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Sisterhood of Sin

Discussion in 'Erotic Wrestling & Scissoring' started by Scorpion_Fetish, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. SOS0075 Wolford domination at the office - scissorhold & facesit

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/17975652

    Bitch Boss Scorpion is sat at her desk when office jobsworth Bert enters. Scorpion has summoned him as he is needed for a new work project, she tells him to get down on his knees in front of her.

    For this project is important for Bert to take off Scorpion’s shoes, something that at first attempt he can’t even do correctly, so she makes him do it again, berating him for his ineptitude. Once the shoes have been taken off correctly it’s time for the next part of the project.

    She tells him to rub her feet, and he foolishly starts quoting the office rulebook again, and questions her. He obviously didn’t learn from the last time, as she strangles him with her feet. “My feet need a damn good massage, and not with your neck, but with your hands” she tells him.

    He continues to be noncompliant, so whilst still seated on her office chair she pulls his head in between her thighs and squeezes hard before taking him down to the floor for more punishment. Scorpion punishes him with headscissors and with her wolford clad feet, until reluctantly he submits and begins to rub her feet.

    Foolishly Bert tries to make a dash for the office door and freedom…. Bad move Bert!

    A tight reverse headscissors squeezes any further thought of rebellion or resistance out of his mind, and he submits to Scorpion and rubs her feet like a good office slave.

    Scorpion wears a white blouse and animal print skirt with Nude Wolford Neon 40 denier pantyhose/tights.

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  3. SOS0076 Kidnapped - Luna - Jade - Scorpion

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/17975656

    Kidnapped features Scorpion, Luna and Jade in a story of greed and betrayal. This super length storyline video is our most ambitious production to date utilising numerous sets, costumes and props and was a custom order which we are now able to share with the rest of the Sisterhood of Sin’s fans.

    The action begins on a deserted industrial estate where Luna is on the telephone to her boss, when Scorpion ambushes her and kidnaps her taking her to a safehouse belonging to the money hungry Jade.

    Luna is stripped to her bra and panties and put in restraints and gagged but not before planting a seed that Jade could make more money by negotiating with Luna’s employer and betraying Scorpion.

    And now the game is afoot as alliances are forged, broken and reforged. Each participant gains the upperhand in this cat and mouse game, but will it be the chiseled Luna, the ruthless Scorpion or evil Jade who comes out on top! It’s an action packed movie featuring female wrestling, restraints, gagging, drugging, BDSM and erotic overtones.

    This 45 minute opus should be in every fan’s of these three beautiful ladies collection, and at less than $30 is an absolute steal!

    Luna initially wears a biker jacket with leggings, and later black bra and panties.

    Scorpion initially wears a black full length catsuit and later black halter bra and panties.

    Jade initially wears a shiny black front tie bondage suit and later blue bra and panties.

    *please note due to a technical fault the first 60 seconds of the video is missing the sound.

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  4. SOS0078 Squeeze the life out of him Scorpion

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18095466

    A new male victim makes his first appearance at the Sisterhood of Sin. He’s stepped into the wrong room and come face to face with Scorpion, a mistake he is going to regret. She chokes him up against the wall before taking him down to the mats for some scissorhold punishment.

    The poor victim doesn’t know what’s hit him as he is subjected to a torturous collection of scissorholds and chokes. The punishment includes front, reverse and figure four headscissors coupled with facesits, which are a reprieve from those powerful thighs squeezing his head like a melon.

    The poor male looks truly traumatised by the scissor domination he is receiving, Scorpion’s scissors are to be feared as this male victim found out today.

    See SOS0079 for the full clip with trampling finish

    Scorpion wears a full body black shiny catsuit with stirrupped feet.

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  5. SOS0080 Destroyed by Scorpion's Thighs

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18095482

    It’s total scissorhold domination as Scorpion absolutely destroys a particularly pathetic male victim. He whimpers, screams and begs as he is decimated in a series of crushing scissorholds,

    Scorpion is at her cruel finest as she toys with him, making him beg from the punishment being inflicted by her powerful thighs. Bodyscissors, headscissors and figure four headscissors are utilised perfectly as she squeezes the life from him time and time again.

    A brief respite is given from the scissorhold domination as she puts him in a wicked camel clutch, before the scissor punishment begins again to a final gurgling submission which leaves him out on the mats.

    Scorpion wears a figure hugging shiny black thong leotard with black fishnet pantyhose/tights.

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  6. SOS0081 Humiliated by the women at the office - Lady Godiva & Scorpion

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18176406

    Bitch Boss Scorpion is sat at her desk pondering what to do with the office dinosaur David. He’s been generally being a male chauvinist pig with his lewd comments and inappropriate subtle (not) touching of some of his female co-workers.

    Unfortunately for David, disciplinary matters at Scorpion Enterprises are handled slightly different from other companies as he is about to find out to his cost as he is summoned to see Scorpion.

    She forces him down to the carpet and gives him a standing headscissors, as he lies on the carpet in pain she kneels on his chest whilst she removes her heels, all the time verbally belittling him.

    She shoves his head tight into her crotch and wraps her strong legs around his neck in a side headscissors, he gasps for air and struggles to escape as his face begins to turn red.

    As she continues to punish me with strangling scissors, Scorpion decides to invite one of his co-workers who has had to ensure his dinosaur like behaviour.

    Lady Godiva arrives and soon poor David is enduring being punished by two women. At one point as he is being squeezed in a headscissors by Scorpion whilst being simultaneously breast smothered by Lady Godiva.

    Soon it is Lady Godiva’s powerful thighs squeezing his head like a grapefruit whilst Scorpion finds her phone. Both ladies pose for selfies to share with the other office women showing off their punishment of David, to embarrass him further.

    The end comes as each woman takes turn scissoring his head whilst the other sits on his face. Another successful disciplinary at Scorpion HQ!

    Lady Godiva wears a white blouse with black & grey short skirt and sheer black 10 denier pantyhose/tights.

    Scorpion wears a black and white vertical striped blouse with black skirt and Falke Pure Shine 15 Brasil pantyhose/tights.

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  7. SOS0083 Initiation at the gym

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18176438

    Scorpion is waiting to evaluate a new recruit at the gym, he enters and it's pretty obvious immediately that he out of shape. She tells him to show her some push-ups. She places one foot on his back and forces him down and back up again.
    “You're not making this easy?” he says.
    “It’s not meant to be easy” replies Scorpion before kicking him in the ribs while he continues to do his push ups.

    He doesn’t even manage ten, so she scissors his head, and at this point he realises that this isn’t a normal gym, this is the Sisterhood of Sin Platinum program, and it’s time for another ten!

    Between repetitions he is made to kiss Scorpion’s foot, this appears to improve his form, and he finally manages ten.

    Next is the kettlebell swing, and at first it appears easy, and not too bad, but this is the Platinum program, and each time he swings the kettlebell above his head he receives a gut check in the form of either a wicked kick or punch to his flabby belly.

    As gasps for air on his hands and knees, he receives punishment in form of a standing headscissors, and is told he will be punished every time he complains.

    Next onto the plank. He is told to hold it until she says to stop. Whilst he tries his hardest to hold the position he receives kicks to his stomach, and back heels to the ribs, until he can hold it no longer and drops to the floor.

    Now is time for sit-ups he thinks he could manage one, but what he has failed to realise is that he must perform a sit-up while Scorpion facesits him, and for each failure or for each complaint he will receive a belly punch. Unsurprisingly he fails the allotted task.

    His final assessment is V-sits whilst being headscissored, he starts off well until Scorpion changes to a figure-four headscissors and he has to tap as the torque and pressure is too much.

    Scorpion needs to write-up her notes following his pathetic effort during his first session, but alas there are no chairs available so she uses his face to sit on whilst she fills in the paperwork.

    After every gym session it's important stretch out to avoid seizing up so Scorpion helps him stretch in a Bow and Arrow, a camel clutch and a full nelson, because she is kind like that.

    See you for your next workout!

    Scorpion wears an animal print sports bra, grey and black yoga pant and bare feet.

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  8. SOS0089 Topless Sativa Sadistically Destroys

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18433658

    Sativa makes her debut at the Sisterhood of Sin, also her first ever topless shoot, as she sadistically and systematically destroys her male victim.

    Sativa has ten years of karate training, 7 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, plus she is a trained dancer. That makes her an absolute bombshell, knockout killing machine!

    Her victim, Dave, likes to talk big on Twitter but how does he fare against a pissed off Sativa, the answer is not very well. This clip is not for the faint of heart as poor Dave is punched, slapped, choked, scissored and endures immense punishment at the hands of the super sexy Sativa.

    Stinging slaps to the face echo around the Sisterhood of Sin studio as Sativa shows him no mercy forcing him to tap almost immediately to an armbar. Dave is punched in the gut and treated like a worthless piece of meat as Sativa has her way with him.

    She scissors him, showing the definition of her legs muscles whilst verbally humiliating him. Sativa obviously delights in the punishment she is inflicting, and you will delight in the sight of her perfect breasts on film for the first time.

    Sativa spends ten minutes destroying Dave, you can tell that she is loving every single second as she scissors him again and again, crushing his body and head between her thick muscular thighs.

    The clip ends prematurely as Sativa’s head-crushing reverse head scissors forces Dave to use his safe word as he can take no more. This was supposed to be a 20 minute clip, sadly Dave couldn’t continue...but we know that Sativa is dying to have that last ten minutes with him...let’s see if we can persuade him to come back...

    Sativa wears a black bra-less body, with black fishnet tights and black thigh-high boots.

    Safety note: At the Sisterhood of Sin we always take into account our limits and safety. Safe words and signals are previously agreed for ALL scenes.

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  9. SOS0086 First oil wrestle - Scorpion in pantyhose

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18397060

    Scorpion has a special treat planned for date night with her boyfriend, Bert. The first is that she is wearing pantyhose, which as Bert comments “are silky”, the second is they are going to try some oil wrestling using coconut oil.

    They oil each other up making sure no part is missed, taking their time enjoying the shine it gives to each other’s skin, and also the feeling as it not one inch is forgotten.

    They begin to wrestle and any hope that oil would be an equalizer for Bert is quickly forgotten, and time and time again he gets trapped in head crushing scissors, breast smothers and grapevines.

    The oil gets trapped in the feet of the pantyhose creating a white goo which he is forced to lick from Scorpion’s feet. She gives him a chance after making him rub more oil into her bum, but it is short lived as she traps him in her powerful thighs and makes him lick the soles of her feet with the oil congealed in the pantyhose as punishment for losing.

    Scorpion wears black bra and panties with silver filigree, with pink pedicured toe nails and Platino nude (Caresse) cleancut 15 denier pantyhose, and copious amounts of coconut oil.

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  10. SV0055 Ballet Smother Olga gets Taught a lesson from Blaze

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18404402

    In the first of a double-bill featuring sexy blonde Olga Cabaeva and flexible Blaze (see SV0057), Blaze stars as a ballet teacher with bad intentions with Olga playing her unwitting student and victim.

    The scene starts near the end of their lesson as both women are stretching out, their taut bodies encased in pantyhose highlighting their suppleness and sex appeal. Olga thanks Blaze for the lesson and gives her a hug good bye, but Blaze has a different idea.

    Like a snake she strikes, and at first Olga is unsure of what is occurring until those amazingly powerful legs of Blaze are wrapped around her and hands are clamped over her mouth. The bombshell blonde begins to panic as her fear rises as Blaze controls her frantic form.

    Olga is powerless to escape as the predatory Blaze is like a cat toying with her prey, placing her hands over her mouth, smothering her, and then letting go, before eventually a final handsmother knocks her out.

    Blaze then kisses the neck of her limp victim and claims her prize.

    Blaze wears black bra and panties encased in black pantyhose.

    Olga Cabaeva wears white bra and panties encased in tan pantyhose.

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  11. SOS0087 Kali vs Scorpion - Judo girls get closer

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18397078

    Two judokas (Kali and Scorpion) in full Gi’s are having a match, but they are very evenly matched. Their bodies are entwined, feet and legs intertwined, faces close together and breathing heavy from the exertion. Scorpion suggests that they go back to her place to finish it, Kali agrees.

    Back at Scorpion’s apartment, like tribal warriors the two engage in a series of body locked tests of strength with neither able to secure an advantage, their bodies are intertwined as every part of their bodies are used in an attempt to beat their opponent.

    Kali is younger, but Scorpion is more experienced and stronger, their breathing becomes increasingly heavier as both are aroused by the intense body to body, woman to woman struggle.

    They choke each other, pull each other hairs, grab each others breasts, and then hips begin to move rhythmically as the erotic intensity is ramped up, they grind and writhe against each other each desperate to prove that she is the better warrior.

    The tribbing becomes more intense until they both reach an erotic nirvana and agree to meet again as they both lay spent on the carpet.

    Scorpion wears a white gi and then a black latex bikini.

    Kali wears a blue gi and then a leopard print bikini.

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  12. SOS0090 Wife vs Mistress - Jade vs Ivy

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18571287

    The next of our woman vs woman battles features Jade as a wife taking on Ivy as the mistress.

    The two women have agreed to meet in private once the affair was exposed to settle once and for all who will have him. They circle each other trading insults, Jade is convinced that she will be victorious and keep her husband, whilst Ivy is convinced that she has everything that is required to keep Jade’s husband happy and defeat her rival in the process.

    The comments rapidly gets out of hand and the women start grabbing each other and wrestling. They slowly come closer, and at the same time start grabbing each other. They grab each other from the shirt, hand, to hand, arm to arm. They get onto freezing tests of strength (finger lock, wrestler’s stance with one hand behind the neck and standing arm wrestles)

    They break apart and undress while sizing each other up.

    They slowly approach each other knees bend, and lock up, in a test of strength. This time faces come closer, touching, and legs and feet get involved while standing.

    The try again some grips, and tight and close holds on each other, a bit more prolonged, trying at times to bring each other down..

    They slowly start to bring their other hand closer and closer to each other’s neck, as if in agreement and lightly (almost as if testing each other ) begin to press. Their breathing does not change as neither one wants to reveal any sign of weakness to each other…

    They slowly fall down entangled, legs and feet locked, face to face, slowly wrestling, with tight holds, and hands grabbing tightly each other’s bodies…

    They both try not to reveal their emotions as they fight
    They test each other’s feet with their own and they squeeze thighs…

    Slowly the holds become a tight body to body, face to face embrace.
    They are getting both tired and excited, but both want to subdue the other..

    Hips are moving against each other’s…
    Feet are touching or rubbing together, thighs locked hard..

    They keep going at it…
    After more struggling, and no conclusion

    They freeze, locked and straining hard, while staring at each other’s eyes…
    They nod and agree to meet again to finish….

    Jade wears white blouse, black leather pencil skirt, black high heels. Then black lingerie.

    Ivy wears white low-cut blouse, black lace skirt, black high heels. Then black lingerie.

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  13. SOS0092 Diamonds are Mine - Blaze vs Scorpion

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18571313

    In this custom video an assassin played by Blaze is trying to eliminate her rival she sneaks into her bedroom pistol ready but when she pulls back the sheets her target isn’t there, the bed is empty. Scorpion ambushes her from behind and puts a knife to her throat pulling the mask from Blaze’s face.

    Blaze is tied to a chair and tape placed across her mouth, Scorpion straddles Blaze admiring her beautiful body, before giving the assassin wicked gut punches. Scorpion leaves the room to make the necessary arrangements to deal with Blaze. The moment she leaves Blaze starts to work on her bonds and manages to free herself.

    Hiding behind the door she waits, Scorpion renters the room and a high kick sends her to the hard wooden floor, Blaze plants a stiletto heel in the small of her back and it’s Scorpion’s turn to be tied to the chair. Blaze interrogates her as to the whereabouts of the missing diamonds, placing the muzzle of the pistol into her forehead. Once Blaze finds out the location she leaves the room to find them, Scorpion escapes her bonds and follows Blaze to the kitchen.

    As Blaze rummages around trying to find them Scorpion picks up her gun and catches her unawares. They agree to fight for the diamonds woman vs woman with no weapons.

    This very much a battle of powerful legs and thighs and in the end one woman is scissored and choked into submission, tied to the chair and gagged once more whilst her gloating opponent wafts the diamonds in her face, and leaves her struggling and tied up.

    Blaze wears a extremely skin tight black reptilian catsuit with black stiletto boots before changing into a red speedo swimsuit

    Scorpion wears a black lycra leotard with black high heels.

    If you're interested in a custom video use the Contact Us form.

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  14. SOS0093 Anastaxia vs Scorpion - The Club

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18680281

    The scene takes place in a secluded warehouse where the women (Anastaxia and Scorpion) meet without knowing each other in order to wrestle..
    They found each other via the Internet, where they filled out a list where they check boxes as far as preferences during their fight.
    Age, height, their prior experiences etc..

    The two women, meet in the center of the room. They stare each other for a little, as they have never met before, and approach each other. They know this time it will be a little more aggressive than they are accustomed to.
    They come apart and circle each other, as they have pre agreed on the specifics of their encounter.

    They start with a test of strength that lasts for about 3-4 minutes. They start a little more aggressively but with steady, tight grips, hands changing slowly from stretched to extended, occasionally eyes locked on each other’s, but faces not touching yet. There is no moaning, just slowly an increasing heaviness in their breathing, as they are trying to subdue one another.

    The spirit is competitive. There is no smiling or laughing throughout their fight. They then slowly change to a wrestler’s stance, with hands behind each other’s neck, slowly grappling, foreheads touching occasionally…

    They end up bear hugging each other, testing each other’s strength and trying to bring each other down.

    They fall down all wrapped up, thighs squeezing each other, feet trying to fight each other’s, and faces now coming together and touching more often,..

    They don’t yell or moan, but just breath hard, trying not to show any emotions to each other.. They do breath harder though as the action gets more competitive.

    They begin rolling on the floor slowly grips changing from finger locks to embraces, occasional hair pulling and lots of body-to-body contact

    Now the the action becomes more fast paced and competitive. The eroticism comes out of their tight holds, grabs, embraces and leg/feet squeeze. They are rough with each other.

    After a long fight the women end up deadlocked, limbs tangled together, breathing heavily, both exhausted but obviously turned on. Yet one summons one last burst of energy to squeeze a submission from her spent opponent. It is obvious from the closely fought contest that they must meet again as next time the outcome maybe different.

    Anastaxia wears a dark grey crop top with leopard print bikini bottoms.

    Scorpion wears a black crop top and bikini bottoms.

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  15. SOS0094 Car Crush - The Assassin Scorpion Strikes

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18680307

    Scorpion is a deadly female assassin in this specially produced custom clip. The scene begins with Deviant Dave underneath the pedicured foot of Scorpion on the bed. She stamps down on his head before grabbing by the ear and dragging him down the stairs. Scorpion verbally berates him telling him exactly what she is going to do with him. Once they get outside Scorpion forces Dave to open the car door for her.

    Once she is in the car she winds down the window and beckons Deviant Dave over with one finger. Grabbing him by the head she pulls his head through the car window turns his head and tells him that she is going to kill him by running him over.

    She tells him that he is going to make it easy for her and just stand in front of the car, but he disobeys her and runs down the road to try and make his escape. Scorpion shakes her head and pumps the pedals. She drives the car into Deviant Dave at speed, and then laughing repeatedly runs over his corpse repeatedly.

    This clip features femdom, pedal pumping with focus on Scorpion's feet and calves, and is a fantasy scenario.

    If you are interested in having your custom fantasy produced use the Contact Us form.

    Scorpion wears a white blouse, black leather pencil skirt, high heels and a killer smile. Scorpion's car wears Deviant Dave roadkill.

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  16. SOS0095 Megan Jones is The Cuban Crusher - Scissorhold Demolition

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18680337

    Latino sensation, Megan Jones makes her Sisterhood of Sin debut as she takes on Bert on the mats. Bert makes the mistake of flexing at the Cuban visitor and she immediately makes him pay trapping him in a super tight headscissor forcing a grimacing Bert to tap to her powerful legs. Megan then gives Bert the headscissor hold lesson of his life, even though he is one of the most experienced mixed wrestlers in the UK, Bert and in particular his neck have never been subjected to such a schooling.

    Standing headscissors, triangle chokes, reverse and front headscissors are used to deadly effect, and the only respite comes from being smothered underneath the perfect rounded derriere of the stunning Cuban pornstar.

    Bert is a defeated sweaty mess on the mats, whilst Megan Jones flexes her arms, before she walks off the mats in disgust, clearly not impressed with the caliber of the creme dela creme of male challengers in the UK.

    Megan Jones wears a shiny white leotard with white shiny stirrup leggings.

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  17. SOS0096 Brazilian Bombshell Destruction - Ivy shuts him up

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18680349

    The beautiful Brazilian Ivy takes to the Sisterhood of Sin mats to take on the always game, Will. Poor Will doesn't stand a chance, as Ivy fucks him up. Will is absolutely destroyed by the sadistic Ivy as she tortures him in a plethora of punishing holds.

    The full Sisterhood of Sin tactics are used as she scissors, facesits, grapevines and smothers him. Sweat pours from his body as he endures hold after hold, Ivy lifts him from the mats by his hair before pushing him back down with her foot and placing it over his mouth at the end Ivy stands triumphant as Will literally crawls and drags his defeated, spent form off the mats and away from the Brazilian beauty that just kicked his ass.

    Ivy wears a camouflage khaki one piece with black latex belt and black crop top underneath.

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  18. SOS0097 Wife vs Mistress - Luna vs Scorpion

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18967951

    Two women, Scorpion and Luna are after the same man who is in love with both and can’t make up his mind. After a lot of discussion the two women have decided to take matters into their own hands, and meet privately to decide who will keep him.

    They both know that he would like seeing them wrestling it out for him!
    They are both attracted to each other, but unfortunately for now, they have to fight it out!.

    The have agreed to meet in underwear, using only wrestling tactics with hair pulling, breast grabbing and choking until one gives.

    Midway through they decide to oil up to finish the contest, the two women are evenly matched and as the combat continues and as they slip and slide over each other, their mutual attraction becomes more intense as does their breathing.

    They are interlocked, and the body to body contact makes each other, obviously aroused, and by the end both are spent and continue to meet again as they are too evenly matched.

    Scorpion wears a leopard print bra with black panties.

    Luna wears a lace black bra and panties.

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  19. SOS0098 Tapebound & Squeezed by Scorpion

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18968027

    A foolish man has stumbled into Scorpion’s lair, and by now we all know that it spells doom for this victim.

    Scorpion dominates him squeezing his head between her powerful thighs, she chokes and smothers him, he is her plaything and is powerless to resist as she takes delight in torturing him.

    After a tight reverse headscissors with his face trapped in her firm ass, she slaps his face and sits astride him while she grabs a roll of black duct tape and traps his arms before placing the tape across his mouth to stifle his groans of pain.

    This domination fantasy can only end one way with a taped victim beneath a dominant Scorpion.

    Scorpion wears a black lycra leotard with black fishnets.

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  20. SOS0099 Room Mates - Blaze & Scorpion

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18968041

    Two Roommates, Blaze and Scorpion are lying in bed sleeping back to back close to each other in sexy underwear. One by one they slowly open their eyes, and stare far away while thinking. They try to guess what would be on the other’s mind, and (as usual) they begin testing each other. They slowly bring their butts close to the point that they touch.. They then push a little harder.

    They slowly begin touching the soles of their feet and rub them gently. After a while, they start pushing against each other’s as if in a test of strength. They slowly start to look for each other’s hand and slowly touch palm against palm right next to their bodies and start pushing. They lock fingers and keep pushing while still back-to-back…

    After a couple of minutes of this, they release their tension and turn toward each other still lying in bed. They face each other, faces very close to each other. Staring into each other’s eyes for a signal. They bring one hand up and slowly go palm against palm without locking fingers, and gently they exert some resistance.

    Still no sign of a fight.. They raise on leg as well and entwine it with the opponent’s slowly. Calf against calf, and foot against foot.
    Suddenly one of them gets a more serious look and nods with her head. After a few seconds or so the other one nods as well. The fight is ON!

    They slowly get up to their knees with determined looks arms outstretched, bodies slightly bend forward, and wait a little eyes locked onto the other’s.

    They slowly bring their palm together, and start pushing harder. They open up their fingers, and start pressing only their fingertips. Their faces start grimacing from the struggle. Foreheads come closer and occasionally touch, and they begin to breath harder or moan. The two women are locked in combat.

    They bring their arms to the side and now they lock fingers. Their breasts start coming together. They begin to grab each other In various slow prolonged grips/tests of strength, like embraces, double head locks, hair pulling, faces coming together, sweat starting to drip on their faces.

    The two Roommates are evenly matched, both drenched in sweat they both concede the draw until next time!

    Scorpion wears grey bra and panties.

    Blaze wears silver & grey bra and panties.

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  21. SOS0100 The Big Score - Inferno, Luna, Scorpion, Jade & Laken

    Available now: http://clips4sale.com/107984/18968077

    This is not only “The Big Score” this is also the BIG ONE, SOS0100! This is a specially produced feature length custom clip and we are celebrating release our one hundredth video by releasing it at a reduced price.

    This hour long storyline video features the creme de la creme of the British scene as Inferno, Luna, Jade and Laken join Scorpion in bringing this custom to life.

    Somewhere in London, Inferno and her loyal enforcer Luna are awaiting the driver to move a shipment of diamonds, the doorbell goes and Luna goes to the door, but its an ambush! Scorpion and Jade are their to steal the diamonds for themselves.

    They hogtie and gag Inferno and Luna, obtaining the information they needed they make their departure.

    The robbers old associate Laken, returns from a jog to find Scorpion waiting having broken into her apartment, and whatever the nefarious duo are into she wants no part of it, unfortunately for Laken she doesn’t have a choice as she is ambushed by Jade. They tie and gag Laken but once they leave her alone she manages to escape letting Inferno and Luna know where her former friends are. Jade tries to stop Laken but after they wrestler is overpowered and held at knife point, but she is saved by Scorpion.

    But it’s too late as Inferno and Luna know where they are…
    Alliances are forged and broken as the five women try to get the upper hand and obtain the diamonds.

    Filmed across multiple locations with props and costume changes this clips features female wrestling, bondage, lesbian domination and erotic overtones.

    If you’d like a custom clip then use the Contact Us page.

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