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Sofa Crush

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by Squished82, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Squished82

    Squished82 New Member

    Hi my name is Andy and this is a short story of what happened to my one day.

    I have always been into facesiting and tramping and being crushed under women.

    Some weeks ago I was trying to warm my wife up to sitting on my face/head, unfortunately she was not buying it at all. So I started to think of a way to help her fell better at what she was doing. I suggested that if she did not fell happy sitting directly on my face that I could get under the sofa coushions so that she would not feel me there. This she thought about for a couple of days. I will add that my wife is 238 pounds give or take. She is 5.10ft and still has a great figure, most of the weight is in her breasts and bum.
    After the couple of days she finally said ok, after me reassuring her that I can take her weight and more for the last couple of days. She also said that if I think I can take it she was going to have some friends over at the weekend for a Jamie Oliver party. (If you don't know what this type of part is, it's when a group of girls get together to talk about Jamie Oliver kitchen equipment, and have a good drink.) I said that it would not be a problem if she had friends over and that if she was ok with it, that I had an idea that no one would know I was there. She said to me, ok let's see your idea so that I can try it out to make sure no one will see you. I replied with sure, I was going to get under the sofa coushions so that there was about 4 to 5 inch of foam above me and the sofa sprung base bellow. (When you sit on this sofa normally you would sink down a long way making it hard to get up. I have been saying for years that I would put a sheet of wood under the coushions to help support people sitting on it.) I would also put a blanket over the coushions to cover up any gap between the top coushion and the base.
    So doing this, I got under the coushions and when doing so put the blanket in place and lade down. When I was lying down under the coushions, with my head under the middle of the right hand seat and my body under the rest, leaving my feet tucked under the sofa arm rest on the left hand side. I asked my wife if she could see me and if the sofa looked normal. She replied with yes. I can't see you and the sofa looks ok too. She added can I try it out to see if I can feel you under the coushion? I replied with sure. At this she must have just jumped onto the coushion above my head. Thankfully I was looking to the front of the sofa and not up. The sudden pain that short throughy head was unbelievable, I could feel my head becoming flatter, my facial features were beeing distorted and I was finding it harder to breath. I could feel her bounce a couple of times, making sure that she and any other person would not feel me. This was getting to be to much as I started to see stars.
    After about 5 mins my wife got up off the sofa, and said to me that I hope I enjoyed it. I replied with yes that was amazing. What I didn't tell her was that I was at the limits of what I could take in just 5 minutes of her sitting on my head. As I had never done anything like this before I really don't know what to expect.
    She said that we could try it again some time later as it was not as bad as she thought it would be and that she could almost forget I was even there.
    The thought of being crushed in the sofa having been forgotten about really turned me on, at that point I could not wait for the party as there would be at least 3 women sitting on my and not knowing I was there.
    I had a day to think about if I would go ahead with being there during the girls party as this would be much worse than just my wife on me as she was expecting at least 5 to 6 friends over, some of them are very big and some about half the weight of my wife. The only problem is I would not know who was going to sit where as I could only use my hearing to tell who was there.

    To be continued....
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  3. noviarbat

    noviarbat Member

    Great start, many thanks.
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  4. lycrafan

    lycrafan Member

    Oh yes, great start. Please continue ASAP. ;-)
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  5. BluTheCool

    BluTheCool Member

    good stuff man. described the feeling quite well. Please write more. It would have been better if you had faced up though.
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  6. mickunderfoot

    mickunderfoot Member

    This is building up to be an amazing story.
    It sounds incredible so far, please keep up the good work :)
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  7. Squished82

    Squished82 New Member

    Part two...

    Later that same day must have been 2 -3 hours later, I asked my wife who she had invited. She said there was going to be Cindy, Lin, Mandy, Vicky, Debbie and maybe Liz if she can get out of work in time to make it for 3pm. Of course my wife Kim would also be there.
    As you already know my wife weighs 238 pounds, she is 37 years old at 5'10ft with long blond hair, down below the shoulder. She has a cracking pair of tits 40FF and a bum to match. Cindy is a bit older at 39 years old at 5'6ft, she has mid length brunette hair, her hair is always in a ponytail. She has a good figure with a bit of weight around the middle. She has a nice caring looking face and is probably weighing about 200 pounds. Lin is the same age as Cindy only with short blond hair and a stunning figure 5'11ft most of this being her legs. I would say she looks like a swimwear model and would say she weighs about 180 pounds. Mandy well being the twin sister to Lin there's not much to say they look the same. Some times I find it hard to tell them apart and I'm sure they swop there names around just to confuse me. Vicky is probably the biggest girl coming and the oldest at 41, she is only 5'8ft but had put on a few pounds, she has short dark hair. The biggest part of her has to be her tits. These things have got to be in J or K range if bras get that big. To be honest I don't think she really wares one, she would normally be wearing a top that aloud them to rest on her stomach showing what must be 12 inches of cleavage. She also has quite a big bum. At a guess I would say she weighs 350 to 380 pounds. Debbie is 36 at 5'7ft good looking not to different to Lin and Mandy only a bit shorter and with long dark hair. She must weigh 190 pounds as she has a bit more belly on her than the other two. Liz is 39 and is 5'9ft with long blond hair. Again nice figure with a bit of extra weight on her. She has to be about 210 pounds.
    My wife then asked me if I was sure I wanted the go through with it. I plucked up the balls to go ahead with the party and said yes it will be great fun. She replied with ok if you are sure. It must have been the way that she said this, sort of in a flat tone and a bit sarcastic, this made me suspicious. Normally when she uses this tone with me she is really thinking of something else, but what?
    We where both sitting on the sofa at this point with the TV on in the background when she said, would you like to try it one more time before tomorrow and I will stay sat to the end of my program that's just starting? I was shocked, never had she ever offered to do anything to me before even though she had known I was into this kind of thing for a long time now. So I jumped at the chance almost tripping over my words to say yes please.
    She said ok get under the coushion and don't worry about the blanket this time, I think i will move up and down the sofa a bit this time just to make sure you can't be felt. I'm going to be on top of you for about an hour so this should give you an idea of what tomorrow will be like, although it will be more like 3 hours tomorrow.
    With that she stood up and I got into position under the coushion, I placed my head the middle of the seat as before and stretched out my body under the rest of the sofa, hiding my feet under the armrest.
    This time I was a bit better prepared for what was going to happen and thought to myself that if she is going to be moving around then she won't sit in one place that long and I may even stay face up and of course I could still move to get her off if I could not breath. Something I would not be able to do tomorrow.
    Just before she sat I asked her to start with my head and work her way down from there. The thought behind this was that she had already sat there earlier and would not linger for to long in case I couldn’t breath and I wouldn't have to get her to get up. I got the reply of ok if that's how you want it, again I was shocked she had never been this nice about my fetish before, maybe she is enjoying it too.
    So there I was under the sofa coushions looking face up waiting for the inevitable, my hart was pounding so hard that she may even feel it through the seat. This wasn't the only thing that was hard I can tell you. It felt like an eternity but then I felt the coushion above my face start to move and compress down. This time she was much more gentle and taking her time to sit softly, maybe she knew I was face up this time and didn't want to brack my nose.
    As she slowly applied her full weight the coushion pressed harder and harder onto my face, it just seemed that the pressure would just keep going as it pushed my nose flat and my lips into my teeth. It was also forcing my mouth open and it was also pushing into my eyes, it felt like they were being pushed out the back of my head, the pain was unbelievable. But the thought of my wife sitting on my was enough for me to keep going.
    The pressure finally stopped with my mouth now forced wide open I tried to take
    in some well needed air, to my surprise I could, not much but still just enough to stay alive. She can't have been there that long but it felt like a long time as by now I could feel my head starting to throb from the weight pressing down on it and the stars were back. Then suddenly relief as she got up and the foam coushion returned to its normal shape. My face however did not spring back that fast. I did not have much time to take stock of how I looked now when she sat somewhat harder this time on my still throbbing manhood. This was the best feeling yet as there was no real pain but feeling her full weight squashing my manhood flat was amazing. As she moved about a little it was like she was stroking me with her bum, this was becoming to much to handle and I had to let go. She continued with her wiggling and believe me it was amazing, if I could let go again that quick after the first I would have. She must have stayed there for 10 minutes, all this time my hard manhood was being squashed flatter and flatter.
    She then got up and said, I'm going to get a drink and then get comfortable to watch my program. She must have been gone for only 5 minutes before returning and dropping down on to where my chest was. It was almost like she had forgotten I was there still.
    This knock all the air out of me, the weight was more that I expected and I was finding it hard to breath, harder in fact than when she was on my face. I could feel her riggle back on the sofa getting comfortable and I knew she wasn’t going to be getting up for a while. My face once again felt like it was turning red and started throbbing, the pain in my chest was becoming to much and i felt as if i was dieing under her and I tried to make a sound of discomfort but when I did she just slapped the seat above my face and said shhh it's almost over so you are just going to have to take it, I'm not moving. I started to panic at this, could she willingly let me die under her just so she could watch the TV?
    Finally I could hear the sound of the end of her program and she got up off me and said we'll I'm off to bed join me when you can because I'm sure that must of been painful. It was 'very'. After she had gone it took me about 5 minutes to crawl out from under the sofa coushions. The pain in my chest was still very real and there were deep lines all over my chest where my clothes had bunched up a bit when getting in over an hour ago. My face as far as I could tell was back to normal, I'd find out in the morning as I just need to rest now.

    To be continued...
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  8. mickunderfoot

    mickunderfoot Member

    This is fantastic, I’ve had a similar experience in the past and this nails the feelings!
    Thanks for your time and writing this :)
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  9. mrtramplefantasy

    mrtramplefantasy Fantasy into Reality

    Love to see this story next chapter. Keep it up.
  10. fpm29

    fpm29 Member

    I hope you continue. I like the sofa idea and I'm really enjoying your story.
  11. lycrafan

    lycrafan Member

    Would you mind posting this expirience in a new thread for all of us to enjoy?

    Squished82, your story is great, please write on, I can't wait for more. Thanks for posting!

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