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Russia girls.Boot Domination Young beautiful lady 19 years.NEW! Babe Girls.Girls spit in the face

Discussion in 'Spanker Paradise...' started by Alesya20, Nov 15, 2017.

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    Continuation of punishment. Berty wanted to tighten the punishment. Part 1,2. Part 1. Sexy Mistress Berty caught her slave making very bad deeds. The slave spied on the young girls and satisfied himself. Mistress Berty caught him, put on a chain and began to slap him in the face with her feet, she boxed his ears. She smokes to relax, spits into him and hits the slave's face. To be continued. Part 2. Continuation of punishment. Berty wanted to tighten the punishment. First, she beat with her bare feet, and now she makes the slave put on socks and sneakers on her to beat him while being in shoes, but the slave can’t do it, his hands are trembling. The lady began to tease with a shoehorn, but then she took pity on boy and gave him the shoehorn. She also smokes, laughs and beats the slave. To be continued.
    Fuul version.Princess Bertie and female slave part 1.Sexy girl.Princess Bertie female slave Spanking Hummiliation(mobil version) Mistress Berty has found a new toy. On the latest party she got acquainted with a girl and decided to ask her to the house. In the morning Mistress decided to play with her. She placed Trina (a bondwoman) on the bed, did not allow her to wake up and bonded her. She stood near the bed and whipped the girl in different ways. Berty beat her on the ass, legs, back, laughed at the defenseless girl. She loves to humiliate girls, beat them and make them obedient. But the slave girl only screamed, cried and squeaked in pain. To be continued ... part 2.Sexy girl.Princess Bertie female slave Spitting HUMAN ASHTRAY(mobil version) part 2.Harassment of the girl continues ... Trina keeps crying and can not resist her Mistress. Bertie is very strict and can punish if she does not like something. Bertie turned the bitch on her back, put her foot on her chest, spit on her face. Trina only takes it upon herself, whines and twitches, because she has nowhere to run, she is bound, there is a collar on her, she's like a . Bertie laughs at the girl, smokes and makes an ashtray out of her, tramples her with foot and presses with heel against her stomach. But that's not all ... To be continued .. part 3.Princess Bertie female slave Spitting Face Slapping Boot Domination(mobil version) Humiliation of Trina. Part 3. The lady decides to take a rest. She sits on the bed, makes the slave stand on her knees and makes her lick her boots. Trine tries to resist, but she is completely powerless .. she is beaten, humiliated .. Bertie spits in her face, laughs, beats and slaps her face, pulls her by the chain and does not allow the girl to resist. At the end she puts a foot on her head. Trina whines and cries ... Category: WHIPPING

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