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Smother Vixens for all things smothering and more!

Discussion in 'Erotic Wrestling & Scissoring' started by Smother Vixens, May 1, 2017.

  1. SV0090 Scorpion kidnap smother interrogation

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    Scorpion has kidnapped a bank manager and is going to interrogate him for information that she needs to please her gang for a successful heist.

    The bank manager is trying to hold out but she is having none of it as she places her gloved hand over his mouth and smothers him. Still he won’t give her the information she needs so in addition to hand smothering him she clamps her fingers over his nostril.

    He will give her the codes she needs, she slaps him across the face, and threatens to bring his wife in to give her more the same and to witness his subdigation.

    The bank manager eventually gives up and supplies the information Scorpion needs, but only after a lot of hand smothering punishment.

    Scorpion wears a full length black spandex catsuit and black latex gloves.

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  3. SV0091 Sexy Water Smother Killpussy takes Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/19259189

    Scorpion is running a bath when Killpussy enters and they begin to have a nice little chat, but wait what’s this? Killpussy gets into Scorpion nice warm bubble bath and drags her into the bath.

    The blonde amazon wraps her legs around Scorpion and places her hand over her mouth smothering her, all the time laughing, bringing a whole new meaning to will you scrub my back.

    Scorpion tries to escape but the bubbles and water have made the sides of the bath slippery, making a getaway impossible and Killpussy has her at her mercy.

    If watching two sexy girls slip, slide and struggle in a bathtub wearing sexy underwear then this is the clip for you.

    Killpussy wears red lace lingerie.

    Scorpion wears black lace lingerie.

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