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Squashed while being masterbated

Discussion in 'BBW's - Big Beautiful Women...' started by qrb912, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. qrb912

    qrb912 Assrest

    I am looking for some videos of heavy squashing while the seat is being masturbated. Bondage is a bonus.

    Please post links to any good sites/videos that may fall into this category.


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  3. user163510

    user163510 New Member

    My favorite category.
  4. Cub777

    Cub777 Member

    One of my to, but you nearly never see clips like that.

    Ive heard a story that was supposed to have occured in Norway in the 80s in a house on the countryside for troublesome Youth/teenagers 15-19 years old with drugproblems, like rehab instead of prison. One of the employes was a massive woman, 35 years, 6,2 tall and 360ibs. She was accused of forced handjobs on at least three of the boys. When one of them were taking a bath in a bathtub, she sneaked in naked and got into the bathtub, and sat straight down on the boys stomach facing the feet. The small and tiny boys arms were pinned under her big butt and hips and she laid her much much bigger legs on top of the boys legs, so he was practically totally trapped underneath hear and couldnt move at all. So now she sat on the boy with her massive weight and had total control and power, he couldnt do anything and you could imagine the pressure as he was laying on a hard surface. From that position she did forced handjobs with one hand, and when the boy made to much suffering noise she put the other hand back and handsmothered him. She did the same thing on three occasions with different boys...

    Believe it or not. Its a great story anyway...

    Imagine a clip like that!
  5. shaft081

    shaft081 Member

  6. adymackie

    adymackie Goodguy

    The only one I have is by Empress Kabani & Juicy plus another female, they make him cum 2/3 times as he is sat on and pinned down. It is really good, he struggles but is made to cum and the stimulation continues...PM me for details...
  7. uwsp_joe_84

    uwsp_joe_84 Member

    Don't know if they are still available but I was in a video with Mistress Charlize where she sat on my face and forced me to ejaculate. You can look for it on clips4sale.com if it's still on there.
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  8. miami_fa

    miami_fa Member

    A lot of the japanese ICD movies feature forced orgasms, you just have to get passed the mosaic censorship...
  9. qrb912

    qrb912 Assrest

  10. qrb912

    qrb912 Assrest

    Do you know the clip name? I cannot PM you. I can't find your profile.
  11. qrb912

    qrb912 Assrest

    I wish you had a link to where I can buy it.

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