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The Smell and Taste of Emily's Ass

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by ChezK, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. ChezK

    ChezK New Member

    Part One:

    I had first become interested in ass licking and subsequently ass worship because of Emily. In high school, the topic had come up. Emily had said that while going down on her, someone had licked her butt. What’s more, she had enjoyed it. Initially, I was disgusted, but the more I thought about the act, the more I became curious about it. After reading about this and watching videos, I was beyond curious. I wanted to taste someone's ass. More specifically, I wanted to taste Emily’s ass.

    Emily and I met during high school. Despite occasionally seeing each other after school, we were never particularly close. Well, that is, with the exception of one afternoon before I left for college. That afternoon was different. We clicked in a new way. This newfound connection resulted first in a blowjob and then in me returning the favor. However, I left for college and I hadn’t seen Emily since that afternoon.

    Still, Emily had been on my mind since that day. What especially struck me was her figure. Emily was about 5’2” with a plum-shaped body–small breasts, and a tight stomach that led to thick, curvy thighs and a round ass. I loved all of it. I still remember the feeling of our bodies touching. My hands caressing her full ass and her body grinding on top of mine. However, my fondest memory of Emily, the thing that really caused this infatuation with her, was her aroma.

    When we had hooked up, and things became more intimate, we both began to perspire. I had noticed dampness in her underarms, along her back and in the cleft of her ass. Each orifice and fold had her smell–the smell I couldn’t get enough of. Emily’s scent was sharp, but the scent was mixed with a soft sweetness that I began to love the more I smelled it. The heady, womanly aroma drove me crazy. It was this more than anything that I desired.

    With all this in mind - my curiosity about ass worship, my desire for her body, and my need for her aroma - I texted Emily.

    “Let’s catch up. I’m home from break.” I waited for her response. Hours later it finally came.

    “Of course! It’s been so long.”


    I showed up at Emily’s house the next day. I rang the doorbell and waited for her to open it. The door opened. There she was. Emily was stunning; wavy dirty blonde hair, green almond eyes, and kissable red lips. Emily was wearing a crop top and short shorts that showed off her toned stomach and curvy legs.

    “Hi! It’s been too long” Emily exclaimed.

    Emily gave me a hug. Wrapping her arms around me tightly. She beckoned for me to come inside. I entered and we walked through the house to her room. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as I followed. When she walked, her ass swayed side to side in an almost hypnotizing way. Eventually, we arrived at her room. Emily motioned to her bed and we sat down.

    “How have you been?” I beamed.

    “There’s a lot to get into. Where should I begin?” Emily asked excitedly.

    “We have time. I want to hear everything from the start”

    Emily smiled and began her story. As she spoke, I probed her with more questions and the story morphed into a great conversation: words were flowing naturally, we were both engaged and having fun. The exchange was electric. Eventually, Emily began asking questions about me. “How were classes?” “Did you like your roommates?” “How was the food?” I readily answered her questions. While we were speaking, Emily leaned in and put her hand on my leg.

    “How were the girls? She challenged, with a twinkle in her eyes.

    “They were nice, but nothing to write home about.”

    “I’m sure none of them were as memorable as me.” Emily goaded.

    I smiled nervously, caught off guard. “No, none of them were.” I tried to jump back into the original conversation, but Emily stopped me.

    “I want to play a game.” she cooed.

    “What game” I responded, confused.

    She paused. In a playful voice, she asked “truth or dare?”

    I thought for a moment. “Truth.” It seemed like the easier choice.

    She leaned in closer and smiled seductively “what do you like most about my body?”

    I didn’t expect her to be so forward and I hesitated. “You have to answer the question” she reminded me. I pondered for a few seconds. I loved Emily’s whole body: her slim stomach, her smooth legs, her plump lips. “Your ass” I replied. As the words came out of my mouth, I could feel my face becoming red. Simultaneously, I became erect, forcing me to adjust myself. Emily noticed and a smirk came over her face.

    “Truth or dare?” I reciprocated, trying to take control of the situation.

    “Truth” she simpered.

    “Have you thought about me since you saw me last?”

    She smiled, “I’ve thought about you plenty. I’ve spent time thinking of all the things I want to do to you.” Her words sunk in and my heart began to race even more. “It’s my turn now.” she continued, “truth or dare?” Emily spoke with confidence, taking charge of the circumstance.

    “Dare” I nervously ventured.

    “I want you to kiss my cheek” she replied. Emily turned her head to the side. I leaned forward to kiss her. Just before my lips touched her cheek, she stopped me, “wrong cheek.”

    I stared at her incredulously. Without breaking my gaze, Emily turned and pulled her shorts off, exposing her gorgeous derriere. She pointed to the cleft of her panty-clad ass. “Here,” she commanded. I paused, not sure what to do. “I answered your question, now you have to do the dare,” Emily added. I was still sitting on the bed. “The position will be easier if you get on your knees” she hinted. Slowly, I got down.

    Emily turned her ass towards me. I was presented with a heavenly view. Her sloped back descended to her wide hips and below, her gorgeous ass jutted out, comprised of two full moons. I hesitated in front of her. Noticing my hesitation, Emily gently pushed my head lower, guiding my lips to her cleft. “Kiss it” she chided. My lips brushed against the cotton of her panties, forming a pucker. I pushed them into her soft ass. As I kissed, I noticed Emily’s aroma–a faint musky scent. The smell was barely perceptible, but it was there. I moved my lips, placing more kisses across her smooth skin. Finally, I removed my lips from her. “Very good” Emily purred, trailing her words.

    I slowly stood up. “Truth or dare?” I offered in a timid voice.

    “No” Emily asserted. I realized the game was over. “I want you back on the ground against the wall over there” she motioned. I was stunned. Emily had completely taken over the situation so quickly. My mind was racing. I was nervous to comply. It felt degrading. At the same time, I was incredibly aroused. I was overtaken by a carnal need to taste and worship Emily’s ass.

    She was in charge.

    I knelt down.


    End of part one.
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  3. Dark Rider

    Dark Rider Member

    Very nice story. I like the picture you paint. It's erotic and feels real. Thank you for sharing it. I'm looking forward to Part Two.
  4. Same here, I really looking forward to seeing part two
  5. echair

    echair Member

    Yes...! Really well done, great narrative. Also really looking forward to part two...
  6. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    Epic beginning! Love the buildup - this is really well written!
  7. ChezK

    ChezK New Member

    Part two:

    *Emily's POV*

    I was on my way to see my good friend Brooke for lunch at a coffee shop. I opened the door to the café and saw her. We embraced and sat down.

    “Emily! How are you?” Brooke began.

    “Classes are tough, but I’m good. Also, guess who texted me?” I responded.

    “Who?” Brooke encouraged.

    “Noah, from high school” I exclaimed.

    “Really? What do you think he wants?” Brooke questioned.

    “I think he wants to hookup. He’s back from break and I bet he can’t forget about our last time together.” I chided.

    “Oh yeah?” Brooke grinned “Are you into that?”

    I hesitated and smiled.“I am.” I continued, “He’s adorable. He gets so frazzled around me, just like a puppy dog.”

    “What’s hot about that?” Brooke inquired.

    “Well, he’d be so easy to dominate. I want him to get down on his knees and submit to me.”

    “What are you talking about?” Brooke sputtered, shocked. I was waiting for that question. I wanted to share my fantasy with her.

    “Let me explain it to you.” I started. “When a man gets down on his knees and worships you, you feel so sexy and powerful. He loves your body and he’ll do whatever you say. I especially love when a guy worships my ass.”

    “What’s sexy about that?” Brooke probed.

    “It’s a realization of my own sexual appeal. I mean think about it—a guy is willing to put his mouth right “there”? He finds me so appealing that he wants to worship my butt? And he’ll stay behind me and lick me for hours. I feel so dominant and seductive.

    “Ok... I guess that makes sense. You feel in charge and sexy, but I don’t understand, why the ass?” Brooke reciprocated.

    “First, I’ve found that men love our scent. They go crazy for it. When I begin to sweat a bit, guys want me even more. More importantly, a man’s face feels perfect in my ass. Brooke, their noses were made to fit into our asses. Most guys are intimidated by my butt at first, but after a bit of encouragement they become addicted to my ass. They beg for it.”

    “And, the nose is an important part of all this?”

    “The nose is key. Some guys will pretend to worship my ass, but I’ve found that a man who begs to inhale my aroma is wholly addicted to me. It’s great. It makes me feel like a sex-goddess. I make sure that the guy breathes in my scent when I first make him submit. After awhile he can’t get enough of my fragrance.”

    “Damn. That’s actually really hot” Brooke breathed.

    “Then, when he’s in a weakened state, I like to sit on his face. His nose in my ass and his mouth beneath my pussy is the best. I feel in charge. The guy is beneath me, submitting to me. I’m showing that my ass owns him, that I own him now.”

    “Wow, Emily.” Brooke whispered.

    “That’s what I want to do to Noah.”


    End of part two.
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  8. carpette12

    carpette12 Member

    Great! can't wait for the next part!
  9. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    Ooh awesome part 2 can't wait for more!
  10. toilet4u

    toilet4u Member

  11. ChezK

    ChezK New Member

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Part three should be ready next week.
  12. James

    James Active Member

    Looking good!!
  13. ChezK

    ChezK New Member

    Part three:

    I was on my knees with my back against the wall. Emily moved towards me. I only had a moment to appreciate her figure. Emily’s curvy thighs touched when she walked, above she had a small triangle gap where her legs met that I found incredibly attractive. Her panties tightly hugged her waist, just barely covering anything. She stopped in front of me and turned around.

    Emily placed her feet on either side of me and began to push her ass back into my face. “From now on, you’ll only breath through your nose” she commanded. Her soft ass cheeks made contact with my face and my nose pressed into the cotton of her panties only inches from her hole. “I want you to begin by taking in ten deep breaths” Emily instructed.

    “One” Emily began.

    I inhaled slowly. My nose, only separated from her anus by a thin layer of cotton, pulled her fragrant, musky scent deep into me. At first, I was apprehensive. The smell wouldn’t be the best if found elsewhere, but in the moment, knowing it was Emily’s aroma I was inhaling, with the view of her gorgeous ass and the psychology of my action, I was very aroused.

    “Two” Emily continued.

    Again, I brought her aroma deep into my nose. It was bittersweet, musky and earthy.

    “Three” I heard.

    Emily continued to slowly count to ten. As she counted, I consumed the smell of her deep, scented canyon. I was beginning to love smelling her. I pressed my nose deeper into her, taking larger sniffs. Whenever Emily would move her ass a little, my nose would follow so that it would stay pressed against her hole.

    “You love how I smell, don’t you?” Emily smirked. I hesitated, then responded “yes”.

    “Now, I want you to lay down on my bed.” I quickly followed her instructions, laying down. In front of me, Emily peeled off her panties, revealing her gorgeous sex and ass. She walked towards the bed, faced away from me, swung her leg over my chest and straddled me. Then she began to move her ass back towards my face. I admired the view. Her large, round cheeks filled my vision. Between her cheeks, her hole was wrinkled and the skin was slightly darker. As she slid back, my nose slipped into her warm cleft. This time Emily’s ass was muskier. She had begun to perspire a bit and her scent was stronger. Emily placed a pillow behind me to prop my head up, forcing my face deeper into her.

    “Breath in my scent” she commanded.

    I inhaled, pulling her hot, moist scent deep into my nostrils.

    “Keep going”

    I consumed the fragrant, slightly pungent perfume of her ass. As I continued to sniff, Emily’s perspiration increased and her cleft became more aromatic. I was starting to enjoy the scent of her ass more and more. I was becoming intoxicated by it. Simultaneously, I was becoming aroused. Maybe it was the pheromones or maybe it was Emily’s dominance, either way, I was into it.

    Emily spread apart her plump ass cheeks, showing off her tight pink starfish and the soft, wrinkled skin around it. She leaned back and began to slowly rub her hole on my nose, leaving her moisture and scent on my face. With my nose pressed into her hole, she pushed even farther back. I suddenly couldn’t breathe! Her soft, round cheeks had created an airtight seal around me.

    “Now I’m going to smother you.” I heard.

    I was now unable to smell, see, or even breathe. Emily slowly rubbed her puckered hole on my nose, all the while keeping me smothered. She had trapped me! After awhile I began to gasp for air, but I couldn’t find any trapped in the cleft of her ass. I tried to move my head as the lack of air became more unbearable, but in my air-deprived state I couldn’t.

    “If you’d like to breath again, then you’d better lick my ass” Emily suggested, still smothering me.


    End of part three.
  14. ChezK

    ChezK New Member

    *Emily’s Pov*

    “This is too easy,” I thought.

    Noah was on his knees below me, ready to serve.

    I began to lower myself onto him, “from now on, you’ll only breathe through your nose,” I command. I looked back and noticed Noah needily staring at my descending ass. I felt his face make contact with my backside and his nose, pushing into my panties, began to nestle deep into my cleft.

    “I want you to begin by taking in ten deep breaths” I ordered.

    As I counted down from ten, I could feel him slowly pulling fragrant air through the fabric of my panties. I moved slightly to adjust and I felt his face moving with me, continuing to greedily consume my aroma. He began to take deeper, louder sniffs. I turned around, “You love how I smell, don’t you?” He responded dreamily, “yes.”

    I was in control. I felt like a sex goddess.

    “Now, I want you to lay down on my bed.” I commanded. I wanted him to really smell me, to become wholly addicted to my scent. I was going to sit on his face.

    I love facesitting. The guy lays down. He keeps his face pointed straight up. He sees my booty spreading and descending, yet he keeps his face pointed straight up, knowing I am going to sit on it. I nestle down, getting his nose in the center of my ass. I let my weight come down on him. I slowly grind and rock on his nose and face. My ass moisture covers him. I am in charge.

    Noah laid down on the bed, ready for me to sit on his face. I peeled off my panties, walked over to him and slowly lowered my bare backside onto him. I aimed for the nose, making sure it was deep in my scented canyon.

    “Breath in my scent,” I instructed.

    I felt his nose, deep inside my cleft, pulling in my perfumed air. I held my hole slightly above his nose, allowing him to consume my scent. I loved how helpless he was with my round backside on his face. He was practically drooling breathing in my aroma. His eyes were puppy-like and weak and his smile was sheepish.

    After the guy smells me, I like to sit on his face and smother him. It has to do with taking my rightful place and a sense of empowerment over him. It’s like the final subduing of the vanquished male who lays weak and helpless. Sometimes, I feel like a seducing goddess who is doing something extremely sensual and that makes me feel extremely sexy. When I sit, I aim for the nose. When I sit on a guy, he will be deep in my ass. My round booty will sit on the guy’s entire face because there is enough butt-cheek to cover all of him.

    I spread my cheeks with my hands and sit back, making sure his nose is deep in my ass and he can’t breathe. I feel like a black widow, taking advantage of his weakened state, pushing him to his back, and take my time to sit right on his nose.

    It feels so good to have his nose deep inside me. But I want more. Knowing I’m smothering him I tell him, “If you’d like to breath again, then you’d better lick my ass.” I love when the guy does that. It shows that he’s completely subdued by me. He’s completely under my power.
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