Sisterhood of Sin

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    Scissorholds, Facesitting and Foot Domination are the Sisterhood's specialities.

    Featuring dangerous dommes and hot wrestlers! Femdom demolition!!

    Access the clipstore directly at

    Stay tuned for updates,

    As always, feedback and custom requests are always very welcome

    Scorpion x
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    SOS0026 Interrogation Scissorhold Torture

    Available now:

    Scorpion has captured an enemy operative. She knows he has a stash of cash in London and she wants it.

    She drags him blindfolded back to a warehouse location and begins her interrogation and scissor torture.

    She questions him, chokes him and squeezes him hard...gradually extracting the information that she wants using her awesome thigh power.

    Once she gets what she wants from him she puts his lights out

    Scissor Torture contains: Front headscissor (from front and back), Front Figure Four, Reverse Figure Four

    Scorpion wears shiny black spandex catsuit/unitard/bodysuit.
  3. Scorpion_Fetish

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    SOS0028 Creepy boss gets scissored

    Available now:

    Davina (Scorpion) has been out for drinks after work with Graham, her creepy boss. He is actually very inappropriately, stroking her thighs and being very forward. After he suggests staying for breakfast davina decides that enough is enough and it’s time for her creepy boss to get some sense squeezed into him!

    Once she starts squeezing him he starts begging for mercy like the little weakling she knew he’d be. Maybe she will call his wife and let her know what he’s been up to?

    She tortures him with front and reverse headscissors and figure four until she finally puts him out with a headscissor.

    Includes lots of shots of pantyhose feet and legs

    Scorpion wears white satin blouse, black leather skirt and 15 denier sheer pantyhose / tights.

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  4. Scorpion_Fetish

    Scorpion_Fetish Active Member

    SOS0029 Scissor Pressure Test in fishnet & latex

    Available now:

    Scorpion punishes her victim in this close-up headscissor and figure four clip.

    The only shots you see are of Scorpion’s thick, muscular butt and thighs as they crush her helpless victim in hold after hold, switching endlessly between reverse headscissor and reverse figure four.

    She allows him short breaks in his punishment, you see him struggle, his face turn red, his veins pop, he even starts to sweat!

    She ignores his taps and taunts him as she squeezes his neck again and again.

    Scorpion wears black fishnet pantyhose / tights with black latex thong / G-string.
  5. Scorpion_Fetish

    Scorpion_Fetish Active Member

    OUT NOW: SGR0043 Laken gets dominated by Scorpion - Shiny pro match

    Available now:

    We welcome a new girl to the Strong Girls Rule wrestling campus. Uber-hottie, dancer and wrestler Laken Fire!! And what better way to welcome her than a shiny pro match on the mats.

    The new girl is feeling confident that she has the skills. Scorpion wants to teach her a lesson.

    They start with a Test of Strength and Laken wins a quick point with an early camel clutch. Scorpion has underestimated Laken and is not happy!! Time to punish Laken!!

    Scorpion stretches Laken out with a nasty grapevine then a splits. Laken is a dancer and super flexible but this is taking her too far.

    Scorpion continues to punish Laken to finish the match. Nice try new girl! See you again!!

    Moves used: Boston crab, Figure four leglock, Bow and Arrow, Camel clutch.

    Laken wears gold super shiny thong leotard with shiny stirrup-footed pantyhose.

    Scorpion wears pink super shiny thong leotard with shiny closed-footed pantyhose.
  6. Scorpion_Fetish

    Scorpion_Fetish Active Member

    OUT NOW: SOS0033 Mistress Samantha Debut for the Sisterhood - Scissor Power

    Available now:

    We welcome sensual seductress Mistress Samantha to the Sisterhood. An established British dominatrix, wrestler and powerlifter, she can crush a watermelon between those killer thighs. She is the perfect combination of strength and curves.

    We let her loose on a victim and told her to enjoy herself! And she certainly did!!

    Wrapping those strong legs around her victim’s neck with figure fours and headscissors. Trapping him there...then she discovers that he is ticklish...oh dear!! With his head trapped between her legs she tickle tortures him.
    And then, even worse, switches to a reverse facesit. He can’t breathe and she keeps tickling him!

    The clip was meant to be 10 minutes long but we couldn’t get Mistress Samantha to stop! She keep torturing him with facesitting and scissors before finally KO-ing him with a facesit..bad girl!!

    Mistress Samantha wears turquoise satin lingerie with 15 denier sleek pantyhose/tights.

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  7. Scorpion_Fetish

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    SOS0039 SexSwing Scissor Power

    Available now:

    Ooh we have some fresh meat in the dungeon...lovely!! This young man has never been scissored before.

    So let’s see what he can take shall we?

    Scorpion begins sat in her chair with a headscissors, he is struggling but she can see his ‘excitement’ showing. Next a figure four, shifting her position to cut off both his air and blood flow. Ooh he likes that even more...hmmmm….

    Scorpion has an idea. She switches back to a headscissor but hand smothers him at the same time. Oh he really likes that...what a filthy little deviant.

    Now it’s time to hit the sexswing, Scorpion drags him over by his hair, hops into the swing and jams his head between her legs. Front headscissor while she swings, the veins on his head are really popping and his face is scarlet.

    Once he begs to be let out she kicks him on to the ground….’I think you enjoyed that a little too much, you little fucking pervert’.

    Scorpion wears bondage body harness with bare feet, black manicure and pedicure.

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  8. Scorpion_Fetish

    Scorpion_Fetish Active Member

    SOS0040 Suck Scorpion's Dick - His first time

    Available now:

    It’s time for Scorpion’s sub to learn a new’s time for him to learn to suck her dick.

    Scorpion instructs him on exactly how she likes her dick sucked
    He starts well, enthusiastic and with suspiciously good technique.

    Hmm but..teeth...what the fuck?! Scorpion feels his teeth scrape her dick and she gives him a sharp slap to the face.

    She drives her dick into his mouth, then pulls his head onto it. Holding his head on her dick while he struggles for breath and she drives her hips forward.

    Scorpion leans back and relaxes…

    Spit on that hand and jerk it for me...make Mistress cum.

    Get back on my fucking cock and make me cum….I’m going to cum in your mouth like a dirty fucking slut...fucking swallow fucking clean it with that little slut mouth of yours.

    Good get out of my fucking sight.

    Scorpion wears latex underwear with black fishnet tights and high heeled boots.

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  9. Scorpion_Fetish

    Scorpion_Fetish Active Member

    SOS0043 Scissored by Spandex

    Available now:

    Scorpion has a friend round to help her test her squeeze power. She’d much rather do that than go to the gym, so she does some squeeze reps on his neck.

    Her workout buddy goes a funny colour and starts to feel dizzy as she squeezes his neck in front and reverse headscissors.

    Scorpion wears spandex/lycra snakeskin leggings / yogapants, with leopard print bra, bare feet and black pedicure.

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  10. Scorpion_Fetish

    Scorpion_Fetish Active Member

    SOS0044 Satin Beatdown

    Available now:

    Scorpion brings her victim into the mat room with his hands tied behind his back. He has lost the game and now he’s going to be beaten for what he’s done.

    She subjects him to a beatdown with Kicks, Knees, Elbows, punches to the body and face.

    Beginning in high heels (2 minutes), then taking them off for a bare foot beatdown.

    The man stays up while she hits him, starting to struggle but managing to stay on his feet and is finally dropped with a kick to the face.

    Includes POV sections of punches, kicks and elbows.

    Scorpion wears blue satin pyjama set with satin dressing gown, with matching blue manicure and pedicure.

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  11. Scorpion_Fetish

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    SOS0047 Creepy Boss is at it again - He gets scissor punishment

    Available now:

    Davina (Scorpion) has started work at a new company, she is working for a total creep called Larry. He looks at her legs and chest, and comes on to her at every available opportunity.

    When he starts putting his hand on her leg and asks her out again she turns him down...with a tight headlock and wrestles him to the ground.

    Larry said that he liked her legs, let’s see how much he likes it when they crush his neck. She carefully explains that she is going to crush the arteries in his neck with her legs and calves. Larry turns some very funny colours and starts to beg. No mercy from Davina!

    Larry got to play his silly sexist games, now Davina will play her favourite games….She likes to crushing and destroying men with her strong legs.

    Moves used: Front headscissor, Front figure four, Reverse headscissor, Reverse figure four, Side headscissor.

    Davina wears green leather skirt with sheer cream blouse, 15 denier Platino nude pantyhose/tights with blue high heels.

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    SOS0050 Interview at the Sisterhood - James - Scissor Test

    Available now:

    It’s time for a new male victim at the Sisterhood of Sin. So like all new recruits he has to go through an interview. Scorpion asks him some basic questions then invites him for the physical part of the interview - The Scissor and Facesit Test.

    Scorpion explains that the Sisterhood uses various methods to control men - scissorholds, facesitting and foot domination -

    James is being pretty cocky so Scorpion decides to be a little rougher with him as she demonstrates the techniques: front headscissor, front figure four (with extra smother factor), front facesit, reverse figure four, reverse headscissors, reverse facesit

    Part Two of the interview will be released shortly (SOS0053).

    Scorpion wears black leather skirt, black satin t-shirt with black Wolford Neon 40 denier pantyhose/tights.

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  13. Scorpion_Fetish

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    SOS0052 Stepdad crosses the line

    Available now:

    Mary (Madam Cruella) is staying at her mum’s house and is getting changed in her bedroom when her new stepfather (Uncle Larry) barges in and offers to rub some lotion on her back.

    So Mary plays a little game with her new daddy, crushing his head between her huge thighs

    Using: Side front headscissor, Side reverse headscissor

    Madam Cruella wears satin floral underwear with glasses

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  14. Scorpion_Fetish

    Scorpion_Fetish Active Member

    SOS0054 Blaze scissors him into submission

    Available now:

    Dancer turned wrestler Blaze makes her Sisterhood of Sin debut as she shows a male victim the power of her legs.

    Time and time again she laughs with delight as she tortures him with scissorhold after scissorhold ignoring his taps, strangling him with her feet and squeezing hard showing the muscularity of her amazing dancer legs.

    The raven haired beauty delights in his torment before finally and mercifully squeezing his head and neck so hard that he is knocked out.

    Blaze wears a black bikini and bare feet.

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  15. Scorpion_Fetish

    Scorpion_Fetish Active Member

    SOS0058 Bitch Boss - Scorpion in leather

    Available now:

    A disgruntled employee had had enough of Scorpion treating him badly so he decides to try and sort it out with her, bad news she doesn’t care!

    After a comment about how she is the worst boss he’s ever worked for she decides to show him it can get worse a lot, lot worse. Grabbing him in a headlock she throws him down to the floor before wrapping his head in her pantyhose clad legs in a reverse headscissors, her leather skirt riding up she plants her derriere on his face in a reverse headsit, agreeing that her methods can be a little unorthodox.

    She traps his neck in between her leather boots squeezing the dissension from him, crushing him between her legs in a side head scissors, followed by a front headscissors belittling him physically whilst berating him and his lacklustre work effort.

    In the end a final side headscissors allows him an unscheduled rest break and nap, as she sits astride his chest, reminding him that she is the boss!.

    Scorpion wears a blue blouse, black leather skirt, black leather boots, black panties and black pantyhose.

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  16. Scorpion_Fetish

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    SOS0059 Shiny scissorhold domination in Falke & Leotard

    Available now:

    Scorpion faces a male victim on the mat, she’s going to scissorhold him into submission. Time and time again she traps him between her Falke pantyhose clad legs, squeezing the air from him. He struggles and gasps but there is no escape from Scorpion’s thighs.

    He taps her legs to concede but still she continues to squeeze, dominating him in everyway.

    She uses every conceivable scissor on him while he flails in vain, eventually she tires of her prey, and make him kiss her butt before finally she facesits him into oblivion.

    Scorpion wears a long sleeved black leotard and Falke shiny nude pantyhose/tights.

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  17. Scorpion_Fetish

    Scorpion_Fetish Active Member

    SOS0063 Office Scissorhold Test

    Available now:

    Scorpion’s business appears to have a wealth of inept employees, and she has decided that another one of her worthless males needs punishment. It’s definitely time for him to suffer as she tests out her scissorholds.

    She starts out with her legs already wrapped tightly around his neck in a reverse headscissors, she grips the heel of her black stilettos to increase the torque and deal maximum punishment and pain.

    She takes delight as he feebly claws at her pantyhose clad thighs and ass, as he gurgles and calls out for help. It doesn’t help him as she continues to squeeze, rolling over into a side headscissors.

    The punishment continues until he stops struggling, will these employees ever learn?

    Scorpion wears a white blouse, with red bra, skirt, and tan coloured pantyhose with black stilettos.

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  18. Scorpion_Fetish

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    SOS0064 Scorpion wants to play

    Available now:

    Scorpion’s boyfriend has just got in from a long day at work, and is pretty tired. He’s enjoying cuddling up on the sofa with his beautiful girlfriend, unfortunately she’s in a playful mood and has other ideas, she wants a playfight. He certainly doesn’t want to play fight, he just wants a nap and then watch the footie, perhaps he should have a different type of girlfriend, after all his work colleagues have told him it’s time he became the man in the relationship.

    Eventually she concedes to just having a snuggle on the sofa, as he goes to lie down he finds two legs wrapped around his head, looks like he is going to be playfighting with Scorpion after all.

    As she wraps him up in her powerful thighs he repeatedly tells her to stop, until he makes a cardinal error and dumps her, telling Scorpion she is now his ex-girlfriend…. Big mistake!

    As he’s sat on the floor she sits above him on the sofa and catches him in a tight headscissors squeezing tightly. She sits and his face, and then reposition herself into a reverse headscissors.

    After multiple scissors and facesits, he tries to fight back but to no avail, Scorpion just intensifies the punishment, until eventually he gets that after work nap he desired in the first place.

    Scorpion wears a black lace halter top with leather trousers and bare feet with painted toenails.

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    SOS0070 Shiny scissorhold total domination

    Available now:

    Bert enters Scorpion’s lair to take on the leader of the Sisterhood of Sin on the wrestling mats. He very quickly realises that this is a huge mistake, as Scorpion is keen to teach him a lesson. Resplendent in her shiny gold swimsuit she takes him down and subjects him to her powerful thighs.

    Scorpion traps and punishes him in a variety of headscissors both front and reverse, as well as subjecting him to prolonged facesits. She takes great delight in torturing him and all Bert can do is beg her to stop.

    Eventually she does but only after performing a split legged facesit, better luck next time Bert!

    Scorpion wears a shiny gold swimsuit with 60 denier shimmer shiny pantyhose/tights.

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    SOS0072 Lady Godiva joins The Sisterhood

    Available now:

    Scorpion is interviewing the latest to The Sisterhood of Sin, Lady Godiva, a professional dominatrix who loves making men suffer! Lady Godiva epitomises her name sake with a classy English accent and beautiful long blonde hair. Scorpion checks out that Lady Godiva has the essential requirement for any new recruit, and checks out her thighs.

    Scorpion immediately spots that Lady Godiva is a horse rider and is confident that Lady Godiva has the right assets. Now onto the second part of the interview where Scorpion demonstrates how to apply a scissorhold on a victim who is also making his first visit to the Sisterhood.

    Scorpion begins by demonstrating a front scissorhold, which very quickly has the victim tapping out and perspiring profusely. Lady Godiva then follows suit and also has the victim tapping.

    What follows is thorough assessment of Lady Godiva’s abilities, as first Scorpion demonstrates and then Lady Godiva follows as she is shown an array of front, side, and reverse headscissors, as well as figure-four headscissors and how to incorporate facesits.

    At the end Scorpion is very satisfied with lady Godiva’s abilities and is confident that Lady Godiva will be visiting the Sisterhood of Sin again in the future.

    Lady Godiva wears a white blouse with black & grey short skirt and sheer black 10 denier pantyhose/tights.

    Scorpion wears a black and white vertical striped blouse with black skirt and Falke Pure Shine 15 Brasil pantyhose/tights.

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