The Monet Estate

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    The Monet Estate

    This story begins prior to the second Fenima Island that became Regina's Isle and will continue in Any Given Sunday...........
    Some characters in this story were first seen in 'The Rec Field'

    Part 1

    Henri Monet had lived a life that was the envy of many other Islanders. Thou the Island's population was predominantly Black & poor with a small percentage being Middle class. Henri was a wealthy man. His parents had come from old family money, banking mostly & after his parents passed Henri had taken over running the Bank... The Monet Bank & Trust. It was the biggest bank & served the interests of not only this but other Islands in the chain including the Mainland Bank. Henri lived a life of luxury & privilege.
    Henri had paid little attention to the media circus going on about the sister Island less than a hundred miles from his Island...Bimini Island.

    His bank had no interest there. Some of his biggest investors were on The Mainland & he had assured them that their interests were safe as his bank had no connections with the Island in all the news stories. He went about his daily life seemingly without a care in the World. That all ended when he met Beryl & her Sister Meryl.

    Henri was wealthy but very lonely & the day Beryl walked into his Bank with her Sister he was taken with her beauty. Both Women, long black hair that shimmered in the sunlight. Full figures, wide hips. Their large round asses fighting to be free of the tight white shorts they wore that first day coming into his bank.

    Henri couldn't help but be drawn to both of them. His fondness for large full figured girl's was evident by the mostly black tellers working in his bank. All the girl's new of Henri's fondness for women's rears so when Henri allowed them to dress Island casual, meaning they could wear shorts & sporty casual dresses at the bank they all began doing it. They all knew Henri was watching them but he was harmless & they all knew it.

    What they didn't know was right after closing time, Henri always closed up every evening, he would walk behind the teller's cages & run his hands over the still warm high padded stools his tellers sat on. When feeling the lingering warmth from those full asses still present he would first sniff his fingers & then after checking that he was alone he would duck down & sniff those seats. Sometimes he would find a damp one & he would sniff & lick to his hearts content.

    When he learned that the sisters wanted to see someone about having a transfer of funds from their bank in the states to here on the Island, Henri insisted to seeing to it personally.
    The Sister's had sold a successful business stateside & had decided to move to the Island. Both Beryl & Meryl & their children were staying at the Island's largest Resort until they could find a suitable home here.
    They had followed the news about the so called Mysterious Island & had given some thought about going there finally decided against it because of the strange rumors. They both had young daughters being the main reason.

    It was easy for Beryl to see that Herni was quite taken with her & it wasn't long before the Sister's hatched their plans to add Henri to the long list of Males they had destroyed over the years.
    Both Sister's had left Ex-Husbands homeless & penniless back in the states after taking them for every cent they had & now comfortably secure financially they wanted to find a place to enjoy the spoils of their conquest.
    Henri personally saw to the Sister's banking needs & soon found himself lost in the charms of both Women to the point that he invited them all to move into his Estate until they found a place of their own.
    Henri knew it was a foolish step but he was in Love with Beryl & when she suggested that Meryl join them in his bed his fate was sealed.

    It might of all worked out if it wasn't for the day that ominous black mist rolled over the Island. Everything changed that day. Henri's eyes filled with fresh tears as he thought back. Even if the Sisters had never come he knew he was doomed to a cruel life of slavery.

    He would of woken up in his own bed shrunken & alone in his huge beachouse home waiting to be found maybe by one of his servants. Instead it was his new Mistress Beryl who had found him under the satin bedsheets panting & struggling.

    For his assistant manager Tony Shea, it was a case of bad timing. He had just come by to pick up Henri & take him to the bank as usual.
    Beryl had insisted Henri leave his Red Porsche for her & Meryl to use, so for the past several weeks Tony was picking him up.
    Tony didn't mind at all as he had a crush on Lorna, Meryl's 19 year old daughter. He looked forward to seeing her every morning. Seeing her every morning had now taken on a whole new meaning.

    They had all taken the Monet name as their own. Henri had signed everything over with the promise that Beryl would take care of him in this new world that frightened him like no other time in his life. Little did he realize the extent of the horrors to come.


    The room wasn't pitch dark anymore. The subdued light filtered thru the plexiglass walls that surrounded him & he knew that another morning was upon him. The cold water under his now bald head no longer bothered him. Like most things he became use to change after a time.
    He spent every night here & sometimes a good portion of the day. He lay there listening. He didn't know what time it was only that it was morning.

    Henri tugged with his arms & heard & felt the shackles that held his hands to his sides inside the wooden coffin-like box his body rested in.
    It was hot inside the box. His naked body beaded with sweat while his head resting inside the throne stayed cool. The slits high up on the plexiglass not only let in light but cool air from the AC in what used to be his Home.

    The loud cry & pitiful screams from young Tony was followed by laughter from Meryl's two teenage daughter's Lilly & Lorna. Sometimes it was him that let out the first cries of the morning when it was Beryl who was first out of her warm bed or her daughter Nikki with that poor whiteboy she had gotten from the Rec Field, but either way he knew that Beryl would soon be there to greet him.

    Lying there he thought about all the rumors he had heard & discarded as foolish about the neighboring Island. How he had chastised the two Mother & Daughter native Women who served him in his big beachouse. When he caught Norelle & her Daughter Janelle whispering about the stories they had heard about Island folklore, Witches & black magic he would become furious & threaten to fire them if they didn't stop. When they would come to tears & cross themselves and promise to stop he would yell & threaten them again.

    'Cooking & cleaning, that's all I want to see from both of you' he would yell before walking away. Mother & daughter lived in a small cabin inland & would walk to the Beachouse every morning in the tropical heat & return the same way every evening. Now they stayed at the beachouse. They lived there thanks to the two Sisters. They still cooked & cleaned & got to enjoy using Henri any way they pleased when the Sisters were away enjoying the Island which was mostly everyday. They both took great pleasure in abusing Henri for the way he had treated them. Making him beg them, pleading for mercy until he began weeping while they laughed.

    The old potty chair the sisters had Henri & Tony make for them before they had the new fancy ones installed sat out on the back patio overlooking the ocean. Norelle & her Daughter would hose down the three Slaves & most times use Tony & Nikki's slaveboy Bryan for oral pleasures while Henri lay moaning under the potty chair....waiting....always waiting.

    Mother and daughter relaxed on comfortable deck chairs out on the patio enjoying the view of the beach and ocean below. Tony, on his knees, his head nestled deep between Norelle's heavy thighs licked and sucked her fat cunni lips. his head under her short Sari, Norelle's huge hands resting on his head as he licked salty sweat from her smelly crotch. Norelle sipped her morning coffee along with her daughter who had young Bryan under her Sari sucking her young cunni of sweat and piss as Mother and Daughter listened to Henri's moans from under the potty chair.

    It was Janelle who rose first and looked down at Henri's wet face thru the potty seat. Bryan remained kneeling thankful that he would only be used for licking Janelle's wide ass clean when she finished her toilet.

    Janelle's wide brown ass settled nicely thru the large toilet seat. The wet farts had Henri's body twisting on the porch floor. Janelle laughed as she pounded her bare feet into Henri's balls until she felt his tongue on her expanding rose. Both Tony and Bryan cringed hearing Janelle straining and Henri gagging as he tried to swallow the soft warm log that was filling his mouth.

    Under Norelle's Sari Tony's mouth was filling with thick sweet cum as Norelle listened to her daughter feed Henri. Tony lapped up the creamy cum no longer tasting and smelling the sour sweat from Norelle's unwashed crotch.


    The Monet Estate
    Part 2

    'Good Morning Tony' both Lilly & Lorna said to their Slave as they gazed down into the bowl. 'Hope you had a good night's sleep' they added making sure their Toilet Slave saw them rubbing their flat white bellies.
    Lilly dropped her lacy blue panties & sat over Tony's face feeling his mouth on her warm cunni in time to catch her first burst of morning piss.
    'I do love that sound' Lilly told her sister. 'Drink it all up Slave' Lorna is waiting. She's trying to hold it all for you she added with a girlish giggle. Tony drank the foul liquid but Lilly rose up before he could lick her so Lorna could take her place. Lorna barely gave him a breath before she demanded his mouth seal around her peeslit. Lorna's pinkish flaps rested against his mouth as his lips sealed just in time to catch the hot flow from his other Mistress.

    Both girl's promised to return before they had to leave for their softball game at the Rec field later that morning. Maybe when we return we'll take you out of there to tongue bathe us after our game slave. Both girl's new of Tony's crush on Lorna but any feelings she might of had for him were quickly quelled by the Witches magic & the power of the Island's spell.

    Both Sister's left, greeting their Mother Meryl who smiled down at Tony. Tony saw the coffee mug in her hands. He watched her take a sip before putting it down on the vanity.
    'Please --- NO' he whimpered as she sat her large white ass above his face. 'Now your duty' she told him coldly. 'Tongue' she told him.

    Tony ran his tongue thru her deep asscrack hearing her moan. The salty ass sweat coating his tongue as he tried not to breath in damp stench from the huge cheeks that covered his face. He whispered his silent plea once more knowing she couldn't hear him.
    Tony tongued her Rose, rimming it as it pushed against his lips. When it kissed him back he opened his mouth with trembling lips & felt the warm mass slowly inch its way onto his tongue.

    Meryl sighed as she felt her hole begin to relax after passing the fat loaf. She picked her coffee mug from the vanity & sipped as she listened to the slave eat. She loved listening to Tony eat, his gagging, the wet sounds as he swallowed. She always watched his throat from between her huge thighs. The way it moved with each swallow.

    She resisted the urge to finger her sweating cunny, thinking she would let her Slave finish his meal before letting him out to clean himself up. Since Beryl offered to take her girl's to their game so she could go shopping down at Merchants road, she would be all alone for most of the early afternoon with Tony. She would leave Henri to Norelle & her daughter.

    Meryl decided she would relax with her Wine out on the patio overlooking the Ocean below & have her Tony lick her needy cunny all afternoon. Tony would be there for her if she needed to potty & with her love of wine & his mouth already sucking her cunni, what could be better.


    Henri heard Beryl's footsteps against the bathroom tiles. He could smell the coffee & that told him that she'd be coming for her morning visit. Beryl glanced down at her Husband with one raised eyebrow before sitting her ass above his face. Henri could smell her.

    He used to love her morning smells when they were first married. Beryl had told him how much she loved being licked first thing upon waking & Henri was not one to refuse his Wife, but now it was different. The moist morning cunny smells were short lived as after a few licks he held his open mouth under her.
    The warm acrid morning piss was horrible but not as horrible as what was to follow. Beryl was very regular & Henri knew that with each sunrise he would be drinking & eating from his Wife's body.
    Henri drank the dark yellow piss, choking it down around the thick hot bursts that coated every inch of his face with the stench of what was to come. Beryl giggled as she heard him gasping. She sipped her coffee & when Henri was dutifully licking her cunny clean she told him she was ready for what she like to call 'His Husbandly Duties'

    Henri whimpered as he kissed each fat cheek several times as Beryl wiggled her ass sinking deeper & sighing when she felt Henri's tongue rimming her Rosette.
    Henri licked at her sticky Rose...kissed it several times just like Beryl liked before sealing his lips around her puckering Hole.
    Beryl moaned, feeling herself being stretched & knowing that her Henri was about to eat from her once again.
    The sounds of Henri struggling to eat was making her cunny run. She couldn't feel his lips against her but she knew he was eating it all up from the wet swallowing sounds. Feeling it slip from her hole she sighed, clenching, feeling the relief.

    Beryl couldn't resist standing up to watch her Toilet Husband chewing her brown gift. Henri's eyes were bulging as his throat worked to swallow. Beryl licked her own lips as she watched Henri make the oily brown log disappear inch by inch into his mouth.

    Henri was gasping as he looked up at Beryl grinning down at him. 'Open' she told him. Beryl saw it was all gone. Henri's tongue & teeth were covered in brown as well as his lips.
    'I saved a little drink for you Henri' she told him as she sat back over his mouth. Henri opened wide making sure he didn't miss any of her piss. As bad as it was it would help him clean out his mouth even thou he knew he would have the taste of both for the rest of the day.

    There wasn't much. Beryl giggled as she listened to him swish her pee in his mouth trying to wash it out. Maybe Beryl would let him out to clean up thou she didn't do it everyday. He could wash his mouth out in the shower.
    Henri licked up what was left between Beryl's cheeks before she closed the lid & left the bathroom. The jiggle as Beryl flushed had Henri mouth flying open trying to catch as much cold clean water as he could. Beryl didn't always flush.

    'Thank you Mistress' Henri whimpered. He didn't know if she was still there but it didn't matter. Henri cried as he heard the tank re-filling. He heard the sound of the door, the soft click. This time she had waited.

    'Thank you Mistress' he said to himself as he cried softly. Sometimes she would jiggle the handle then laugh at him with his mouth open, waiting. She would walk away laughing.


    Later Henri heard the Sisters talking about going to Merchants Road before the Softball game & then the opening & closing of doors.
    For awhile Herni relaxed as best he could thinking he was alone until he heard the young man that Nikki had brought home from the Rec Field. The boys crying filled the house as Nikki began her morning toilet. It was Nikki's game everyone was going to today.
    Henri tried not to listen. Before the boy it was him that Nikki got to use. He had heard talk about her 19th Birthday. The boy must be her Birthday Gift. Henri tried not to listen as Nikki tormented the boy. He knew how cruel Nikki could be.

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