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Story Archive

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by tekkar, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. tekkar

    tekkar Member

    Does anyone know the new link to the story archive. The old one doesn't work.
  2. miara9x

    miara9x New Member

    What the heck did THEY DO!? Where are all the stories!? Are they all gone????
  3. DK_Face

    DK_Face Member

    I can't see any ports from before Januar 1st 2011.
    Can anybody remember how old the Scat Stories forum is?
  4. tekkar

    tekkar Member

  5. DK_Face

    DK_Face Member

    It would be nice to have the Archive back.

    The Wayback Machine has a backup from 11th. July.

    I don't know way they have started to change the forum so dramatically.
    Personally I find the old forum design a lot better then this new one.
    This new forum design has a lot of wasted screen space.
    I guess we will get use to this new design over time....
  6. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    Working on it...

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