Starting an Extreme Facesitting C4S Store - Introduction and What’s to Come

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by DedicatedFaceSeat, Jul 12, 2018 at 10:32 AM.

  1. DedicatedFaceSeat

    DedicatedFaceSeat New Member

    Hello all,

    I have been a lurker of these forums for 10+ years (currently 25 years old) but only recently decided to take my plunge into the scene. As an avid consumer of facesitting/smother videos for many years, I have decided it is finally time to contribute something of my own to this lovely community. My girlfriend and I have been experimenting with facesitting for quite some time now, and after many long, detailed conversations, we have decided to start filming our sessions and open a C4S store to share them with the world. This decision is not driven solely by potential profits— we know we shouldn’t expect to make very much money at first. The main reason we decided to start filming our sessions is because we’re going to be doing this stuff, regardless. Why not let the camera roll and see what comes of it?

    So, what kind of content can you expect from our store?

    Our videos will center around all of the most extreme aspects of the facesitting fetish. First of all, everything we do will be 100 percent full-weight, no bullshit, no ambiguous or unconvincing camera angles, and no mercy given to my face, ever. Our content will include: jeansitting, leather/latex/spandex sitting, panties/thongs (don’t worry, we’ll cover every type of clothing) smothering until panic (or worse, hehe) with full-body restraints and innovative immobilization methods to ensure I have zero control over how long she chooses to sit, endurance facesitting (very long periods of facesitting with absolutely no breaks and minimal breathing achieved only through struggle, jeans included, 60+ minutes), hard-surface facesitting (for long periods as well), ergonomic/human-furniture scenarios, multiple girls facesitting with lesbian themes (when/if we can find girls who are interested and capable of being extreme enough with their sitting style), and generally just pushing the limits of what’s humanly possible for me to withstand in every single video. Face-standing and trampling may occasionally make an appearance on the store, but it will not be our focus, and you can be certain it will be equally extreme as the rest of our content. Given the damaging effects these sessions will have on my face and nose, and the fact that we both have full-time careers, we won’t be able to post daily or multiple times per week. But you can expect weekly to biweekly video updates, and they will definitely be worth the wait.

    In addition, we will offer custom videos at a low, flat-rate cost, regardless of video length or the content requested. This will be your chance to get creative and see your most extreme fantasies played out on camera.

    We know the market currently lacks this type of content. I won’t point anyone out by name, but many of the producers who claim to produce extreme content fail to regularly push boundaries, or lack intensity in one or more of the dimmensions I listed above. Our goal is to fill that void and satisfy all fetishists out there who crave genuinely extreme facesitting/smother videos on a consistent basis. We promise our videos will contain the most extreme facesitting you have ever seen. To ensure this promise, we will always take feedback and criticism from viewers and adjust our approach accordingly. We are currently building up content and developing a strategy for moving forward. I don’t have a store-opening date yet, but I will follow up on this post as soon as I have more details.

    In the meantime, we will be happy to take custom video requests if any of you are eager for proof to back up the claims I have made on this post. As a temporary policy due to our current lack of content and credibility, you will not be expected to pay prior to receiving the video. If you fail to pay after you have received it, you will simply be blacklisted for any future customs, with the exception being that the video did not meet established criteria or standards. And obviously, these videos are not to be shared or posted on any streaming websites. Copyright law is not my area of expertise, but it is something I will be looking into as we move forward with our plan.

    Please send all video requests to to discuss pricing and other details.

    Well folks, that’s all I have for now. Feel free to comment with any thoughts, opinions, questions, suggestions, concerns, advice, etc. and I’ll respond as much as I can!

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  2. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Good luck with the venture - please don't forget to provide a link back to MDFF's on your store if you promote here.
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  3. DedicatedFaceSeat

    DedicatedFaceSeat New Member

    Thank you! I absolutely will!
  4. Mistress_Seeker

    Mistress_Seeker Looking for a UK domme.

    I can't wait. This is definitely something that I'm interested in. Do you have any idea when the store will be opened and do you have a smotherbox or smotherbench?
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  5. DedicatedFaceSeat

    DedicatedFaceSeat New Member

    As soon as possible! Ideally within a few weeks or a month, and hopefully no longer than two months. It’s going to take some time to prepare the initial batch of videos. Hopefully some viewers of this thread will take advantage of our custom video offer in the meantime.

    And no, unfortunately I don’t own either of those yet, but I definitely want to get my hands on either or both ASAP!
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  6. Slackjaw

    Slackjaw Member

    This all sounds absolutely amazing
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  7. DedicatedFaceSeat

    DedicatedFaceSeat New Member

    It does, doesn’t it? I’m glad you approve!
  8. So everyone wants to come for the crown huh? I love a challenge. Looking forward to it....
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  9. jake9

    jake9 Member

    Have you seen the Brazilians? They're extreme, some videos the girls even crying will be hard to beat
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  10. uwsp_joe_84

    uwsp_joe_84 Member

    Good on you and your girlfriend. Sounds like you have it all planned out and it does look promising! I have been trying to get my wife to do something like this, i.e. allowing me to film our sessions, but to no avail.
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