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Ride by Orca

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by uptoolate, May 7, 2018.

  1. uptoolate

    uptoolate New Member

    All credit goes to "Orca"

    Ride by Orca

    I met Grace while I was mountain biking on Mount Tam. We'd both arrived at the

    top of the hill around sunset and I was taken with her from the first time I saw

    her. She was taller than I was with broad shoulders and a body that was to die

    for. Her long, flowing red hair framed her beautiful face in a way that would

    have made most models cry.

    I was trying to think of a way to introduce myself to her when she came over to

    me. "Nice tattoo," she said, pointing to the one on my left arm. That was all it


    Once the ice had been broken, we spent the next half an hour talking and

    watching the sun set. I hadn't come out here to scope women today, but things

    seemed to be working out well with her. Just before we took off for the bottom

    of the hill, she gave me her number and told me to call her.

    The following week, I did just that. We both had pretty busy schedules, so

    meeting during the week wasn't possible. She suggested that we go on a mountain

    bike ride in Santa Cruz on Sunday morning. Sounded great to me. From that time

    on, I had visions of her amazing body riding beside me while we went up and down

    the Santa Cruz mountains.

    When Sunday morning came, I called her and asked where she wanted to meet. She

    told me to ride over to her place and that she would drive. She didn't live far,

    so it didn't take me long to get there. When I did, she told me that she wanted

    to get some coffee and a Danish before we took off.

    The coffee that she got came in the Marsha Clark Super-size that would have

    powered an Amtrack train from here to Salt Lake City. Not only did she have a

    Danish with it, but an apple and a banana, too.

    We got onto the road and took off for Santa Cruz. On the way down, we talked

    about our respective biking experiences. She had taken off on a trip down to

    South America, riding through Columbia and Argentina by herself. I was suitably

    impressed, but was no slouch, either. After all, I had ridden the Marin

    Headlands and Mount Tam a number of times, as well as some of the hills in Lake

    Tahoe. I thought we would be pretty evenly matched.

    When we got to the trailhead in Santa Cruz, she parked the car and we got ready

    for the ride. She looked so hot in her riding shorts, tights, sport top, and

    short, clip-on riding shoes. She also had a light backpack with her, which I

    assumed held some water, a few snacks, and a towel, as mine did.

    I was just about ready to take off when she came up to me. "This trail goes

    straight to the top of this mountain. It's about five miles long, and there are

    no turn-offs."

    "Sounds good," I replied.

    "Want to make a bet on who gets there first?"

    "What do I win," I asked.

    "Let's make it interesting. Loser is the slave to the winner for the rest of

    the day."

    Sounded great to me. "You'll do anything I say, huh?"

    She nodded. "And you'll do whatever I say."

    "You'll have to beat me to the top, first," I said, turning my bike to the

    beginning of the climb.

    "See you there," she said.

    The first few legs of the trip were no sweat. The incline wasn't nearly as

    steep as I had expected, so I was flying up the hill. From the beginning, Grace

    was behind me and she kept getting further and further back. At one point in

    time, I was on a straight section about a hundred yards long and when I turned

    off of it, she was nowhere to be seen. I couldn't wait to see her on her knees

    in front of me after I had won the bet.

    Not long after the straightaway, the incline of the hill took a nasty increase.

    I was switching into my lower gears to compensate, but it was tough. I focused

    on my breathing and gave it my all.

    A few minutes after beginning this grueling new angle, I heard someone behind

    me and was astonished to see Grace about fifty feet behind me and gaining fast.

    I leaned into the bike and gave it everything I had so that I could put some

    distance between us. Gears changed, muscles strained, and sweat poured off of my


    About a minute later, I turned to look behind me, but never got to look beyond

    my rear wheel. She was right on top of me and pulling away. I tried to summon

    more energy from my legs, but I was running at maximum. "See you at the top,

    slave-boy," she said with a smirk as she passed me.

    She pulled way faster than I would have thought possible. Apparently, her South

    American ride had prepared her well for hills like this one. All I could hope

    for is that her energy would fail her sometime before the top of the hill, which

    we were three-quarters of the way up.

    I continued to pour myself into the ride, but she continued to pull away, until

    I could no longer see her. By the time I got to the top, she had her helmet off,

    her water out, and her feet stretched out in front of her. "Took you long

    enough," she said. "I hope you're ready to serve me."

    "Can I at least get some water first?"

    "Sure. You're going to need it. But first, take off all of your clothes."

    So this was losing? A gorgeous girl orders me to strip while she watches me?

    And I had thought losing was supposed to be bad.

    I removed my shorts and shirt first, throwing them into a heap a few feet away.

    Next came the riding shoes and socks. When I was naked, I got out my water

    bottle and took some long slugs. While I drank, Grace came over to me with her

    backpack in hand.

    "That's enough. Put it down and then put your hands behind your back."

    "You're not going to hurt me, are you," I said, placing the bottle on the


    "Shut up. You speak when I tell you to." I felt her put the cuffs on my hands,

    closing them tightly around my wrists. When she was done with that, she cuffed

    my ankles together. "Now, slave, you will do exactly as you're told, or else you

    will suffer. Do you understand?"

    "Sure, but what--" she cut me off with the back of her hand, which sent me

    reeling to the ground. She leaped on me and sat on my chest.

    "I told you! You speak only when I tell you to!" A strong slap across the face

    reinforced the point. "Now, you weak pathetic male, you will serve me, just as

    you should."

    She stood up over me and put her right foot on my chest. The toe of her shoe

    traced a path from my upper chest to my lips. "Kiss it."

    "This isn't what I was--" my sentence was halted by her foot kicking me in the

    balls, hard enough to make me nearly pass out. Once again, she swooped down on

    to me, this time with her face a few inches from mine, and her hand wrenching my


    "You will learn," she growled.

    I screamed as she crushed my testicles in her grip. Her other hand covered my

    mouth while she continued to inflict agony on me. All at once, she stood up and

    got in front of me. The last thing I remember seeing at that point was the heel

    of her foot as it came down onto my balls. After that, I blacked out.

    There was something wet in my face when I came to. As my eyes regained their

    focus, I made out Grace's form over top of me. She was squirting a water bottle

    into my face, and saying "Wake up!"

    When I was fully conscious, she threw the bottle aside and put her foot back

    into my face. "Now, kiss it."

    Without hesitation, I put my lips to the toe of her riding shoe. "Again. Keep

    doing it until I tell you to stop."

    I couldn't believe that I was doing this but couldn't handle the overwhelming

    pain of another attack on my crotch. My lips worked around the tip of her shoe,

    and under the sole, as she ran it over my mouth.

    "Very good, slave. You're beginning to learn your place." She sat on the ground

    next to me and took off her shoes. Resting on her hands and lifting her butt off

    of the ground and onto my stomach, she placed her tights-covered feet in my

    face. Her damp, musky soles covered my mouth and nose. She rubbed my nose in

    them while telling me, "Sniff them. Put your nose between my toes and smell

    them. I want to hear you inhale from here."

    My nose found the groove between her toes and sole and dutifully inserted

    itself. I took deep breaths, each time taking in more and more of her smelly

    tights. She continued to rub each of her soles over my nostrils, but slower this

    time, making sure that I got a good sample of the scent.

    "Do you like the way they smell, slave?" I murmured through the nylon that I

    did. "I hope so. This is the third ride that I've worn these on. They should be

    nice and foul for you."

    After a while, she shifted her weight higher up onto my chest and placed her

    soles against my mouth. "Now clean them, wimp. I want to feel your tongue all

    over the bottom of my feet and toes, sucking these tights nice and clean."

    My tongue moved with a mind of its own, leaping out of my mouth and against the

    dark fabric in front of my face. I could taste the leather of her riding shoe as

    I lapped eagerly at both of her feet. She pried her toes into my mouth and I did

    my best to suck and caress each of them with my lips and tongue.

    When Grace was satisfied with my foot cleaning, she stood up over me with her

    feet on either side of my head. She took off her bike shorts and top, leaving

    only her tights on. I found myself staring straight up into her crotch. Even

    with her tights on, I could see that she had a thick bush. There was also a dark

    spot around the area of her crotch, which fanned out from between her pussy lips

    and spread to the top of her thighs. I could even make out some white juice at

    the center of the spot.

    "Now, my little captive," she said as she squatted down onto my face, "you will

    assume another of your rightful places." And with that, I was totally engulfed

    in her crotch.

    Her smell was strong and her already flowing juices smeared against my nose and

    mouth as she wiped her pussy from side to side across my face. One of her hands

    grabbed me by the hair and held my face tightly against her cunt.

    "I want you to know all of my smells, slave. Now sniff my pussy like the little

    lapdog that you are."

    There was little else I could do. She had me smothered between her legs, and

    there was no other air to breath than that which came from her cleft. As I had

    done with her feet, I inhaled deeply, becoming more and more familiar with her

    particular scent. With each breath I took, more and more of her juice leaked out

    of her and onto my upper lip. Soon, there was a steady trickle of it running

    down my cheek.

    "Do you smell that, slave? That's the smell of superiority. That's the smell of

    supremacy. Smells good, doesn't it?"

    I moaned in agreement. It did smell good. In fact, it smelled better than good

    -- it smelled fantastic.

    "Do you feel my juices on your face, boy? I want to feel that slave tongue of

    yours licking them off of my crotch. Clean me good, boy!"

    She lifted up slightly, but kept her grip on my hair. My tongue had enough room

    make its way out and against the soaked cotton crotch of her tights. I eagerly

    licked her slimy goo from between her legs, swallowing load after load of it as

    quickly as I could. Her pussy contracted with each lap I took, and each

    contraction caused more of her juice to seep into her crotch. I could see that

    this was going to be quite a challenge.

    Grace had started to hump herself against my face when she suddenly stopped and

    stood up. "You're doing well, slaveboy. Let's hope you can keep up the good

    work. Just remember, " she said as she stomped on my balls again, "what happens

    if you don't."

    I wreathed in agony on the ground while she peeled her tights off. She then

    took them and smeared them all over my face and body. "Yeah, when I'm done with

    you, boy, you'll smell just like me. Anyone downwind of you will know what you

    did today."

    She threw the tights in the pile with her other clothes, and resumed her

    face-straddling stance over me. Lowering herself, she said to me, "Time to make

    momma cum. And when I do, you will lick me clean, boy!"

    Her sopping cunt parked itself squarely on my waiting mouth. Once again, my

    head was held captive by her hand and thighs while my tongue worked to please

    her. I could now see her pussy pulsing with each stroke of my tongue, and I

    could also see her juices flow out of her. She put out more cunt cream than any

    other woman I had ever gone down on. Grace didn't get wet--she gushed.

    Trying to keep up with the output of her dripping slot gave me a natural rhythm

    to follow, and soon, Grace was humping herself against my face and shouting

    things like, "Yeah, boy, suck that pussy," and "Suck it, bitch. That's right,

    suck it real good, now!"

    Every few strokes, I would also take a shot at her clit, which was a good

    half-inch long and about three-quarters of an inch around. It poked out of her

    like a tiny cock that demanded my attention. Whenever I would jab at it, she

    would grunt and shove herself down on my face even harder. Never in my life had

    my face been ridden like this.

    She got more and more soaked as she got closer to cumming, and when she finally

    did cum , it was something I will never forget. All at once, she clamped the

    sides of my head between her legs, mashed her cunt down onto my face, and said,

    "Here it comes boy! Now you suck it all up!"

    Just then, she groaned loudly and her first spasm let loose with a flood that

    washed over my face and into my nostrils, causing me to cough and gasp for air.

    I did my best to lick up all of her juices while doing my best to breathe. Her

    second contraction let loose just as much cum as her first did, and again, my

    face was soaked with her cum.

    Right before her third spasm, she told me to, "Put your mouth on my cunt. I'm

    going to cum in your mouth."

    I did as I was told, and a moment later, a jet of her cum shot out and filled

    my mouth with her cream. "Swallow," she barked. I swallowed her load and

    instinctively opened my mouth again. "That's right, boy, here comes another

    one!" Again, she filled my mouth, and again, I swallowed.

    She lifted off of my face for the fifth spurt, once again shooting her juices

    all over my face while screaming, "Yeah! That's what a boy's face should look

    like! Feel good, bitch? Suck me some more--clean me up!"

    Her pussy dropped onto my face and I lapped and sucked up all of the come and

    juice from around her lips. But, just as when she had her tights on, the more I

    licked, the more soaked she got.

    While I did my best to satisfy her hungry hole, she reached back and squeezed

    my rock-hard cock. "Yeah, you like this, don't ya', boy? I've got something else

    for you."

    Her pussy made a wet, sucking sound as it left my face. Sweet air filled my

    nostrils for the first time in what felt like forever. Before I could regain my

    senses, she had impaled herself on my raging hard-on, and was riding it just as

    intently as she had my face. With her oozing slit clamped around me, I knew that

    I would not last long.

    I pumped up into her as best I could, but with my hands and feet bound, there

    was little I could really do. She was in full control, determining how hard and

    fast she took each stroke. I was little more than the base of the toy that was

    pleasing her at the moment. Each time she came down on my cock, a deep grunt

    left her lips.

    After several minutes, she threw her hands down on either side of my head and

    put her face to mine. "Feel good, pussy boy? I'll bet it does. Cum for me now!"

    With that, she began to frantically hump herself against my cock, which was

    preparing to explode at any second. "I said NOW!" And as she came down on that

    thrust, I came. My jism shot out of me harder than it had in recent memory, and

    I swear that I came more than I ever had.

    As I laid there, exhausted from all of this vigorous activity, Grace got up off

    of my chest and again straddled my face. "Time to clean me, boy! Suck me nice

    and clean."

    My tongue slid across her pussy lips and tasted the mix of her juices and mine.

    I had never tasted my own cum, or any other man's for that matter, and the fact

    that I was eating it out of her only served to make me feel more humiliated and

    subjugated. Still, I sucked and sucked until there was no trace of my jizz in


    Satisfied, she rolled off of my face and stood up. Looking down at me, she

    said, "So far, you've been a good boy, but you have a long way to go. I'm not

    nearly done with you yet."

    She walked over to her backpack, and I tried to think of what she could

    possibly do next. My question was answered when I saw her pull a huge, strap-on

    dildo and tube of lubricant out of the bag.

    "Yeah, boy, I'm gonna ride you like a little bitch, " she said menacingly as

    she stepped into the straps and secured the snaps into place. "Gonna be my good

    little cunt, boy?"

    "Please don't do this," I begged. "Please!"

    She knelt down next to me and flipped me onto my stomach. "You have to learn

    your place, boy, which is wherever a woman wants you! And right now, I want you

    under me with my cock in you."

    I wriggled helplessly as she lubed up my hole with her fingers, laughing as I

    groaned against each invasion. "This is nothing, cunt. Wait 'till you feel me

    inside you. I'm gonna make you scream." I could hear her lubing up her cock, and

    I knew that she would take me at any time.

    She slipped off of me and pulled me up by the waist. "Get back here, bitch.

    Hips up, face down in the grass, where it should be." I struggled and got myself

    into the position that she wanted. "Yeah, that's it. I want to see that little

    pussy up close."

    The tip of her cock pressed up against the tight ring of my asshole, and I

    steeled myself for the impending violation. "This is gonna hurt, boy," she said


    Her hand cupped over my mouth and clamped down tightly. My brain exploded as

    she shoved the entire length of her cock into me at once. Even muffled as it

    was, I was sure that my scream must have carried at least a hundred yards. When

    she was buried all the way inside of me, she leaned over and whispered into my

    ear, "Was that good for you, too?"

    Tears streamed down my face as I felt the cock being withdrawn from my ass. Her

    second stroke was just as hard as the first, and again, I screamed out. The

    third was much the same, as was the fourth. It wasn't until the fifth or sixth

    thrust that I began to quiet down and accept her demanding penetrations.

    She took her hand off of my mouth and said, "Good, little bitch. Now I want to

    hear you moan while I give it to you." She grabbed me by the hips and shoved

    herself into me again and again and again With each thrust, I moaned louder and

    louder. She was taking me again and again, forcing me to give myself to her and

    there was nothing I could do about it. I was being completely subjugated by her

    and used for her pleasure. At some point, I totally gave in and stopped

    resisting. After that, I met each of her thrusts by thrusting back against her

    and taking her cock the way that so many girls had taken mine.

    She rode on and on, reaming my hole with a vigor that was unmatched by any man

    I had ever seen in a porn video. She moaned and grunted as she rode, and her

    sounds intimated that she was intensely enjoying her ride. Her rhythm changed

    periodically, and after several changes, she began to pick up speed. It felt

    like she was riding me to her own orgasm. A few seconds later, she buried

    herself inside of me and screamed at the top of her lungs. She kept her cock

    inside of me while she collapsed on top of my back, sweaty and exhausted.

    She got up a few moments later, slowly pulling her well-used cock out of me.

    "That was so good," she said, removing the dildo from her. She came over to me

    and rolled me over onto my back. "Time to clean me up again, boy." She squatted

    down over my face, and as she did, I could see the glistening juices of her

    orgasm. Again, I sucked and licked her until the thicker of her two juices was

    cleaned away from her hole and lips.

    Just as I finished, she grabbed me by the hair and looked down at me. "Now it's

    time for your final submission. Remember that coffee this morning? Well, between

    that and the water I had on the ride up, I have to piss quite a bit. And you're

    going to be my toilet, aren't you, boy?"

    "Yes. I'll do whatever you want."

    "I know you will. First, though, I'm going to piss all over you and your pile

    of clothes. I want everyone to be able to smell what you did for me up here.

    When I'm done with that, I'm going to come over here and use your mouth as my

    own private toilet. Understand?"


    "Good boy." She stood up a bit, in a half-crouch over top of me. A few drops of

    her piss began to trickle out of her and run down my chest. Then, all at once, a

    torrent of her urine shot out of her and all over my face. I opened my mouth and

    took some inside, swallowing it as I did. The stream of piss moved down my body,

    soaking my chest and legs, then moved back up again before stopping.

    Grace then got up and walked over to my clothes. Then, as she smirked at me,

    she began to piss again, this time all over my shorts, shirt, socks, and shoes.

    She even pissed on my backpack and bike. When she was done, she came back over

    and squatted over my face.

    "There, now that I've marked you as my property, I want you to drink from me."

    She pushed her pussy over my mouth and I locked my lips around her piss hole.

    This time, a steady stream of piss filled my mouth with her golden juice. It was

    bitter and salty, and I nearly wretched from gulping it all down. I did manage

    to catch all of her load, though, without even so much as a drop leaking out.

    When the flow stopped, I licked the last of the drops from her lips, so that she

    was nice and clean.

    "Good little slave! Now, there is one last task I require of you. It will prove

    your total submission to me." She turned around and put her ass in my face, so

    that her asshole was directly over my mouth. "Suck it, boy."

    I licked around the ring of her tight hole before sticking my tongue in. When

    my tongue was about halfway into her, I felt something firm against it and it

    was sliding toward my mouth. All at once, I realized that she was going to shit

    in my mouth.

    I struggled and bucked in defiance, but her hand came swiftly down on my balls

    and the agony of her crushing grip was once again upon me. It only took a few

    seconds for me to stop struggling and accept my fate. She was absolutely right:

    this was total submission.

    I stuck my tongue back into her hole and felt the lump of shit getting very

    close to the opening. It continued to slide back until it pushed my tongue out

    and started to protrude from her asshole. I opened my mouth and prepared to take

    my first taste of shit.

    Her turd was thick and I had to stretch my mouth to get it all the way in. When

    there was about three inches of it in my mouth, it stopped coming back. "Bite

    it," she said. I overcame my weak stomach and bit into the thick log, its foul

    taste coating my tastebuds. I bit all the way through it and closed my mouth

    around it.

    "Now eat it, toilet slave!"

    My stomach wretched and threatened to revolt as I began to chew up her chunky

    turd. With each grinding chew, I fought back the urge to vomit. Instead, I

    swallowed as much as I could, as quickly as I could. But even after that piece

    was gone, the horrible taste of her excrement lingered on my tongue and

    shit-caked teeth.

    "Open wide, boy! Here's some more!"

    I opened my mouth again to receive a second taste. The next half of the first

    turd slithered out first, plopping into my mouth and resting against the back of

    my throat. Just behind it, another sizable log was making its way out and

    filling the space left in my mouth. I struggled a little bit to let her know I

    was running out of room to take her shit, but she only shoved her hole down

    harder against my mouth and said, "I know, boy. I'm filling your mouth to the

    top. You bite it of when you're there."

    As her turd came closer to closing the gap near my teeth, I bit into it and

    shut my mouth. Grace got off of me and walked over to my clothes and backpack.

    "Since you can't take it all now, I'll just send you home with some, Fair

    enough?" She squatted down over my folded shirt and I watched helplessly as she

    shit all over it and my pants. After doing that, she went over to my backpack

    and dropped two logs in there, as well. When she had emptied herself, she picked

    up my riding shoes and smeared the shit all over my shirt and shorts with them.

    Then she picked up my shirt and wiped my bike down with it, leaving heavy

    streaks of her filthy waste all over the frame. "Sucks to lose, doesn't it," she

    said as she dropped the shirt and reached into her bag.

    She pulled out a roll of duct tape and came back over to me. Ripping off a six

    or seven inch piece, she covered my mouth with it. Three more strips were added

    to it and my mouth was sealed shut. When she was done, she rolled me over onto

    my stomach again and put her dildo back on.

    "I've always wanted to do this," she said as she mounted me. "Now, little boy,

    you will eat all of the gift that's in your mouth while I fuck you. And think

    about where you are and what's happening to you while you do it." And with that,

    she once again buried her cock inside of me with a single stroke. Again, I

    screamed out, but with my mouth filled and taped shut, there was almost no


    While she rode harder and harder, I chewed and swallowed more and more. The

    gagging wasn't as sever this time, as my mind was growing more accustomed to

    eating what I would normally flush. I began to think about what had happened

    here today, and the fact that this woman had so totally dominated, humiliated,

    and subjugated me as no one had ever done before. And yet, the entire experience

    was so exciting that I hoped she would do it again and again.

    Such were my thoughts when I felt her pace pick up to the familiar rhythm that

    heralded the arrival of her orgasm. As she had before, she thrust herself deep

    into me when she screamed in ecstasy. This time, though, she quickly pulled her

    cock out of me, flipped me over onto my back, and ripped the tape off of my


    "Open wide, slave. I want to see how well you did." I opened my mouth as wide

    as I could, and she inspected her new toilet bowl. "Very good, slave. Now, I'll

    give you something to wash it down with."

    This time, I knew what to do as she lowered her cum-covered cunt down onto my

    face. I sealed my lips around her piss slot just as she began to let her flow

    loose. Her piss tasted different this time, possibly because I had just consumed

    the entire contents of her lower bowels, but for whatever the reason, it tasted

    sweeter this time. And that sweet taste only made me swallow much more eagerly.

    When she was done pissing, Grace lifted herself above me just a bit and settled

    into the position that told me it was time to clean her pussy. With lots of

    enthusiasm, I slurped up the thick goo that coated her lips and groin, lovingly

    swallowing each glob. Satisfied with my work, Grace got off of my face and stood

    beside my head, looking down at me.

    "Now, boy, you have seen your place in my world." She rolled me over and

    unlocked the cuffs from my wrists and ankles. For the first time in over an

    hour, I stood up. I was returned to the ground by a heavy kick to my stomach,

    which dropped me immediately. "I did not give you permission to rise! If you

    wish to stand, then you must ask."

    When I had recovered enough of my wind to say something, it was, "Please,

    Grace, may I stand?"

    "You shall call me 'Lady Grace" from this time forward, and yes, you may."

    "Thank you, Lady Grace," I said as I extended my knees rose up.

    "Now, put your shitty clothes on, get your piss-and-shit-stained pack on, and

    get on your ass-wipe bicycle." I went over to my clothes and began to put them

    on. They were still wet, and extremely rank from her use of them. The piss and

    shit on them caused both my shorts and shirt to stick to my skin, too. I smelled

    so badly that there would be no mistaking what had happened to me if we ran

    across any other riders or hikers.

    "We're going back down this hill," she said. "If anyone asks you what happened

    to you, you will only say, 'I served the supreme gender,' and I will do any

    other talking. Also, I have brought a towel and some soap so that you may clean

    up when we get to the beach. Unfortunately, I did not bring a change of clothes

    for you, so you will be riding home naked."

    She turned to me just as we began to roll down the incline and said, "And

    tonight, you will serve me again, slave. In fact, you will sever me from this

    time on, do you understand?"

    "Yes, Lady Grace."

    "Good boy. Now let's go home."
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  3. Great work, I hope to see more work from ORca
  4. littleboy69

    littleboy69 New Member

    Great Story. Hope to read some more...

  5. YourNarnia

    YourNarnia New Member

    This is possibly one of the best stories I've ever read. It had everything I was looking for. Amazing story.
  6. caspius77

    caspius77 New Member

    Great story. Although I prefer true experience.

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