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Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by solelicker, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. solelicker

    solelicker New Member

    I have a question for the masses. I say masses because I know it's true in my experience, and a few tramplees I've talked to personally have expressed similar urges/experiences.

    Have you ever used heavy objects or hard objects to either lie under or lie on top of to simulate the sensation of trample ? Also, have you ever later incorporated this into your actual trample experiences ??

    For example, I love small, beautiful girls, but I like intense weight, so a few years ago I started lifting one corner of a bed and resting the leg right in my gut. The weight was intense and far more than that of the average sized women I had trample me. Well, not only is this a practice I continue, because it's great for that DEEP stomach trample, but it's something I have incorporated into my trampling experiences by having a girl stand on my face while the bed is sunk into my gut. OR I have the girl sit, stand, jump(!!) on the bed while it's on me (resulting in some of the best trample orgasms of my life). I did see this on the board just once when I saw slave tread do it in a Phoenix vid. That was very exciting for me, because it was along the lines of the extreme trample that I like. Long-lasting, deep-squishing, heavy-weight, HARD trample.

    I was just curious who accentuates their fetish by doing things on their own or by incorporating things into their tramples. This includes man-corsets or belt restrictions around the diaphragm or sternum or navel. OR, lying on top of objects, letting the weight of your own body push the objects deep into you. I'd love to hear anyone and everyone's input on this !!
  2. snowball

    snowball Member

    This may sound odd, but i will occasionally insert a 8 pound dumbell into one of my sneakers, lie down on my back, and pressed it into my tummy to get that feeling as if i've gotten trampled! When i manuever the sneaker by pressing deep into my stomach, it really feels good. It works best when you do it, and fantasize getting trampled by whomever comes to mind. The only downside is that my arms/hands get tired quickly! LOL! It's not as good as getting a real trample, but if you practice doing it long enough, it may come close.
  3. flatstomach

    flatstomach Member

    gut - squishing
  4. flatstomach

    flatstomach Member

  5. greenlice

    greenlice Member

    my first experience with heels was similar to this. i was in grade 5 at the time and we had a weight lifting bench in the basement. now i thought i was super strong for my age cause i could lift 100 lbs [80lbs of weights, and the bar was 20 lbs] but i couldn't get them back up easily when the weight was near my chest. so one sunday when no one was home, i sneeked a pair of my aunt's strappy pink hush puppies sandles to the basement, and tucked them under my shirt so the heels were just above my nipple line, then i layed down on the bench, lifted the weights up and lowered them to the shoes. it hurt cause the shoes with the weight on just the heels alone caused them to rock back a bit, and with the weight on there, i had a hard time lifting the weight back off... i later rigged up a simple block&tackle system to let me lift/lower weight real easially. i later as a kid also rigged up a system to let me crush my fingers and cock under heels which i "borrowed" from the drama classroom costume closet...
  6. yeah...when i was about 8 i took the head rest out of the car and used that as a "foot". it was firm and soft, went across my stomach. first I slid under the bed and picked up the end and put the head rest on my stomach with the two bars facing up. The weight of the bed was intense for a little guy like me. I experienced what I call a trample orgasm. Something happened...i don't know what. then I would lay on top of the head rest and use my weight to press down. and finally i did the bed thing with out family car. I put the car up on a jack, slid under and put the head rest in place. The slowly let the weight of the car down on me. that was crazy.

  7. solelicker

    solelicker New Member

    This is exactly what I'm talking about guys, all of you.

    flatstomach, your pictures are magnificent !! I've got some similar ones that I'm going to post soon, I promise. I'll probably post them in this thread when I do. I've got some with a bed on wheels sinking into my soft guts. I've also got some where I've got two or three belts tied around me to compress my stomach, and then I lay on top of a brick, ON ITS END, with the brick going in between the two belts, sinking deeper and deeper into me as I lay my full weight on it. I've also got some images of three high heels fully sunk inside my gut as they are tethered to me SO tightly with belts.

    greenlice, and trampled1_2000: thanks SO MUCH for your comments. I like to see this sort of "trample masturbation" chatted about because it's often not addressed, and I know as young, young men, even boys, we've at times not had the opportunity to get trampled, and we had to get this sensation some way. trampled1_2000, your head rest stories very much parallel so many of my experiences. And let me tell you, I LOVED the terminology, 'trample orgasm,' because I've experienced that sort of euphoria both in getting trampled and in "self" trample many, many times in my life. It's a pleasure among pleasures, and you're right, it's VERY undefinable and inexplicable. But it's a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

    To everyone else, I think we'd all love to hear your opinions and/or experiences with "trampling" yourself or using objects IN your regular trample to take it to another level, etc.

    Thanks again, everyone.
  8. solelicker

    solelicker New Member

    Here are some images of "self" trample including lying on top of an upturned brick and sinking down on it, resting a wheel-legged bed in the diaphragm, and tethering high heels to the body with belts to dig the heels completely out of sight into the torso.

    Let's hear your feedback and similar experiences/images if you have them !!
  9. tbone

    tbone Active Member

    Guess self-trample is pretty common. From the time I first was aware of my foot and related trample fetish at about 13, I'd get a pair of my mom's and later my wife's spike heels when she was not going to be around for a few days for our daily sessions and would lie down on top of them with the heels pressed into my belly.

    I'd often reach a climax but not as good as when my wife or gf would be trampling them into me. A good substitute and really convenient. My wife would laugh about it and say, "C'mon, I can do a lot better than that!"

    Trampled 1, at about the same time (about 13) I also became aware of a related tire crush desire. I loved to see a woman run over something; it produced somewhat the same reaction emotionally. It isn't quite as intimate as her trampling me but so unusual that a knowing tire crush would have a similar effect. Remember at this age I was beginning to experience this but really had no idea what it was about. I did the same thing with our family car, finally with my hands and feet. When I figured out that this was possible, I was confirmed in it. It wasn't until a few years later that I realized that the objects were just substitutes for me.

    Although tire crush and trampling are a general desire, it was never great for me unless my partner was a good friend or later my wife. So, I began to experiment with tire crush as well as trample with my gf in college who was later to become my wife. She was so relaxed and understanding about both that the autoerotic part kind of slid into the background.

    But I was also aware that doing this with a partner and satisfying myself produced ALMOST the same effect. I guess that may be why so many still occasionally masterbate even in the middle of a good relationship.

    After our divorce (we'd been married basically our whole adult lives) I found that "self trampling" with shoes was some kind of an outlet that was fulfilling but hard to extinguish, even after I had entered into another relationship with a wonderful woman who enjoyed trampling as much as I.

    But (I guess having to do with the fantasy aspect) masterbation was still in some ways even better than the real thing until I had that partner who turned out to really love this and through her own creativity and input took me even beyond my own fantasies.

    But that's not all there is I guess because I'm aware that I still like the pics and still am attracted to the image of a nicely dressed woman, particularly when she has on nylons and a nice pair of dress heels (I do have a foot fetish) and a woman running over an object (usually unintentionally but intentional is good too:)) still draws my attention.

    So, although the autoerotic is quite related to the experience shared with a partner, there are some aspects that do not coincide.

    Good question, solelicker. Thanks for making me think about it. Any other experiences?

  10. solelicker

    solelicker New Member

    Tbone, yes, I have many, many other experiences with trample and, of course the matter at hand, "self" trample.

    When I was a kid I started with a baseball. I'd just lie on top of the baseball and let it push up into me. That was fine when I was a real small, tiny kid. However, one time I got an older cousin of mine to jump off the bed onto my back while I was lying on the baseball. I was 9 years old and she was 15. She weighed about 135 pounds and had size eight feet. We had been in the pool earlier that day and she was forcing me to the bottom of the pool under her feet and making me swim along the bottom so she could "surf." When we got inside I wanted her feet on my back again so I asked her to walk on my back. So she did. Then I asked her to jump on my back. So she did. Then I asked her to jump off the bed onto my back. While she was climbing up I slid the baseball beneath me, positioning it right above my navel. When she came down off the double-stacked mattress bed with two soft, water-wrinkled bare feet onto my bare back forcing that baseball up in my guts, it took my trample fetish to a new level. A VERY extreme level under which I've operated my whole life since. Immediately, though I was still young and small, I moved to softballs (larger for anyone that might not know) whenever I couldn't have someone else stomp me into a baseball. I moved to basketballs and then I moved to big fat, six-eight inch candles. And then I found the joy of the brick. ANYTHING to absolutely devastate my stomach. I LOVE deep stomach trample most of all, but I also love simulating it by myself with very heavy items squishing into me (try a California King size bed on a heavy oak sleigh bed with a recliner on top !! about 400 pounds). I love incorporating lying on top of things when I get trampled too.

    A very intense moment came in my first year of college when I arranged for a girl friend of mine from work to walk all over me. She was up for experimentation as much as I was, believe it or not. I took a brick, laid it on its end, laid on top of it (placing it right above my navel), then worked with her to lift the corner of my queen bed so that the bed leg was resting on my back right over where the brick was in my gut. While I lay pinned between the weight of a queen bed and the strength of an on-end brick, absolutely squishing my guts out and making me red and out of breath really quickly, she sat on the floor in front of me and made me lick the bottoms of her feet. After about five minutes of non-stop licking she climbed up on the bed and hopped up and down on the corner of the bed resting on my lower back. She hopped and hopped higher and higher until she was fully jumping. When I was just about to break she got down and stood beside the bed kicking me in the sides where my love handles were protruding thanks to the smush between the brick and the bed. She kicked me and kicked me and THAT was an odd three-pronged attack trample I've never experienced since. It was magnificent. When I got off the brick I lay on my back, let the bed leg sink into my gut above my navel and she face trampled me in that position for an hour on and off about 5-7 minutes at a time (while the bed rested on me the whole time).

    I've had many, many experiences with all sorts of extreme trample. I love it, and I hope anyone else that does can appreciate these stories. Tbone, thanks for the post and I hope to hear more from you soon !!
  11. tbone

    tbone Active Member

    Your cousin sounds like she was really cool. Basically a full-grown woman on a 9-year-old kid. Was she worried at all? I've got a couple of cousin stories too. I have a cousin who is a year younger than I. I'll share those stories in the next day or so. They're a little off the topic so I'll do that in another thread.

    That friend in college sounded like a really great lady. Thanks for the experience, solelicker. Did your friendship continue? How did she feel about trampling and how did you introduce her to it?

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  12. solelicker

    solelicker New Member

    Tbone, it WAS like having a full-grown woman on me. Course, it wasn't the only full-grown woman I had walk ALL OVER me when I was a kid. I was blessed to have several experiences with a certain friend of my mother between the ages of 9-12. My cousin, AND this woman as a matter of fact, never worried. I think my cousin saw it as I was asking for it, so I should know what I can and can't take. And the thirtysomething woman just DID it. I can't begin to explain why, but she just loved to press down on my little tummy with her foot until I was warmed up (what she considered "warmed-up") and she would stand on me full-weight barefoot, mostly walking in place on her toes. I controlled the situation with my cousin. This woman controlled the other situation, for sure.

    My college friend (I'm still in college) was over for a party one night and we were taking pictures, like of everyone doing everything. Well, she was barefoot and lying on the couch. When I went to take a pic she stuck her foot up. When I said "hey, far out, I LIKE that," she said "oh, PLEASE take pictures of my feet." She loved them so much when I got them developed that within that week I started talking to her at work about my foot fetish and that carried over into talking about my trample fetish. It wasn't until we actually got to my house that fateful day that I introduced the heavy and hard shit. She went with the flow, though. Yes, technically, I could say that we have continued our friendship in that we never stopped being friends, but unfortunately she dropped out of college and moved back home, 200+ miles away. I see her from time to time when she comes down, but we never have any "fun" anymore. I guess we don't enough alone time, really, is all. I would imagine that if we managed to get alone again for an extended period of time we'd pick right up where we left off (because that experience I relayed was not the ONLY 'experience' we shared).

    Your very welcome for the experiences, Tbone. I'd LOVE to hear some from you. Be sure to alert me when you post some somewhere else. I can't wait to read !!

    As for me, I may take some more pics today !! Any requests ??? What I can do to take pics to post ?? I have limited range, obviously, with the webcam, but I'll consider most any request !! I need to abuse the old tummy and face today !!
  13. james207

    james207 Member

    I thought I was the only one into that... I've been doing this for years in various ways.. The best was and old car jack hooked under the stairs in the cellar, I place the bottom of the jack without the plate on a rubber sandle resting on my stomach and then start to crank the tire iron.. I could pump it way into my stomach until the sandle was bent in to. Another was the work bench with 500lbs of weights on it, I would pick it up with a block and tackle and lower it onto my stomach. Now my wife helps me with the corner of the bed post and lowers in onto my stomach then she sits on the end and dangles her nyloned feet over my face. She's even place weights on the bed while I was tied in place and when I thought I'd pop she sits on the end of the bed talk about getting deep into my stomach..:2guns:
  14. james207

    james207 Member

    I thought I was the only one into that... I've been doing this for years in various ways.. The best was and old car jack hooked under the stairs in the cellar, I place the bottom of the jack without the plate on a rubber sandle resting on my stomach and then start to crank the tire iron.. I could pump it way into my stomach until the sandle was bent in to. Another was the work bench with 500lbs of weights on it, I would pick it up with a block and tackle and lower it onto my stomach. Now my wife helps me with the corner of the bed post and lowers in onto my stomach then she sits on the end and dangles her nyloned feet over my face. She's even place weights on the bed while I was tied in place and when I thought I'd pop she sits on the end of the bed talk about getting deep into my stomach..:2guns:
  15. solelicker

    solelicker New Member

    james207, isn't that GREAT, that way too deep sensation ???

    Just yesterday I used the queen bed with a 6" spike heel, and I've got some nasty marks today. I kept sliding the bed leg from the insole heel, to the arch, and the toe as well. Very nasty marks today as well as a lovely soreness around my navel.

    Loved your experiences as you told them, of you and your wife. I have to say it's a pleasure among pleasures to have that sexy girl sitting and/or standing on that corner of the bed staring at you while you're absolutely being impaled.

    Another question for the under-bedders: do you move about or do anything else ONCE you're under the bed ?? I know I often do crunches while the bed rests around my navel. I also rotate under the bed. I try to twist my body around under the bed so as to make a full rotation with the bed leg planted in the same place - make around about halfway with it twisting the skin before it lets go and actually my body moves the bed around to another place on my belly. Also, when just lying still under the bed it's nice to kind of rock side to side because it gives that good impression of the swaying weight of your girl.

    Guys, thanks again for keeping this post alive. I like hearing everyone's insight, and it's obviously opened some eyes from some people who thought they were alone within the fetish, like james207. SO, let's keep hearing from people !
  16. Tread

    Tread crush toy

    How 'bout this? These are from a video called "The Sadistic Four". It was pretty intense, especially when the girls started teeter-tottering the 2 X 4 on me. The vid is for sale, too.
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  17. standonme

    standonme Member

    I've also done something somewhat similar. I'm also into Trap & Skeet shooting and reload my shotgun shells, so I often have several 25 lb. bags of lead shot around the house. I'd lie down on the floor and place a bag or two on my stomach, then pile more bags, one on top of another until I got to my limit.
  18. btlimited

    btlimited Member

    in the second picture what is the back support built with...how does it not tip? how long did you last with the 4 girls/...amazing..what's the link to the video to buy it?
  19. Tread

    Tread crush toy

    It has two legs on the corners of the board that are out of the picture. It's kind of a tripod. With all the girls on it I could only last about one minute. They thought it was funny and refused to get off until they saw the look on my face. I think they thought I was dying or something. Maybe I was !! Notice the vein poppong out of the side of my neck !
    Email me at www.blueskyvideo@cableone.net
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  20. solelicker

    solelicker New Member

    Slave Tread, thanks so much for these pics. These are exactly the types of pics that are just beautiful. Now, sexually speaking, what could really be more orgasmic than a sweet pair of soft bare feet standing on your belly, your face, or having those toes in your mouth ?? However, for the truly insane, like you and I, and our compatriots who have spoken up on this thread, what really is more fun and satisfying than the risk-taking, limit-testing, mind-blowing limits of dangerous heavy-object, gang warfare trample ??? I love it, love it, love it. Thanks so much for posting your thoughts and your pics, again.

    I'd love to see any more. E-mail me at johnny_polo@hotmail.com to discuss other pics/stories or just to talk. I'd like to know if/when/how/where you and/or yours travel or where I might so as to get in on the stupendous, hardcore trample action !!

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