Revenge for my bitchy aunt!

Discussion in 'Hot Topic Zone ... & the Flame Pit' started by john235, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. john235

    john235 New Member

    So you all guys know that I had been caught by my aunt when licking her boots and all you know everything else after, luckily it went ok for me. Suprisingley she went here again and I told my mum to tell her that I'm in city, but truth is I was in other room hiding and go out through the window and open the door with my keys and then sucked and cummed on her and also on her bitchy daughter (20) boots!!! Who are you going to blame now aunt bitch!? HA-HA.

    Firstly I sniff them, then lick it, suck it and when I got a hard erection I cum on them! I did it both in for like 20 minutes, at 2nd cumshoot there is much less sperm beacuse I cummed 20 minutes before, but still good, what do you think guys?

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  2. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

    I think you haven't been listening to our advice.
  3. flapjak

    flapjak Platflattened

    Need attention? :think:

    You ask what we think? I'm here for femdom and trample, not to see pictures your jiz on your aunt's boots that you literally broke in and entered to get to. Pretty sick, and not to mention nasty. :barf2:

    Get :help:.
  4. Sauur

    Sauur Well-Known Member

    Eh I don't think he's being honest. This sounds made up IMO.
  5. celticfc

    celticfc Active Member

    Next time she catches you
    Her daughter will kick your ass ha ha
  6. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    You come here (supposedly) in trouble, ask for advice, get good advice from experiened people & then compound the problem.

    Your actions now tell me you are not yet 18 & should not be on here anyway.
  7. john235

    john235 New Member

    Wow man why so much hate and insulting now??? Yeah ofc I cleaned them with sponge and none didn't notice anything, some guy in this topic is judging me how I am sick and I need to get some help, really didn't expecting so much insulting on fetish forum where some people are real slaves to dommes, getting ballbusting, strap-oned and all the crazy stuff.

    Yeah you guys gave me some good advices and I appreciate all that and everything went fine and I just taught it will be interesting for you to send you some pictures of this adventure but you insulting me and saying I'm not even 18, even I am 23. Well if that's the case then I would love to ask admin or moderator to delete my account and all my posts beacuse if this is the atmosphere I don't want to participate on this forum anymore. :(
  8. ilickshoes

    ilickshoes Member

    This has been bullshit from the beginning. Just a mater of time before it was sniffed out.

    This bunch will call you out if you are not truthful . Not much gets by Marcus , bfrug, flapjack , Saur and the boys.

    Cheers Fellas
  9. flapjak

    flapjak Platflattened

    "why so much hate and insulting now??"

    You get heat from us because you are young and have a thick head and don't listen.

    Your response here shows nothing of what we have told you is sinking in.
    Only crying "why are you so mean to me?"

    There are boundaries that you don't cross, even if you are the type of man who gets off just with a woman's shoes.

    Yes we are fetishists of different stripes, but we don't do things with our family members, and we don't break in and take people's property without their permission. We actually care not to give the rest of us a bad name, and try to guide guys like you out of your aunt's proverbial and literal closets, and into respectful consensual relationships with women who can cater do and even enjoy your fetish with you.

    You ever hear of boot-blacking? You should learn about it. It's consensual.

    When you don't listen, and then proudly post your wrongful escapades here with pics of your jiz, what do you expect?

    Seems the buzz of your thrill-seeking and childish defiance of your aunt are more at play here than just a "shoe fetish." The way you described it, cumming on her's and your cousin's shoes is like a fetish sexual "conquest" to you. The thrill of breaking and entering and then posting pics to the world is as much what you are getting off on than the shoes. We know the story, we've seen it all before here, and we now where guys like you end up if you don't take heed eventually (whether you stay or leave the forum) - in the news and in jail.

    Like Chuck Jones, an oldie but interesting now because with the ex-wife of the current US Prez elect:

    So yes, please get :help:. Talk to a therapist.
  10. john235

    john235 New Member

    What a tons of rage and hate in one post, if somebody told me before that I would hear this on one of the most famous fetish forums I would tell him he is crazy. People in here post some fucking ugly things about their balls bleeding, their penis devasted from trampling of high heels and a lot of different stuff, I get caught just licking my aunt boots, she blackmails me, hit me few times, for the revenge I cummed on her boots, clean them and just post few pictures of it and suddenly everybody behaves like fucking primadonas who heard it for the first time? Sounds fucking fair, sainthood.

    And this part about "guys like me end up in jail" haha, what a stupid statement! You really like to type bullshit and enlarge things ha? For the first time in my life I did something like this and in reality didn't even feel so arousing, but, having my aunt caught me, blackmail me, and hit me I decided to take some revenge and that's it. I'm not even anymore addicted to this type of fetish, but no, people in here instantly start to judge me and type some bullshit like it's ain't real story, well it fucking is, I don't have and reason to lie and I don't give a fuck what you all gonna think, my story is honest from A to Z, if you don't like it and judge me anyway then feel free to ban/delete my account beacuse I really don't want to participate in here anymore with this atmosphere.
  11. Hehe...
    I know some Ladies who would do some more (especially cruel) things to you than hit you or blackmail you...for abusing their shoes without permission.
    Would you like to akt in some clips? I would open a special new store for it! :)
    "The merciless punished shoe wanker" or something like that :)
    Imagine some idiot is pissing in your shoes because He loves to do that.
    After that he jerks off right into your daughters shoes!
    What do YOU think?
  12. flapjak

    flapjak Platflattened

    Nobody "hates" you. But we do call you out if you are acting like an immature idiot, in this or any other fetish forum.

    Your "revenge" was both childish and STUPID. Work it out with your aunt some other way. Learn to be an honorable adult man. Grow up.

    And pleeeeese, stop crying that everyone is "so mean to me!!!" :tear::cry::sigh: . Are you are also too immature to take some hard feedback? If we really didn't give a shit, we wouldn't even bother, really.

    If you still can't comprehend how everything else you described as being on here is consensual, in contrast to everything you did that was not, you are having very basic problems deciphering the difference between consensual kink and invasion. Try harder.

    OK, now that is over, perhaps there is some hope for you in the future, and you won't be yet another of many Chuck Jones.


    Look it up.
  13. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator


    Do yourself a favour & look up what "consensual" means - that if the difference between what many members & yourself do.

    You clearly cannot deal with home truths & are not too happy with the response(s) your childish behavaiour provoked after recieving good advice from experienced people.

    TBH, it was not the brightest thing to do, posting pictures of your aunt (if indeed it was her). Having "got away with it" you should have left it alone, well alone.

    As you are clearly unhappy here then please close the door on the way out.
  14. john235

    john235 New Member

    Woooow I'm so scared of you pathetic loser and your "cruel ladies". Bitch get what she deserved and if she wants to play more I find many materials about her that I am going to launch to every aspect of her life, so if she wants to play like a bitch, am I going to treat her like the filthiest one. Now get the fuck out of me and go to your ladies, they need to humiliate your small penis.

    You have some serious problems to understand anything and you only know to type some bullshit, obviously you are some creepy old loser who didn't achieve nothing in life and now you are coming in here to judge and give some advices to others, fuck off from me.

    From all others, ok, but from you man, I really didn't expect crap like this. You really don't need to teach me what consensual means beacuse I know it better then most of idioits in here, I messed up, fixed my problem, took for myself and get that bitch off from me, and I would do it again if it's needed in more brutal way if she wants to fuck with me again. I done my job and if some people in here don't love it or judge or what ever da fuck else it's really not my problem and I would leave this forum beacuse there are much more forums where people can post things like this normal without any public ranting and savage. All best.
  15. flapjak

    flapjak Platflattened

    "I messed up, fixed my problem, took for myself and get that bitch off from me, and I would do it again if it's needed in more brutal way if she wants to fuck with me again."

    If you were really some tough guy revenge-getter "solving your problem" (?!!) and not just a little b!Tch, you would have LEFT YOUR JIZ ON THE SHOES AND IN THE CLOSET FOR YOUR AUNT AND COUSIN TO FIND.

    Instead, you ever so neatly wiped them clean :eek:, but not before taking photos immortalizing your "brutal" goopy invasion and vandalizing effort, expecting you are going to get "yays!" of approval and a fucking :lildog: medal from a fetish forum.:realfunny:

    What I've done in my life runs rings around what you have ever done. And I'm not spooging in the dark in women's shoe closets like a little loser or having pathetic pissy fights with my aunt.

    OK, you said that you were leaving, twice. Now let's see if you really ban yourself and leave this thread because you "really don't give a fuck what we think". Can you try to be a man and do what you say you are going to do, and walk away?

    We doubt it.
  16. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    It's about time this thread was whooshed away to the flame pit - we have not had a decent bunfight for ages...........
  17. john235

    john235 New Member

    Looks like someone wants to look like a warrior and successful man behind keyboard, nice try, especially with all those smiles. The fact I didn't leave the cum doesn't mean they won't see any pictures of it if it's needed, and not only they...

    You fat faggot who thinks being married to some fat, ugly, disgusting bitch is something worthy? Wow I'm so happy for you, keep going! You are the man! And if you didn't know, I can't ban my profile by myself, only admin/mod can do this, so I'm still waiting, fat faggot :thebird:
  18. flapjak

    flapjak Platflattened

    "beacuse [sic] if this is the atmosphere I don't want to participate on this forum anymore. :("
    "I would leave this forum beacuse [sic] there are much more forums where people can post things like this normal without any public ranting and savage. All best."
    "I really don't want to participate in here anymore with this atmosphere."

    YOU"RE BAAAACK! What a surprise? How predictable. Couldn't keep away, could you? :clap:

    You can't help yourself because you are "waiting to be deleted"? Not your fault because no one is preventing you from posting? It's called "self-control," kind of like what you practice to not break into people's belongings without permission, or not to wanking-off in mommy's closet. Oh, that's right, you don't know how to stop doing that.

    "The fact I didn't leave the cum doesn't mean they won't see any pictures of it if it's needed, and not only they..."

    Lemme see, uh, you could both leave jiz AND take pictures. Apparently, too scary for you. Because this time your aunt and your mommy and your cousin would then all beat you up. Since this is a femdom forum, many of us would love to see THAT video, especially if they stomp the shit out of you with the same shoes you defiled. :D Sell on clips4sale, since you now have a great backstory and pent-up demand. Then jiz on your mom's shoes, repeat, send your life ever further down the toilet. You can stay forever in your mom's basement, and you will die alone with no friends suffocating under your wank of the women's shoes you bought at the Salvation Army, but at least it would be entertaining. :thebird:

    Yeah, bfrug, I thought we could maybe reach him, but he is kind of a lost cause. I remember a couple of other guys just like him years ago, who knows where they are now. I'm not much in to the mood for Flame Pit, I've got a lot better things to do. I'll let you and the mods all deal with him, since he insists on "sticking" around, pun intended.
  19. john235

    john235 New Member

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH what a hero! Please go on, you are so funny, keyboard warrior on it's best. Fucking disgusting pig tells somebody what to do, go clean your wife's toilet bitch haha, you are so ugly your mommy probably had diarhea when she born you. If I'm such a "problem" or "shame" for this saint forum why don't you all just ban me and solve the case you nazis?
  20. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Is it just me or has this spermy cretin suddenly "grown up" ?

    His original posts did appear to have been made by someone pre-pubescent, but now they seem to be a bit more "older" ?

    Unless of course at some point his bollocks have dropped.

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