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Story: High Price for Cheating

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by wimphub, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. wimphub

    wimphub New Member

    High Price for Cheating

    My name is Mike. I have been married to my wife Jane for just eighteen months, and I am crazy about her. Unfortunately for me, she soon tired of putting up with my rather small cock, and my inability to last more than a few seconds. As a result my boss, who first met her at our wedding, has been fucking her exclusively for the last six months.

    When my frustration with doing without sex got too much for me, I stupidly began sleeping with Jenny, a girl at my office purely for sex. Of course it was Jane I really wanted, but all I got from her was taunting about my small cock is, and how much more of a man my boss is, as she continued to fuck him regularly.

    I guess my descent into degradation began on the day my wife asked me to meet her at my divorced mother’s house after work.

    When I arrived and entered the lounge, I saw my wife, my eldest sister Sharon and my mother. As I sat, I could hear loud noises coming from the room next door. It was the sound of a man obviously in agony, and pleading with someone for mercy, but getting only female laughter in response.

    “What is going on?” I asked, concerned about the guy who was obviously being badly hurt.

    “Julie and Emma are in there with my husband Bob,” Sharon told me. “They are dealing with him for me.” Julie 21, and Emma 20, are my other sisters.

    “Yes,” my Mom laughed. “I should think he is wishing right now that he had not been born with a pair of balls!”

    “You see, I found out Bob has been cheating on me, and he is not going to get away with it!”

    “But I know for a fact that you have a lover,” I said. “And Bob has told me that you refuse to have sex with him now.”

    “I don’t care,” she responded cruelly. “I am not having him cheating!”

    The abuse next door must have carried on for another half hour, then eventually the three of them emerged from the room. Bob was naked, and was cradling his damaged balls in his hand as he sobbed uncontrollably. My sisters were dressed in short nighties, as they each held one of Bob’s arms. He caught my eye and spoke to me.

    “Mike!” he yelled desperately. “They have been trying to ruin my balls, and now they are going to make me eat shit. Can you do something, please!”

    “Nobody can help you, you piece of crap,” Julie told him. “Now get in the bathroom!”

    They went into the downstairs bathroom, and we were soon hearing more sobbing and pleading from Bob, and cruel laughter from my sisters. That was followed shortly by the sound of retching, as they obviously started filling Bob’s mouth with their shit. This went on a while, with constant sobbing and retching from Bob, and an assurance from the girls the girls that he would not leave the from until he had swallowed all their shit.

    “I don’t think my son in law likes the taste of shit,” my Mom laughed, clearly enjoying Bob’s distress.

    “Good,” Sharon replied. “I don’t want him to, because he will be eating lots of it in future!”

    “Surely this is punishment enough,” I said to Sharon.

    “Oh no,” she assured me. “He is going to pay for a long time!”

    “Quite right,” added Mom, and my wife agreed.

    When they came back to the lounge, Bob sat in the corner looking nauseous.

    “What’s up honey,” Sharon taunted her husband. “Did you eat more shit than you should have? Ha! Ha!”

    “We did wash it all down for him with plenty of piss,” Emma added. “So he should have a nice full belly!”

    “Let that be a lesson to you Mike,” my wife said to me. “See what happens to you when you cheat on anyone in the family!”

    I kept thinking about Sharon’s remark the next day at work. Luckily my sleeping with Jenny was still a secret, but I decided I would have to end our relationship. She did not take it well, crying that I had used her, and threatening to pay me back. It was a nasty situation, but I decided to put it behind me and move on, glad that I had got away with it, or so I thought.

    A few days later my wife told me to meet at Mom’s place again. I worried that poor Bob might be getting another working over. I should have been even more worried.

    Entering the lounge this time I saw my wife, Mom, my three sisters, my mother in law Grace and Jenny!

    “Hi honey,” my wife said, enjoying the look of horror on my face. “Jenny has been telling us about the two of you, and how you messed her around. Now you and going to start paying for that. Jenny, would you like to stay and watch my husband’s punishment?”

    “Oh yes please!” she said excitedly.

    “Look Sharon,” I pleaded. “I am really sorry about what I did, but be fair, you are fucking my boss, and you won’t let me have sex with you!”

    “Shut up, you piece of shit,” she replied. “You thought Bob was badly treated, you wait until what is in store for you!”

    At that point my mother in law stood up, and ordered me to undress. She told me to stand with my hands behind my back and my legs wide apart. Knowing what she had in mind, I pleaded with her to let me explain my actions. She would not listen though, and proceeded to remove her shoes. I would have admired her nice feet, if I had not known what she was about to do to me with them.

    “Now I am going to deal with your balls,” she informed me. “You will stay on your feet until I have done with you.” I could see that pleading would do no good.

    “Don’t hold back Grace,” Mom told her. “The bastard deserves to suffer!”

    “that’s right Mom,” Jane added. “Really bust his balls for me!” She certainly did. She swung her right foot, and smashed square into my balls, causing me to cry out in agony.

    “Oh nice one Mom,” Jane yelled. “Give him more, and harder!”

    Grace give me at least a dozen more vicious kick, with me begging in vain for mercy, until finally I threw up on the rubber mat they had put down for that purpose.

    “That’s good,” Grace laughed. “Now you will have room in your stomach for all the shit Julie and Emma are about to give you. Are you ready girls?”

    “Oh yes,” Emma grinned. “We both took a laxative earlier, so we will have a lot of nice soft shit for you to swallow brother!”

    Emma decided to go first. I was made to lie on the floor as she slipped of her panties and lowered her ass to my open mouth, preparing to shit into it.

    “Fill his mouth Emma,” my wife called out. Choke the bastard with your shit!”

    Seconds later I could see a thick soft turd sliding out of her ass. It just kept on going after my mouth was full and curled over my face. I pushed the surplus away as I retched on what was in my mouth to the enjoyment of all the women.

    “Eat it!” Emma yelled. “Let me see you eating my shit!”

    I carried on eating, gagging and retching as I struggled to swallow it all. When I finally did, I told Emma how awful it was, and asked that I could just leave it there.

    “Don’t be silly,” she laughed. There is a whole pile of mine left, and you will still have Julie’s shit to eat after that. Now pick some more shit up and eat, you wimp!”

    I started to cry now, as I filled my mouth again with my sister’s disgusting waste. They all laughed at my tears as I started chewing again. I finally finished Emma’s load and begged for a drink. She said of course I could, then aimed he pussy at my mouth and let go a stream of her warm acrid piss. When she had finished, Jane came over and kicked me in the side.

    “Don’t just lie there,” she said. “Kneel up and lick your sister’s dirty ass clean, get rid of what’s left of her shit!”

    No sooner had I done that Julie told me to lie back down so she could feed me some more. I really sobbed now as I said I had been given so much from Emma, and pleaded to be spared from eating any more. Julie’s laughing response was to grab my already damaged balls and squeezing them until I confirmed that I would swallow her shit. It took much longer for me to swallow her large load, as Emma’s had filled me.

    Having cleaned her asshole and drunk her piss, I was hopeful that I would be left alone and allowed to recover. No such luck. Jane produced what looked a bit like a glass vase, with a wide top and a hole in the narrow bottom of it. She told me that Sharon had bought one for Bob, so they thought she would get one for me.

    “I will show you how this works,” Jane told me. “Get your lips round the hole at the bottom, and hold the thing steady.”

    As I lay there holding to tube, Jane proceeded to push two fingers down her throat and vomit into it. As soon as it started to slide down my throat she added another load on top, causing it to flow so much I had to swallow very quickly. They could see from my face how disgusting the mess was, and that I hated every drop. This of course made them laugh at me all the more. When the tube was almost empty, mother in law came over.

    “There is not much left there,” she laughed, and proceeded to send another two loads of her puke for me to eat. I don’t know how I managed to get it all down, but I did, though as soon as I had I had to run to the kitchen and throw up. My mother followed me in.

    “Well, she said. “Shit and vomit really don’t seem to agree with you do they? Doesn’t bode well for the future.”

    “Mom, I am grateful that you didn’t abuse me at least,” I told her.

    “Oh, only because I didn’t need to go,” she laughed. “We have plenty of time for that later!”
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  3. littleboy69

    littleboy69 New Member

    Nice Story. I am looking forward fit the second Part...

  4. DK_Face

    DK_Face Member

  5. SanchoPL

    SanchoPL Member

    I like it too !!
  6. suppository

    suppository New Member

    Great story, please continue!
  7. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    Awesome story!

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