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Smother Games Night in SF this weekend 10/10, the Gentleman, the Nobleman, or the Greedy Jester

Discussion in 'Mistress Travel Dates and Discussion' started by TwoMinuteSmotherSlave, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. For any facesitting subs who desire a one of a kind smotherfest experience. Trust me when I say from experience, being smothered by Mistress Synful is an experience you will never forget. And the option of adding a second Goddess to torment you relentlessly with her ass!
    I’ve already booked, but it’s first come first serve. God help the man with the courage to be the Greedy Jester! LOL!!


    A decidant evening dedicated to serving two luscious Queen's Divine asses. The night will be full of sadistic smother games, human seating, face-sitting, and double trouble! Can you handle being their throne? Visiting San Francisco to grace you with the once in a life time opportunity to come face to ass with these Genuine Queen's, you are given the opportunity to impress and serve as a personal smother slave and seat! Inhale the essence of their perfection-if you can! May the games be forever in your favor...

    There are 3 options to serve:

    Option 1: The Gentlemen: A single Queen has caught your eye and you wish too show her personally the kind of gentleman you are, with some alone time. you ache to prove to her that you can indeed be of use, be a worthy and loyal seat if only she would grace your face with her Divine ass! This option will give you 1hr with ONE Queen of your choosing to prove yourself as her faithful seat!

    Option 2: The simple nobleman: Now you aren't as simple as The Gentleman, you were made to serve! And you are confident in your abilites to be a worthy throne for your Goddesses. Just a simple nobleman, searching for his rightful place beneath a Queen's ass and ready to cherish every moment underneath it! This option will give you a 1hr time slot with both Goddesses to serve as their personal smother toy and seat!

    Option 3: The Greedy Jester: Are you certain, absolutely certain that YOU are the chosen one? That YOU and ONLY YOU, have what it takes to serve not one, but TWO Queens for an ENTIRE evening? No, you don't want to be one in a million, you want to prove that you deserve the spotlight, and you are the worthiest seat of all the land! you want to show your Domina that you are capable of withstanding her cruel games, and will subject yourself to hours of relentless face-sitting, smother games, and ass worship! you crave to serve BOTH Goddesses at one time, and greedily lust for their undivided assttention..then this option is for you! This will CLOSE the event to just YOU! An ENTIRE EVENING to indulge in your fantasies as two Queens Dominate you with their glorious asses, and test your limits!

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