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Spoilt Princess Grace - spoiltprincessg.com

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish - Pics/Clips' started by hansderhans, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

    I posted some of the Clip Previews and Pictures also on Mousepad Forum.
    The moderator there writes: It's not good, because its only a sub-fetish, no foot fetish.
    I think this is a strange argumentation, since Foot-Fetish also means to me: Shoe Fetish, Sock Fetish and other related fetishes like trampling etc etc.

    For me its mostly an addiction about the person, not the boots without its 'wearer'.

    Following pictures would't give me any 'arousal' if I didn't knew they are from Princess Grace :D

    HRqlQ0Z8.jpg OIUSU2LR.jpg jwrKlV2W.jpg

    Much more will come with the DocMartens. I already have a clip and will make some captures of it for sure. o_O

    Do you guys like DocMartens?
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  3. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

  4. weird{jr}

    weird{jr} Just Trample

    Yep, she's very beautiful.. I've seen this thread for the very first time and wondering why she's so underrated..

    Thanks for sharing! :cool:
  5. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

    Go to her Twitter ;) https://twitter.com/SpoiltprincessG
    Many amazing posts, as Princess Grace just had her Birthday. :p


    Here is one Video with many of her recent gifts:



    I still have many videoclips, which I havent watched yet, but will review later :rolleyes:

    Really a lot of new stuff; I almost hope she finds more sleep and rest :confused:


    "and wondering why she's so underrated.. " --> Search me on the Forum here; I am the guy for underestimated websites :p
    No really, many of the best stores and Dommes are often 'underrated', while loud and cheap often makes it to the top. :confused:
  6. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

  7. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

  8. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

  9. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

  10. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

  11. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

  12. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

    [​IMG][​IMG]Princess Grace in: CEO of slave enterprises demands you[​IMG][​IMG]


    "In this clip I'm a CEO of a slave rental company, where all slave's are rented out to wealthy women all around the world. Training is to the very highest standards of excellence, you are a ambitious slave and you will obey everything and My company is of paramount importance."

    To download:

    [​IMG] https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/111296/18978701/CEO+of+slave+enterprises+demands+you …

    [​IMG]https://iwantclips.com/store/44752/spoilt-Princess-G/884542/CEO-of-slave-enterprises-demands-you …

    My comment:
    What every slave dream of: To be used like a slave. Trained & Rented or even sold. For the profit of the owner P. Grace. [​IMG][​IMG]
    This is part or begin of a series, where she describes how she will train slaves to rent them to high class ladies, who wanna use them.
    When I told her the main idea of : Rent-A-Slave, she liked it a lot.
    In the stories forum here on Mistress Destiny or some other story sites, many had similar ideas too. So we can see it also as stories been filmed.
    However I gave just the main idea to Princess Grace. Everything else comes from her mean mind. o_O
    If you have any suggestions post them here: Princess Grace checks my work from time to time. If the idea is to her liking, maybe she takes it for the Rent-a-Slave Series. (Hoping for many parts to come) ;)

    Clipboard03.jpg Clipboard07.jpg Clipboard09.jpg Clipboard10.jpg
  13. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    Please keep your promotion of the lovely Princess Grace to her Clips4Sale stores as they pay for adverting here. Thanks!
  14. Ken1945555

    Ken1945555 New Member

  15. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

    Only Clips4Sale : Ok. ;)

    There are just maybe a handfull clips which are not on C4S.
    Also it must be said: Princess Grace makes the Clips on Clips4Sale 10% higher prices, because she earns less on its channel and money sometimes disappears / being cancelled etc. :confused:

    I personally buy 90% the time on Clips4Sale, because it is often not possible for me to browse Iwantclips, since it freezes after some time if you open 2-3 windows; then its blocked like for 1-2 hours. o_O

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