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Story: Dealing with Father and Son

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by wimphub, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. wimphub

    wimphub New Member

    Dealing with Father and Son

    22- year-old Jane had been away on a two week holiday, and had in fact come home two days early because a friend she had been with had been taken ill. When she arrived at the house on the Saturday, in appeared to be empty. She looked all around, and then thought she heard some noise from the basement. When she got to the door, she was surprised at what she saw.

    Through the gap, she could see her father. He was on his feet, naked, and with his arms and legs tied. Making sure she could not be seen, Jane settled to see what was going on. Shortly, her Aunt Mary came into view dressed in a short slip. She is a buxom woman, with large bosoms, and big, powerful legs. She stood in front of Jane’s father, who appeared to be pleading with her in a whiny voice. Jane could see Mary grin, and then kick her brother in law viciously in the balls, causing him to cry out, and retch with the pain she had caused him.

    Jane was actually surprised and delighted to see her father hurt in this way. He and her older brother John had always got their own way at home, running the house to their benefit. Jane and her Mom Jean had to do as they were told by the men of the house.

    “Kick him again Aunt Mary!” she said quietly to herself. “Harder this time, make the bastard suffer!”

    As if hearing her niece’s words, Mary did indeed kick him harder, causing him to desperately beg her to stop. To Jane’s great pleasure, Mary did not stop, and kicked Ben, Jane’s father another two dozen times without mercy. Jane loved every kick, and was delighted to hear her father sobbing in agony at the end of her abuse of his balls. After this, Mary untied his arms and laid him on his back.

    “Time to eat shit now wimp,” she told the sobbing man, before spitting in his face a couple of times. Jane could not quite believe what she heard, but was eagerly awaiting to see what happened next.

    “Please Mary,” she heard her father sob. “You don’t realise how awful it is to be made to do that!”

    “I think I do,” Mary laughed. “Which is why I love filling your mouth with the stinking stuff. I never get tired of seeing you gagging and retching as you eat it. Now open your pathetic toilet mouth!”

    Jane almost laughed out loud, as her father retching, as Mary squatted and dropped her waste into his mouth, she was delighted to see the distress on her hated father’s face.

    “That’s it Aunt Mary,” she said to herself. “Choke the nasty bastard with your shit, he deserves it!”

    Jane watched with great pleasure, as her father struggled to eat the shit, and then began crying when he was forced to deal with another large turd, before her Aunt pissed down his throat, before making him lick her asshole clean. She didn’t think things could get better than this, but she was wrong.

    After the other two moved out of her sight, she saw her naked brother John being dragged across by her mother Jean, dressed in a similar way to her sister. He was whining even more than his father, as he pleaded with his Mom not to treat him the same way his aunt had dealt with his father. He even made a plea to his father for him to make it stop.

    “Your father can’t help you,” his mother assured him. “He is a bigger wimp than you are. Now, your balls are going to suffer just like his did, and then make no mistake you will be eating my shit for your lunch!”

    Jane loved to see that her brother was now sobbing, even before his Mom abused him. She enjoyed it even more, when he cried even harder as his Mom busted his balls and then filled his stomach with her shit. She decided there and then that she wanted to be doing all that and more to her father and brother.

    Before the show in front of her had finished, she saw her Mom and Aunt putting cages on her father and brother’s cocks. She laughed again, determined to some how take charge of the keys to those cages, to add frustration to the abuse they already suffered.

    Later on, Jane got to speak with her Mom alone, and she told her that she had seen everything that had happened in the basement earlier.

    “Oh,” her Mom said apprehensively. “Are you angry about what we did to your father and brother?”

    “Are you kidding!” Jane laughed. “I loved it Mom. Hearing them scream when you whacked their balls, and seeing them retching when you made them eat shit really turned me on. I want to do it too!”

    “Oh good,” her Mom said, relieved. “Of course you can honey, I think, like me you have discovered a sadistic streak!” they both laughed at this.

    “The one thing I don’t understand,” Jane said. “How do you get those wimps to accept what you do to them?”

    “Well, your Aunt and I met two brothers a little while ago, and we have been fucking them. We told them what your dad and brother were like, and they came round and gave them both a real beating. Since then, the two of them have to do as they are told, or get more of the same. It also helps that they forced the two of them into cock cages, it gives us more power.”

    It did not take Jane long to get her Mom and Aunt to let her have the keys to the cages, and after leaving it a couple of days, said to her Mom that she would like to speak to the two men. Jean arranged for the two of them to wait in the kitchen naked. Jane came in when they were in place.

    “Right,” she told them. “I know all about the way you are treated now by Mom and Aunt Mary, and I will be treating you the same way from now on. By the way, I have the keys to your cages, and will decide if and when you get to cum. So you had better do exactly as I tell you, understand?” The two of them just nodded, with a miserable look on their faces.

    Jane began asserting her authority immediately. First she had them opening their mouths as she spat into them several times, slapping their faces viciously after each spit. She then blew her nose into a tissue, and forced it into her father’s mouth.

    “Eat my snot wimp,” she told her father. “The two of you will be eating some nasty things in future, not just the shit and piss that you previously swallowed. You have been treated leniently so far, I am going to see that you get so sick with what you have to swallow.

    She lifted the covers on two plates, and revealed two large turds on each plate. Next to them were two large jugs filled with yellow liquid.

    “Now, she explained. Here you see all the shit and piss I have released in the last two days. Let me see you swallow your first meal from me. The first of very many!”

    The men picked up a turd each, and started the horrible task of trying to get it all down. Jane laughed at all the gagging and retching from the two of them, and slapped them hard if they dared to complain about what they were being made to do.

    “Now,” she started. “Say thank you Jane for letting us eat your shit and drink your piss.” The two of them reluctantly repeated her words, as she laughed at them.

    “You really are a pair of fucking losers,” she laughed. “And I am going to make you suffer for that!”
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  3. wimphub

    wimphub New Member

    After this, Jane began her campaign to make her father and brother’s lives a misery. She knew that her brother had a girlfriend who he worshipped, and was hoping to marry fairly soon. One afternoon, he came to the lounge at home, where his mother and sister were sitting. It was clear he was very distressed, and he explained that his girlfriend had dumped him, and called him a freak.

    “Oh dear,” his Mom said with mock sympathy. “Whatever could have happened?”

    “The only thing I can think of,” Jane replied. “Is that I told her to be careful when she kissed him, because he likes to eat shit!” The two women laughed out loud at this, enjoying his misery.

    “You bitch!” John cried. “How could you do that?”

    “How dare you speak to your sister like that,” Mom said. “You need to be punished. Spread your legs so she can do it.”

    Despite his apology and pleas for mercy, Jane took great pleasure in kicking her brother between the legs half a dozen times. Her mother praised her for doing a great job on his balls.

    “Just think yourself lucky you weren’t having sex with her,” Jane laughed, as he dropped to the floor. “She would be telling everyone about the cock cage you have to wear!” The two of them continued laughing at him as he writhed in agony on the floor.

    Jane’s treatment of her brother continued one afternoon when her boyfriend Tony came round. He brought with him a pile of his shirts, and Jane ordered her brother to iron all the shirts, and then clean her boyfriend’s car. In a rare moment of dissent, his father said it was unfair of her to make John do that. Jane was furious, and after sending her brother away to do as he was told, she turned on her father.

    “How dare you,” she said. “Tony, hit the bastard for me.”

    Tony obliged by punching Ben hard in the gut a couple of times, before hitting him in the face, causing him to fall to the floor on his back. Jane yelled at her father to spread his legs and keep them spread. She then started to kick him square in the balls over and over. After a while Jane’s Mom heard the noise her husband was making, and came to see what was going on. Jane explained why she was kicking her father, so Jean said she would like to join in. She added several kicks of her own, to further damage her husband’s already bruised balls. When she had enjoyed herself enough, she stopped the kicking.

    “Don’t you ever interfere when I am dealing with your wimp son,” she told her father. “Or I will ruin your balls, do you understand?”

    “Yes, yes,” he said quickly, so as not to risk more punishment.

    Next day, Ben was given more attention, when his wife’s boyfriend was invited over for lunch. He was ordered to prepare the meal, while his wife and daughter chatted to their guest. Jane took an immediate liking to her Mom’s boyfriend Dave, a tall, handsome guy. Ben could see this, as he carried out his duties, she was laughing at his jokes, and enjoying his company, while sco;ding her father for not doing his job properly. At one point, she pointed out that Dave’s glass was empty, and needed a refill. She slapped her father several times when he got the drink, telling him to treat the guy who was making a cuckold much better.

    “I like the way you treat him,” Dave remarked with a laugh.

    “He is a piece of shit,” Jane told him. “He deserves it!”

    While Ben was in the kitchen, Dave mentioned he needed to pee, and was about to get up. Jane stopped him, and called her father into the room.

    “Dave needs to take a piss,” she told him. “Get on your knees, and open your mouth.

    Laughing, Dave took out his cock, and pissed into Ben’s mouth, as Jane and her mother laughed at the wimp on his knees. For the rest of the meal, Ben was scolded and slapped by the two women, who enjoyed humiliating him in front of the guy fucking his wife. After the meal, his wife and her lover left to go to his place, and Jane took great pleasure in reminding her father that another man was fucking his wife, while she was making sure he never even got to cum.

    The humiliation and degradation never stopped. Just a few days later, Ben and his son were about to start eating a modest meal when Jane and a few of her girlfriends came over. And Jane saw an opportunity to show off in front of her friends. She slipped off her panties, and then picked up her father’s plate and put in between her legs. As they watched, she dropped a huge log on to her father’s meal.

    “Oh my God,” one of her friend’s cried. “Are you going to make him eat that?”

    “Oh yes,” Jane laughed. “Want to watch him eat it?”

    “Oh yes,” cried another girl, and they all came closer.

    They all began laughing at the poor guy gagging and retching as he chewed his daughter’s shit. After a while, one of the girls laughed and said her brother was missing out.

    “No problem,” said Jane, as she went to her brother’s plate, and made herself vomit on to his meal. John groaned, but the others all laughed out loud. It also encouraged them all to join in. In the end, both plates were absolutely covered in vomit, and the girls all greatly enjoying seeing the two men struggling to swallow the slimy puke.

    The two men looked very ill by the time the girls left laughing at what they had just witnessed.

    “You don’t seem to have enjoyed the puke boys,” Jane laughing told them. That is a shame, because that is going to be a big part of your diet in future!”
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  4. SanchoPL

    SanchoPL Member

    I like it
  5. rubbermac

    rubbermac Member

    Fantastic.......Please More.......Many Thanks
  6. rog03

    rog03 Member

    So very good, more please , Thank you very much :)
  7. macrina

    macrina Active Member

    Thank you, great story.
  8. slavetristan

    slavetristan Member

    I would love to trade places with the father
  9. wimphub

    wimphub New Member

    Thank you gogo42170, SanchoPL, rubbermac, rog03, macrina and slavetristan.

    Young John had been devastated when his sister ruined his relationship with his girlfriend Julie, after she told her that he and his father were now being made to eat shit by the women in the family. Julie is a very attractive young brunette, with a gorgeous figure, and though John had not yet had sex with her, he had been hopeful it would happen soon. That was before he had been made to wear his cock cage. It was all ruined now though, with Julie having told him he was a wimpy little freak by allowing himself to be used as a toilet. He was surprised then, when one Saturday morning, Julie arrived to speak to him. Even though he was naked except for his cage, he was still pleased to see her.

    “What brings you here?” he asked her.

    “Well,” Julie replied, glancing with amused contempt for the tiny cock she was seeing for the first time. “I have been thinking how mean your Mom and your sister are, making you and your dad swallow all their waste.

    “And you feel sorry for me?” John asked hopefully.

    “Good God no!” she laughed. “I just think I have that same mean streak, and I would really enjoy watching you eat my shit as well.”

    “No!” John protested. “You can’t, it is bad enough with my mother and sister treating me that way!”

    “Well, your sister has said that if you refuse, she will get your Mom’s boyfriend to give you another vicious beating,” Julie informed him. “And I am sure we would all enjoy watching that. So what is it to be, a beating, or do we go up to the bathroom now?”

    John knew he was beaten, and followed his former girlfriend to the bathroom. When there, she ordered him to lie on his back on the floor.

    “I intend to let you enjoy all the nasty things I am able to force into your mouth,” she laughed. “So open your mouth, and keep it open.

    First of all, Julie began to spit in John’s mouth over and over again, until his mouth was full. She then ordered him to swallow, and laughed out loud as he groaned and gagged, as the slimy spit went down his throat.

    Next, she informed him that she had a bit of a cold, and emptied two nostrils full of green snot into his mouth. He reacted even more with this than the spit, and she enjoyed seeing him retch as the snot slid down his throat.

    “That is your first course,” Julie said. “Are you ready to eat some shit now?”

    “Do I have to Julie?” John replied. “Please don’t make me.

    “Sorry,” she laughed. “I have been looking forward to this all week, I can’t wait to see you retching again with your mouth full of my shit. Like it or not, you are going to eat it all!”

    With that, she quickly slipped off her panties, to allow John to have his first view of her nicely shaved pussy, never having dreamed he would be looking at in in these circumstances.

    “I expect you thought that you would be fucking that soon, didn’t you John?” she grinned. Well I can tell you that that tiny thing you have between your legs would have been no good to me. So it is just as well that you will just be drinking out of it shortly!”

    Holding up her skirt, Julie lowered her shapely white ass over John’s face and prepared to fill his mouth. John could hear her straining slightly, before a thick turd began to slide out of her asshole. The now familiar smell, and then the awful taste hit him as the shit fell into his mouth. Julie laughed with pleasure as John began retching.

    “Open your mouth,” she ordered. “I want to see my shit in there. Hold it for a while before you start chewing it.”

    Eventually the boy began to chew. He knew he would never get used to the dreadful taste of shit, and was really unhappy that Julie clearly enjoyed seeing him look so distressed. All the time he was eating her shit, she was taunting and mocking him, calling him names like shit eater, toilet and the like. Once he had swallowed it all, she squatted over him again and let out a long stream of her warm, yellow acrid piss to help wash down her shit. After that, she further humiliated him by making him kneel up and lick her dirty asshole clean. That done, she had him on his back again with her face just above his.

    “Time for dessert loser,” she laughed, as she pushed two fingers down her throat and then vomited forcefully directly into his mouth. John groaned even louder than he had done before.

    “Oh,” Julie laughed. “The puke tastes even worse than the shit, does it? Who would have thought. Anyway, I have some more left, open up!”

    In fact she managed to force two more loads of vomit into his mouth, making him feel very sick, must to Julie’s satisfaction. Having given him all she could, she left him to clean up in the bathroom.

    As she got back to the lounge, she saw John’s Mom and her sister Mary come in from the garden. They were both barefoot as the greeted Julie. They asked where John was, and Julie explained that he was cleaning up.

    “Did you fill his mouth dear?” Mom asked. Julie explained exactly what she had done.

    “Good for you,” Mary said. “It will be good to have you helping deal with those two losers, the more disgusting things we can make them swallow the better!” The three of them laughed at the thought.

    John’s Mom Margaret invited Julie to stay for lunch. She then called for Jane to call her dad in from the kitchen. As they came in, Julie could see that Ben was also naked, and Jane was pulling him into the room by his balls.

    “Please honey,” he said to her. “You are hurting me.”

    “Oh am I dad?” she laughed, and then squeezed his balls as hard as she could. He screamed out in agony, and his wife began encouraging her daughter to squeeze him harder, as well as pulling and twisting his abused balls. All the women laughed out loud, as he cried out, pleading with his daughter to stop. By the time she stopped, he had tears running down his face, as did the women from the laughter his agony had caused them.

    Margaret got to the point of calling her husband in. She and her sister sat side beside on the sofa, and put their feet up on the coffee table. The soles of their feet were black and filthy from walking in the garden. John was called down from upstairs, and made to kneel in front of his aunt, while Ben knelt before his wife.

    “We want those feet spotlessly clean before we have our lunch,” Margaret said. “You two get licking, and make sure you do a good job!”

    Julie smiled at how pathetic the two men looked, as they began licking the women’s feet. Jane popped into the kitchen, and came back with two large jugs.

    “We have plenty of piss saved up,” she explained. “These two will need a lot to drink, those feet will need a lot of cleaning!”

    As the two wimps carried on the task of licking the muck off the women’s feet, Julie occasionally got up, filled two glasses with piss, and forced it down their throats, as they all laughed at all the gagging coming from them.

    After a while, Mary told Julie and Jane that the men were not licking enthusiastically enough, and could they help. With wicked grins, each girl got behind one of the men, and squeezed their balls sadistically. The men of course cried out in pain, to the enjoyment of all the women. From then on, until all the feet were completely clean, they were treated to regular squeezes of their abused balls. By the end, both men felt sick from swallowing the dirt and jugs full of piss, and their balls were in total agony.

    This pleased all the women, as they went to the kitchen to finish preparing lunch.
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    Once again, Thank you, looking forward to hearing more of these lovely sadistic women's actions. :)

  11. gogo42170

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    Continue like this, fantastic story :D
  12. rog03

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    Is there any more, please continue with this great story
  13. Sauur

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    Excellent story!!

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