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Sunshine Ends You With Ass & Gas

Discussion in 'Fart Fetish Forum - The highest smells in the lowe' started by AATBxxx, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. AATBxxx

    AATBxxx Member

    How did you end up here? Trapped in a confined box, with merely an opening for your head. Lucky for you, breathing is possible; but not for long. There is no use in squirming, struggling, the rest of your body has been locked up tight behind chains. You are totally, helpless. And unfortunately for you, this is the end. Sunshine Tampa has filled her stomach to the brim with cheeses, beans, and an assortment of other snacks that's making her belly gurgle. She can feel a storm brewing as she squeezes her ass cheeks together to keep it contained. For now. She hovers over you, a wicked smile on her lips. What's about to sneak from her hole is lethal, and you'll soon discover that Sunshine's intention is removing you from this earth with only the foul odor expelling from her ass, & her smothering cheeks. What a way to go!

    Category: FARTING
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