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Smother Vixens for all things smothering and more!

Discussion in 'Erotic Wrestling & Scissoring' started by Smother Vixens, May 1, 2017.

  1. “Welcome to sexy submission through smothering. Let Scorpion and Killpussy take you into the world of the SMOTHER VIXENS. Lingerie, role play, pantyhose, mixed wrestling and femave vs female wrestling are all here with a new twist.

    Smothering as a new form of wrestling seduction and submission. These girls love wrapping their hand, bodies and legs around their victims for they are the Smother Vixens. Guest starring ladies from all over the world and you if you want to apply.”
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  3. SV0011 Smother Sensation - Veve Lane vs Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17595834

    Both girls in black lacy sets, covered from top to bottom in pantyhose with hands showing. VeVe Lane in black pantyhose, Scorpion in nude/tan pantyhose.

    Veve Lane stretches out in front of Scorpion showing she is no push over. Both ladies flex their feet at each other and while the eye contact gets intense.

    Veve announces that she is going to enjoy wearing Scorpion down...hunting her prey like a boa constrictor. Wrapping her up in her strong legs, waiting for her to exhaust herself from struggling until her heart is pounding and she will feel for their pulse with my feet. Waiting for Scorpion’s poor worn out heart to bust in VeVe Lane’s clutches.

    Scorpion replies that she likes to envelop her victims like a python. That she will use her strength and power to crush her and her favorite bit is when she smothers them while they struggle for air. It brings her an immense amount of pleasure.

    The action is fast as each girl circles each other trying to gain an advantage. Once one is taken the slow fight for domination begins. Using smothering, foot domination, rear naked chokes and ertoic wrestling each girl fights for pole position. The action gets too hot for these hotties and they slowely stip down to their lacy lingerie….barefooted you can see each muscle move, each foot try to dominate each other.

    Scorpion succumbed to Veve lane's charms and is finished off by what remaining energy she has being sucked out of her by a vampire style deadly bite.

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  4. SV0012 Lucrecia - BBW Smother

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17595920

    Stunning BBW goddess Lucrecia shines in her first appearance for Smother Vixens. Looking every part pin up girl with her short curly bob and dressed in shiny sheer pantyhose and a black vintage style one piece she dominates this clip. Our victim does not stand a chance as he is taken down on the mats over and over again.

    Hand smothering, she informs him that she is sick of his blubbering and he needs to shut up. He struggles for help, pleading for someone to come and help him but there is nothing he can do as Lucrecia pushes his face into her ample bosom.

    Breast smothering has never looked so good as with the sexy as hell BBW. But if you think breast smothering was all think again for this lovely lady gets on his face and facesits him.

    There is no way to escape at all..and struggling only make Lucrecia more determined telling him the whole time that he needs to shhhhhh!

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  5. SV0013 Jade & Scorpion - Friends' Night In

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17595962

    Jade has been visiting Scorpion but has really got to get on her way...she has things she needs to do. Scorpion has other ideas and wants her friend to stay the night.

    Scorpion slips of her black high heels revealing sexy long legs covered in sheer black pantyhose. She tells Jade to just relax, take her shoes off and stay the night. Worried it will take a long time to get home Jade replies that she will but only for a short time...as she takes of her shoes to reveal exquisite legs in nude sheer shiny pantyhose, she reiterates that she really has to get home tonight.

    Watch out Jade for Scorpion has other ideas and as she takes off her glasses she seductively says how nice she smells before she pounces on her. Pinning her to the bed and biting her neck the truth is revealed...for Scorpion is a vampire and she needs to feed.

    Slowly through struggling, body scissors, rear naked chokes,foot pinning, hand smothering and neck biting she is seduced. With each bite she falls more under her control until there very little resistance left. If you just relax I will help you out of these clothes say Scorpion…..

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  6. SV0014 Intruder! Catsuit burglar facesits her victim

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17595996

    A fantastic intruder fantasy wrestling role play clip complete with fake knives. Black catsuit clad Scorpion breaks into our victims house where he is reading, relaxing on his bed after a hard day’s work in the office completely unaware of what is about to happen.

    The intruder bursts into his bedroom and threatens him that if he doesn't do as he is told he will suffer the consequences. While subduing him she tells him that she knows he has many expensive items in a safe and she needs to know the combination.

    Her victim is not giving up the goods but this intruder knows how to get the information and that is by smothering. After several hand smothers her victim is getting worn down but is still resistant. As the frustration grown in Scorpion she decides there is only one way to get the information out of him...and that is playing a game. The game is called what do you like more breathing or your money.

    Defiantly our victim holds out so Scorpion ups the ante by tying him up. Now there is no way to resist her facesitting torture. What will happen, what will our victim like more? Breathing or his money?

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  7. SV0015 Smother Sensation - Anastaxia takes Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17596008

    Smouldering sex pots Scorpion and Anastaxia sizzle as they stalk each other, stretching out in front of each other, showing off who is more flexible and who will be more dominate in this match. Scorpion in a matching strappy bondage style black Bikini, Anastaxia in a bondahe style bikini top and lepoard print bikini bottoms. Both these lovelies are bare legged, bare footed so they can go head to head, skin to skin.

    Taunting each other with what they are going to do to each other it seems that Scorpion wants to crush Anastaxia between her legs and hand over mouth smother her. Anastaxia replies thats its a good plan but while pulling her leg behind her head informs her that is will be hard with someone as flexible as she is. She then demonstrates in several yoga poses how incredibly flexible she is and what a marvel it is.

    Scorpion lunges at her opponent but it is short lived as she is stronger than she looks and completely dominates her. Scorpion tries to come back and gets the upper hand however it is short lived as Anastaxia using rear naked chokes, hand smothering, foot domination and takes Scorpion down.

    While down she has her wicked way with her, pulling back her hair and licking, biting and lightly kissing her neck. There can be only one winner and today was not Scorpions day.

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  8. SV0016 Kidnapped in the Woods and Bound by Killpussy

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17596044

    Killpussy dressed in a LBD and Knee high leather boots is in the woods but she is not out for a stroll. She explains that to everybody else she looks like a normal person but she is not because today she is out looking for a victim to kidnap and take back to her lair.

    Through the bushes she see’s her victim, she knows no one will suspect her. She approaches him saying Hi, being very friendly she strikes up a conversation with him….he has no idea what is about to happen. In a flash Killpussy overpowers him and informs him that he is coming back to her place and there is nothing he can do about it.

    In Killpussy’s home we quickly understand that you shouldn’t talk to strangers no matter how sexy they are. After ordering him to take her boots off she throws him down and sits on his face. While smothering him on his face she takes off her LBD she revealing sexy red matching lingerie set and sheer nude pantyhose.

    She strips her victim down to his boxers all the while keeping him in his place….on the floor. She decides he needs to be restrained more and ties him up nice and tights. While hogtied she ingratiates herself using hand smothering, facesitting, belly smothering, foot domination and scissor holds.

    Once done with him she takes him back out to the woods, ties him to a tree and leaves him there for the whole world to see.

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  9. SV0017 Inferno & KIllpussy - Smother sensation

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17596080

    We pick up on the mats, both these vixens are in pantyhose but not just their legs...their arms too. Inferno in sexy black matching lingerie set with sheer nearly black pantyhose. Killpussy in sexy black matching lingerie set with snake print pantyhose.

    Stretching out in front of each other each woman decides how to attack...Inferno gets the upper hand straight away and Killpussy falls under her spell. As she tried to put up a fight and resist you can see she is not only falling under a spell but getting more and more turned on.

    Inferno seduces Killpussy in this highly sexually charged clip. Rear naked chokes, hand smothering, neck biting and deep passionate kissing all take their tole on Killpussy untill she can take it anymore and turns that tables on Inferno. While writhing on her Killpussy kisses her deeply into submission.

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  10. SV0018 Workout Hand Smother

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17596110

    Killpussy is doing her workout in sexy long black and black mesh leggings and bondage style black bikini top. Along comes a guy who has been checking her out when she is working out. Complimenting her he says that she looks pretty strong…..for a girl. This does not go down for as we know Killpussy is strong FULL STOP.

    She throws him to the mats, jumping on him she tells him she is going to have to show him that’s she’s strong not just for a girl and is much stronger than him. Killpussy completely dominates him in the massive lesson of female appreciation.

    Rear naked chokes, hand smothering and total control all end up with a foot smothering domination classic clip. Using him as her foot slave, her chair and her new toy she smothers him into submission proving once and for all that Killpussy is strong and not just for a girl. Maybe he had better pick his words better next time.

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  11. SV0019 Leather Booted Catsuit Intruder

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17763106

    Sleeping like a baby our victim is unaware that an intruder is about to strike. Let’s hope he is having a nice dream because Killpussy is about to give him a NIGHTMARE! Killpussy looks every inch the super villain in her spandex catsuit, leather corset and thigh-high high-heeled leather boots.

    She sneaks into his room, after checking she is alone, gently pulls the sheet off her victim to reveal he is only in his underwear. She slides up onto the bed and readies herself for the attack. Waking him up by a vicious hand smother, her evil laugh is all he can hear now.

    As he struggles in vain Killpussy has him locked down under her control. He shouldn’t of left his window open, he should've locked the doors because he let something terrible into his house and she is not playing.

    Raining down a world of hand smothering Killpussy shows exactly why she is feared worldwide. Slowly wearing him out, waking him up just to weaken him again, over and over and over….it is like Killpussy has a thing for smothering!

    Hand smothering, body scissors, face slapping and choking all make up this intruder delight. Nothing can stop her and she leaves our victim utterly destroyed on his bed...she has had enough fun for one day.

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  12. SV0020 Bedroom Pantyhose Smother Domination - Scorpion takes Mistress Samantha

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17763134

    Both our sexy ladies are chatting on Scorpion’s bed. Mistress Samantha dressed in her vintage dark grey blue lingerie set and nude sheer pantyhose looking every part a pin up girl, Scorpion looking every bit the wild animal she is, in leopard print matching lingerie set with sheer black pantyhose.

    Mistress Samantha has come over to tell how much she likes her new boyfriend, the only problem with that is he’s Scorpion's new boyfriend too!!!

    Each lady shows the green eyed monster and jealously argue ‘He’s mine’ until Scorpion can take it no longer and grabs Mistress Samantha telling her ‘LET'S SETTLE THIS’ and immediately puts her into a thigh scissor with a nasty hand smother to shut her up.

    ‘Oh he’s your’s is he; she cackles as she looks down at her helpless competition.

    She wraps her body around her and smothers her, but Mistress Samantha starts to get hot and Scorpion starts to breath heavier with lust. Looking deep into her eyes she asks ‘I wonder what he likes to do to you, does he like to bite?’ and starts to bite her sexily on the neck and down her stomach.

    Sliding up and down her body using grapevine, body scissors and smothering as her seduction techniques she totally takes her for her own making Mistress Samantha completely forget about the boyfriend and only lust after her.

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  13. 3.SV0021 Laken gets smother dominated by Killpussy

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17763152

    Laken lays on the mats asleep, bare legged in her sexy black studded bikini, blissfully unaware that Killpussy is about to dominate her in every smothering way. She slinks onto the mats looking every bit the dominatrix in her shiny tights, latex bikini with a black leather corset, long leather thigh high stiletto boots completed by black leather short gloves.

    Stroking her we see her evil smile while she decides what fun she is going to have and rubbing her hands together she knows exactly how she is going to have it. Sneaking her hand under Laken’s head while taking her between her legs she wakes Laken up by smothering her.

    Scared out of her mind Laken struggles to get free but no one can escape Killpussy’s thighs. As her body is teased and stroked Laken knows she has no option and must submit to the almighty Killpussy for there is no escape. With each long ‘shhhhhhh’ she knows there is only one thing she can do and that is obey.

    Hand smother after hand smother after body scissor utterly destroys Laken and she can only look on helplessly as she is demolished. She is left asleep as if it has been too much smothering to take and Killpussy covets her prize, laying over her taking in the glorious moment.

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  14. SV0022 VeVe vs Killpussy - Hot Smother Sweat Match

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17763176

    Both ladies in thong lingerie sets, Killpussy in red lace and VeVe in turquoise and black. Both ladies are totally drenched in heavy sweat from the heavy fighting. With hard breathing the fighting is intense with each of lady going for wild and aggressive take downs, trying to engulf each other.

    Both ladies are predators with Killpussy being stronger due to her size, but Veve is quite quick and agile and also excited about tackling a larger prey. Veve’s strategy is to really tire her out to a point of exhaustion and allows Killpussy to attack her first.

    Once Killpussy is out of breath she slowly become a snake and l wraps herself around her, drenched in sweat and smothering her erotically. She simply has no strength left to defend herself.

    Legs are twisting kicking and stretching like contortionist, each trying to take and engulf the other and take each other’s back for a rear naked choke. With brief moments of motionless, fully tangled up trying to prime herself to either go for a submission or escape.

    Rear naked chokes are applied to the victim while she desperately kicks and rolls trying to escape the dominant wrestler.

    Eventually Killpussy overpowers Veve and lies on top of her with both arms around her neck, her legs open and laying on her crotch to crotch. She is physically drained and is utterly frustrated because she can’t finish Veve off.

    Veve takes her revenge and is over Killpussy with her body glistening in sweat, wrapped up around her calmly, lovingly smothering her into submission.

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  15. SV0023 Jade vs Scorpion - Grapple Smother Match

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17763190

    This highly charged grapple starts with both ladies in footless sheer black pantyhose and matching tops . Jade has a black matching set underneath with full panties while Scorpion being cheeky struts her stuff with a thong and strappy bra underneath. The action heats up as both ladies desperately wants to take the other down….down to smother town.

    Scorpion jumps on Jade’s back and under the weight takes her down to the mats and into full body scissors. Jade tries her best and manages to get out of them and after a struggle gets back to her feet only to do the dance of death with Scorpion again.. The action is fast paced and each lady get more and more sweaty as the battle goes on.

    Wearing her out from with an onslaught of Body scissors, pins and choke holds Jade slowly submits into Scorpion's grasp. Repeated hand smothering weakens her to a point where she can not resist and must totally surrender. While under her spell Scorpion has her way with her and licks her, bites her, kisses her telling her that as she won, she is going to make her, her bitch. With one final smother she bites her neck to show who is the boss and who is the bitch.

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  16. SV0024 Foot smother domination - Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17763204

    Looking absolutely stunning Scorpion sits on her bed in her sexy matching black and cream strappy lingerie. She slides each lovely leg of her’s into a black sheer stocking, pointing her foot as she slides into it. Next she puts on a garter belt and starts to attach it to the top of her stockings. Having trouble she says to herself that she needs a slave to do this for her and she calls to her slave who obediently obeys her. He is a willing slave and will do anything to serve Scorpion.

    Sliding her perfect feet into her black stilettos she is 100% hotness. While looking down at him she says ‘I hear you want to worship my feet but maybe I will make you worship my shoes first. She makes the slave worship her shoes taking the entire heel in his mouth. She asks the slave to remove her shoes but he messes it up and not just once…...

    It seems as the slave can not follow basic instructions so must be taught a lesson. Scorpion uses her pretty feet in a most deadly manner and foot smothers him and dominates him with her feet. Silly little slave you really should listen to what mistress wants, don’t you think you not only are being smothered by Scorpion’s feet you are also being smothered by her luscious bottom and she plunges it onto your face as you sit up against the wall.

    She realises that the slave is actually learning and actually doing as she asks but is disgusted by him and dismisses him sending him way with only the memory.

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  17. SV0025 Laken & Scorpion - Facesit + Smother Match

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17763214

    Laken looks ravishing in her nude sheer pantyhose and her ohhh so sexy black lace bodysuit. Scorpion faces her in red lingerie matching set with black fishnets over the top. These two ladies are up for a fight and wrap themselves around each other each trying to get an advantage.

    Laken get the advantage and pins Scorpion to the floor on her back, sliding up to her face she breast smothers her untill all you can hear is little yelps from under the boobs. She let’s her out gasping for air only to quickly breast smother her again and again each time wearing her down.

    Once in control she wrestles herself up Scorpion's body to give her a face. Flicking her hair back she giggles, as all we can hear are little gasps from under her. Scorpion tries to tap but is not allowed up off the floor, not until Laken decides it is time.

    Back to start the next point Scorpion jumps right in, not wanting any more smothering she pounces on Laken quickly reverse facesitting her. Taking her time so Laken struggles for air, showing her that she mean business.

    The girls each try to out do each other with their facesitting skills, smothering each other into sexy submission. Double body scissors collide into a massive thigh strength showdown, with each lady begging to be let go.

    Both these ladies are trying their best but there can be only one winner and with one staggeringly long facesit Laken takes the match.

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  18. SV0026 Smother Sensation - Pussy Willow & Inferno

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17763236

    Encased in pantyhose Pussy Willow stretches out showing how flexible she is. Inferno barefooted and wearing light blue lace lingerie pays no attention as she knows she is far more flexible and stretches out herself.

    As they get closer they start to notice each other and they both know it is about to go down.

    Sensually Pussy Willow mounts Inferno pinning her to the mats on her back so she has easy access to have her wicked way with her. Using her feet and hands to pin her she lightly kisses her, nibbles at her neck and teases her with sexy neck licking.

    Inferno is falling under her spell and the blood is pumping through her veins as her breathing becomes much heavier with the taste of lust on her breath.

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  19. SV0027 Smothering Secretary Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17936594

    Sexy secretary, Scorpion is relaxing at her desk, her long nylon-clad legs up on the desk checking her phone when her boss walks in and he isn’t very happy catching her taking a break. While he berates her for not working, Scorpion cannot help but notice that his eyes appear to be focused on her legs.

    Eventually she gets bored of his constant nagging and takes him down to the floor, taking his tie off and using him to restraining him. She removes her heels and plants her shapely pantyhose clad ass over his mouth. Time to teach her uptight Boss a lesson in employee relations.

    She employs a number of tactics to humiliate her boss all the time taking photographs on her mobile phone to use for future blackmail. Front and reverse facesits, foot smother, foot chokes and even planting her foot completely inside his mouth are all tactics used in his ultimate humiliation.

    After sitting him up against the wall and reverse smothering him with her rear, she eventually facesits him until it is him not Scorpion taking an unauthorised break.

    Scorpion wears a black blouse, black leather skirt, black pantyhose, and initially black stilettos.

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    Last edited: Jul 2, 2017
  20. SV0028 Sexy Smother Killpussy takes Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17937650

    Scorpion is lying on the bed when Killpussy approaches and kisses her on the lips telling her that she has been a bad girl. Scorpion protests that she’s not, she’s actually a good girl!

    Killpussy is full predatory mode as the reluctant Scorpion struggles beneath her. The blonde Killpussy is the ultimate seductress as she grinds into Scorpion kissing and biting her neck, smothering her with her hand, and repeatedly telling the redhead that there is nothing she can do.

    A breast smother is followed by prolonged hand over mouth action, Scorpion squirms beneath her but Killpussy is in full control of her prey. Killpussy’s hand caress Scorpion’s taut body, but the redhead is powerless.

    By the end of this erotic smother encounter Scorpion is left on the bed having been smothered into sexy submission by an alpha female who decided to take her and did.

    Killpussy wears black strappy bodage style lingerie.

    Scorpion wears virginal sky blue lingerie.

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  21. SV0029 Killpussy Smother Domination Session

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/17937674

    The Bear is back to face Killpussy following his defeat in SGR0061. He is blatantly not ready as he stands in his t-shirt and jeans. Following his decisive pro-wrestling loss, today Killpussy is going to show him the taste of defeat Smother Vixens style.

    She takes him to the mats and immediately places her hands over his mouth and smothers him. After pinching his nose to cut off his air supply, she tells him that she was nice to him last time, this time she’s not going to be.

    Killpussy wraps her long muscular legs around his head and squeezes. The big man tries to escape but her legs are clamped tight in a reverse headscissors, as The Bear’s face begins to turn an interesting shade of purple as she squeezes.

    She sits the weakened man up and now shows him the power of her arms in a sleeper. He pleads for her to let him go, but as she tells him that she can’t hear him and instead places her hand over his mouth and smothers him into silence.

    Killpussy demonstrates her full arsenal as she lies back and scissors him while simultaneously choking him with one hand and smothering him with the other.

    Killpussy continues to toy with him perhaps she is trying to see if the combination of smothers, chokes and scissors will manage to get his face the same colour as her lace pink underwear?

    Killpussy wears dark pink matching lingerie with shiny nude pantyhose.

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