Rua's Big Mouth

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    It had been a few weeks since the defeat of the Dark Signers, and peace had returned to Neo Domino City. Peace had returned. Although it was certainly busy for the four adult signers. Jack, Yusei, Crow and Aki were all very occupied these days, leaving little time for them to spend with the youngest signer and her brother, Ruka and Rua.
    As a result, Ruka and Rua had found other ways to occupy themselves. Rua was still chasing urban legends with his friend, and Ruka.. well.. she maaay have been eating a bit too much lately…
    “Aaahh, this doesn’t fit anymore..” Ruka said, biting her bottom lip. The buttons on her normal shirt were stretched to the absolute limit, her stomach, a good bit plumper than normal, bulging through the gaps, covered in her thin under shirt. “And even though I managed to get into them, my shorts..” she muttered. They weren’t doing a whole lot better. The young girl’s ass and thighs had swollen up quite a bit, and were making the shorts quite tight.
    “Rua’s gonna make fun of me.” she said with a sigh. And as if on cue, Rua burst through the door. “Oiii, Rukaaaa, what’s taking you so lo-what is this?!” the young boy yelled as he burst into the room. His jaw fell as he prodded his sister’s pudge, causing her to blush deeply and bristle. “You totally got fat, Ruka!” he said in disbelief, looking up at her. “S-shut up. I just ate a little too much.. I’ll just have to watch my weight for the next few weeks!” she explained, turning away from him in a huff. “Get out! I have to find something that fits!” she snapped.
    “Alright, alright.. good luck, I don’t think you have anything that big though.” Rua said with a snicker, backing out of the room. Ruka fumed. “What a punk! I can lose this weight easy.. although I guess I’ll have to buy some larger clothes until then..” she bemoaned, pouting slightly.
    Although Ruka did go out that day determined to lose weight.. the poor girl got distracted. After buying her larger clothes, she noticed an ice cream shoppe selling giant sundaes. She decided to put off her diet until tomorrow and have some ice cream to calm down from her annoying brother pestering her. This trend continued.. Day after day, she would be distracted from her died by something new, and swear to diet tomorrow! And each day the poor Signer got a little bit heavier, until two months had passed.
    “I can’t believe I gained this much weight!” Ruka nearly screeched, looking down at the scale. She had gained at least 60 pounds in the past few months.. she had gone through two entire wardrobes in that time, and had changed shape.. quite a lot. The slender, young stick-like figure she had was completely gone. Her young breasts and plumped quite a lot, and were resting a large round belly. But the most change had occured in her lower half. Her hips had blasted out wider than her shoulders, and her thighs and rear end had bloated to incredibly proportions. She had a very strong pear shape now, as she looked down, leaning over her belly to see the insulting numbers.
    “I’ve been keeping so well to my diet!” Ruka lied to herself, conveniently ignoring all the times she had chosen to gorge on cake, or cookies, or ice cream recently. “Muuuu.. I hope Rua doesn’t notice.” she whined. She wrapped herself in a towel, exiting the bathroom, hoping to get to her room to change. “How’s my favorite butterball of a sister?” she heard from behind her, before Rua made himself known, reaching around his rotund twin and squeezing her belly with open hands. “Aaaa, nice and big I see. Are you on a reverse diet?” he snarked, as Ruka bristled up yet again.
    “Let go of me you dope!” she yelped, trying to pull away, but he just kept ahold of her. “I can’t, it’s so squeezable! Plus, if I rub it I think I get good luck.” Rua snickered, giving a bit of a rub through her towel as she seethed, smacking him and rushing into her room. “You better be careful! We can get new clothes, but not a new room for you!” he yelled through the door, still loving how he finally had something to mock his oh-so-perfect sister for. She was the prodigy and he was just some putz, but now she was the fattest little prodigy in school!
    Meanwhile, Ruka was seething. She’d show him. She’d drop that weight! Her pudgy arm reached under her bed, retrieving a box of cookies, and she stuffed a few into her mouth. Once these were gone, no more! She’d go cold turkey and slim back down so Rua would stop making fun of her and keep his annoying, grabby little hands to himself! She flopped down onto the bed, continued to eat. She’d show him…
    Or maybe not. Although she had wholeheartedly intended to truly diet and shave off all the weight she had built up.. she was just a bit too eager to eat, at this point. She’d start every morning dutifully counting calories, but by the time dinner was over and a big dessert was put in front of her, she’d forget. Or someone would be too full to eat their dessert at school.. or someone would have extra.. or offer to buy her a snack..
    The result was..well. She got even larger. Normal clothes were completely out of the question at this point, Ruka’s has ballooned even more. Easily 3 times the weight she originally was, her ass was now truly a thing to behold, two immense, creamy spheres, each easily the size of a beach ball. The skirt Ruka was wearing barely hid anything, resting at the top of her hips, refusing to obscure her rear end from view no matter how much she stretched it down over them.
    “I’m going to need to buy new clothes again..” Ruka muttered, upset that once again she’d been unable to control herself. Heck, if anything she’d need to special order this time around! She eased backwards, sitting into her chair. Her eyes winced a little as she heard the all-too-familiar-by-now groan and creak of the chair, the sounds indicating it was clearly not meant to support a girl as heavy as she was. Her hefty butt flubbed out, overflowing from the chair a little and making it wobble. Ruka was a bit worried, but it had done a good job up until now, she figured.
    Up until now being the key phrase. This time it didn't. With a SNAP and a CRASH it crumpled to pieces under the weight of all the junk in Ruka's trunk, as she fell over onto her heavily padded rump, the ocean of fatty flesh swaying and jiggling from impact. She seized up from the sudden impact rattling her, but moreso from the sound of footsteps coming down the hallways. She knew exactly what was coming. Rua opened the door moments latter, for the briefest moment concern showed on his face, before he realized what it was and laughed.
    “Ha! I knew you’d eventually start murdering furniture ‘big’ sis!” he said with an annoying snicker, folding his arms behind his head. “That chair had a family, dreams! They’re gone now! Snuffed out by Ruka's big fat butt!” he continued to tease, as his tubby sister crawled to her feet, huffing and snarling. “Shut up Rua! Just shut up!” she nearly yelled, turning around and folding her arms, completely fuming at how rude and bratty he was being. Then it happened. The thing that pushed her over the edge. She felt it, the sharp, sudden impact on her exposed butt, and heard the loud crack that it made. Rua had slapped her! He had slapped her on the ass!
    “There, that’s punishment for murdering the poor innocent chair.’ Rua said, completely missing how mad he had made his sister. Ruka whirled around. Her hair was in her eyes. Her teeth were clenched. She was obviously furious, and Rua gulped. He had never actually seen Ruka mad before! He started to slowly back up. “H-hey, I was only foolin’..” he meekly explained, as Ruka continued to advance towards him. Rua kept backpedalling until he fell backwards, hitting her bed and ending up with his upper body on it, staring up at her. “R-Ruka, I’m sorry okay! I’m sorry!” he pleaded, not even sure what she was going to do. Ruka growled lowly and slowly turned around, the two mountains of blubbery, soft flesh making up her backside jiggling and swaying slightly from the sudden motion. They cast a shadow over Rua, nearly making his eyes bulge out of his head as he stared at them.
    “You keep grabbing and squeezing and s-SLAPPING me!” Ruka said in anger, seething. “If you like my fat body so much, well take a CLOSER LOOK!” she yelled. And with that, she fell. Everything seemed like slow motion to Rua as the white, smooth tubs of blubber came down onto him. He raised his hands as if to catch her, but he had no chance of holding up someone three times his own weight. Ruka sat on her bed as easily as she’d have if nothing was under her. And from many angles, it looked like nothing was! The soft, squishy fat making up her huge cheeks squashed and molted around Rua, completely burying his hands and arms he had raised to catch her, and causing his whole head to practically vanish between them. He could barely breathe, and the weight was intense..even the pressure from the mounds of round his face was stuck between was bearing down on him. This was definitely not a pleasant situation!
    “Alright Rua. Listen up.” Ruka said, still very annoyed, her voice barely reaching Rua through the tons of flesh blocking his hears. “I’m going to lay down the new RULES.” she said pointedly, shifting her hips and huge ass back and forth once or twice, grinding him further into the bed and wrenching his head left and right as easily as if he hadn't even been under her.
    “Firstly, I’m done trying to diet! It’s impossible! This is just.. genetics!” Ruka said with a huff, clearly ignoring the fact she shared the exact same genetics with Rua who hadn't gained a pound. “Secondly, from now on, any time you criticize my weight, or make fun of me, or squeeze my belly or anything, I’m going to do this! If you’re so interested in my fat, you can spend all the time you want with it!” she continued to talk, bouncing slightly, her immense booty pounding down on Rua like a giant mallet. “Even at school! I’ll let everyone see!” she threatened, which would have made Rua gulp if he wasn't being squashed and pounded senseless by his ‘big’ sister’s gigantic butt. “Got it, LITTLE brother?” she finished, pressing her weight down onto him as much as possible, forcing his head deep into the valley between her cheeks, only her cotton white undies keeping things from getting even more inappropriate.
    She didn't get off for an answer, at any rate, content to sit on him until she was quite sure she had smothered him enough for him to learn a lesson, climbing off him. He was totally out of it. Not quite unconscious, but close. She smirked a little. It felt good to finally teach him a lesson. She spun around and walked out, swinging her massive donk back and forth as she did with a new confidence. Some ice cream would make a nice reward...
    “I-I didn’t call you fat Ruka! I swear! I swear big siUH I-I mean little sister! Little svelte sis-MMPH” Rua stammered out, before he was cut off by an ocean of fat butt swallowing his face and head. Ruka pressed her enormous ass, clad in shiny pink boyshorts, back against him. He had called her fat again, and stupidly backed into a wall, and this was the result. Rua’s poor head was nearly completely swallowed by Ruka’s ass as she leaned heavily backwards against the wall. “I warned you! You never learn, do you!” Ruka scolded, shaking her hips and jerking his head back and forth against the wall. “At least every day I have to do this! Sometimes twice!” she pouted, folding her arms, bouncing back against the wall and forcing his face very deep, well, as deeply as she could considering the shorts covering her massive rear end.
    “I’d almost think you LIKE IT!” she accused, shaking her head. Which wasn’t true, he didn’t. He hated being smothered out by his sister’s increasingly huge, fat backside, but he couldn’t control himself. The fat comments just came out of his mouth without him being able to stop it! That’s why this was happening. And why it just kept happening, day after day. He wished he could stop! Mostly so this wouldn’t happen! And it got worse, as Ruka let herself slide to the ground, plopping her blubber butt down onto his face, putting her weight onto him, causing his feet to kick and struggle futilely. Once again the soft, squishy flesh molded to his face, cutting off all air and squashing him down. “Hopefully this’ll finally teach you!” Ruka said, shaking her head sadly as she let her full weight smother and crush him once again. For what must have been the hundredth time, Rua was smothered unconscious by his sister’s tons of fun.
    As he faded into the blackness brought on by his sister’s rump, he found himself in a dark, empty plane. He had no clue how he got there, but wandered around a bit. There didn’t seem to be anything around. Wandering aimlessly, he felt lost. “Dunno where to go, little brother?” a voice said. It sounded like Ruka’s but.. it was a little different. Deeper? Rua turned around to face the voice, and his eyes grew wide. Ruka was nearly twice as tall as he was now, and despite how big she normally was, she was infinitely fatter now, looking like a massive upside down water balloon. And it was easy to tell, considering all she was wearing was a aqua colored swimsuit! She stomped towards him, each step shaking the infinite void they were standing in, somehow.
    “If you dunno where to go, I have a suggestion for you.” Ruka said, looming her now titantic blubbergut over him. It was at least four times his size, just her belly! Rua backed up, clearly panicked. “No, it’s fine. I know where I’m going to go.” Rua quickly said. He did know. Anywhere away from his suddenly giant sister! “Well, let me make a suggestion anyway” Ruka said. As she said it, she turned, and Rua went pale. Looming above him now was the single biggest ass he had ever seen. Each cheek was easily twice his size. In every way! He could probably fit entirely inside just one of them! “Under me!” Ruka said with an uncharacteristically evil laugh as she started to fall downwards onto him. Rua turned to try and run, but gravity is nearly impossible to outspeed, so he quickly felt the undescribably weight of his giant sister on top of him, squashing him into the ground. He was entirely pinned under a single one of those gigantic cheeks, without a single bit of him exposed.
    Rua couldn’t see. Or hear. Or smell. He couldn’t do anything but feel the unbelievable weight squashing down on him. He felt like he might pop! It felt like at any second he’d just go splat and be a stain on Ruka’s world-endingly huge badonkadonk. And yet it didn’t happen. Instead, he felt himself.. get flatter.. And flatter and flatter, as Ruka ground and bounced her gigantic glutes down on the poor boy, until he felt like he must have been 2D! Ruka smirked and stood up, pointing her ass at a gigantic mirror that was suddenly there. Rua could see agian. He was pasted onto her ass as firmly as a tattoo. Heck, he looked like he was part of her body and not just stuck to it! “I think that’s a good place for you to stay little brother… FOREVER.” Ruka said, cackling maniacally, as Rua screamed.
    Rua bolted up, still laying on the floor where he had been smothered unconcious the night before. That was the first time he had a nightmare about this stuff! This was starting to get ridiculous! Looking around, he sighed in relief that Ruka had probably left for school already. He couldn’t go on being smothered out by his sister’s gigantic rear end every day. He had to get his mouth under control. Thankfully the fear of humiliation had managed to keep it under control at school, but at home he kept slipping up and ending up flattened under Ruka’s plump posterior. Groaning in pain, holding his head, he got ready for school and trudged off, looking quite unpleasant from the result of the thorough squashing he had gotten the night before. Most of his day was spent trying to avoid his sister, who kept looking over and making knowing smirks at him. Everytime he shuddered! It was like she was daring him to insult her so she could humiliate him in public. Best if he just stayed away. The problem was after school.
    Going home seemed like a dangerous proposition. Stupidly, he had avoided any sports or clubs school offered, so he had no reason not to go home, and his friends were usually busy. He gulped. He really wanted to find SOMETHING to do other than go home! Wait, that was it! He could visit Big Sis Aki! It had been months since he saw her, and visiting her was a better idea that going home where all that was waiting for him was the darkness and weight that came with being under his sister’s big flabby butt! He ran through Neo Domino as if his sister was right behind him, patting himself on the back for what a good idea he had. Big Sis Aki might even let him stay the night since her parents had such a huge house, and that’d mean a night he didn’t have to worry about his sister at all!
    It took a bit, but Rua was more than happy to spend the time running to Aki’s house. She lived in quite a large one, he was sure she’d at least let him hang around a while. Any minute not at home with the Butt of Doom was good to him! He knocked on the door of the rather large mansion. Taking his best ‘good boy’ pose, he waited for Aki’s mother to answer the door, putting on his best obedient voice when she did. “Hello Mrs. Izayoi! Is Aki home? I’m here to visit her!” he said, hand behind his back, even twirling his foot in the dirt a little to drive the good boy impression home. “Oh, it’s so nice you’re going to visit Aki!” she said cheerfully, tilting her head. “They’re in Aki’s room, go on through.” she said with a smile, ushering Rua in and pointing him in the right direction. Rua did wonder what she meant by ‘they’ but didn’t think anything of it, bursting into the room. “Heeey, Big Sis Ak-URK”
    The tiny boy’s body froze instantly. Partially, because Ruka was there! Sitting on Aki’s bed, wide as ever. And she wasn’t even in her school uniform! She was already in casual clothes, specifically a t-shirt and those tight pink shorts she had been wearing the night before. Rua swallowed hard. She must have planned this visit beforehand and gotten a ride from Aki’s parents! It’s the only way she could have beaten him here! “Oh. Hello Rua.” Ruka said with a slight smirk. “I guess we had the same idea, huh?” “I-I guess so..” was all her brother could meekly respond with, his dreams of escaping her and the consequences of his huge mouth completely gone. “Aki is changing, she’ll be out of her closet in a moment.” Ruka said, very amused at something, which confused Rua. For the moment. As soon as Aki left the closet and came back into view, it became incredibly apparent what Ruka was amused at.
    Aki was.. well. She was enormous. Just seeing her gave Rua flashbacks to the nightmare he had about the gigantic Ruka. Of course, Aki wasn’t THAT gigantic, but she was still pretty huge! While Ruka had swelled into a pear shape, Aki maintained her natural hourglass shape, although thoroughly expanded. Her thighs, hips and ass had grown exponentially, dwarfing even Ruka’s. It was obvious she had a new version of her elaborate outfit made to contain her now massive body. Her stomach, although small compared to the rest of her, was still very plump and pushed out quite a bit. It wasn’t obvious though, for one simple reason. Her chest. Aki had always been a far cry from flat, but this was frankly ridiculous! The two spheres of pale flesh moved with ripples and wobbles matching an ocean with the slightest motion Aki made, and even the custom made outfit seemed unsuited for containing them. Each of them was easily beyond the size of a basketball, approaching beachball, and they sagged slightly, nearly obscuring her stomach from view entirely. She looked like she was nothing but boobs and butt! It was enough to make Rua blush red slightly. His sister didn’t interest him, but always had a crush on Big Sis Aki, and this definitely brought it to the forefront.
    “Oh, hello Rua.” Aki said with a smile. “Ruka and I had just been talking about you.” Well. THAT certainly made Rua seize up. What had they spoken about? Had Ruka told her about everything?! Panic! Paniiic! “O-Oh really..” he meekly responded, gulping. “ why don’t you come sit.” Ruka slyly demanded, patting the very small space between herself and Aki on Aki’s bed. With a pathetic whimper, Rua squeezed into the space. Ruka’s thick thighs and hips spilled over into his lap from one side, as Aki’s did the same from the other. And on that side, her gigantic breasts squishing into his shoulder as well. “It’s.. a bit tight..” he muttered, blushing more deeply. Ruka grinned. Gotcha. “Oh really, why?” she asked innocently, as Rua’s eyes widened. He realized her plan. She wanted him to slip up! She wanted to smother him in front of Aki! “ reason. In fact I..I was mistaken, it’s fine.” he quickly covered, with a gulp. He wasn’t about to let Aki watch him get smothered by Ruka’s big butt!
    Ruka frowned slightly. He wasn’t making this easy. Plan B. She stood up. facing the wall in front of Rua, butt right at his eye-level, in those tight shorts that were stretched way too tightly over the wide tracts of land that made up her backside. “Ruaaa..” Ruka said, with a fake whine. “Do these shorts make my butt look big?” She bent over as she asked the question, making it’s massive size and roundness so obvious. Rua bit his tongue. It took everything he had not to blurt out “No, your fat does!” but he held it in. “ all..” he responded, quietly. There. He said something! He beat her trap! Ruka pouted a little while no one could see her. She was going to get him. Plan C! She moved with shocking speed for someone so fat, and plopped her gigantic butt right on Rua’s lap. Well, swallowed it with her butt is more accurate, it was completely hidden underneath her. And it was very warm. And he was trying very hard not to react. “It’s been so long since I sat in your lap, huh Rua?” Ruka said with a smirk. She knew she was heavy. All she had to do was wait for Rua to make a remark about it.
    Rua wanted to SO MUCH. He wanted to call her tubby. Rotund. Fat. Plump. Heavy. A porker. Anything! But he was holding it in. He had to hold it in. But Ruka definitely wasn’t making it easy, bouncing on him and making him lose the feeling in his legs as he grimaced and groaned. “Ruka.. get off..” he muttered. She had to get off. He had to get her off! “Why, Rua?” Ruka asked, having no intention of doing so. “Just get your butt of me.” Rua snarled back.
    “What’d you say, Rua?”
    Rua screeched it nearly at the top of his lungs, and realized what he had done when he saw Ruka grinning at him widely. He went pale as a sheet, as she stood up. “You know the rules, RUA.” Ruka said, more than ready to deliver the punishment she had tricked him into taking. “Ruka.” Aki said suddenly, tapping her chin, making Ruka freeze in the middle of pushing Rua over to plop her ass in his face. “..What.” Ruka said, a little impatient. “You said that Rua hasn’t stopped calling you fat yet, right?” Aki asked, standing up and pushing her away. Rua sighed in relief. Aki must be saving him! “So it’s not working.” She totally was saving him! “Let me try.” Aki said brightly, smiling at Ruka. She wasn’t saving him at all! Ruka nodded, not expecting this! “Okay! Teach him a lesson for me, Aki-san!” Ruka said, eager to see the much bigger girl punish her younger brother.
    “Hold still, Rua.” Aki said, her tone completely improper considering the fact she was about to be planting her ridiculously immense ass on the boy. She hiked up her skirt, revealing panties that had basically been totally consumed by her ass. All that hovered above him were two swaying, soft cheeks. Like a pair of meteors ready to crush him. Even more distressing was the fact she was choosing to sit on Rua lengthways. And the fact her ass looked big enough to completely cover him that way certainly didn’t help! As she slowly sat down, the first thing Rua felt was the soft, pleasant smelling flesh making contact with him. At first, there was almost no pressure, as the soft cushion of her body had yet to actually make contact with the bed under him. And even when it did come, the bed helped absorb a lot of it. All in all, it wasn’t that unpleasant. Which was at least partially because he was very attracted to Aki, even at her larger size! He still couldn’t breathe though, and was starting to feel himself become woozy..
    “Aki-san. I actually have a better idea!” Ruka said, struck with genius. Evil genius. She whispered something to Aki, who nodded. Just before Rua blacked out, Aki got off. “Rua, we came to a decision!” Ruka said, quickly leaning over him, grinning. “Since you don’t learn when I punish you, you probably wouldn’t learn if Aki-san punished you..” she began. Rua was barely coherent as Aki grabbed his arms and positioned him. She bent over her bed, and let Rua lean backwards against her giant backside. He stared at his sister, barely able to even process what was happening. “So we’ll BOTH punish you!” Ruka announced, turning around bending over again, pushing her own ass against Aki’s larger one. Rua was made into a sandwich as his entire upper body was buried in soft, malleable fat from both sides. Aki pressed her hips backwards, huffing a little from exertion, as Ruka pressed back against her as hard as she could as well. The pressure was something completely new to Rua! Crushed by booty from all sides, the pressure rapidly sapped any strength he still had. Ruka managed to squish his entire upper body between Aki’s cheeks before he finally passed out.
    But even in dreams, he wouldn’t be able to escape..
    Rua’s eyes opened, as he groaned and rubbed them. It had been yet another night of extremely unsatisfying sleep. He supposed he should be thankful that he actually got to lay down in his bed and fall asleep normally instead of being smothered into unconsciousness by his sister’s enormous fat ass for once, but there wasn’t all that much difference between the two forms of sleep anymore.
    The nightmares had originally only happened when he was smothered out. He’d have a very unpleasant dream about his giant sister tormenting him, flattening him into a literal pancake, making him a tattoo on her body, or even completely burying him in her enormous ass. Or Aki, since she had started showing up in the dreams after Ruka and her had ‘punished him’ several weeks ago. But eventually he started having the nightmares even when he slept normally. He shuddered, recalling the dream he had just been having, of Giant Sis Aki pushing him deep between Ruka’s enormous, planet-like cheeks where she squashed him into oblivion by clenching and bending over.
    Rolling out of bed he stumbled into the hallway. He headed for the bathroom. He’d shower before school, that would take his mind off everything. As he got to the door, it opened, and before him was his sister, wrapped in a towel. Well. Closer to a tent, these days. Ruke had gotten even huger, and was not beginning to look even taller than him.. Indeed, she was surely four or five inches taller, her body apparently not content with just getting fatter. Although that had also happened. She had to turn slightly sideways just to get through the door. “Excuse me, Rua.” she said with a superior tone, and moved past him. Rua was careful not to say anything. He didn’t think she’d smother him while, well, naked..but the thought of being swallowed between those gigantic cheeks with nothing to keep him from going as deep as possible made him shudder.
    He took his time showering and getting ready, giving Ruka plenty of time to eat her 12 different breakfasts and head off without him. He tried to avoid her as much as possible now, since he had gotten better about slipping up, it seemed like she had started to deliberately try to sabotage him. She couldn’t.. LIKE smothering him, could she? He pushed that possibility out of his head. Her personality had changed quite a lot since she had gained so much weight..
    Speaking of gaining weight.. Rua had noticed it before, but now it was obvious. Every girl was getting enormous! Ruka’s best friend Patty was starting to swell up nearly as big as her. So were all the other girls in her class. And the girls in Aki’s class. Rua was baffled. He even saw the top model, Misty, on TV walking home from school. She was as big as a truck too! Something had to be going on. And he knew just who to ask to see if he could figure what the cause of the butterball epidemic was..
    “Oi, Carlllyyyy!” Rua yelled, banging on her door. She was always looking for scoops, so if anyone would know why all the girls were turning into whales, it’d definitely be her. “What?! What is it?!” the nervous reporter asked as she burst open the door. Rua gaped. He had been expecting her to fall victim to the same mysterious fattening that everyone else had but.. not to this degree. Carly was ridiculously huge. Her thighs and ass her massive, not quite as large as Aki’s but close. And making up for that was her enormous belly. It was easily twice as big as Rua! Her breasts were also quite huge. Surprisingly her wardrobe was the same, although her jeans had clearly been swapped out for something with a bit more give to them, some stretchy tight pants.
    “Oh. It’s you Rua.” Carly said, having to lean forward slightly to peer over her own immense belly. “What bring you around?” she asked, adjusting her glasses. Rua bit his tongue a little. He had to be careful about how he phrased this. There was no way Ruka had talked to Carly, but he couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t want to flatten him too if he mistakenly pointed out her weight. “I wanted uh.. information. And you’re the most informed person I know!” yes, good, flatter her. “Oh, well, come in then!” Carly said with her usual chipper attitude. Rua waited for her to move but.. she didn’t. So he carefully squeezed by her, nearly being smothered by her weight just from squeezing past her.
    Carly turned back around and walked into the apartment as Rua waited, her enormous belly sloshing and wobbling like a big tub of jelly as she did. Her shirt didn’t cover it at all, so it was simply a large pale dome of flesh moving about right in front of Rua. He turned his head slightly as he reddened, a bit. “Uh. I was just wondering if you knew anything about.” how would he phrase this. He had to be careful. “...any sort of. Changes. happening to the girls in Neo Domino.” she said slowly. There. That’d work. He didn’t specify anything or cast judgment..
    “Oh Rua! I can’t believe someone finally said it!” Carly said, pumping her fists to her chest. “I’ve noticed it too!” she continued, rushing across the apartment quickly, or as quickly as a tub of donut batter possibly could. She bent over, getting something out of her file cabinet, giving Rua a perfect view of that giant butt that even rivalled Aki’s. It was enough to make him stare, just a little, as she looked for her papers. “Everyone is just calling it a new trend, but I’m convinced something else is going on with everyone gaining so much weight! It’s not just Neo Domino! There are reports of it happening in Heartland and Miami City too!” she claimed. She stood back up sharply, causing a jiggle to go through her entire hefty frame.
    “I think someone is adding something to the wate-yaaah!” Carly yelled, tripping over her own feet as she turned to address Rua. Rua’s mouth fell open. No no no no no, he thought, seeing that huge dome of stomach coming towards him. He hadn’t made any mistake. He hadn’t even said anything remotely questionable!! But it didn’t matter. Fate wanted him flat, it seemed. Her soft flesh made contact with his face first, as the round woman toppled over onto him. He was completely unable to hold her up for even a moment as she simply flopped to the ground as easily as if he hadn’t been there at all. His entire body was pressed flat to the ground under her belly as the soft plush flesh oozed around him and spread out on the ground, making it look like Carly hadn’t landed on anything at all.
    “Oof.. that hurt.. Rua, could you help me up?” Carly asked, unaware she had landed on anything at all. “Rua? Where’d you go?” she asked, looking around confused, completely ignorant of the nearly-flat boy pancaked under her blubbery belly. Rua meanwhile, was anything but casual about the situation. This was the closest he felt he had ever come to actually becoming flat like he did in his nightmares. Even when Ruka or Aki sat on him, it was usually on a soft surface like a bed, or at the very least, only part of his body being pressed. This time, his entire being was stuck between the ungiving floor and what seemed like a ton of thick, heavy fat.
    Fat that wasn’t moving, as Carly was having some difficulty getting up. After what seemed like an eternity to him, but was really only a minute or so, Carly rolled over off him and began to make her way to her feet. As for Rua? He wasn’t exactly up to moving, at the moment. “Oh, there you are! How’d you get down there?” Carly asked, looking over her big belly, still unaware she had made him nearly 2D. “If you need to rest, sit on the couch, silly!” she said, putting her hands on her fat hips. Rua. Slowly crawled onto the couch, so at the very least he’d be out of range of any other tripping fits Carly decided to have. “So, like I was saying, before you vanished..” Carly began again. “Girls are gaining weight all over Heartland and Miami City too! I’m convinced there is some sort of conspiracy going on!” she said, tapping the papers she was holding. “..Do you know what it is?” Rua said, finally regaining his bearings.
    It wouldn’t do any good if he couldn’t figure out how to stop whatever was making everyone balloon up the way they were! Just knowing there was a problem wasn’t enough! “Well..” the tubby reporter said, pressing her fingers together. “Not.. really..” she said quietly, causing Rua to facepalm. “But I have a friend in Heartland who is looking into it!” she said, smirking. That caught Rua’s attention. They’d be going on a beach trip to Heartland soon, he could meet with them there! “...Tell me who it is!” Rua said, clearly excited.
    “Okay, okay, I have a picture of her somewhere..” Carly muttered, setting the papers down and looking through her pockets. She started to walk to Rua to hand it to him.
    And she tripped again. This one was particularly bad, Carly stepping on her own shoelaces and spinning around on her feet, aiming that humongous ass right at Rua. Rua didn’t even have time to moan ‘Not again..’ before that ass came crashing down onto the couch, causing it’s frame to groan in stress as Carly’s ass essentially ate Rua. He had been lined up completely perfectly with the slight crease in the center of Carly’s seat, resulting in him being wedged slightly into her backside as her weight came down onto him. “Oof.. I am not good on my feet today..” Carly said, wiggling a bit on her couch, wedging Rua deeper into her backside unknowingly. “Rua..? Where are you?” Carly asked again, once again unaware that she had flattened him. She began to look about, before finally standing up.. taking Rua with her, wedged just enough into her ass that he wasn’t dislodging with gravity alone. He kicked his little feet, the only part of him completely free from the grip of her cheeks, but couldn’t even get Carly’s attention, much less dislodge himself!
    And part of why he couldn’t get Carly’s attention, was a knock at her door. Carly opened the door to see Ruka there. “Oh, hi Ruka!” Carly said, smiling. “Hi Carly!” Ruka responded. “Is my brother here..?” She asked, having stalked him from school. “Well.. he was.. but I think he vanished.” Carly began, huffing slightly. “Come in and help me look for him!” Carly suggested, turning around. Ruka only barely managed to refrain from laughing as she saw her little brother lodged in the reporter’s fat ass, but she managed. “Oh..I’m sure he’ll turn up..” Ruka said with a smile. “Carly, why don’t you rest on the couch and I’ll make us some tea? Maybe he’ll show up if we wait a bit.” she offered, grinning widely. Carly was more than happy to plop back down on the couch, burying Rua once again. “Thanks Ruka.. I’m not so good on my feet today..” Carly admitted, continuing to smother and squash Rua without knowledge.
    Ruka meanwhile, went to make the tea. As slowly as possible..
    Rua was excited. He hadn’t really been excited about anything since.. the unpleasantness had started. Anything he was looking forward to were overshadowed by. Well. Ruka’s big fat wobbling butt. Which was still getting bigger, he noted to himself, watching her waddle about from afar.
    But he’d be free from Ruka for a while. They were going on a trip to the beach in Heartland, for a full week! And while he was there, he’d be talking to Carly’s reporter friend, so he could hopefully figure out why everyone around him was constantly ballooning, and put an end to it. He’d do it, then guarantee himself a butt-free future! And best of all, he was grouped with three other guys, so there’d be no chances for Ruka to smother him. Although with as large as she was getting, it was going to move from ‘smothering’ to ‘flatten’ soon.
    Now all he had to do was wait for the rest of his group. Yep. Just wait. Wait...wait.. he waited.
    They didn’t show up.
    “Oh, Rua!” someone exclaimed. Rua turned to see Carly waddling towards him. “C-Carly?” he asked, as Carly looked at a clipboard. “I’m working as a chaperone on your trip! Aki and Ruka asked me to! ...It looks like your group all decided not to come.” Carly said, tapping the board. “We’ll have to put you with someone else..” she muttered. Rua sighed. This wasn’t that bad, though. As long as he didn’t end up.. “Oh, I know!” Carly said, pumping a fist. “It’s four to a room, and Ruka is staying with me and Aki. So I’ll just slot you in with us!” she said, proud of her problem solving abilities as the color drained out of Rua’s face. A whole week.. staying with those three?! Carly’s clumsiness, Ruka’s maliciousness, and Aki’s tendency to just go along with them?! He’d be flat as pancake by the end of the first day!
    “..Can’t I.. just have my own room?” he asked pitifully. Carly shook her head. “At least 2 to a room, and you’re the only one without a full group. Sorry Rua!” she said, patting his head. “At least groups share train cars, so you get to stay with us there, too!” she said happily, not realizing that would also make Rua panic. Which he did. Carly of course completely misinterpreted it. “Oh Rua, don’t worry about the train! It’s completely safe!” she said chirpily, grabbing his wrist and dragging him in, barely able to squeeze through the doors.
    Enormous belly and fat hips nearly scrapping the walls inside the train, Carly led Rua to the car where Aki and Ruka were. It was a simple car with a long bench-like seat easily capable of fitting 3 or 4 people. Well. 3 or 4 normal people. Aki and Ruka were completely taking one side on their own. In fact, it looked a bit tight. Rua looked at Carly, then at the seat, and got the distinct feeling he’d be feeling a bit..squished for this ride.
    And she was right, once he and Carly sat down. Even clinging to the window on the far side of the bench, Carly’s massive girth was flubbing over against him. He tried to take his mind off it, and focus on other things. Like how tall everyone was getting. Both of them sitting made it very obvious how much taller Ruka had gotten, even taking into account the extra padding her immense blubber butt offered, she was at least six inches taller than he was. Aki and Carly were also definitely taller than they were before.
    “So Rua.” Ruka began, snapping Rua out of his daze before he could dwell on them potentially even getting.. bigger… he gulped, before focusing on her. “I’m sorry your friends didn’t want to come, Rua.” she said. “when I talked to them yesterday, they all still wanted to go.. I don’t know what happened..” she muttered, smirking a little. Rua groaned to himself. She was behind it! Of course! She couldn’t have a week without her favorite plaything!
    Rua seethed, but said nothing. It was going to be a long train ride, and he didn’t want to spend it under Ruka’s butt. Or Aki’s butt. Or Carly’s. So instead he tried to relax and get what little rest he could. A few hours in though, he started to notice.. weight on him. Carly was asleep, and was starting to slump over onto him. Threatening to squash him between the side of the window and her fat gut. “Carly.. Carly.. please..” he said, but it was no use. She was listening to headphones when she fell asleep, and they were still in. “Ruka.. help..” he muttered, as Ruka just smiled, sitting next to a sleeping Aki. Rua could do nothing as she slowly slumped over, burying him her blubbery belly again, and smooshing him against the glass, creating quite a sight for anyone the train passed by.
    Luckily, by that point they were already almost there, but it was still a very unpleasant last leg of the trip. So much so that by the time Carly sat back up, stretching her pudgy arms to yawn, he was nearly incoherent, having spent more than an hour with his face buried in her flabby side. “Yay, we’re in Heartland!” Carly said eagerly, looking out the window, once again burying Rua in the flabby side of her body. Rua was practically drug along from that point as everyone funneled off the train and into a bus to head for where they were staying. Most of that time he was sandwiched between Ruka and Carly.
    “Wow, lucky!” Carly said, walking into the relatively large and spacious beach house. “I was surprised the hotel said girls could only be two to a room, but it worked out, since they gave us this beach house!” There was a couch, a kitchen, and two bedrooms, one with two beds and the second with only one. And of course, a bath.
    “We should bathe and get some dinner.” Carly said. “Or at least order some. I’m starved!” she happily said, rubbing her immense stomach. Before Leo could even respond, Ruka jumped in. “Aki can help Rua and I bathe.” she said quickly, causing Rua to bristle. Around both of them in the bath.. naked?! No way! He didn’t get to object though, as Aki nearly instantly pulled him to her, burying him in her immense breasts, and walking with Ruka towards the bath.
    Once in the bath, he focused his attention on the tiles on the floor, careful not to look at either of the other two as they undressed. He was also trying not to think of them, but that was harder, especially when he felt Aki’s gigantic breasts against his back. “Do you want us to help you wash, Rua?” she said cheerfully, thinking nothing was strange in this situation at all. “Of course he does, Ruka said from behind him. “I’ve got a great idea on how to clean him too.” Ruka spun her tinier brother around as his eyes snapped shut to avoid getting an eyefull of his fatty sister and the much older girl he had a crush on, so he had no idea what was happening. He could feel Ruka’s ass, up against the back of his head and his shoulder, and Ruka reaching back and grabbing his wrists. He shuddered. Since the first time she had sat on him, her ass had already grown nearly two fold in size. If his shoulders weren’t in the way, his head might be able to fit entirely between her cheeks, now. He decided to risk opening an eye, just to see what was going on.
    What he saw was Aki’s ass closing in, already glistening wet. A single of the huge, plush cheeks making contact with his face, squashing him backwards into his sister’s ass as they sandwiched him once again. But this time, Aki was shimmying her ass up and down. She was trying to clean him with her ass! He blushed a little, smelling the rosey scent of her skin, and realizing against his will that this was the girl he had a crush on. He tried not to make a sound, which was easier than one would think considering how thoroughly he was being flattened. Up and down over her right cheek, she rubbed him over and over. Then moving to the left, the soft fat forming a seal over his face and shaking his head around as she ‘washed’ his entire body with ease.
    “Now for the scrubbing.” Ruka said, grinning, turning around and releasing Rua’s wrists. He felt her hands on his head and realized what she was doing. Too quick for him to escape, she pushed him right between Aki’s immense cheeks, the huge spheres of fatty flesh which had gotten so large a single one might be able to flatten him. The weight and pressure from both pushed down against him from all sides, and it was only the towel she had placed between her cheeks earlier keeping him from being very intimate with her feminine areas. He tried to struggle, but the grip those mountains of flesh had on him was impossible to resist, his entire upper body vanished into her ass, his legs left kicking outside it. “Now.. SCRUB!” Ruka said with a malicious giggle, letting one hand dig into each of Aki’s cheeks and shaking them up and down, grinding Rua between them and ‘washing’ him. He felt like he was going to finally end up flat like his nightmares. But before that happened, Ruka yanked him out and tossed him into the tub. “Rinse off and get out, we’ll wash up next.” Ruka said with a snicker. Now that she had teased him, she just wanted him out of the way. He was more than happy to oblige, quickly putting his shorts on and scampering out of the bathroom.
    He sighed as he walked out. Then found his eyes going as wide as saucers. In front of him.. was Carly’s ass. As big as Aki’s was, her thighs and calves were much smaller most of her weight layering on her form in an hourglass fashion. Carly… her ass was only about the same size as Aki’s, but her thighs and calves were gigantic, making her seem much thicker and meatier. She was in tight shorts, bent over a small table, ordering Pizza. “And four cheese, yes. Thank you.” Carly said, hanging up the phone. Rua gulped. He had been stuck to that ass once before, and as much as he couldn’t pull his eyes away from it, it wasn’t something he wanted to go through a second time. So he’d have to definitely be careful not to get within range if she tripped. Just. Carefully edge around he-
    “Hey Rua, you forgot your shirt!” Ruka yelled out from the bathroom door, flinging his shirt at him, nailing him in the face. Rua flailed about and fell onto his back, groaning. Pulling the shirt off his face and tossing it to the side. “What was that Ruaaaaah!” Carly yelped. That shirt was Rua’s undoing. Carly’s foot stepped onto it, causing her to lose her balance as she tried to back away from the table. Darkness covered Rua as he found himself staring up at Carly’s gigantic backside. “Oh no..” Rua weakly whimpered as the entire beach house shook from Carly’s planet-sized rear end coming down onto Rua. Her ass had grown since the last time, and covered Rua so thoroughly that she didn’t even look like she was sitting on anything. Rua, meanwhile. Felt flat. This was it. He was finally reduced to paper, like in his nightmares. Carly bouncing slightly and grinding down onto him, turning around, still completely unaware she had pancaked someone underneath her wide fat ass.
    Slowly, she stood up, not entirely sure what had happened. Rua was.. well. Stuck to her. He hadn’t become as flat as paper, but he was definitely a little flat, and stuck to her immense backside. He was forced to endure as she waddled around the house, the jiggles and wobbles of her ass rippling through him, and then as she sat on the couch waiting for Aki and Ruka to finish bathing. It was only thanks to Ruka peeling him off as Carly walked into the bathroom to bathe herself that he wasn’t still stuck to her blubbery butt. Rua barely recovered in time for pizza, eating eagerly, but entranced by the three massive girls eating. He really couldn’t believe how much they were stuffing into their faces, and was sure that they were getting even wider and taller as they were watching. Each of them consumed at least four entire pizzas.
    “Oof.. that’s making me a bit sleepy..” Carly said, yawning loudly, before plucking a pepperoni off her belly and eating it. “Me too…” Aki said. Rua groaned. He knew what the sleeping arrangements were going to be. Aki and Carly would be taking the room with two beds, and him and Ruka would be in the other one.. and indeed, he was right, as Aki and Carly sleepily wobbled and jiggled into their bedroom and shut the door. Rua sighed in defeat and trudged into his bedroom, changing into his pajamas.
    “Aren’t you so glad we get to share a bed, LITTLE bro?” Ruka said, wiggling into the bedroom. She was wearing a (tent-sized) nightie, with frilly panties barely containing her gigantic fat ass, and a frilly bra covering her breasts, which were resting comfortably on her heavy, large pot belly. Rua groaned. Again. “I’m not gonna insult you, so no squashing me.” he said bitterly, turning his nose up at her. Ruka smirked a little. “Fair enough. How about we make a deal then? If you do oooone thing I want, I’ll never squash you again, even if you insult me. I’ll get Aki to stop too.” the small boy grumbled. “What is it?” Ruka smirked even more obviously, and turned around. Her ass loomed in front of Rua. two large, beach-ball sized spheres of creamy white flesh, sitting atop two thick, massive thighs. Even the slightest movement Ruka made caused the flesh to ripple and wobble like an ocean of jelly. She really had a strong pear shape, nowadays..
    “Kiss it.” Ruka demanded, folding her arms. “First, kiss each cheek thoroughly, like it’s your first girlfriend! Do that, and you can be free little brother!” Rua gulped, staring. Did he really want to do this? It’d be so humiliating. But he’d be safe… even if he couldn’t fix the problems everyone were having.. he bit his bottom lip.
    He puckered up.
    He pressed his face into her right cheek, the fatty flesh easily molding to his face, and pressed his lips right against it, kissing it. All over it, up and down, really doting on it. It was a clean, fleshy taste with a pleasant fruity smell, but he was still burning with more shame than he thought it was possible for him to feel. Just do it. Get it over with, he thought, doing the same to the left, Ruka cackling as he did. “Good jooob, Rua. Now just one more thing..” Rua gulped. “Get up in there. Deep. As deep as you can go. Kiss. And thank me for letting you get so close to my big beautiful ass.” she demanded. Rua balked. “No way! I’m not doing that!” he began, before Ruka simply stepped back, burying his face up her butt and pinning him against the wall. “Who said you have a choice anymore?” she cooed evilly. Rua tried to push, but it was useless. He was just too small and helpless compared to her, anymore. Ruka was pushing back harder and harder, grinding her fat butt into his face until.. his head slipped between the cheeks. With a ‘pop’ sound, Ruka laughed out loud. She clenched around his head, squeezing it and nearly squashing her poor brother’s head, as she stepped away from the wall, dragging his flailing body around. Step step step. Each step caused her ass to flex and bulge, grinding and squashing Rua even deeper and further. Step step. Rua’s entire world was her fleshy, fatty rump. The nightmares would be especially bad tonight..
    Rua stared at the blue sky, and sighed. This trip wasn’t turning out like he had hoped. In a single moment, the trip had gone from him spending a week with his friends having fun to spending a week in hell rooming his his sister and two other whales who all ended up squashing him, deliberately or not. And now he finds out there was a schedule for the trip, so he wouldn’t be able to get to go see Carly’s contact for a few days, until they went to visit the school in Heartland. He’d be able to slip away then, but before that he’d have to go along with the trip.
    So here he was, at the beach. The trip was beginning and ending with a day at the beach. The weather was pretty nice. Not too hot, but comfortably warm, good for swimming. He wasn’t exactly interested in swimming though. He was a bit too tired, considered that, as far as he remembered, he spent the entire night with his whole head trapped in his sister’s fat ass. So he was content to just lay on this towel in the sun. Far, far away from where he saw Ruka and Aki going. And he had told Carly there was a conspiracy going on at the snack bar, so she was busy over there. He sighed and closed his eyes. For at least a while, he was safe. Or so he thought.
    “Hey shrimpy. You’re in my spot. Move it.” a girl’s voice said. Rua grumbled and opened his eyes. The glare of the sun was obscuring their head, but.. those wide, thick thighs, with surprisingly little cellulite, each one thicker than his waist. Leading up to, (presumably, he couldn’t see it from this angle) immensely wide blubber butt, with a fat pot belly sagging slightly right over it. There was only one young girl with a body exactly like that. “Ruka, I’m not in the mood.” he weakly explained, shutting his eyes again. Whatever his sister wanted with him right now, he didn’t feel like. “Move, runt!” The voice came again, clearly getting annoyed. It sounded like his sister but.. it was kinda off. She must be teasing him or something. He wasn’t gonna take the bait. “Just get lost!” Rua spat out, grumbling.
    “He’s a snyaaappy little guy, isn’t he.” a second voice said, mewling slightly as it smoke. “He’s definitely a punk.” a third voice added. “Let’s just find somewhere else. The beach is mostly empty.” it continued. “No way! We’ve had this spot for months! I’m sitting here anyway!” ‘Ruka’ said. Rua opened one eye. then the other. He still couldn’t see anything. Well. Anything except an enormous butt, coming fast. With a ‘plop’, the girl he had mistaken for Ruka, a green haired girl with a nearly identical body-shape, fell onto Rua’s face, swallowing it with her mounds of round and causing his face to sink in fairly deep, her swimsuit being not much more than a thong in the depths of her fatty rump. Even worse, the soft sand under Rua’s towel gave way with so much weight. Normally, Rua’s face would simply sink into the dark space between those round, meaty cheeks, but with the sand giving way, his whole head once again popped between them, her butt closing around the back of his head, as if eating him. “Hmph, there.” the green haired girl said. “Plenty comfortable. Set up the umbrella and stuff” she said, smirking.
    “Well, I guess you did warn him” the second girl said, her silver hair sculpted to resemble cat ears. She adjusted the tiny glasses on her nose, as she unfolded the large beach umbrella. She was pretty sizable herself, but with much more weight in her belly. Apple shaped to contrast with the first girl’s pear. Her breasts and rear were still impressive, but dwarfed by her belly. “Just proves when Kotori’s butt wants to come down, get out of the way!” The third girl said as the cat girl set up the umbrella. The third girl had fiery red hair, and looked like a normal girl with a huge layer of blubber draped over her. Her boobs were especially large, bouncing in the tiny bikini she was wearing. “Not that Cathy and I are small.” she said, smirking at the other girl. Cathy giggled in agreement, standing up after setting up the umbrella, and shaking her own towel out. “Although we couldn’t beat Kotori in a butt contest. You’d win boobs for sure, Anna!” she snickered, sitting on her town as Anna did the same.
    Rua meanwhile was kicking his legs, desperately trying to get her to stand up. But Kotori wasn’t having it. She leaned back, stretching her legs, putting even more weight onto his poor head. “Mmm, he’s pretty comfy.” Kotori said deviously. “I bet somebody else would like to give him a try too. How about I go get them and you two keep him busy?” She said, finally standing up. Rua was barely still conscious. He didn’t even get to gather his thoughts before Cathy and Anna plopped their own sizable rears down onto him side by side, burying him in flesh. Only his tiny feet were still exposed as they sighed. “I bet you can hear, since Kotori’s tons of fun isn’t eating your head anymore.” Anna said smirking. “But you better be happy we’re so light, cause the person she’s getting sure isn’t.”
    Panic set in as he heard that. He pictured someone as big as Carly. Were they getting their big sister? Or somebody’s mother? The last thing he wanted was to be flattened by some older lady again. Carly was bad enough! And now these two were squishing the ability to flee right out of him. He’d be helpless whenever Kotori got back! With whoever she was coming with! “Oh. Here she comes.” Cathy said, purring a little. The two bounced for the next minute or so, making sure any ability to struggle was squashed clear out of Rua. When he finally got to see what was above him as the two got off, he was stunned.
    The person standing over him was even bigger than Carly. In every way. While Carly was rather round in general, this girl was slightly heavier in her lower body, but her belly and breasts were so immense ‘pear shaped’ wouldn’t be accurate. It was more like.. squash shaped. How appropriate, Rua thought in terror, as he stared at her. Clad in a one piece swimsuit that looked like it’d rip to shreds at any moment, she without a doubt was the fattest girl he had ever seen. Her thighs were larger than tree trunks and her belly flubbed over her waistline. Her breasts were easily as big as Aki’s and rested on that tub of flesh that was her gut. The most insane part was, her face clearly indicated she wasn’t any older than him or Ruka! She glared down at him. “Is this the pervert?” she asked, obviously annoyed. Rua’s eyes widened. Pervert?! “Yep. He loooved my butt Rio.” Kotori said evilly, grinning. Rua stammered out some objections, but it fell on deaf ears. “Well, then he can have all the rear he wants.” Rio said, already convinced Rua was some squirmy little pervert. Rua’s eyes became big as saucers as Rio turned around, leaning over him, and.. simply fell.
    There was a light ‘thoom’ sound as sand flew up from the impact, Rio’s body completely burying Rua just as Carly’s had the night before. Except with the softer sand under them rather than simply squashing him, it created something similar to a crater, or a mold of Rio’s titanic whale-like backside, with Rua squashed right into it. “Wow, it’s like he’s not even there..” Cathy said under her breath. “Well, her brother is ‘Shark’ so it makes sense she’s ‘Whale’” Kotori said, snorting a little. Even Rio seemed amused at it. “Why don’t we just relax here. He won’t be pestering anyone now.” Rio said with a smile as the three agreed. As a result, Rua was under her for what seemed like an eternity. She shifted and bounced enough that he got juuust enough air to keep from blacking out. But unfortunately, not enough to keep him coherent.
    Rio heaved herself off him, finally, hours later, in the later afternoon, as the girls went to do something else. Rua was left behind, in.. well. A crater. He looked akin to a crushed bug, his hair disheveled, his tongue hanging out slightly, as he laid there, completely unable to move, all energy having been squashed out of him. He remained in the butt print in the sand for another few hours, until the sun began to go down and he managed to get enough energy together to move again. As much as he didn’t want to go right back into the arms of girls who’d probably sit on him, he really didn’t have much choice; he had to go back to the beach house. He hung his head, the squashed boy looking like he had been fed through a meat tenderizer. He opened the door, and heard. Giggling. Lots and lots of it. He walked in a bit more, and nearly gagged.
    They were there. All of them. Ruka, Cathy, Kotori, Anna, and Rio. And they were in their nightgowns and lingerie! And they had sleeping bags! Even Rua was smart enough to realize what was going on here - this was a slumber party! “Oh, hi Rua.” Ruka said, grinning. “You’re finally back. I met some nice girls while you were gone, and we decided to have a slumber party.” Rua just. gulped. He had to be careful. “And.. where.. are Carly and Aki?” Rua said, obviously terrified out of his wits. “Oh. Aki is here. She’s giving us some privacy. Carly went to get another scoop.. she’ll be gone all night.” Ruka explained. Rua mentally cursed. Carly was the only one who didn’t INTENTIONALLY squash him! Without her, he was going to be at the mercy of these girls!
    “Come on and sit right here, little bro.” Ruka said, yanking Rua’s wrist and forcing him to sit between her and Kotori. Rua looked between them. They really were nearly identical in terms of shape. If they had the same hair, they could pass as twins. Their thighs, stomachs, breasts, asses.. everything was nearly exactly the same. “Thinking about something?” Ruka said as she scooted closer. “Do tell us.” Kotori added, doing the same, sandwiching Rua between their fat hips. Rua whimpered a bit. These two girls were on the exact same wavelength. “Oh.. I just thought.. you kinda resembled each other..” Rua meekly responded. They couldn’t possibly get mad at THAT..
    “You know.” Ruka began. “We sort of do.” Kotori finished, the two grinning at each other. Uh oh. They had an idea. The two broke away from Rua to huddle with the other girls, whispering, before shooting a look of devious intent back at the poor boy. “We’re going to play a little game, Rua.” Ruka said. “So close your eyes. And to make sure you don’t look..” Kotori added, as Cathy wiggled over to him and flopped onto him, her large round belly smothering him as he began to flail. “Oh don’t squirm so much! They’ll be done soon!” Cathy said giggling, blushing slightly at the feeling of him going crazy under her, trying to yell and only getting a mouth full of belly flab. It took a few minutes, but Cathy finally rolled off him to let Rua see..
    Well. It was obviously Ruka and Kotori. But he couldn’t tell who was who. Both were in identical bikinis and, most notably, had wrapped their heads in towels, similar to masks. With their bodies nearly identical, he wasn’t sure who was who! Anna grinned at Rua’s confusion. “The game is.. you have to figure out which is which. Based on the feature of theirs I’m sure you’re most familiar with, of course.” Anna snickered, as both masked girls turned around and bent over, the bottoms of the Bikini being lost in the depths of those huge twin asses. Anna stood between them and lightly patted both blubber butts. “So pick one, and get to work. Once you go over both, you have to figure out which one is your sister!” Rua whimpered again. He didn’t want to do this, but he knew he had no choice. And worse, if he got it wrong, Ruka would absolutely punish him later. Or, well, use it as an excuse to punish him.
    Rua grudgingly moved to the closest ‘contestant’ and stared. Stared right into those perfectly round, fleshy, heavy orbs. He blushed slightly. Was this Ruka? Dammit, he couldn’t tell! And if it WAS Ruka, he had no business blushing looking at his sister’s wideload! He.. carefully touched it, a hand on each cheek, testing for.. consistency? He didn’t even know. They were very soft, but after a bit of give they were surprisingly dense, indicating muscle under that fat. Did Ruka have muscle? He did see her jogging sometimes, even as she gained weight. God, it was soft, and sort of ni-no. He pushed that thought out of his mind and continued focusing. Or tried to. It didn’t work, as Cathy put her hand on the back of his head and pushed hard, forcing his face into that ass. He tried to resist, and for a moment succeeded, only his face entering. But it didn’t last long, and with another shove, his whole head was eaten by the mystery butt. The girl, whoever it was, decided to be a tad evil, and clenched around his head powerfully once he was in there, the soft spheres becoming firmer and putting a huge amount of pressure on him. His hands sunk into the meaty cheeks as he tried desperately to pull himself free. Suddenly, the girl let go, causing him to flop over backwards as everyone laughed. Dammit, he had no idea who that had been!
    “Come on, one more examination.” Anna goaded, giving the remaining ass a bit of slap, making Rua blush even more fiercely as it jiggled nearly endlessly. That might be his sister! Stop thinking it’s sort of hot, he yelled at himself, before carefully starting to. Examine it. He sighed slightly. This was hopeless! These two were identical! Even feeling it, it had the same firmness, skin color, the same smoothness of skin, same size, everything! And it didn’t help that moments after trying to examine the second ‘candidate’, Anna helping him by shoving his face into this one too! She even squeezed just like the first one! They were completely identical! After managing to pull himself free (and taking some time to catch this breath), he looked up to see.. all of them staring at him. “Time to choose.” Anna said, as the rest smirked at him.
    Rua gulped. Looking back and forth between the two tons of bun. Which was which?! He really couldn’t tell! And he knew if he messed up, there’d be hell to pay. Eenie.. meenie.. mainie.. “This one is Ruka.” He said, pointing at the left butt. The two girls began to unwrap their ‘masks’, starting with the one he had pointed at.. and it was Kotori, grinning as widely as possible. Rua winced. He was in for it now. Ruka finished unwrapping hers, and began to snivel and whine very unconvincingly, pretending to cry. “M-my own brother can’t tell me apart from someone else..” she sniffled, as Rua groaned and Kotori snickered. “Well, maybe we should educate him..” Kotori said, evilly. Rua shook his head. “N-no, I’m fine. I don’t need any
    education. Really.” He stammered out, backing away, before Kotori caught him. “No no. You do. You need to know the difference between us.” she said sweetly, as she shoved his face right into Ruka’s ass for the second time today. His cry of objection was muffled by flesh as Ruka blushed slightly and Kotori lectured him. “Ruka’s ass has a thick, juicy firmness that can’t be matched. It’s sad you weren’t able to tell. Under the thick plushness there’s firm muscle to help it keep it’s shape perfectly.” Kotori explained, before letting him out to catch his breath.
    He didn’t have much time to rest though, as Ruka took her own turn and shoved his face into Kotori’s ass for the THIRD time today! “And Kotori’s ass has an addictive softness that you can’t get enough of. It’s divine, isn’t it?” Ruka insisted, as Rua muffled out his denial. These blimps! What a load, both of their fat asses were exactly the same! He continued to complain in his own head before the two sandwiched his head entirely between their asses, grinding on him from both directions. “Do you get the picture yet?” They both asked, give a few particularly harsh bounces, pounding him between their two rears before letting him crumple. “Y-yes.. I get it..” he weakly muttered, face flushed red, hoping they were done tormenting him for the night. “Great!” Ruka said, clasping her hands together. “Next, we’re going to play spin the bottle.”
    Rua paled. This wasn’t going to be good.
    Spin the bottle.
    Normally, such a phrase instills pure joy in the heart of a young boy. The opportunity to get close and personal with a pretty girl, and if he’s lucky, the girl of his dreams! For possibly the first time in history though, these words brought out another emotion in the young boy known as Rua: Terror. Instead of a group of pretty girls, he would be playing the game with these five blimps! Assuming they would be playing the game normally, and not using the game as an opportunity to do something evil. Which he didn’t trust for a second. Considering how eager most of these girls had been to flatten him, he was sure this game of spin the bottle would become extremely abnormal, extremely quickly.
    He thought all this while sitting down, surrounded by said whales, sitting in a circle. He bit his bottom lip. They were all staring, grinning, waiting for him to spin the bottle, and he knew no matter who it landed on, things would be getting incredibly unpleasant incredibly quickly. He gulped, and reached out and spun the empty soda bottle. Of all the girls, he really hoped it wouldn’t land on Rio. Of course, that was who it had the most chance of landing on. On his left sat Kotori and Anna, and his right his sister along with Cathy. And dead in front of him, taking up as much room alone as either pair of girls did combined, was the whale known as Rio, smirking smugly. Rua clenched his teeth and spun the bottle as hard as he could, praying it wouldn’t land on the whale. Spin spin spin. It slooowly came to a stop.. thankfully, it wasn’t on Rio. But it wasn’t much better, either.
    “Kotori is first!” Ruka said, smirking, as Kotori grinned. “Oh, c’mere lover boy. We’re gonna have a lot of fun together.” Kotori teased, making kissy faces at him. Rua shook his head slightly. He wasn’t dumb enough to fall for this! But almost instantly, Ruka and Cathy grabbed his shoulders, and started pushing him towards Kotori. He expected Kotori to roll over and offer her butt, or something. But she didn’t. Instead she closed her eyes and puckered up. Which, really, freaked Rua out more than anything! He could deal with butts, at this point. An actual kiss? New ground! He tried to resist but was pushed closer and closer. He began to blush himself. W-was this really how he was going to get his first kiss? Kotori was kind of pretty, he had to admit..this wouldn’t be so bad. He took a took breath, closed his own eyes, and puckered up. He leaned in slow. So slowly..
    He felt. Softness. Of two mounds. That his face was sliding between. Dammit, it WAS her ass! His eyes snapped open and yep, Kotori had rolled over and arched her back, putting her fat rear right in his way. He tried to pull away, but was being held in place. “Okay Rua.” Ruka started, smirking. “You’ve got two choices. You can give some nice, deep kissing, and be done…or we can change this from simple spin the bottle, to ‘seven minutes of heaven’ and you can spend a whoooole seven minutes with each of us.” Ruka finished, cackling. Rua whimpered, face slightly sunk in Kotori’s blubber butt. He didn’t want to spend seven minutes in her ass… so he had no choice. He started kissing. Kotori’s toes curled as she nearly purred like a big fat tabby cat. “He decided to go along with it.” she giggled. Ruka giggled in turn and put her foot on the back of Rua’s head. With a hard push, she shoved his whole head between Kotori’s cheeks again. The shame he felt as he continued to kiss was indescribable, especially as even with his head so deep in her ass, and her squeezing the mountains of flab, Rua could hear Kotori’s moaning and huffing as if it was the most pleasurable thing in the world. She even shifted her weight from side to side, causing her cheeks to grind together around him! They really weren’t playing this time, he fumed, wishing he could shrink into nothing and vanish rather than deal with this humiliation.
    Finally, Kotori decided he had serviced her ass enough, and let go of his head, letting him flop backwards onto the floor. “That was fun. You’re a good kisser, Rua!” Kotori teased, as if she had any idea how he kissed at all. Rua made a strangled, anguished sound as he returned to his seated position, and took the bottle. He shivered as he noticed Rio licking her lips slightly at him. He really didn’t want to get up close and personal with her, especially after he had spent most of the day crushed under her mammoth ass and was left exhausted in her butt crater. Another spin later.. thankfully, it didn’t land on her. “My turn!” Cathy giggled excitedly, standing up. She stood right in front of Rua, her belly at level with his face. It was huge. It wasn’t nearly as large as Carly’s or god forbid, Rio’s, but it was bigger than Ruka or Kotori’s. Rua had no doubt that if he couldn’t figure out what was making everybody balloon out, she’d be as large as Carly before he knew it. But right now she was squeezing it, and doing an obnoxiously cutesy voice. “Oh boy, I can’t wait to kiss Rua~ Nya nya~” Cathy said, squeezing her belly in a way to make her belly button look like it was talking.
    Rua opening his mouth to object, but Ruka took that moment to shove his face into Cathy’s belly, the huge tub of lard sealing around his face instantly and cutting off all air. “Give it a kiss little bro!” Ruka demanded, as Cathy wrapped her arms around his head to keep him from escaping. He tried anything to get air. Shook his head, moved it all around, but it wasn’t working. Her flabby gut was like a tub of jelly that muffled any attempt he made to get even the slightest relief. He had no choice. Burning with shame once again, he began to kiss. Affectionately. Passionately. Or at least trying to come off that way so he wouldn’t get a penalty for not trying hard enough. And just like Kotori had, Cathy was making the most obnoxiously faking and moaning, causing Rua’s face to burn red as brightly as possible. They must have been doing this on purpose, trying to make him as ashamed and embarrassing as possibly could. After he made out of Cathy’s belly for almost five whole minutes, Cathy let go of his head and thrust her belly out, knocking him to the floor again. He didn’t even say ‘oof’, he was too busy sucking in as much precious air as he could, desperate to refill his lungs. As unpleasant as making out with Ruka or Kotori’s fat asses were, at least some air generally got in there! That belly was just a wall of flesh!
    “Oh, that was so good I’m getting the vapors” Cathy teased, fanning herself as Rua fumed up at her. “No wonder your sister likes you so much. And Kotori too.” she added. Rua sat back up, groaning. Once the bottle had landed on Kotori and Cathy, they had removed themselves from the circle, so there were only three possibilities left. Ruka, Anna, or Rio. Rua gulped like a man about to be executed, and spun the bottle. Once again, he avoided what was sure to be a mountain falling on him. The bottle passed right over Rio, onto Anna. Anna decided not to stand up like Cathy had, and instead crawl towards Rua in a clear attempt to be ‘sultry’. “Unlike Kotori and Anna, we’re gonna do this right, cutey.” Anna cooed, puckering up and crawling onto Rua’s lap.
    Rua, as a result, was burning red and couldn’t even make a sound other than a terrified squeak. He didn’t expect this. He REALLY didn’t expect this. This was much more like genuine affection than teasing. Her ruby red lips were getting dangerously close to his face as he leaned back, like he was afraid. Cause he still was a dumb teenage boy, and was utterly terrified of the notion of kissing this pretty girl. So, it was a good thing that instead of kissing him, she yanked his head right into those gigantic melons resting on her chest. Rua made a muffled yelp as Anna held his face right into the side of one. They were a far stretch away from Aki’s, but still easily bigger than his head, and just having his face pressed into one was enough to suffocate him. “Just relax in my nice, warm embrace, okay?” Anna said with a smirk. She moved his head to her other boob, suffocating him against that one too. She didn’t even care if he was kissing! She pressed them together next, swallowing Rua’s head almost as well as Kotori or Ruka’s butt, putting him in a pure hell of marshmallow. Although Rua wasn’t despising this one nearly as much - they were boobs, afterall! Still, despite the fact he was buried in happy boobs, he did eventually run out of air, and was very thankful when Anna let him go, cackling as he collapsed to the floor under her.
    Thankfully, the girls gave Rua a five minute break to catch his breath. Only two girls were left. Ruka, and Rio. Rua reached for the bottle, sweating. There was now more than a 50% chance that it’d land on Rio. And Ruka could tell exactly why he was sweating. Especially with what she did next. “You know, I’m his sister.. It wouldn’t be fair for me to play.” Ruka said, feigning concern, her evil glare right on Rua. “So Rio, why don’t you go ahead and have some nice personal time with my brother.” Rua balked, as Rio grinned widely, licking her daintly lips, the only part of her that was in any way small. “I think I will.” Rio said. “He did such a good job with Kotori’s lovely backside, Cathy’s perfect belly, and Anna’s incredible bust. I wonder what part of me I should let him get to know?” Rio cooed curiously. “How about all three?” Ruka said, the glee on her face as she set her brother up to be tormented shining totally through. “Good idea!” Rio said cheerfully. Rua had no choice but to watch in horror as she rolled over.
    Like a pair of jello mountains, her pale cheeks wobbled endlessly from her rolling onto her stomach. In her lingerie and nightgown, it was even more apparently how unbelievably large this girl was. She was a whole step larger than Carly, and was probably half her age! Would Ruka get this big if he didn’t fix whatever was causing this? The very thought caused him to shudder. He didn’t get very long to cower in fear before Ruka and Kotori grabbed him and lifted him to his feet, however. They drug him toward that mountain of ass as Anna and Cathy helped by spreading those massive, meaty cheeks apart. Rua gasped. Her ass was so immense, and ridiculously deep that even with two people helping to spread her cheeks apart, Rua couldn’t see the lingerie wedged within. He didn’t have long to admire though, as Kotori and Ruka shoved him, causing him to fall into her ass, as Cathy and Anna released their grip on her cheeks.
    The two moon-sized spheres clapped together meatily, producing a light slapping sound, and Rua was entombed. Not completely, of course. His cute little feet were still visible, kicking futilely. His arms were pinned to his side by the weight, even simply resting against each other, her cheeks were too heavy for him to move! There was no way he was going to kiss in this situation, instead yelling and thrashing, but all that did was feel to Rio like he was hard at work. “Oh, he really is dedicated” she moaned out, blushing slightly. Ruka and Kotori took this opportunity to press their asses down, one against each of Rio’s cheeks, adding even more weight and really sandwiching Rua between them. “Isn’t he?” Ruka said, smiling at Rio.
    After a few minutes of Rua living in a world of ass, Kotori and Ruka climbed off and grabbed his ankles, yanking him out with a ‘shlorp’ sound. He was slightly sweaty, having expended a ton of energy trying to escape. Such energy usage rendered him unable to resist as Rio rolled over and climbed to her feet, grabbing him off the ground and shoving him between her immense breasts. He didn’t even have time to yelp, her squishy hug swallowing his entire upper body. Once again, the girls got to laugh at Rua’s poor legs kicking uselessly. While he had enjoyed Anna’s breasts, these were gigantic, and it was almost like being in Ruka or Kotori’s rump with how large they were! It was another few minutes before she loosed her grip, a nearly incoherent Rua limp her in her arms and resting against her belly. It was then when Ruka did something that even he didn’t think she’d do. Ruka swung her tubby hips out, then back again, giving Rio’s whale-sized ass a decently hard hip-check. “Timber~” Ruka cooed as Rua realized it made the girl holding him lose his balance. Much like when Carly had fallen over the night before, the entire house shoot as Rio flopped over onto him, crushing him underneath her belly. Being under her once again only reinforced how much heavier she was than anyone else who had sat on him, a fact reinforced when all the girls piled onto Rio’s back, laying over her and giggling. Rua now knew what it felt like to have the combined weight of all five of these girls on him, and it was indescribable. Even Ruka must have felt a little bad about it, as she only let all that weight rest on him for a moment before she hustled all the girls off.
    Underneath all that flab was a very disheveled, exhausted, and flat Rua. Not in a literal sense, of course. But someone looking at him, and the way his mouth hung open, his eyes focused in different directions, and the ragged state of his hair would agree; he was flat. “Thanks for playing with us, Rua. you can go now.” Ruka said, having to hold back laughing aloud at the pitiful state her brother had been reduced to. Rua didn’t even respond, just slowly crawling to the bed room and onto the bed, flopping onto it. At least Ruka wouldn’t be sleeping in here tonight…
    And for a while, Rua slept soundly. Until he was woken up a few hours later, by a massive shadow and noise. “Ohhhh boy, I’m tired..” a voice said as the huge shape it came from entered the room. Rua was too sleepy to figure out what it was immediately, though. It was Carly, having returned in the middle of the night and gone to the wrong room. It was dark, but she was in her own pajamas, waddling over to the bed. By the time she made it to the side of the bed, Rua was awake, and tried to stop her. “Carly, wa-” he began, but it it was nothing doing. Carly flopped over onto the bed, belly flopping essentially, burying Rua under her once again as she almost instantly fell asleep, snoring loudly.
    The tiny shrimp known as Rua rubbed his eyes. He was so.. tired.
    It was to be expected though, considering he had spent the entire knight buried under Carly. Although his body had just given up and gone unconscious after a while, he still spent the entire night with the most blubbery reporter he knew on top of him, which sapped most of his strength. Luckily, today was not a day they would be doing a whole lot. Mostly it was just shopping. Rua sighed in relief as he stumbled far, far behind the gaggle of whales that had tormented him the night before, careful to watch the ground rather than their huge asses.
    They filed into a large store. Heartland’s largest clothing store, on the biggest sale day of the year. Heartland clothes were incredibly stylish, so everyone wanted them! And when Rua walked in, his mouth dropped. The store was packed nearly wall to wall with women, and just like every girl he had seen recently, were all blimps. Enormous boobs, asses, stomachs, thighs, just walls of flab everywhere he looked, each of them pulling garments that could be tents for someone his size off the rack and judging them. He couldn’t believe how many people were in there. He looked back at the door and cursed mentally. One of the teachers from his school was guarding it to make sure nobody ran off. He was stuck in here until everyone was done shopping. In this minefield of tubby bodies.
    He looked at the aisles he could walk through from the entrance. Neither was promising. One had Ruka and Kotori giggling to each other on one side and Cathy and Anna on the other. Going that way was a recipe for disaster for sure. On the other side, Carly and Rio were each on one side, looking at clothes. That option wasn’t much better! Rua gulped. Either way was certain doom. He decided to go with the Carly and Rio’s route. Maybe he could find a place to hide until everyone was done, he thought, sneaking towards Carly and Rio. There wasn’t much space between their huge asses as they looked at clothes on the rack, but they weren’t watching either.. he could probably slip past them, hopefully. He took a deep breath, and went for it.
    He slowly started to squeeze between them. He couldn’t believe how fat these asses were, Carly in her tight black stretch pants and Rio’s bare flesh under her too-small skirt. It was like trying to squeeze between a crevice in a giant rock. They were so close together that he was already gently being squeezed by the blubber bursting from their lower bodies. God, why did they have to be so wide?! Slowly.. keep moving towards freedom, Rua thought. Not much further. But luck wasn’t on his side. Carly bent over, just enough to cause her ass to swell and flex outward, pushing him against Rio and rendering him immobile. He was squashed between those massive blubber butts. But not completely. He could still see the light at the end of the fleshy path, but couldn’t move towards it. It was even worse than just being squashed into oblivion! That hope was soon buried though, as Rio also bent over, looking at stylish socks at the bottom of the rack, her own enormous moons pushing out and squashing Rua quite thoroughly between herself and Carly. The two seemed very content to wiggle and grind their immense bodies against one another as they browsed, not even seeming to realize he was there.
    He wasn’t enjoying the experience. Although it wasn’t as bad as previous squashings he had gotten, he was still entombed in nothing but fat., and was unable to move. At the very least, gravity wasn’t working against him, so it was more like two pairs of heavy marshmallows wrapping around him. He had to squirm enough to not get wedged into either of them though, which was starting to drain his energy. He tried to push forward, but it was no use. He had to retreat. It took a whole lot of squirming. and thrashing, but with a faint ‘pop’ he finally retreated and escaped Carly and Rio’s massive asses. There was no way he was going to try and get through there a second time. Which meant.. he had to go the other way. Past the girls who loved squashing him. He gulped. He decided to crawl. That’d put him out of range of their asses, at least. and to his immense surprise.. he made it! He got past them without alerting them. From there, he just avoided a few more massive women who weren’t paying attention, and got to the dressing rooms. This is where he would hide! When the clerk wasn’t looking, Rua stole one of the ‘dressing room occupied’ slips, put it on the door, and sat down in the booth. He was completely safe. Or so he thought. Unknown to him, the girls HAD noticed him, and followed to see what he was doing. And Ruka simply.. took the slip, so nobody would even know he was in there. “Alright.” Ruka giggled evilly. “Everyone go find the biggest girl you can, and have ‘em try something on in there!”
    It took a bit, but the results finally showed itself. The door opened, as a dozing Rua was barely coherent. It was Rio. “finally, found a top I like.” she giggled, turning around to wedge herself into the booth that almost too small for her. Rua woke up just enough to realize Rio’s immense ass was coming down. A ‘MPFH’ came out of him as he was sat on, and wedged deep between Rio’s buttocks, his back against the wall of the booth. Rio didn’t even realize he was there, wiggling a bit and grinding on him as she removed her top and put on the new one, admiring herself in the mirror on the back of the door she came in through. Rua meanwhile was once again in a world of butt, unable to do anything as her massive fatty cheeks wobbled and squished around him. Had someone been able to see him, only his tiny legs would have been poking out from the ass of the gigantic girl. She admired herself nearly forever before sitting up. Thankfully, in a rare stroke of luck for Rua, standing up caused her mounds of round to spread apart, allowing him to slip out rather than be stick in her rear as she waddled out of the booth happily, ready to make her purchase.
    Rua sat there gasping for breath, sweating slightly from the intense body heat. He thought nobody would come in here?! Can nobody read?! He’d have to find somewhere else to hide, he thought, getting ready to get up and flee. But he didn’t have a chance. Luck seemed determined to only put him into situations to get him squashed more and more. The door opened again, this time revealing a young woman with bright blue hair, in a style almost like Anna’s. “I’m sure that’ll look great on you, Umimi!” Anna said from outside the booth. This woman was clearly older than Anna and the others, and it showed in her body. Her stomach and breasts were huge, rivalling Carly’s, but her lower body wasn’t much to speak of, although it was still pretty fatty. She leaned over as Rua opened his mouth, smothering him with her belly and boobs. His hand slipped between those huge melons, his chin pushing slightly into her plush belly. Umimi didn’t even notice. How could she not notice, Rua thought. This was insane! None of these women ever noticed him, and this one was burying him entirely in her cleavage! The weight pressed down on him, his upper body sinking slightly into her rotund body and his head vanished between boobs much larger than her younger friend Anna’s. He could barely breathe as he was buried in yet another woman’s body as Umimi changed her pants.
    By the time she tested her pants and got out, Rua was nearly smothered completely out, sucking in deep breaths once he had the chance again. Was he going to spend every day of this trip just being flattened and smothered by girls he barely knew, or not at all in her case?!
    Apparently so, as the next girl came in. Or rather, woman. This woman was as massive as Rio when it came to her ass. Actually, considering how tall she was, her ass was probably even bigger! Her upper body wasn’t quite as large as others, though. Rua’s eyes widened as he watched her. She reminded him of how Ruka and Kotori might eventually look if this weight gain continued. The woman’s purple hair fell down to her neck as she turned around, not even noticing Rua, allowing his mouth to gape open at what was officially the biggest backside he had ever seen. Droite, the purple haired lady, began to wedge herself backwards into the booth. Rua could only watch as he was once against crushed between the seat, the back wall of the changing booth, and more ass than he had ever seen, the woman’s thin skirt raising over the massive swell of her backside to exposed her tight-clad ass.
    Rua was muffled completely as he was totally buried under a single one of this woman’s cheeks. Overall, she probably wasn’t any heavier than Rio, but that still was very unpleasant. The huge woman carefully removed her shoes, musing to herself as she lifted a leg, putting more of her weight onto Rua and squashing him more deeply into her incredibly meaty, plush rear end. His head was swimming from the repeated squashings, even worse than he had received the night before, and he was beginning to lose his ability to think. On the one hand, the position he was in was insuring that he wouldn’t be swallowed between those immense cheeks, on the other, being pinned under her ass itself meant he was being squashed very firmly under her entire right, especially as he continued fiddling with her shows, absolutely no part of her resting on anything but Rua’s tiny body.
    It seemed like an eternity as she lifted one leg, then the other, tapping the ground with her feet. Each movement caused her ass to bulge and shift, putting more pressure on Rua and letting him experience a new sensation of being squished he hadn’t considered before. The amount of sweat that was currently on him from being buried in so much warm flesh for so long actually made him lightly stick to Droite’s ass as she stood up; but gravity quickly overpowered that light bond, causing him to peel off with a light ‘slorp’ sound and flop back onto the bench in the booth. Any thoughts of fleeing were completely gone now. Really, any thoughts of anything were gone. He was still aware of what was happening around him, but he had no energy to do anything. He could only sit there in the booth and desperately hope nobody else would use it.
    It was a hope, that wasn’t mean to be, unfortunetly. The last person to enter was none other than Carly, the rotund round reporter. Rua gulped, but didn’t even have the strength to try and tell her he was here. And there was definitely no way she’d notice him, the total ditz. His suspicions were confirmed where she slipped into the booth, her enormous gut pressing him into the wall. She had gained weight just on this trip, her shirt no longer able to cover the entire creamy white expanse of flab that was her belly, her belly button pressing right into Rua’s face as she hummed a cheerful tune, looking over the cute skirt she’d be trying on. The cute skirt that was easily the size of a tent, were it ever worn by a normal person. She slowly turned around, her enormous ass, which actually seemed smaller to Rua than it should, the poor boy’s perception so warped from Rio and Droite’s girth, loomed right in front of him, nearly pressing into his face. He could feel the heat from her body, coming off her backside clad in tight black stretch pants.
    He watched, his nose just short of touching her flesh, as she peeled those tight pants off, revealing her huge rear end. She was definitely apple-shaped, but she was just so huge now that even her ass was gargantuan. He only got to think this over for a moment though, before she bent over. Just slightly, but even that was enough to press those huge spheres out and into him. He wasn’t being squashed just yet, but his upper body was buried between those cheeks, just as he had been with Rio earlier. It wasn’t very long, however, as Carly quickly put on the skirt and stood back to admire herself. She giggled happily, completely unaware as the poor runt slipped out of her rear and slid to the floor at her feet.
    The time it took Carly to remove and fold up the skirt, resolving to buy it, was just enough time for Rua to gather his bearing and realize exactly where he was. He was on the floor, at Carly’s feet. Normally, this’d be good! She had no way to fall on him in this small booth, and even SHE’D notice stepping on him. Except.. he had also fallen inside those black stretch pants. Specifically, right into the ass of them, the garments having enough cloth to mummify him ten times over. And Carly was reaching down and grabbing the stretch band on either side of him, starting to pull it up. He stared upwards at that huge ass, specifically the dark space between her cheeks he’d certainly be going if he let her pull her pants up. He found the energy to yell at the last minute, but it was too late, the brief yelp that escaped before he was muffled by fat getting Carly’s attention only slightly, before she assumed she imagined it.
    “These are less comfy now…” Carly mused, able to feel Rua trapped within her pants, but assuming it must be how her pants her bunched up. She gripped the band again and bent over, stretching them over her ass even more, forcing Rua between those moons she called buttocks. She shifted from side to side as well, until he was completely wedged in there. “There we go! Knew it was just them sticking a little.” Carly chirped, before exiting the booth to pay for her skirt, the fact Rua was currently buried alive in her flabby ass completely unknown to her. As she left, Ruka and her tubby partners in crime peeked into the booth, looking at Carly’s massive ass swinging side to side as she walked once they realized Rua was gone. All of them laughed together when they realized where he was.
    The rest of the shopping day hadn’t gone well for Rua. Carly remained blissfully unaware of Rua despite him being wedged firmly between her mountainous buttcheeks, her full day of shopping, walking, and sitting grinding the life out of him. By the end of the day he was so delirious he didn’t even know where he was.
    Hell, even after Carly had returned home to their beach house and showered, finally freeing Rua from the hell that was the enormous fleshy spheres she called a rump, it took him a few hours to regain enough coherency to shower himself. And then of course, Ruka and Kotori had forced him to share a futon with Rio.. meaning he spent yet another night entombed in female flesh. It was even worse than Carly the previous night, since Rio was heavier! she simply laid atop him, snoring.. his entire body buried underneath her blubbery gut, only the fact his face was buried in her cleavage allowing him to get any air.. it was..terrible. Yes. Terrible. Rua had to keep reminding himself of how bad it was, lately. It had happened so much he was almost starting to.. get used to it.
    But that was all about to end!
    Finally, the day had come. Everyone was going to the right part of the city, to visit the school in Heartland, to see how class was in a different city. But it was close to where he really needed to be - the home of Carly’s contact who had been investigating the weight gain. The trip there was far from pleasant - Ruka had managed to trick Carly into sitting on him in the bus. He didn’t know why he hadn’t expected such a thing. But he had suddenly looked up, finding himself in the shadow with Carly’s ridiculously wide, round, stretch-pant clad ass looming over him, flopping down on him without a care in the world, burying him utterly once again. Each bump and shake of the bus they rode in cause Rua a new world of discomfort as he was ground and flattened into the seat he was on, Carly completely oblivious as he always was. It was only his quick thinking to grip to his chair for dear life that prevented him from being wedged into her ass and losing his only chance to find the cause of the blubber that eternally surrounded him!
    A pathetic ‘SLUUUROOP’ sound could be heard when they arrived and Carly stood up, Rua clinging to the seat and peeling himself off her wide, blubberous rear. After taking a few moments to suck in copious amounts of air, Rua began his plan. One of the benefits of still being so tiny amidst an ocean of whales was that he could still fit through the windows! So while the never ending train of fat asses, bloated bellies, and the poor male students wedged between them was trying to get out the door, he’d sneak out the window and make his way to Carly’s contact! It was easy to sneak out the window and away from the class, the teal-haired boy rushing through the city and away from his class.
    The trip was mostly easy. As easy as it can get when almost every girl he saw was the size of a blimp! There were a few narrow escapes; Rua barely sliding between two women before their rear ends pinned him, narrowly avoiding being wedged into that familiar purple haired woman’s ass as she leaned into a lamp post to rest, and no fewer than four clumsy women who almost ended up making him a grease spot on the pavement!
    Rua looked up at the old-fashioned house when he arrived. This was definitely it. Definitely a weird place compared to the futuristic wonderland that the rest of Heartland was, though! He gulped and knocked on the door. He knew what to expect, red hair, about Carly’s age..
    Carly’s size however, was not something he had been expecting. Since this lady had been investigating the weight gain, he hadn’t expected her to be a similar size to Carly, and yet there she was. There was differences, of course. She had a bit more of a pear shape.. an apple-like pear? An ap-pear? Rua pondered this as she loomed over him as she stepped out of the house. She had already gotten to the ‘getting taller’ stage too, so like Carly she completely towered over him. His head barely went up past her hips (that had barely fit through the door even sideways) clad in white stretch pants. Reporters must like to be comfortable, Rua mused. Red ponytail.. vest.. this was her! What the hell?!
    “Ah.” was all that came out of the especially eloquent boy’s mouth as it took the massive woman a few moments to realize the person speaking was so far down, and practically in the shadow of her generous belly. “Oh, hello down there. Are you Carly’s friend?” she said curiously. She leaned down a bit to get a closer look.. which pushed her belly out more, bumping Rua back. He was able to keep his balance at least, brushing himself off. “Y-yeah, I’m Rua. I’m interested in your investigation.” he said, clenching a fist, eyes full of determination! “Well, I’m Akari. Come on in.” she offered, wedging her tubby frame back through the door, brushing the sides of the entryway even turned sideways.
    Rua followed her and blushed slightly when his eyes locked to her butt. Her enormous, wide, protruding butt. It was rare that he ever looked at one this large so close without it coming down onto him immediately after, so even if he didn’t mean to, he was staring. Akari’s ass was thick, and not just in terms of weight. There was a.. doughy-ness, to it. It was less like soft pure fat moving as each step made one side bulge and flex, but more like two firmer mountains shifting back and forth. Her pants weren’t helping, either. Although they were definitely stretch pants like Carly’s, Carly’s were more like sweats. These were yoga pants. that meant every single inch of the ridiculously massive ass flexing and swaying a few feet in front of his face was being clung to as tightly as if those pants were a second skin. Her ass was probably as big as Rio’s, too. Her belly was smaller and her chest significantly so, though. He knew personally how massive Rio’s chest was, having spent all night wedged in it. He shook his head to disperse any thoughts about how soft it had been and focus on the task at hand.
    He was careful to stay a good five feet behind her, though. Akari didn’t seem as clumsy as Carly, but the last thing he wanted was to be proven wrong by her slipping and squashing him onto the floor. She lead him up the stairs to her bedroom; Rua was impressed. It was modern, and had tons of information technology. It was definitely a lot more advanced than Carly’s set up. He was beginning to think Carly.. was kind of incompetent. “Feel free to look around. I’ll try and find everything I collected.” Akari cheerfully said. Rua sighed in relief. This was all going pretty well, so far!
    He idly walked around the room and admired the newspaper clippings as Akari flittered about behind him. That was his mistake. Akari’s competence and general pleasantness has caused him to forget two things; exactly how large she was, and his own atrociously bad luck. She went to the filing cabinet directly behind him, and started to bend over as she looked through it. Rua turned around and there it was. That ass, again. Even larger and more pushed out as she bent over slightly. His back pressed against the wall. Her soft, yoga pant-clad backside was nearly squashing him. He could feel how warm it was as it brushed gently against him. This position was dangerous! Totally dangerous! He had to get out of this situation!
    Rua tried to slip left, but Akari bent to the right, making her left cheek bulge out even more. That way as sealed.. then the right. Rua whimpered inaudibly as he narrowly avoided being pressed against the wall as the pattern continued, locked in place behind her. Then of course, it happened. Akari bent down to check the bottom filing cabinet. Rua’s lip quivered pitifully as her ass flexed and bulged outward, spreading apart slightly. With how tight those pants clung to the wall of flesh seeking to bury him, he actually found himself wedged between those huge fleshy mountains. His cries were muffled as he was surrounded by soft, sweet smelling flesh from all sides. It made his mind a bit hazy, the heat, softness, pressure and scent of sweet-smelling soap all invading his mind at once. He barely even noticed that the pressure and movement of the massive reporter had lifted him off the grounded, pressed to the wall, only his tiny feet dangling free.
    The tiny boy as squashed, squished, and mashed about in all that flesh for a few minutes until Akari found what she had been looking for, standing up straight and giving her now Rua-free bottom a bit of a pat, causing a ripple of that thick blubber. “Got it!” she said happily, as Rua slid to the floor in his normal post-flattening stupor. Akari whirled around and looked around a bit before noticing him at her feet. “Ah, sorry, did I bump you?” Akari asked with a small laugh. “Y-yeah, something.. like that…” Rua muttered. “You’re kinda big.”
    Oops. Wrong move. Akari’s eyelid twitched as she leaned over. “Big, huh? Are you sure there isn’t another word you meant, shrimp?” she said coldly. Rua gulped. He messed up. He had assumed she was sane, but whatever was affecting everyone else had clearly gotten to her too. He has gonna end up laying in a butt-shaped crater for sure! “W-wait, I.. I mean..” he started to stammer, as Akari loomed menacingly. Salvation came from an unexpected source. A pounding on the door. “Oiii, Akari, it’s me!” Carly’s familiar, panicked voice rang from below. Akari shot Rua a glance and went to get the door, as Rua breathed a sigh of relief. Slinking down after Akari, he watched her open the door and Carly waddle her bloated frame into the house. “Oh thank Goodness, there you are!” Carly exclaimed upon seeing Rua.
    “Ruka and the others were surprised you were gone!” Rua shuddered a little, imagining Ruka, Kotori and the others ready to pounce and torment him in a school environment for once. “Are.. are they here?” Rua said in utter fear. “No, they found someone else to play with. Kotori’s friend.” Carly said cheerfully. “Oh, my brother. I’m sure they’re having fun.” Akari said with a snicker. Somehow Rua doubted it. The poor soul was probably facedown in Ruka’s butt with Kotori sitting on the back of his head by now. Or worse, totally entombed in Rio’s ass. “I was just about to tell Rua the info I found. I guess we could have tea..” Akari mused, eyeing Rua again. Rua was thankful. He had escaped a squashing!
    Rua sighed in relief as they all sat around the living room, sipping tea. He was seated right next to Carly; thankfully not right next to Akari, he thought. She still seemed a bit upset and he didn’t dare think of the ‘accidents’ that might have occurred had he not been saved by Carly’s sudden appearance. Carly sipped at her own glass quite thoughtfully and then rubbed her immense, swollen stomach. “Ah...Akari, do you have any of those..?” Carly asked, steeply her fingers shyly. “Oh, right, One sec!” Akari said, shuffling off. Rua watched as Akari returned with a plate of sweets. Cookies, cakes and puddings all on a tray. Is all these girls did was eat?
    Carly grabbed a cookie and started nibbling as Akari started reading from her data. “The weight gain epidemic started a few months ago, as I’m sure you’re both aware.” she said, stuffing a piece of biscuit covered in marmalade into her mouth, chewing quickly and gulping it down like water. “, lots of people started looking for the reason. They tested the water, looked for any changes in the weather or anything, did some tests on some of the girls that had gained a bunch of weight.” Rua was on the edge of his seat. “And?” Rua asked in desperation.
    “And they didn’t find anything.” Rua’s heart sank through the floor. There was no way this was natural. There HAD to be a reason! “Well. There was one weird thing. These sweets we’re eating.” Akari concluded, stuffing a whole slice of cake into her chubby round face. Rua looked at the plate again. Now that he thought about it.. he had seen everyone eating stuff like this.. at least a few times…! “So it’s doing it?!” he said, slamming his hands onto the table and making Carly’s body wobble as she ‘eeped’. “No, they tested this stuff. Nothing weird, no chemicals or anything.” Akari said chewing it again. “And the bakeries that sell the stuff get it from overseas so nobody can go investigate them directly. Madolce Bakeries, I think it’s called.”
    Rua knew he had heard that before, but couldn’t place WHERE. But regardless of not finding any chemicals, he knew these sweets had to be the cause! Even if science couldn’t find an answer, he had experienced enough magic and junk lately to figure that could totally be the cause! He sighed in disappointment. At least he knew where to start looking. And Akari seemed to have totally forgotten his little faux pas! “Well.. thanks. I guess I’ll go now.” Rua muttered, deciding to leave this situation before things got dangerous for him. He tried to leave but soon found himself face down on the ground, having tripped over Akari’s leg. “Ah.. sorry. I guess my leg’s just too BIG.” she said pointedly, with a smirk. Rua grumbled. She was still petty, but still better than yet another squashing. Carly stood up as well. “Ah well, I better go to-WAHH!”
    Rua knew that sound. And he knew not to look. But he did anyway. His vision was full of the soft, round sight of Carly’s enormous belly. He could see Akari still smirking, her leg having foiled Carly as well. Rua made the most depressed, defeated sound imaginable, that went unheard due to Carly’s yelling. The old-fashioned house shoot as Carly fell onto Rua, her blimp-like mid section totally burying him under it as it had before. Carly moaned and wobbled back and forth sniffling, trying to gather the energy to attempt to get up. “Ah, Carly, let me help!” Akari said. That little shrimp thought he had gotten off scott free. She’d show him! “Ah, oops!” Akari feigned, pretending she was falling herself.
    She flopped across Carly’s back, adding her weight to what was now a mountain of robust reporter. Carly groaned as she felt someone just as heavy as her lay on her, and her belly flattened against the floor from the pressure. Rua has no idea what was happening as the wall of flesh that was akin to being buried six feet under in pure marshmallow suddenly started pressing down almost twice as hard. He never would have guessed what Akari was doing. And she stretched it out, too. Flailing and flopping, pretending to have difficulty getting up, making Carly rock back and forth and bounce on her belly, giving Rua the flattening of a life time. When Carly finally got up, Rua definitely wasn’t going anywhere, and he still wasn’t noticed. Carly seemed confused but Akari let her know Rua had left already, and Carly seemed more than happy to believe this and flee.
    Akari looked down at Rua with a bit of a smirk. He looked pretty pitiful, leg twitching, no oxygen left, taking deep breathes. His eyes were only half-focused. He was pretty clearly still awake, but out of it. “How was that? ‘Big’ enough for you” she said, looming over again. Rua’s vision was barely recovered, as his mind snapped back to alertness. He tried to get up almost immediately, but. Couldn’t. “Ugh…” he groaned as his body refused to obey. “Tired? Resisting pressure takes a lot of energy, I bet.” Akari said with a grin. “You look really pathetic, y’know.”
    Rua’s eyes bulged as Akari turned around and let her ass hang over him threateningly. “God, I’d really like to sit on you..” she said with a bit of tease. A pathetic, pleading gurgle rose from his throat as she squatted down, letting the twin spheres of flesh hang only a foot over him. “Just press you under me..” Akari dreamily muttered.
    She stood back up. “But I don’t like to sit on the floor, so we’ll have to move.” she cackled, grabbing Rua by the arm and carrying him as easily as if she was holding a sack of flour or something, dragging him back up to her room. He was still incapable of moving, but made a lot of sounds of opposition. Akari rolled her eyes as she laid him on her bed. “Honestly, you shouldn’t make such a fuss. You probably like it, anyway.” Rua stammered and balked.”I do not, why on earth would I like it, you..”
    “You tubby whale, right?” Akari said, finishing for him and grinning. “Cause my brother says all the same stuff. It’s so sad. You two both clearly like it. If someone really wanted to avoid getting sat on, I think they’d put up more of a fight than you two do.” Rua bristled and grumbled and prepared to yell again, but she continued. “Really, you’re not gonna get outta this, so you should just stop being in denial and accept it. You’ll probably be a lot happier, y’know? Ah well. Think about it while I’m enjoying myself, okay?”
    She turned around again and sat down with no ceremony or gentleness. She just flopped her enormous ass down onto Rua. He didn’t even have time to make a sound before that softness away on him. Akari sighed in satisfaction, stretching out, grinding down and back and forth, really putting pressure onto him. Meanwhile he was suffering. Not just from the pressure, since it wasn’t all that bad, on a bed. More from what she was saying! He didn’t like it! Not at all! I-It wasn’t his fault it just kept happening, that those sweets made them massive and eager to use their bodies on him, right? There was no way! Absolutely no way! His train of thought was eventually derailed, however, by the sudden increase of pressure as Akari put her feet up, her ass sinking even more into the bed atop Rua. It even managed to flatten his train of thought! Akari smirked to herself yet again. It’d be hours before her brother came home, she’d just entertain herself with him until then..
    Rua tapped his finger on his knee.
    After finally escaping from Akari’s massive, white-clad blubber butt, he needed to think. To get as far away as possible from all the massive tubs of walking butter that kept burying him in flesh, and sort out his thoughts. He had gone as far away as he thought he needed to to make sure he could think in peace, sitting on a park bench. There was no way any of them would find
    He couldn’t.. like being buried in flesh, could he? There’s no way he actually liked all these girls sitting on his face, falling on him, burying him under so much weight it felt like he was entombed! That was ridiculous! But at the same time.. Akari had a point. He hated to admit it, but she had a point. Every girl was getting fatter, with those damn sweets attracting more and more fans who happily sucked them down, not caring that it was enabling them to swell up like balloons. And even though every girl was turning to a massive, walking tub of donut batter, there was no way every guy was going through the same things he was. Heck, he had been flattened by more than half a dozen girls, at this point! Intentionally!
    So he had to consider it. Could.. he be enabling it, somehow? Could he really be cracking, subconsciously, putting himself into situations where he’d be able to feel a round dome of flesh smoosh him and spread around his body, like Carly’s belly? Or feel his face get pushed deep between two meaty globes of fat, like Kotori’s butt? Or get totally swallowed by a massive girl’s backside, like he practically had been by Akari and Rio? N-no! That was ridiculous! He was just.. clumsy. He wasn’t careful. He had to be more careful from now on! This was the end of Rua being flattened by tubby girls!
    As if tempting God himself, Rua suddenly realized he was in shade. He.. hadn’t been sitting in shade before. He looked up, and there it was.
    It was, of course, an enormous butt.
    It was slightly larger than Akari’s, which had already been so enormously massive that it was capable of totally burying Rua under it’s width. Rua also mentally cursed that he was so acquainted with the bodies of fat women that he could compare sizes with just a glance! For once, someone wasn’t wearing stretch pants. Or at least, not obviously. They looked more like jeans, but from how well they clung and stretched over all that real estate this woman was packing downstairs, they were more likely just designed to LOOK like jeans.
    Frozen in terror, Rua had plenty of time to stare up at the ass that was likely about to devour him. There were.. differences, between it and the usual sort. It seemed heavier, the women’s two cheeks forming a shelf, hanging over her thighs and producing that fold where the thigh meets a particularly massive butt. And yet it seemed.. perkier, than Akari’s or Rio’s. Like this woman’s hips were naturally larger than theirs anyway, so packing on all that extra weight wasn’t such a massive difference. But most notable was the fact this woman’s pants didn’t actually fit properly. Unable to actually stretch those...stretch jeans? Over the massive swells of flesh that were her ass, her waistband actually settled on her ass itself, resulting in two creamy white hills of flesh to rise out of the waistband. She was so fat, even her butt had cleavage with how low her jeans were!
    She started to bend over, like she was going to sit on him. Rua panicked. Sure, with how enormous she was he’d definitely end up wedged pretty firmly in her ass, but getting sat on NOW would totally confirm what he had been taunted with! His status as a chubby chasing squash-addict would be totally solidified!
    “W-wait, wait!” Rua managed to croak out. Not that it’d matter. It never mattered. She’d sit down anyway and…
    She didn’t.
    The woman turned around and looked at where she was sitting. She had blonde hair, in a very angular ponytail.. she was very pretty, seemingly in her early 30s, Rua guessed. Her make-up, soft pink lipstick, and hoop earrings made her seem very lovely. Rua blushed a little. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there!” she apologized, leaning down and fiddling with his hair, eliciting another fierce blush from the boy.
    Rua scooted over so she could sit down. The bench, despite it’s heavy steel frame, creaked ever so slightly as the massive woman took up all but the smallest corner of the bench that Rua sat on. The flesh from her hips even.. flubbed over onto him, slightly. “Haaaa…” she sighed happily, stretching out. Rua glanced back over at her. From this angle he could see her front up close.. Her belly was pretty large, resting comfortably on her lap, her aqua green shirt not totally stretching over it, letting the very bottom of it show to the world. And her breasts were enormous, each one bigger than his own head. She had the look of, well. A mom. A very massive one, but still!
    “I just needed to get off my feet for a minute.” she sighed, looking over and tousling his hair again. “But I didn’t mean to almost pancake you, cutie!” she said. “I’m Yoko. And you are?”
    “...Rua.” he said. He was being very wary. For once he hadn’t gotten flattened, but he still felt like he was in the danger zone. Yoko smiled warmly again. “Well Rua, I’d like to make it up to you, but..” she had to think. “Oh, I know! I can make you dinner!” she giggled. “Ah, well, first I’ll have to call to make sure it’s okay…” she murmured, leaning down to him, one of her enormous boobs squishing against his head and shoulder. “I’m staying with a friend, so I have to make sure I can use her kitchen..” she admitted.
    Rua blushed and nodded.. being away from the usual gaggle of fatty vultures would be nice. And this lady actually DIDN’T sit on him! That alone put her above any of them! She rested a bit more, embarrassing him with little sweet noises and brushings of his hair, before heaving herself off the bench. “Just follow me, hmm?” she said cheerfully.
    Rua obediently toddled behind her as she walked. As he did, he was once again treated to the show of a woman’s enormous ass swaying and bouncing as she walked. “The weight of maturity” was the only thing Rua could call it as he watched. Like mounds of soft dough, her ass bobbed and wobbled. No quick, energetic jiggles, just slow, heavy bounces and movements, like an ocean. But moreso than that, Rua’s eyes were locked to the swells of her cheeks that peeked over the waistband of her pants.
    Especially since his eyes were at the perfect level to stare at that dark space, the cleavage in the back of her pants. It was a whole new experience, and he found himself lost in it, despite trying desperately not to stare. It was distracting enough that when she stopped suddenly he.. walked right into her, his face nuzzling into that valley. Yoko squeaked and Rua backed away immediately blushing. “Ara...I guess I should be more careful when I stop suddenly.” she said, giving him a teasing glance as he fumed red once more.
    She lead him for quite a bit, Rua’s eyes never moving off her ass. The house he was lead to was almost as ridiculous as the one Akari lived it. As she led him in, she guided him the to the table and went over to the kitchen to cook.. which let Rua keep his eyes on her ass. Eventually she put pancakes in front of him - doused in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. “Boys love sweets, right?” she cooed.
    Rua ate. They were really sweet, but definitely good! This was definitely going well! He wasn’t getting flattened, at least. A little sweet for his taste, but he didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. He happily chowed down, pleased that at least for once, something was going well.
    He finished, setting the fork down and sighing happily, before his eyes traced over to the counter.
    Madolce whipped cream and syrup..?
    Oh no.
    Panic shot through his mind like an arrow. He had eaten that! Was he gonna gain weight too?! No.. no that couldn’t be, surely some males had eaten it, since it started to pop up everywhere.. and he hadn’t seen any heavyset males, at least not to the degree the women were ballooning up…
    Rua’s panic continued to bleed into his thoughts, finally beginning to show on his face. Yoko opened her mouth to ask, but heard a door open and close. “Ahh, the lady of the house is home!” she remarked, turning her head to look. Rua did too.
    Well, it looked like Kotori. Kotori plus 25 years, and a whole lot of pounds. The woman standing in front of Rua was probably the most obviously pear shaped one he had ever seen. Akari and Yoko had a lot of junk in the trunk, but they also had pretty big breasts and fairly large guts. Rio was absolutely ridiculously massive, but the slight advantage her ass had was the one thing keeping her from just looking round. This woman?
    She looked more like Ruka and Kotori. But older. And fatter. She looked so much like an older Kotori that Rua was actually mildly terrified. He could only see her from the front, but he could tell how immense her backside was even from this angle, and the possibility of her suddenly turning as aggressive and eager to flatten him as her? Terrified him!
    Her eyes fell on him. “Oh my, who’s this?” she said, with just as pleasant a tone as Yoko had used. “He was my little dinner guest I told you about. I was just getting ready to clean the dishes.” Yoko said, taking Rua’s empty plate. “Ah, let me help you, and we can get tea ready. Mrs. Okudeira is coming by as well.” the green-haired older woman said. “You don’t mind relaxing there a bit, right cutie?” she cooed.
    Rua shook his head, and watched them clean and prepare tea.
    Meaning, of course, he sat in the chair, watching their asses as they worked side by side, his face slowly turning a deeper and deeper shade of red as he did. Yoko’s ass was of course, magnificent. If Rua was a bit older, more honest about himself, and had a more colorful vocabulary, it could be described as ‘mountains of MILF’. That especially applied to her friend. They wore similar outfits, both even sporting the same low-riding waistband on their jeans. But if the top of her ass left exposed on Yoko were hills, then with her friend they were mountains. Her ass was.. transcendent, a more literate boy would say. It was actually so large it couldn’t remain totally round, her cheeks resembling slight ovals as they squished a bit under their own weight.
    Just like Yoko, her build made it obvious she was an older, child-bearing woman, the weight resting on a frame that likely had much, much wider hips than the teenagers and young women Rua normally saw sporting so much weight. The result was that it looked more natural, much more alluring. Of course, Rua would never admit it as such. If he actually realized how much he was ogling, he’d probably curse himself!
    The doorbell rang, and Rua craned his head as the older, green-haired woman walked over to answer it. In walked another massive woman. Long purple hair, a bit darker than Aki’s. Her figure was similarly large, to the others. She looked exactly like she probably was; a mother with too much poundage. Her breasts were massive, dwarfing even Yoko’s and even edging out Aki’s. She had a thick, plump belly, but it was small compared to how huge her hips and tits were, giving her an hourglass appearance.
    The two talked a bit, with the purple-haired woman settling in the living room. The green-haired woman got the tea and cookies, as Yoko ushered Rua in there to sit with them. Rua was stuck sitting right between Yoko and the purple haired woman, their massive hips spilling over onto him with the purple-haired woman’s breast brushing the side of his head, occasionally.
    The three spoke a bit, until finally Okudeira-san (who they both called the purple-haired woman) asked about Rua. “Ahhh, this is Rua, we met today.” Yoko giggled. The green-haired woman looked up, and smiled at him. But it. Wasn’t a normal smile. It was a bit.. more mischievous.
    “Oh, so you’re Rua.” she said slowly. Rua shuddered. “Y-yes..?” he confirmed, unsure. W-where was this going. “My daughter said her new friend had a little brother named Rua, who was quite fond of larger women..” oh god no. She was Kotori’s mom! her smile widened. “Especially being under them.”
    Rua began screaming inside his head as both Yoko and Okudeira turned their heads and looked at him, and smiled. “She said Rua would do absolutely anything to get underneath a bigger girl, and that he got sat on by his big sister all the time.” she continued, her smile getting more and more wicked. “Is that true, dear? Do you love to be sat on?”
    He had to talk. H-he had to say something. He had to deny it. It wasn’t true! It wasn’t it wasn’t! But he couldn’t get it. He could talk earlier, why couldn’t he now? It was like there was a block in his brain, gumming up his mouth, keeping him from saying anything. And his focus was broken as Yoko began to twirl his ponytail with a finger, smiling, a smile that was rapidly emulating the more evil smile of Kotori’s mom. “You know, Mizuki-chan.” Yoko said, looking at Kotori’s mom. “I almost sat on him when we met...I didn’t think he’d have liked it if I actually had…” Yoko giggled. “Ara ara~ when I stopped on the way here, he even walked right into my butt... I guess since he managed to stop me from squashing him before he had to get a taste somehow, hmm?”
    All three giggled as Rua continued to be unable to speak. It was like something had fried a circuit in his brain, he just couldn’t get any words out! Yoko slowly stood up, as Okudeira moved to another seat. Oh no. Rua stared up at her ass again, in that same bent-over position as before. But this time, he had no voice to stop it from coming down on him. “Ahh… don’t worry sweetie.” she cooed, hooking her thumbs into her stretch-jeans and jiggling her ass up and down in a futile attempt to make the strained pants conquer the swell of all that milfy goodness. “We’ll give you everything you wanted~” she says.
    She slowly sat down on Rua. He couldn’t even bring himself to move, so bad the short circuit in his brain was. He was enveloped in the soft flesh of her ass, sinking deep into the cushy depths of the couch. Most of his body was gripped in the mature, meaty grasp of her cheeks even through the stretchy soft pants, but his face was nuzzled right in that butt cleavage. She was soft, incredibly soft, but even heavier than most. It was like maturity made her denser, gave her an inherent authority over someone as young and small as he was. Her almost intoxicating smell of her body didn’t help either, and before long Rua was unconsciously moving his head forward to sink into that valley even further.
    Yoko let out a satisfied ‘haaah~’ as she wiggled back and forth. She was heavy and her body was quite doughy, but with how plush the couch beneath them was, Rua didn’t have it too bad. The weight pressing into him increased as Yoko placed her feet on the coffee table, sighing happily and treating herself to another cookie as she ground back and forth with her wide posterior, shifting Rua around and imprisoning him as deeply as he could go, which mercifully wasn’t as deep as he had gone before in butts like Rio’s or Carly’s, considering how tight her pants were.
    “He’s just the right size to really get up there..” Yoko said wistfully, blushing and placing a hand on her cheek. “Just like my favorite little guy back home..” she cooed, as Okudeira and Mizuki huffed, folding their arms. “Don’t hog him, now! We hardly ever get anyone to play with, with all the young competition…” Mizuki said with a bit of an immature pout. “Ara, relax~” Yoko giggled.
    “If he knows your daughter, you can just tell her he’s with us and we can keep him all night.” Yoko giggled, continuing to wiggle and grind down on Rua. “why don’t we make this an event.” Yoko continued. “Call Todoroki-chan, and we can go over to Okudeira’s place. She still has the stuff, right?” The busty purple-haired woman nodded.
    “Let’s go then.” Yoko said, giving Rua one last firm squashing as she wiggled that huge butt on him, before standing up, leaving a very disoriented teal-haired boy smooshed in the crater her massive ass had left in the couch. “I’d love to carry him, but that wouldn’t be fair, would it? Mizuki-chan, you do it~”
    The even more bottom heavy woman smirked, walking over. Rua was barely coherent as Yoko picked him up easily. “Don’t worry, Rua-kun~ It’ll be a nice snug ride, especially for a cutie who
    loves big bodies, like you~” Yoko cooed. Rua opened his mouth to argue, but then realized Mizuki was pulling the waistband of her snug pants back. Were they gonna put him in there?!
    Yes, they were. Rua couldn’t find the voice to argue as Yoko lowered him into Mizuki’s bottoms, her tight pants essentially forming a slide for him to go right between those enormous spheres. Mizuki let her pants snap into place, trapping Rua against her huge butt. Then she started. She gripped the band of her pants and yanked it up fiercely. They didn’t even fit normally, and with Rua trapped inside them they definitely wouldn’t fit! Luckily, there was a place for him to go. Between those fleshy mountains. The enormous MILF jiggled, bounced, bent over, and stretched, her cheeks parting a bit with each movement to devour more of the boy until he was firmly wedged between two heavy, doughy mounds of fat, only his ponytail poking out of Mizuki’s butt cleavage. Yoko giggled and helpfully poked it in.
    Rua was totally missing from the world, so utterly dominated by this heavy, pear-shaped older woman that he might as well not even exist; hidden completely within her body’s grasp. As he felt Mizuki start to leave, those huge walls of flesh rubbed together, squashing him between her cheeks with each step as the massive woman’s thighs tensed, carrying her massive bulk. He was mashed and squashed relentlessly as the women traveled, just like he had been with Carly. But he didn’t know this would end up even worse..
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  3. faceunder

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    more to come please
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    yes please
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    This is an amazing story. It would be nice to see bit of wrestling incorporated, so Rua has yet another avenue to be smothered and crushed. Make him wear bikini briefs so the women “inspect” him and easily tell if he is in fact enjoying all of it.

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