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Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by moglijohnson, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. bottombob

    bottombob Active Member

    That’s so cool she wants to walk on you and sounds sorta sexy
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  3. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    I really liked that, as I am sure you did. You were getting a terrific foot tease from her for almost an entire day (that she wasn't even aware of), then she seemed okay with you giving each of her feet a kiss, and then you got to masturbate to her stinky slippers. A guy could have a lot worse day than that. :)
  4. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Several days passed with no word from anyone. Old movies and the stereo kept me occupied but, I still felt horribly alone. I had gone out to the garage to tinker with my bike for entertainment. It was bitter cold in the garage. The day was gloomy and looked like it might snow, again, and I wound up back in the house. I removed my coat, and boots, poured a coffee, and walked into the parlor...and my back wrenched. I fell to my knees in agony - coffee splashed everywhere - and I hit the floor face down. I couldn't move. Pain coursed through my lower back and down both legs like lightning bolts. I lay there watching the coffee soak into the carpet. "Ugh." I groaned, "Just need to relax a minute." I said to the floor. The clock seemed to stop moving and I lay there until the room darkened as the sun set. I had to pee. I felt dehydrated. I couldn't move. I was just about to give up hope when...

    I heard the backdoor open, felt the cold breeze swoosh across the floor, and then the click of the latch...and suddenly, Jennifer screamed, "Oh my God! Mogli!" She knelt beside me, checking my pulse, and asked, "What happened? Were you shot?" Had it not been for the extreme pain, I may have laughed at that comment, but I grunted out, "Threw my back out." Jennifer's hands moved along my back searching for any sign of damage. "What should I do? Should I call an ambulance?" she asked, panicked. "No!" I growled, "No ambulance. Just feel down my back towards my ass for a popped disc." Her hands roamed and then she said, "Here. I feel it." She pressed her hands against it, sending new lightning bolts down my legs, and I peed myself. "I'm not strong enough!" she exclaimed. I grunted, "Use your weight. Maybe put your knee on it and apply pressure." She moved herself around, and I felt her knee press down...and after several attempts...click...the offensive disc had moved in a little. I felt tingles run down my legs to my toes. "Stand on it. Use all your weight." I said. She hadn't even removed her boots, yet, and stepped onto my back - the thick lugged soles of her work boots on my back - and raised up on my back. Click click POP...and I exhaled a sigh of some relief. Jennifer asked if I needed a doctor, or should she phone her aunt. I said, "Take off your boots. Help me get this damn shirt off, and then walk on me." Jennifer moved quickly, unlacing her boots, and yanking off her socks, and then she moved around to my head, her bare toes inches from my face, and she grabbed my shirt at the waist and began peeling it off of me. She let out a gasp, and I asked, "What's wrong?" She didn't answer...she just stood there. Suddenly, she walked away to the kitchen and I heard her punching numbers in the phone. "Jennifer!" I shouted from my position on the floor. I heard her hang up and when she returned, she said, "I've got a friend coming to help. She's a bit heavier than me." and she knelt beside me rubbing my back.

    Fifteen minutes, or so, later...Tammy arrived. Of course, I couldn't see her, aside from her winter boots, and she and Jennifer discussed my problem. "When I stood on it it popped back in." Jennifer explained. Tammy's boots came off, followed by her thick wool socks, and I saw her size 7 feet near my face. Her nails weren't painted. Her feet were fairly flat. She had short stubby toes. I felt a hand touch my lower back, followed by whispering, and Jennifer asked, "Do you mind if Tammy walks on you?" I shook my head no, and said, "I don't care if you both walk on me at the same time." Jennifer stood close to my body, I assume to help balance Tammy, and then I felt Tammy's foot press down on me, and then she raised up, both feet landing on my lower back...and my back went click pop click click POP. The pain washed away like a freaking miracle, and I sighed a deep moan. Tammy started to step off but, I protested, saying, "No, don't stop. Keep walking." Tammy began moving cautiously up my back...my back clicked and popped as she went...and then she reached my shoulders, and my neck popped. Jennifer giggled, and I asked, "What's so funny?" to which Jennifer said, "Tam just made a face when your neck popped". I chuckled, as best I could, and said, "Wait until she's doing it on my chest." Jennifer laughed, and said, "That's right. You have to stand on his chest to do it the right way." Tammy stepped off of my back. I carefully rolled onto my back and saw the two women standing over me. Tammy was on the chunky side but, still very pretty, and she looked nervous to be standing on a man's chest. She had pretty brown eyes and dark curly hair, and her hands were nice...although her finger nails weren't painted, either. I patted my chest, and said, "Come on, stranger. Step on up and become my friend." Tammy's face contorted, and she asked, "You sure you can handle this?" I nodded my head yes, and Jennifer said, "Oh, trust me. He can handle it."

    Tammy gently placed her right foot on my chest, in the center, and raised up, bringing the left foot along side the right. The pressure felt great as my back let out a light pop. Jennifer gave her instructions, as it were, and Tammy stared at Jennifer instead of looking down at me. She moved her feet side to side, and shifted her weight back and forth, and bounced gently up and down...and POP...my back cracked loudly. Tammy's face turned red, as if she'd hurt me, and Jennifer said, "Good one, Tam!" Then it came time for the infamous neck crack, and Tammy reluctantly hovered her bare sole over my face as she held Jennifer's shoulders for balance. Tammy's sole was so close to my face I could smell the musky aroma of her winter boot, and I could almost count the lines in her skin, as Jennifer talked her through it. Finally, Tammy's bare foot made contact with my face, her toes resting in my eye socket, and she started pressing down...crack...and she froze in fear thinking she'd broken my neck. I inhaled the musky aroma from the edge of her foot, and Jennifer said, "Okay. Now the other side." and Tammy switched feet, and placed her sole on my face. The ball of her foot was against my nose as she started pressing down...nothing...nothing...more pressure....and then CRACK...and she stood there frozen, again, as I inhaled the smell. Tammy moved her feet back side by side and stared down at me, and asked, "Feel better?" I smiled up at her, and said, "I sure do. Thank you." She stood there a minute, smiling down at me, and Jennifer said, "Mogli, you going to thank her feet?" I started to reach for her ankle, but Tammy stepped off, and said, "No. No touching my feet!" Jennifer said, "He was just going to kiss them to thank them." Tammy looked as if I'd broken a Cardinal Sin...and said, "No. That's fucking disgusting. Feet are gross. I'll walk on you any time you want but, my feet are ugly and that's that." Jennifer stepped up on my chest, and said, "Come on, Tam. Watch." and she held her foot to my face as I kissed the ball of her foot, inhaling the fetid smell, and then she switched feet, and I kissed the ball of that one, too, as I inhaled the stink. "See? Nothing to it." Jennifer said to her friend. Tammy's face turned angry, and she said, "Like I said, you call me to walk on you, if you need me, but nobody will ever touch, or kiss, my feet." And she sat in the chair and started putting her socks and boots back on.

    After Tammy left...I got up, used the bathroom, and changed into my sweat pants, and a t-shirt, and Jennifer was cooking us dinner...in her bare feet. Fantasies raced through my head of her stepping on my food, or resting her feet by my plate while I ate. "Sit. I've got this." Jennifer said, pouring me a coffee, "I'm just sorry I didn't come over sooner, poor guy." We ate while Jennifer talked about her day, and her friend Tammy, and a guy she'd met at work. "He's really cute, and friendly, and I'm hoping he'll ask me out." Jennifer said, beaming. After dinner...Jennifer did the dishes while I enjoyed another coffee. She slipped on her slippers as she helped me to the parlor, and said, "Let's watch a movie." Who was I to argue? She picked out a title she'd never seen, and covered me with the throw, and put her feet up on the coffee table. I couldn't help staring at the naked flesh peeking out from the slippers. Finally, I asked, "Have you ever had a pedicure?" Jennifer laughed, and said, "Why should I pay someone to do it? I can do my own." and she flipped off one slipper to show me the nail polish, and said, "Well, they're a little overdue for new polish but, they're nice and smooth." Oh, my friends, how I wanted those feet in my face. "I'll treat you to a pedicure." I said, smiling. "You going to paint my nails?" she asked, laughing. "No, silly girl. I will treat you to a real pedicure...at a shop." She laughed, and said, "okay with me. It's your money." And we sat watching the rest of the movie. "You up for some laughter?" I asked, hoping to kiss and smell her feet again. "No, not tonight. I'm really tired." She put her socks and boots on and patted my arm as she said good-bye...and out the door she went.

    More to Come...Soon.
  5. bottombob

    bottombob Active Member

    Oh wow, you were down for a while it was great Tammy stopped by and when Jennifer called her I can feel your pain been there done that!
  6. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    I'm glad that Jennifer came to help you with your back issue, and got her friend Tammy to assist.
  7. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Over the next couple of days I popped pain meds and stretched every which way to keep my back loose. Then on the third day I awoke to sunlight and melting snow. The gutters were dripping. The driveway was just wet. I got dressed and grabbed a coffee and headed out to the garage. It was a beautiful day. I dug out an old carburetor that had been sitting on the shelf, and searched through the drawers for the rebuild kit I'd bought awhile back. I found the jet kit, and the jet cleaners - little wires with bristles for cleaning the jets - and everything was going great...until a strange car pulled into the driveway and a young tough guy got out. He was probably nineteen or twenty years old, with thick curly black hair, and dark complexion. He started towards the deck when he saw the open garage door and spun on his heel. He trudged towards me so, I stood up to confront him, and he sucker punched me in the cheek...spinning me around. I spit blood and a piece of broken molar on the concrete floor of the garage as the rage ripped through my body. I charged at him, fists flying, as I drove him backwards towards his car, and then I grabbed him by the throat and slammed his head through the door glass of his car, as I growled, "Who the fuck are you?" He fell at my feet, unconscious, and lay on the cold wet ground. I paced back and forth, angry and ready to kill this kid, as I contemplated what to do. Then he stirred and started to get up...so, I kneed him in the face, smashing his head against the door of the car. "Who are you?" I demanded. He stared up at me, his eyes glazed with concussion, and said, "My friends call me Thumper." I burst out laughing, and said, "Well asshole, I'm not your friend! Who the fuck are you?" I yanked him to his feet, my face inches away from his, and growled, "Start talking, asshole, or I'm going to hurt you bad." Just then...Jay pulled in.

    "My name's Johnny and I'm here because you've been chasing my girl friend." the kid said, wiping blood from his nose. "I'm not chasing anyone, asshole." I growled, as Jay grabbed his arm. We dragged him into the garage, and Jay locked the kid's arms behind his back as I picked up a hammer from the work bench. "Who's your girl friend?" Jay asked. The kid spit blood at me. I hit him in the knee with the hammer. "Answer the man, asshole, or it's going to get worse." I growled. After he finished cringing in pain, he said, "Mandy Xxxxxxx." I looked at Jay and Jay shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know anyone by that name, asshole. You come flying in here with a hard-on for me and I don't even know the bitch you're talking about." I said, and swung the hammer at his groin. He screamed out. "She works at the library in town." he said, wincing in pain. Jay and I burst out laughing, and I said, "The library! I haven't been in the library in years." I swung the hammer, again, and hit him in the balls. He cried out, jerking left and right, but Jay had a hold of him. Tears welled up in the kid's eyes as pain raced through him. "Aren't you known as Wino Pete?" the kid asked, "And you ride a blue and green chopper?" I swung the hammer, again, and clipped the kid's knee. "Do you see a blue and green chopper in my garage, asshole?" The kid looked around nervously, and said, "No." Suddenly, a light went on in Jay's head, and he said, "Oh shit, bro! He's talking about the cat from Xxxxx Xxxxxx M/C!" Then it hit me...I knew the guy he was looking for. A real low life. "Let him go, Jay." I said, dropping the hammer on the bench. "Kid, today's your lucky day, see. Because you busted one of my teeth and I'm pissed over it but, you've got balls, I'll give you that. You want Wino Pete? We'll help you nail him." The kid's face lit up as he realized he was out of trouble. I grabbed a pair of pliers from the bench and fished out the other part of my tooth, spitting blood as I moaned, and dropped it on the bench by the hammer. "Jay, you're driving." I said, as I clicked off the lights in the garage. We climbed into Jay's truck and headed into town.

    Wino Pete's house was a ramshackle dilapidated sty. A rusty old pick-up sat out front, and his blue and green chopper sat partially covered under a lean-to, and the shutters were falling off the place. The windows probably hadn't been washed in twenty years. Jay kicked the rickety gate open and we walked up the broken sidewalk to the door. Jay pounded on the door and I waved the kid to step aside. Wino Pete jerked the door open, in his underwear and a filthy t-shirt, and growled, "Who the fuck...?" and Jay punched him in the face knocking him backwards into his house. The kid moved like a predator as he assaulted the drunken scum that had been hitting on his girl. By the time it was over...Wino Pete looked like he'd gone four rounds in the ring. Wino Pete looked up at Jay and myself through his one open eye, and realized who we were. "Hey, whoa!" he begged. "Stay away from the chick at the library or else!" Jay growled. I leaned over, although my back was tightening up, and said, "Don't mess with that girl, or her boyfriend, here, or we'll be visiting your Clubhouse. Got it, scumbag?" Wino Pete nodded his head up and down vigorously. We walked out leaving Wino Pete black and blue and bloodied in his filth.

    Back at my house...the kid thanked me. "You ride, kid?" I asked. He said, "Yea, I got a bike." I turned to Jay, and said, "Introduce this kid to Big Tony. I think he'd be a good asset for the crew." Jay nodded his head yes, and patted the kid on the back. I shook the kid's hand and he and Jay pulled out at the same time. I went inside to take more medication.

    More to Come...Soon.
  8. bottombob

    bottombob Active Member

    Now that’s a way to recruit
  9. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    The medication made me sleepy so, I hit the couch for a nap and didn't wake up until Jennifer showed up to check on me. "You cooking dinner, bud?" she asked, removing her boots and putting on her slippers. "I just woke up." I said, lighting a cigarette, "And why can't you cook dinner for a change?" Jennifer sat down at the kitchen table, and said, "If I cook I'm not doing dishes. If you cook I have to do the dishes. What's your preference?" I started dinner. Jennifer was in a good mood and she talked about the guy she'd met and he'd asked her out but, she was playing hard to get. When Jennifer reached for the ashtray she noticed my busted knuckles, and asked, "What's that about?" I shrugged my shoulders, and said, "I was out in the garage this morning." She bought it, and went on talking.

    After dinner...Jennifer slid off her slippers and pulled off her socks. She sat staring at her feet for a moment, and asked, "Do you think my feet are pretty?" I almost choked on my coffee, and said, "Why do you ask?" She slid on her slippers, and said, "Tammy was talking about you kissing feet and that...maybe you have a fetish, or something. She also said she thought it odd that you'd rather have young women walk on you rather than go to a chiropractor." I chuckled, and asked, "What's your take on all this? What if I do have a foot fetish? Does that change our friendship any?" Jennifer puffed on a joint while thinking it over, and finally said, "Well, I guess whatever floats your boat, kind of thing, but no...it doesn't change our friendship, at all." I smiled at her and changed the subject. Finally, Jennifer got up to start the dishes, and I cleared my throat. She looked at me, and asked, "What? What's on your mind?" I shrugged my shoulders, and said, "You're going to do the dishes...want to crack my back, too?" Jennifer slumped her shoulders, and made a face at me, and said, "Alright, for Pete's sake. Get on the floor." I quickly moved to the front of the cabinet and Jennifer kicked off her slippers. "I'm wondering, "she said, stepping up on my chest, "if Tammy's right. Maybe you are one of those perverted guys you read about in the papers. As I started to talk, Jennifer hushed me up with her bare foot on my mouth, and said, "I'm working here, bud." and laughed. I, on the other hand, lay perfectly still inhaling the funky stench of Jennifer's foot. Three quarters of the way through the dishes...Jennifer stepped on my face, full weight, and leaned the fry pan against the strainer, and stepped off. As her feet came together, side by side, my back went POP, and Jennifer looked down at me and smiled. "This doesn't get you out of your responsibility, mister." and I looked up at her, and asked, "What responsibility?" Jennifer stared down at me, and said, "I plan on giggling tonight." I felt cum ooze in my shorts.

    After the dishes were done, Jennifer excused herself to use the bathroom. I picked up her socks and sniffed them quickly...and moved into the parlor. Jennifer yelled from the kitchen, "You want another coffee?" I yelled back, "Sure." and she stirred up two coffees. She picked a movie and popped it in the player, and sat sideways on the couch, facing me. "You never answered me, earlier, and I'm kind of curious." she said, kicking off her slippers. My mind rushed through our earlier conversations, and then I asked, "What? Why don't I go to a chiropractor?" Jennifer laughed, and playfully kicked me with her bare foot. "No, you goof! Do you think my feet are pretty?" she asked. So, I playfully grabbed her feet, and pulled them to my face, kissing them passionately, and said, "I do. I think they're beautiful. I love your feet. I love them!" all the while laughing hysterically...as cum oozed into my shorts. Jennifer got laughing so hard she nearly spilled her coffee, and squealed, "I knew it! I knew it! Tammy was right about you!" I thought she was going to pee her pants. We played with each other for ten minutes while the previews played, and then Jennifer said, "Come on, ya perv...the movie's starting." and plopped her bare feet in my lap. I prayed she wouldn't feel the wet spot in my jeans. Halfway through the movie, Jennifer asked, "Want something sweet?" and I figured she meant candy, so, I said, "Absolutely." and when I turned my head she stuck her toes in my mouth and burst out laughing. "Oh, you little tease! I was hoping for some candy." I said, laughing. "Oh, my toes aren't sweet enough for you? Maybe if I had some candies between my toes you'd be happy." Jennifer said, still laughing wildly. I looked at her with a very serious face, and said, "Maybe you're right. Candies in the cupboard to the right of the sink." Jennifer jumped up and ran to the kitchen laughing her ass off. Then her laughter stopped...and she said, "Mogli, you've got company."

    I got up and walked towards the kitchen expecting to find all the cabinets open, or something like that, but a few of the Xxxxx Xxxxxx M/C stood on the deck. "Jennifer, go into my bathroom and lock yourself in. Don't ask any questions...just do it!" and Jennifer rushed passed me. I had no weapons on me at all. My guns were in the bedroom...except for the one under the sofa cushion, and my blades were stashed all over the house but, nothing within reach. I cautiously opened the door, and said, "Please, come in out of the cold." Three of them came inside while the other three stood guard on the deck. "Sorry to bother you, Mogli, but...Wino Pete took a beat-down today and he said you were involved." said Rascal, the Sergeant at Arms for the Club. I backed towards the knife rack expecting a melee but, Rascal wasn't looking for a fight. "I'm here to apologize for our Brother and ask you and your Club for forgiveness. We'll deal with Pete accordingly." and he extended his hand. I stared at his hand for a moment, and said, "What's the deal?" Rascal explained, "We don't want no trouble with you, you know? We're in good standings with your crew and we don't want anyone, or anything, messing that up. We bow to you guys as leaders in our community." I took his hand and shook it. "Thank you." I said, smiling. The other two guys shook my hand, too. "Mogli, if you have any issues with any of our boys...you call me, or Joey D. and we'll square things up." Rascal said, and he waved his boys out the door.

    After they'd left...I called Jennifer out of the bathroom, and then phoned Jay. "Holy crap!" Jennifer exclaimed, looking pale, "Those guys were mean looking." Jay returned my call within minutes, and I told him what had happened. "No shit, brother!" he said, laughing, "That's awesome!" I hung up the phone. Jennifer asked, nervously, "Do you still want candy?" I laughed, and said, "You bet your sweet ass I do." Jennifer laughed, and asked, "Do you think my ass is pretty?" I dropped to my knees behind her as she reached up into the cupboard, and buried my face in her ass, and said, "I do! I love your adorable little ass. I love it!" and she laughed hysterically as I kissed her ass. She turned around, and said, "It must be true what my aunt says. All you perverts are alike!" and she burst out laughing. We went back to watch the movie, which we had to rewind, and Jennifer opened the bag of candy.

    More to Come...Soon.
  10. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Jennifer ate some candy before lighting up another joint. I sat staring at the movie as fantasies raced through my dirty mind. Suddenly, Jennifer's bare foot appeared inches from my face her toes adorned with festive colored candies between them. I used my tongue to remove each piece, and then Jennifer said, "Okay, that's gross." I looked at her - shocked, and asked, "What's gross?" And Jennifer quickly wiped her foot on my pant leg, and said, "Your tongue between my toes. That's gross!" I shrugged, and she continued, "It feels like stepping on a slug, and now...my toes feel slimy. Not to mention, mister pervert, that I've worked all day in my heavy boots and my feet have got to be beyond disgusting. Then factor in the whole toe jam, stink, and bacteria between my toes..." and she wrinkled up her nose. I felt my heart sink in my chest. I figured it was the end of a good thing...no more pretty young feet. I stared at the television without seeing it. Then Jennifer held her other foot to my face, and said, "Try this one." and I used my tongue, again, to remove the candy from between her toes. Jennifer jerked her feet back, stamping them on the cushion, as she squealed, "Ew! That feels disgusting." I felt crushed. Jennifer turned towards the television and slid her slippers on. I figured that was it. She'd probably never talk to me again. She'd definitely never let me tickle her feet after this. Minutes ticked by as I hoped the movie would end. Then Jennifer turned towards me, again, and held a slippered foot out to me, and said, "Hold out your hands." So, I held my cupped hands beneath her slipper and she wiggled her foot...and candy fell into my hands, warm and wet, and she smiled at me. I put the four or five pieces in my mouth and savored the taste. "Now," Jennifer said, smirking, "that's better. Gross for you because you're eating my foot sweat, and stuff, but not so gross for me...unless I stick to my slipper." and she laughed, "So, here's the deal, mister pervy dude...no more licking my toes but, you can still make me laugh by tickling my feet with your goatee." I agreed to her concession. The movie ended and Jennifer looked at the clock, and said, "Alright bud, I guess I'm out of here. I'm busy the next few days but I'll see you soon, huh?" I said, "Goodnight, buddy. Thank you for not freaking out earlier." She looked at me funny, and asked, "When you were licking my toes?" and she waved her hand, like...it was no big deal. I said, "No, dummy! When the guys showed up and I told you to go lock yourself in the bathroom." She burst out laughing, and said, "Oh, sorry. Yea, that was kind of scary but, those guys are afraid of you. I heard the conversation, you know, and you must be one bad ass of a man for them to act like that." I shrugged my shoulders, and just smiled.

    The following night...I was called to Big Tony's shop for a meeting. There were twelve of Tony's crew seated around the shop, and Big Tony stood at the front. "Ah, here he comes now." Big Tony said. The topic of conversation was the kid, Johnny, aka Thumper. The meeting lasted twenty-seven minutes and the vote was unanimous to allow Thumper to be a 'hang around'. Big Tony took the floor, again, and said, "We'll feel the kid out and see if he's 'prospect' material. See if he can handle the daily shit, you know." And the door to the shop opened...and Thumper walked in. "You want to talk to him, Mogli?" Big Tony asked. I said, "Yea, gimme a few minutes with him alone." and I grabbed the kid and dragged him out the side door into the yard. "You listening, kid?" I asked, and he said, yes, "You've been accepted as hang around, kid. You know what that is?" He looked at me like a deer in the headlights. "You'll have to prove yourself to the Club. Prove to the Brothers that you're worthy of becoming a prospect. Can you handle that?" The kid's face lit up. "If you fuck up...it's on you. You'll answer to every one of these guys that are patch holders. Got it? If you piss any of them off...you'll get your ass kicked. Take it like a man. You make prospect...you're going to be put through the ringer." The kid shook my hand as if he'd just won the lottery. "Go on, get back inside. Big Tony wants to talk to you." I hung out drinking coffee with a few of the boys, and Jay had a talk with the kid.

    The next night...I was taking the trash out when the kid pulled in the driveway. He had his girl friend with him, and wanted to introduce me to her. Mandy was pretty, with strawberry blonde hair, and a cheerleader's body, and she looked amazing in her floral blue dress and blue heels. I invited them inside and offered them drinks. Mandy took a soda and the kid joined me in a cup of coffee. Mandy smiled at me, and said, "You've made him so happy...helping him meet other riders, and all." I laughed, and thought about how we met. "Johnny said you helped him get a job at your friends shop, too. That's so nice of you." she continued, "And I can't wait to meet some of the other guys." I laughed. After they left...I retired to the parlor to watch television. Then came a knock on the door...

    Tammy stood at the door waiting for me to open it. She smiled, and asked, "Do you mind me stopping by?" I said, 'No', and she said, "I was passing by and figured I'd stop to see how your back's doing." I invited her into the parlor, and she said, "I'll walk on you, if you want, while we talk." I shrugged, and said, "Sounds good to me."

    More to Come...Soon.
  11. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    I enjoyed reading the latest updates. Jennifer seems cool, even if she doesn't like having a tongue between her toes. It was good to see thing end up well with Johnny, given how they started. And now Tammy stopped by to walk on your back. I'm interested to find out how that went.
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  12. bottombob

    bottombob Active Member

    Real up and down but real fun sounding
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  13. moglijohnson

    moglijohnson Active Member

    Tammy removed her boots and stood in her socks while I got on the floor. Her socked feet were warm and moist as she stepped up on me. She asked questions, like; How long have you known Jennifer, why don't go to a chiropractor, what kind of kicks do you get out of being walked on, do you have a foot fetish, are you a serial killer. I laughed and joked my way through the interrogation as Tammy cracked my back, and stood on my chest. She managed to get a few minor pops out of me but nothing extreme. Then, she sat sideways on my chest, and put her boots on...all the while still talking. Finally, she stood up, and said, "Thanks for the chat." I sat up and said, "Thanks for the walk." and she left.

    The next morning...I drove to the shop to visit Big Tony and Jay, neither of whom were there, so I talked to the kid instead. He was doing an oil change on an older car and had the stereo playing. We talked for a few minutes and I went back into the office to grab a coffee. Then the kid came in with the paperwork for the oil change, and said, "Another one done." I asked him how he liked the new job, and he said, "It's great, man. I'm doing what I like and learning new stuff. You know, it's pretty cool." He pulled out the car from the bay and pulled in with another car. I watched him, trying to read the kid, a little, and he seemed very detail oriented and focused. Then he called out to me, "Mogli, how long do I have to be a hang around?" I laughed, and said, "That's up to Big Tony and the boys." He raised the car up on the lift, and pointed to the corner with a wrench, and said, "That's my bike, there." It was a rat, with oil leaks everywhere, and rusted/pitted chrome, and bald tires. There was a rip in the seat, too. "Well," I said, scratching my goatee, "the first thing you have to do is clean up that junk pile you're calling a bike. Take some pride in what you ride." The kid looked at me for a moment, and asked, "Can you teach me?" I thought about it while I sipped my coffee, and said, "I'll think about it, kid. I'll think about it."

    That night...I was in Big Tony's shop helping the kid tear down the rat bike. There were parts spread out all over, and nuts and bolts and brackets lined the work bench. Then we started tearing down the motor. The kid acted like we were killing his bike. I sat on a stool and started a list of parts he needed to order...and Jay walked in. "Hot damn, old man!" Jay exclaimed, "You takin' this kid under your wing?" I laughed, and said, "Seems like I am." The kid smiled ear to ear. Jay jumped in and helped, too. Before long...about three and a half hours later...it was stripped down to the frame. "Tomorrow I'll swing by and pick up the frame and a couple of the brackets and I'll drop it off for degreasing and powder coat." The kid looked nervous. Jay said, "Relax kid. The old man knows what he's doing." But the kid said, "I don't have much money, I mean..." and Jay cut him off, and said, "Quit worrying. Come spring you'll thank us." I scrubbed the grease from my hands and said "Goodnight" and headed for home.

    I ate a light meal, due to it being late, and went to bed. I was only asleep about an hour when the phone rang. It was Bette...too drunk to drive herself home. I got up and dressed and headed out to get her. I was yawning when she climbed in the truck. "I'm shorry I calt so late." she slurred. I started towards her house. "Can we shtop for brefest?" she asked, petting my arm. "No, I'm exhausted and you're drunk." I said. Bette pouted, and then said, "If ya take me for brefest I'll suck your cock." I burst out laughing, and said, "Ain't going to happen, Bette. Not tonight. Not ever." She started to cry. I parked in her driveway and helped her into the house. "Come on, big boy..." she slurred, "take off my closhe." and then she puked down the front of herself. I helped her undress, and she kept pawing at my groin. I helped her into her sweats, and said, "Sleep on your side, and if you're going to puke...the garbage can is right here." And I left.

    More to Come...Soon.
  14. bottombob

    bottombob Active Member

    Man I hate puking drunk chicks but their still sorta fun when not puking. I had one at lil ceasers pizza joint with my friends, she was so drunk, I tried getting her home when a little league team just came in after a winning game. She was so mouthy drunk my friends took off, leaving me with her. I Finely pulled her out before any trouble started to take off, got her home and left, didn’t have much to do with my friends for about a year after that, just went on a long ride meeting new people before I came back home
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  15. OneAuthor

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    It's great that you took the kid under your wing like that. Bette seemed like quite the handful when drunk. But I'm glad that you got her home safely.

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