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The foot freak

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by subfootstool, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. wildyone

    wildyone Member

    It doesn't seem like Max wants to let go of her plan for David and deep down it doesn't sound like he wants it either. I am sure Sonya and Caitlin will have something to say about that when they get together on her return.

    Well I am hoping so anyway...
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  3. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    The first thing I do when logging onto the forum is to check if this story has updates! Amazing work!
  4. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    I wonder how all of this will go down, since it appears Mistress Max now has plans for David but then it seems Madame Sonya and potentially Mistress Caitlin would still have claim to him as well. I am anxious to find out, of course. :)
  5. subfootstool

    subfootstool Active Member

    PART 137

    Fellow ballbustees will know the physical processes which occur after a vicious kick in the balls such as Mistress Max had just mercilessly delivered.

    There is the initial overwhelming pain which radiates through the kidney region and is incapacitating, rendering the victim helpless. Then there is the immobilisation which follows where the agony consumes every part of your waking consciousness and you can’t move. This is followed by a waning/ fading of the pain and movement becomes possible, although difficult.

    In a situation like this, where I had been given two minutes to recover, it was vital to struggle to my knees first so I could gather balance and orientation. Then, usually, one required an object to lean on to get to one’s feet, like a table or chair.

    Once upright, the first few steps have to be made in a shuffle, carefully, because it is easy to go down again before full recovery has occurred. When I say “full recovery”, that actually takes a few days to a few weeks, depending, but I mean a practical recovery, one where you can move freely and interact with others, even though your balls are still screaming at you.

    I managed to achieve a limited recovery under the 2 minutes and shuffled into the kitchen to await instructions. Mistress Charlotte was helping plate up meals when she looked at me and spoke,

    ‘Ouch, I’d say by the way you’re moving, Maxine had a piece of you. Am I right, gimp?’

    ‘Yes Mistress Charlotte’.

    She dropped what she was doing, briefly, and sidled up beside me to whisper in my ear,

    ‘Who kicked your loser balls last, faggot?’

    ‘Mistress Max did, Mistress Charlotte.’

    ‘We can’t have that, can we? Go and wait got me in your cubicle; I’ll be straight in after I run these meals out’.

    ‘Yes Mistress Charlotte’.

    I really didn’t know how I was going to survive what Mistress Charlotte had in store for me but, there I was again, on my knees, providing “full access”, waiting in fear for this young Executrix to make sure of her place on the totem pole, the pecking order.

    Mistress Charlotte ALWAYS wanted to be the one who’d last kicked me in the balls for reasons that were difficult for me to understand, although I thought it had something with her youth, being only 21 years, where she wanted to prove she was as dominant and controlling as the other, older Dominatrices. Whatever the reason, I knew she would hurt me!! And I was already in a bad way.

    She appeared after a few minutes and stood menacingly in front of me. She spoke,

    ‘You’re a real bimbo, aren’t you, fuckwit?’

    Bimbo? Where did she get that from?

    ‘Maxine told me that when she asked you what “recompense do you desire the most” you answered that you wanted to be able to pull your dick every day lying under the feet of any of us …’

    ‘Please Mistress Charlotte, I wasn’t thinking straight …’


    That right hand crashed across my face and the room spun.

    ‘Like, you didn’t answer, “What I desire most is to be of even more use to my Superiors”, or, “What I desire most is to make even more sacrifices to my Owners”, did you?’

    ‘I guess not, Mistr …’


    I wish she wouldn’t do that. Those vicious face strikes were disorientating and made my ears ring.

    ‘You guess not, fuckwit?! Well, what I guess is that you’re a whore, not a slave, a foot whore who only thinks of his own selfish needs and not those of the Sisters who have given you the life you were born for. Am I right or wrong?’


    Fuck me, the room was now in orbit and I was struggling to stay on my knees but I had to answer that question. What was it again?

    ‘Well, faggot?’

    Mistress Charlotte started tapping her right foot as I tried to clear my head and formulate a response.

    ‘Times up. I’m satisfied that you’re a whore and must be purged of your sins. Assume the Position’.

    Fuck no …
  6. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    If this goes on much longer, I don't think David will need to be castrated. These kicks to his balls from all the brutal mistresses will take care of that very soon.
  7. subfootstool

    subfootstool Active Member

    PART 138

    Mistress Charlotte took a step towards me and held me by the chin, lifting my face up so I looked directly at her. She hawked up a large ball of spittle and spat it onto my face, then rubbed it in with the palm of her right hand.

    ‘You have proven to me that you are an idiot, a fool, and will be treated as such from now on, you fucking bimbo loser’.


    I had to admit I had been stupid. I had been seduced by Mistress Max’ offer without thinking it through. Realistically, what chance was there of them granting me a daily orgasm? None. And it did seem sluttish to say that I would be happy to pull myself under ANY of their feet.

    Mistress Charlotte was right; I was a whore. Oh well, I was about to be made to atone for that particular misstep so now was time to man up. I managed to blurt out, before that right hand smashed across my face again,

    ‘You’re right Mistress Charlotte, I will be forever grateful to you and the Sisters for granting me the life I was born for, a life of suffering and servitude at the feet of my Superiors. I made a very poor judgement, that of a whore, when I misspoke to Mistress Max, and I deserve to be punished to the full letter of the law’.

    ‘That’s better, gimp. Now, present those balls to me on a platter’.

    I thrust my pelvis forward so my already damaged testicles dangled there as an easy target for Mistress Charlotte’s kicking foot.

    She looked me up and down derisively then sneered, ‘This is how I punish whores’.

    Mistress Charlotte lashed out and her savage right hook raped my ball sac; there was no chance of staying upright and I jack-knifed face first onto the floor, with Mistress Charlotte’s right foot soon under my shoulder urgently forcing me onto my back. Her foot descended onto my face and she pressed down and said,

    ‘Who kicked you in the balls last, cunt?’

    I managed to croak out, ‘That would be you, Mistress Charlotte, thank you Goddess’.

    ‘Very satisfying, as usual. Andy needs you to scrub the kitchen floor, so get up and GET TO IT, SKIVVY’.

    From the penthouse to the shithouse in one morning, basically summed up my day so far. And it was still morning! I presented myself to Andy and said,

    ‘You have chores for me, Sir?’

    ‘Yes, gimp, grab the mop and give the kitchen a once-over’.

    ‘Yes Sir’.

    At this stage, it was a blessed relief to be given a menial task and to stay off the radar of the Dommes. I don’t know what got into them this morning. Life had been relatively benign lately and suddenly it seemed the gates of Hades had opened! Why, I knew not.

    The rest of the day passed uneventfully, though I struggled with the work due to the damage they’d inflicted on the contents of my scrotum. Closing time approached and I assumed it would soon be time for the Mistress’ foot massage and wine when Mistress Georgia walked over to me. I dropped to my knees and said,

    ‘How may I serve you Mistress Georgia?’

    “You always treat me differently after one of those frontal kicks, gimp. Be careful, it only encourages me to dish out more.’

    Oh Fuck. ‘Yes Mistress Georgia, what you say’.

    ‘Hmm, perhaps we might introduce a daily frontal kick as a replacement for the daily orgasm you so pitifully requested. What do you say, faggot?’

    ‘That would be up to you to decide, Mistress Georgia’.

    ‘Your manners have improved anyway, loser. They’d want to, mind you. Do you realise how utterly obscene, how profane, your request for daily orgasms was?’

    ‘I’m so sorry Mistress Ge … ‘


    ‘You are gutter trash, service grunt, and the sooner Maxine or Lucy renders you impotent the better. In spite of all the effort we’ve put into your rehabilitation as a male, you’re just like every other jerk-off out there whose brain is lodged firmly in their penis’.


    Bloody hell, I really wish I hadn’t made a fool of myself with that stupid and impossible request for a daily wank. And geez those slaps hurt!

    ‘Well, the days of your whole raison d’etre being your next orgasm are coming to an end, fool. We will remove your source of testosterone by amputating your balls, and then we’ll see if you can answer our questions sensibly. Now, do you wish you’d answered Maxine’s poser differently, shit-for-brains?’

    Clearly, the question was rhetorical. I hung my head in shame as it was accurately pointed out to me what an imbecile I’d been, so I answered, humbly,

    ‘Words cannot express my regret, Mistress Georgia. I will strive to be a better slave for you and all my Superiors’.

    ‘I’ll want to see evidence of that, gimp, or I’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks. OK, now grab a bottle of champagne, we’re heading over to Sonya’s for a celebratory drink’.

    A celebratory drink?! What were they celebrating? Could it possibly be the return of Mistress Caitlin?

    Wow …
  8. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    I too wonder if Mistress Caitlin is returning! :)
  9. subfootstool

    subfootstool Active Member

    PART 139

    So we headed off across the road to my ex-apartment (yes, that still grated!) with me following protocol, walking one step behind the Mistresses, head bowed, eyes on their feet.

    When we entered the elevator we were alone, so protocol dictated that I knelt and focussed my gaze on their feet. Resistance to any of their Rules was futile, as I’m sure readers would know by now!

    I knocked then used my key to enter and quickly scanned the apartment. Madame Sonya arose from her recliner to greet Mistress Georgia and Mistress Charlotte … but no Mistress Caitlin. Curses!!

    After they’d hugged, I prostrated myself at Madame’s feet, awaiting instructions.

    ‘Put the champers on ice, maggot’.

    ‘Yes Ma’am’.

    As I went into the kitchen to find an ice bucket and ice I spotted them. Four champagne glasses … FUCKING FOUR!!

    Unless I was joining the toast (yeah, right!), there must be someone else in the apartment. It had to be Mistress Caitlin, IT JUST HAD TO BE!

    Fuck, now I was really on edge. I needed to calm down or events could turn adversely very quickly dealing with this group, as my aching balls were currently telling me!

    I had prepared the ice bucket and champagne when I heard a noise, a door opening. There was another body here. Hooray!!

    But wait, I’d been wrong so many times, in so many ways before, trying to predict what would happen with these Dommes that it wasn’t worth getting carried away. Just wait, dickhead, wait to see what happens.

    Then I heard them, bare feet padding along the wooden floor into the lounge from the second bedroom and the person was about to come into view. Please God, just once, let me have a win!

    Then she hove into view … fuck me, it WAS Mistress Caitlin!!!!! I almost came in my pants.

    She was wearing shortie pyjamas and all dishevelled, obviously having just woken up and almost certainly jet-lagged. All the Women hugged and carried on while I knelt there, eyes bulging and mouth agape.

    I was flabbergasted because she was even more beautiful than I had dared dream about or had allowed myself to remember. There simply was only one Mistress Caitlin. She was one of a kind, and when the Gods made her, they threw away the template! Only, unlike Icarus, she was way too savvy to fly too close to the Sun.

    But then it was my time and I hit the floor and commando crawled across the floor to Mistress Caitlin’s feet and showered them with kisses as she continued to gleefully interact with the others. My dear Lord, I had missed her!

    She spoke, ‘What’s this at my feet? Oh, it’s you, turd. It’s a good choice of yours to grovel, I have a fair bit of pent-up emotion that needs dumping and I wouldn’t advise antagonising me’

    ‘Yes Mistress Caitlin’.

    ‘Roll onto your back, faggot’

    ‘Yes Mistress Caitlin’.

    That right foot of hers, the foot that had caused me so much pleasure, and a commensurate amount of grief, then descended onto my face. Paradise, bliss, heaven, Nirvana, Eden, all rolled into one. Nothing else mattered any more.

    Mistress Caitlin relished her circumstance, being back in the driver’s seat, and said to me,

    ‘We’re both home, aren’t we David?’

    ‘Yes Your Highness, I’m home and I’m ready to do anything, ANYTHING, to stay under your feet’.

    ‘Haha, you know, loser, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that from you before. Girls, do we believe him or not?’

    The mirth in the room was significant but I just focused on the sole of Mistress Caitlin’s right foot. Dear oh dear, fuck me, and, after everything, this was it, the ultimate.

    I knew I would have to pay the piper for this indulgence but, at that particular moment, all I wanted was for time to stand still!
  10. wildyone

    wildyone Member

    She’s back!
  11. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    Nice...it's the glorious return of Mistress Caitlin! :)
  12. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    Yes...the Goddess is back...and David is enthralled with her.
  13. subfootstool

    subfootstool Active Member

    PART 140

    I was in heaven and then, just for a microsecond, for whatever reason, with my face under the sole of Mistress Caitlin’s kicking foot, I was transported to a parallel universe as I contemplated the merit of this exquisite pleasure versus all the wealth, and other gratification, I’d forfeited to be here. Was it worth it?

    In my prime, I’d loved closing deals, making money, dazzling board-rooms, impressing the shit out of folk because I was so smart. What was better? That rush of adrenalin coupled with the admiration of one’s peers and competitors, or having my face under the sole of Mistress Caitlin’s foot.

    It was a no brainer for a foot freak, of course, but worthy of sober consideration.

    I wondered if any of my colleagues knew of my fetish? Shit, then I suddenly recalled my encounter with Miss Sara when she had my slit my throat with her stiletto, then Miss Veronica who had pulverised my face with her boots in a dark alley. Obviously, some of them knew.

    Upon reflection, of course, many must have had an inkling? What about all those suited, pump-wearing, hot-as-hell Female lawyers who could have made me their lap-bitch if they knew how to use their feet and those oh-so-sexy sheer black stockings soaked with sweat on my face? Did they know I was a foot freak?

    Fuck me, what I wouldn’t have given to have my face under those nylons after a long, sweaty day in court!! I would have given any testimony they ordered me to. I wondered how many trials had been decided by the intoxicating foot sweat of a defence attorney?!

    I was in a delirium and my thoughts were all over the place, such was the effect of Mistress Caitlin’s soles on my psyche. I certainly wasn’t focussing, and couldn’t bear to confront the reality of the moment that I’d ached for.

    Words interrupted my reverie.

    ‘Gimp, pour the champagne’

    ‘Yes Ma’am’.

    ‘And grab the massage cream’.

    ‘Yes Your Highness’.

    The Dommes all settled with their bubbles as I sat at Mistress Caitlin’s feet and commenced her massage.

    ‘So, girls, how’s it all going? I’ve been away too long. How’s the café travelling, Georgie?’

    ‘Gang-busters, Caitie. I’ve put in an offer for the freehold next door and plan to expand. We’re making a motza, and I’m doing a few sessions at The Confessional every week to top it up, and for stress relief and amusement, of course hehe’.

    ‘Do you still charge extortionate tributes to flog the arse out of all those idiots who can’t help themselves presenting there to be tortured, Georgie?’

    ‘Sure do, all the stupid cunts still pony up big-time to worship at my feet and feel the kiss of my whip hehe haha’.

    Cacophony ensued, and I kept my head down and used my thumbs to put pressure into Mistress Caitlin’s sole.

    Mistress Caitlin mused,

    ‘That’s good to hear. Their desire to be punished and humiliated by Women like us just consumes them, makes it easy for us to control and manipulate the fuckwits’.

    Mistress Georgia continued,

    ‘That’s right Caitie but, getting back to the business, it’s certainly prospered by having a café gimp. 14 hour unpaid days, if you don’t count free access to Charli’s and my soles after work as payment, and doing all the shit jobs like cleaning toilets and scrubbing the floor has definitely boosted staff morale’.

    ‘Isn’t that great?’

    ‘Yeah, I tell all the staff that, if a customer gives them any shit, walk away and go and dump it on the gimp. They’ve all kind of got used to it and he cops heaps of verbal abuse and a few kicks and slaps, depending on the staff. Gee, even dour young Andy, the chef, used the gimp’s mouth as an ashtray one day’.

    Again, ebullient laughter, with a possible early hit from the champers contributing!

    ‘That’s great, isn’t it? The exploiters and the exploitees, as it’s always been in life. You just want to make sure you’re on the right side of the equation, which is easy if you comprehend your feminine power’.

    ‘Amen to that Sister’.

    ‘Say, tell me more about Lucy. I hear she’s had a big win’.
  14. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    Very nice update. I almost thought David's little self-reflection would end with him thinking he made a mistake by giving in to his foot-freakiness but of course it did not.
  15. wildyone

    wildyone Member

    Another fun chapter and Caitlin is settling back in nicely. I can't help thinking how she will react to David losing his balls though - that will take a lot of fun away for her...
  16. subfootstool

    subfootstool Active Member

    PART 141

    Mistress Charlotte responded to Mistress Caitlin’s query about Lady Lucinda,

    ‘Oh, it’s a big win for her alright, Caitie. I was there the night she broke the judge’s nose at The Confessional. It was nauseatingly ugly, and yet beautiful in its own way, to see what a determined Female can do to a sub male’.

    ‘Wow, that’s heavy, breaking a nose’.

    ‘Yes it is but, honestly, she knew she had him fucked and just wouldn’t back off, just kept on pressing him and pressing him to surrender to her. It took guts on her part to keep on his case like she did cause, you know, he’s influential and all that shit, but it paid off big-time, cause she’s now rich and he’s her bitch, if you like rhyming stuff’.

    ‘Hehe, excellent. Is she still working at the Tattoo Parlour?’

    ‘Oh yes, she LOVES her work. You heard she tattooed FELON on the judge’s forehead, just like the gimp’s tatt? I mean, obviously, she doesn’t need the money, but she wants to maintain and improve her tattooing and piercing skills, and just adores hurting people, the psycho bitch’.

    Again, much hilarity and again, I tried to remain unobtrusive!

    ‘Oh, by the way, Lucy is going to drag the felon down to the café to meet the gimp soon. Who knows, she might make them suck each other’s cocks’.

    That completely broke the party up as they all fell over each other in celebration as the champagne took hold.

    ‘Gimp, you’re the host, more champers’.

    ‘Yes Ma’am’.

    Fuck that, I had never sucked cock and there was no way I would ever suck the cock of an old, fat hairy-backed male!!

    ‘OK’, said Mattress Caitlin, ‘so Lucy’s going OK. What about you, Charli?’

    ‘Oh, this is the best gig I’ve ever had, thanks to you, Caitie, and the others girls from The Confessional. I didn’t even know this world existed but, fuck me, it’s very fun, yay’.

    ‘You haven’t cracked a whale like the gimp yet?’

    ‘No, I have regulars, a couple of young slaves, one of whom I’m using as a domestic dressed in his pansy maid’s uniform, a couple of middle-aged married guys who pay well, and some older ones like the gimp, but no big wins’.

    ‘It will happen …’

    ‘Yeah, I know. Georgie’s been very good, pointing out I’m only 21 and have plenty of time. Gee, even so, I’ve made enough money to put a deposit on a 2 bedroom apartment in this building and I’ll move in here in a few weeks. Once I have my own place, I’ll put a few of my slaves on a roster to work around my apartment, to make my life easier, like I deserve, right?’

    ‘That’s fantastic, and it’s definitely your right to have underling males doing your grunt work, Charli. You’re still going to work at the café?’

    ‘Yes, I love the environment there with all the Sisters from The Confessional either working there or visiting regularly. Waitressing doesn’t pay that great but the overall atmosphere is so supportive. And, if any of the customers piss me off, I just order the gimp out to his cubicle and kick his balls into his throat and make him choke on them’.

    That brought a raucous round of applause as I kept my head down and continued the pressure on Mistress Caitlin’s instep!

    ‘Hey gimp’, said Mistress Charlotte, ‘who kicked you in your faggot balls last?’

    ‘That would be you, Mistress Charlotte’, I replied.

    ’Damned right, and don’t forget who owns your balls, boy’. Whew!!

    ‘And what about our gorgeous little Asian friend?’ asked Mistress Caitlin.

    Madame Sonya responded;

    ‘Maxine is a star, there’s no doubt about it. Who’d have thought there’d be such a big demand for castration? She’s booked out for weeks’.

    ‘Really, that’s amazing. What sort of people are lining up for castration?’

    ‘Well, some of them are nutters who want to be gelded for obscure sexual reasons. Maxine doesn’t do a psychological profile or anything, she just cuts off their balls as long as they pay her hefty fee’.

    That sounded ugly, and educed a few oohs and aahs from the Women.

    ‘Then there’s the Mistresses living the lifestyle 24/7 with genuine slaves who have lost all their rights, and castration is a natural progression of the relationship. You know how it goes girls, paying clients always have choice, and slaves do not. That is the way of the world’.

    ‘Amen to that’, said Mistress Georgia again.

    ‘But the biggest group she’s gelding are the cuckolded males, believe it or not. It’s the internet and the world of social media which has brought it to prominence. There was hardly any information on the cuckold lifestyle back in the day, but now there are numerous groups online where you can find out stuff’.

    ‘Like the group “Cuckold Castration” on Fetlife?’

    ‘Precisely. So sometimes it’s the Females who want their husband or partner gelded, and sometimes it’s the Bulls who insist on not having an entire male hanging around their Female. Which is fair enough when you think about it. It’s the same principle we just talked about, the inferior males just basically give up their rights and, if an alpha-male demands the sacrifice of the cuckold’s balls, so be it’.

    Mistress Charlotte chimed in,

    ‘If a male is stupid enough to give his Woman over to a real man to be serviced sexually, he must accept that his balls are now useless and that either his wife or the Bull can insist on them being trophied. And once they’re gone, they’re gone … there’s no point crying over spilt milk’.

    ‘Wow, that IS fascinating, so much has progressed and changed since I’ve been in Hong Kong for the past few months. So, Maxine is a star, tell me more … ‘
  17. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    Nice update! I wonder if the next one is when Caitlin finds out about David being scheduled for castration.
  18. subfootstool

    subfootstool Active Member

    PART 142

    Madame Sonya continued to describe Mistress Max’ exploits.

    ‘Of course, whilst lucrative, Maxine doesn’t want to spend her whole time de-balling these freak-show males, she also wants to practise her Kung Fu. So she beats up lots of guys at The Confessional using all her fancy kicks and stuff’.

    ‘Yeah, I remember that spinning kick where she jumped into the air at The Vet Clinic that day. She flattened the gimp in a heartbeat’.

    ‘Yes, I know you’ve seen her demolishing low-lifes before, but it’s worth sitting in on one of her sessions one day; she really is an expert at rendering her victims helpless. And, after all of her victories, she stands on their face as a sign of her contempt for the beta-male scum who pay her to be destroyed’.

    Mistress Caitlin then raised her right foot and pressed the ball against my lips, giving me a slight nudge.

    ‘OK turd, it’s Charli’s turn’.

    So I knelt in front of Mistress Charlotte and proceeded to massage her feet as they chatted on.

    Mistress Caitlin then spoke,

    ‘It’s all becoming much more sophisticated these days due, as you say, to the exposure in social media. In my early days, I just relied on my tanned legs and feet with my antennae out for foot fetishers like the gimp. A few teasing gestures and I could usually get them at my feet initially, then under, and that would drain them till they were gonski, GONE!’

    ‘Hehe, what did you do then, Caitie?’ asked Mistress Charlotte.

    ‘Oh, you know Charli, I’m an inveterate ball buster so, soon after, those boys’ balls were all mine and I had them dancing at the end of my kicking foot, defeated. It’s a real power trip and I always feel so much better after I’ve dished out some painful punishments to creeps like the gimp’.

    Creep? That hurt for some reason. Head down and keep those thumbs probing!

    Mistress Georgia then chimed in,

    ‘Lucy’s going to start gelding at The Confessional too under Max’s tutelage. It’s a natural progression for her and there’s just so much work that it really needs two cutters who know what they’re doing to keep up with the demand. It’s all pretty safe cause we’ve always got Dr Dopey to call on to fix any messes that happen. He was very helpful when Lucy splattered the judge’s nose that night hehe’.

    That comment brought giggles all round.

    ‘OK Ladies, I’ve got to go. See you all tomorrow. Gimp, to my feet’.

    I rapidly prostrated myself at Mistress Georgia’s feet.

    ‘Remember what I told you this afternoon, worm’.

    ‘Yes Mistress Georgia’.

    ‘I don’t want any repeats of your stupidity any time soon’.

    ‘Yes Mistress Georgia’, I said as I kissed her feet passionately, coweringly, apologetically.

    ‘Bye girls’.

    ‘What was that about, gimp?’ asked Mistress Caitlin, as soon as Mistress Georgia had left the room.

    Oh shit, there was no way out of this because Mistress Charlotte was fully aware of my big “mistake”!!
  19. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    This doesn't look good for David. Then again, it rarely does.
  20. subfootstool

    subfootstool Active Member

    PART 143

    Oh shit.

    Funnily enough, it wasn’t as bad as you might think it would be when I revealed my pathetic response to Mistress Max’s obviously provocative question which was, equally obviously, a set-up to give her an excuse to torment and punish me.

    Mistress Caitlin was dismissive. She was a bit drunk and jet-lagged, and needed other satisfactions than punishing me for something as abstract as my stupidly begging for a daily wank. She, of course, has always been in favour of weekly ejaculations for her slaves who have dedicated themselves to her!

    Her hunger was more important to her than revenge at this stage of the night. She spoke,

    ‘What do you think, Mum. Take-out? I’m pretty stuffed and need to eat, then shower then go back to bed. If you don’t mind, I’ll use the gimp’s tongue tonight because, frankly, it’s been so long since I an orgasm other than with my finger. Chad was pathetic’.

    ‘I’ll order Thai from downstairs and pick it up. They only take about 10 minutes. Do you want to join us Charli?’

    ‘Sure, why not. I’m not doing anything else and start work at 5 tomorrow so a quick feed then bed would be good after the buzz of the champagne’.

    ‘I’ll send through the order on my App. Actually, gimp can pick it up cause it’s already paid for via the App. Get to it, maggot’.

    ‘Yes Ma’am’.

    I caught the elevator to the Thai Restaurant and picked up the food. How strange! I used to be the alpha selecting and ordering the food, and paying for it, and now I was just a lackey, a pick-up troll. Oh well, whose fault was that?

    I placed the take-away boxes on the table, arranged plates and glasses, and waited for further instructions as the Women were chatting among themselves when I returned.

    ‘Oh goody,’ said Mistress Caitlin, ‘tucker’s up. I’m famished. Anybody want more booze?’

    ‘Yep’, said Madame, ‘I’ll have a red with dinner. Get me that bottle of French Merlot, maggot’

    ‘Yes Ma’am’.

    I poured the wine then knelt beside Mistress Caitlin.

    ‘You can go under my feet, turd’.

    Now that was something I craved hearing!! I wriggled under the table and placed my face under Mistress Caitlin’s chair. Her feet were, in due course, lowered onto my face. Oh fuck, this was all I wanted in life. Please, let it last a long time!

    She issued orders, ‘Any wriggling and I fuck you up later. Am I clear, moron?’

    God, I loved the Woman. Unrelenting in her dominance.

    ‘Yes Mistress Caitlin, you’re very clear’.

    The pleasure of lying with her feet on my face as she ate, moving her feet and applying unequal and, on occasions, painful pressure, was immeasurable. I was in foot freak heaven.

    The Mistresses chatted away and I was oblivious to their conversation because I had all that I wanted and needed. Mistress Caitlin dropped a few morsels on the floor, a bit of gristle from a steak dish, and a few green things from another dish, then picked them up between her toes before feeding them to me.

    ‘Enjoy, peasant. You’ll be needing all your strength tonight’.

    I was ready for whatever was demanded of me. What an amazing 24 hours it had been in the life of a foot freak!
  21. toejam

    toejam Member

    Love this story.
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