowbar. I felt my blood boiling. Jay grabbed the bat off the mantle and we headed out the door.

    I bee-lined for Donald. Jay went at the first guy closest to him. I heard the bat thud against the body followed by a grunt. The crowbar clanged to the ground. I fired a right punch into Donald's face, knocking him back, and followed him to the ground with three solid punches to his torso. I heard another thud from the bat, and a guy slammed into me from the side. My elbow jerked up hard and nailed his jaw. I swung my fist around and nailed his forehead. Donald jumped up and I kicked him in the chest knocking him down, again. Jay grabbed the guy I'd just hit and spun him around, smashing the end of the bat into his gut, and then swung the bat hard and broke it off on the guy's back. I bent over Donald and lifted him up by his ears, as he cried out in pain, his hands gripping mine. "Get the fuck up!" I growled, and head-butted him in the face breaking his nose. Donald was crying. Jay finished off the second guy with a knee to the kidneys, and I put a boot to Donald's cheek. Just then...a Caddy pulled up and a suit jumped out of the car. Turned out to be Ruby's lawyer with the divorce papers.

    "If Donald signs these, today, the paperwork will be filed tomorrow and the divorce proceedings will go through, expeditiously." said the fancy little suit. I smacked Donald in the back of the head, and whispered, "Sign the fucking papers." His two buddies were licking their wounds as Donald took the pen from the lawyer. "You been planning this all along, ain't ya, Ruby?" Donald hissed as he signed his name repeatedly, page after page. "Now, get in your car and get out of here. Don't come back until Ruby calls you and says it's okay." I said, growling. The three men left in agony. The lawyer drove Jay to a truck rental place, and Jay rented a moving van. We emptied Ruby's belongings into the van and locked the doors. "I'm exhausted." Jay said, as we finished up. "Well, I think we should skedaddle and find the motel I stayed in last night. It's about two hours from here." I said. Ruby climbed into my truck and Jay drove the moving van. We headed north on the interstate.

    More to Come...Soon.
  5. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    Wow I could just picture all that
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  6. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    It's good you got Ruby out of there.
  7. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Ruby was quiet for the first half hour, or so, before blurting out, "I'm glad it happened. Screw him and his bullshit. And screw his filthy friends, too." She shifted herself to get comfortable, moving a couple of things, and then put her feet up on my dashboard. Every time we passed under a street light I'd steal a glimpse of her feet. We finally arrived at the place I'd stayed before and got a room with two queen sized beds. We parked the trucks behind the motel - out of sight - in case anyone was looking for us. Jay was asleep before his head hit the pillow and I lay atop the sheets, half sitting up, to watch television. Ruby lay on her belly, facing the television with her bare feet on the pillow...inches from my face. I stared at her soles, the calloused heels from too much flip-flop or bare feet, and the wrinkles in her arches. I stared at her ass, in tight short shorts, and the line that ran up her crack. Ruby rolled onto her side, almost catching me staring, and said, "I'm glad Tony sent you to get me. You're a good man." I thanked her. "No, I mean it. If Tony had come, alone, he would've killed Donnie and gotten himself in trouble. You did it right." I thanked her again, and she rolled back onto her belly.

    Twenty minutes passed, and she rolled over, again, and said, "I feel safe with you. You're like a bad-ass bear. A big scary teddy bear." I laughed. Then she put her left foot to my chest, playfully, and said, "What was the deal with making Donnie kiss my feet? I enjoyed it but, why'd you do it?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Would you kiss my feet?" she asked, and I almost choked. "It felt good. Ain't nobody ever done that for me before. Ain't never expected nobody'd be interested in my feet." I grabbed her ankle and pulled her foot to my face, kissing the sole, and said, "It's the right way to treat a woman. Like a queen." She smiled, and rolled onto her back, and moved her right foot to my face, too. "Make me feel like a queen. Just for a little while." she said softly. I kissed her soles and licked her callouses and even sucked on her toes a little. Then her elbow caught me in the hard-on and she sat up, yanking her feet from my face, and looked at me in shock. "Wow!" she said, her mouth agape, "You got a hard-on doin' that?" I nodded my head, and said, "Promise you won't tell anyone?" She smirked, and said, "Your secret's safe with me, sugar, but don't stop." She moved her feet back to my face as I glanced over to make sure Jay was asleep.

    Within minutes...she had my cock in her hand, stroking the hell out of it, and mashing her feet against my face. Then she twisted herself a little and started sucking it for all she was worth. I kept kissing and smelling until I emptied my load in her throat. "That was great." she said, wiping her mouth on her sleeve. "I won't say a word of this to Tony. You know how protective he is of me." she said, smiling. "Get some sleep. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." I said, reaching for the light. Around five in the morning...I awoke to the shower running. I sat up and looked around. Jay was still snoring in the next bed. Ruby must've woke up and got in the shower. I glanced out the window to an empty parking lot.

    After a cup of coffee, I said, "Let's get moving. It's a long drive." Ruby finished her coffee and grabbed her things. Jay tied a bandana around his head and said, "Let's do it." and we headed for the interstate. We stopped a couple of times for gas, and to stretch our muscles, and finally pulled off the interstate for the night. We found an out of the way place, a few miles from civilization, and checked in. I was exhausted. Jay was almost cross-eyed, and Ruby had slept an hour here and there.

    More to Come...Soon.
  8. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    I'm kind of liking Ruby...hope she ended up being as cool as she seemed at that point.
  9. bottombob

    bottombob Member

    Yea Ruby sounds cool

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