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Sweet beautiful girl from Russia

Discussion in 'German Story Forum - Deutsch Geschichte Forum' started by Alesya20, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Alesya20

    Alesya20 Member


    Today the slave has angered his beloved Mistresses a lot. And two cruel, rude and very beautiful Mistresses must punish this stinking pig. They tied a slave. He begged them not to punish him, asked for forgiveness, said that he would improve, but he always guilty of something and always gets for his sins every time. And this time the young girls tied the impudent man by the hands. Joel sits on him, Julie sits next to her. First, they will put sticky tape over mouth, so that he does not dare to call someone to help. Then they spit on his face, laugh, shove their dirty delicious legs and smear their saliva on his face. The girls just came from the gym and are very sweaty. Now they are mocking the slave, forcing him to smell their beautiful legs. Betty and Bertie humiliate the pure slave. The girls have brought the worm to his knees and spit into him face. They smear saliva onto the face and record a video. And at the end the girls covered the slave's face with saliva.[​IMG]

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