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Shoe humiliation at its best!

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish - Pics/Clips' started by Highest Arch, May 6, 2018.

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  2. Jolliet_Jake

    Jolliet_Jake Member

  3. 277 views, 1 reply!

    Thanks a lot, Jolliet Jake! :)

    Thought nobody like that kind of stuff!
  4. handtrampled

    handtrampled Active Member

    Shoegagging by such a beautiful lady... lovely! :)
  5. Thanks for leaving a comment, Handtrampled!
  6. wollilick

    wollilick Shoelover

    Yes. I love shoegagging. Hot pics. Thank you for sharing
  7. CAG00

    CAG00 Well-Known Member

    Superb pictures my Friend. Lady Iveta is Gorgeous and love her shoes and outfit. Wish it were me worshipping. Thank you as always and Have a Great Day
  8. kiko

    kiko Member

    OMG !!! I just saw that post - fantastic !!! Wish I would be the one licking her shoes and gagging on them ;)
  9. dirkdiggler

    dirkdiggler Active Member

    Love it! Thanks.

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